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									Expedition Yellowstone

         Sept. 10-14th, 2012
Wonders of Yellowstone
          What will we learn?
• Expedition Yellowstone is an interdisciplinary trip

• Geology Day
   – Rock cycle (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous)
   – Calderas, volcanoes, and earthquakes; Oh My!
   – Geologic Time
• Ecology Day
  •   Organisms that live in extreme environments
  •   Water quality testing
  •   Predator and prey relationships
  •   Using dichotomous keys
• History Day
   – Sheep Eaters, trappers and calvery men
   – Artists of the West
                            Gear List
•   Warm sleeping bag, flannel bag liner or blanket, pillow, flashlight with
•   Clothing: 1 sweat shirt, 2 prs jeans, 5 t-shirts, 5 prs underwear, 4 prs
•   (2 for hiking), 2 prs of shoes (1 hiking, 1 camp), bandana (optional), hat,
    rain gear, wind breaker, warm jacket, gloves, warm hat/head band
•   Toiletry Items – toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush/comb
    contact solution (if required), washcloth, small hand mirror
•   Sunscreen, chapstick (everyone needs their own), sunglasses – DON’T
•   Two 1 Liter water bottles– MUST HAVE A SCREW ON LID!!
•   Backpack with shoulder straps that you can wear for day hikes (packed
    with day 1 lunch & snacks, pen and pencils, Yellowstone Journal,
    binoculars, camera, and water bottle)
                    Cost & Food
• Cost of the trip: $175 ($40/day + $15 student designed
• Parents donate food for the weeks meals
• Think of how much your child would eat in a week and try
  to donate accordingly
• Meal planning will take place following the meeting
• If you have a specialty food item that you make, consider
  volunteering to prepare that and have other parents pitch
  in with ingredients
• Food can be prepared and stored ahead of time (no more
  than a week for frozen items and no more than 2 days for
  fresh items-meat, fruit, milk, etc.)
• We have the option to order from Sysco through the school
  if parents want to donate money instead of food (ex: case of
  apples, cut vegetables, snacks, etc.)
                    Meal Planning
• Menu for trip : 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners

•   Breakfast Day 1:
•   Breakfast Day 2:
•   Breakfast Day 3:
•   Breakfast Day 3:

•   Lunch Day 1:
•   Lunch Day 2:
•   Lunch Day 3:
•   Lunch Day 4:

•   Dinner Day 1:
•   Dinner Day 2:
•   Dinner Day 3:
•   Dinner Day 4:
 Safety and Yellowstone Rules
• I will be entirely respectful of others. This means
  that I will not gossip, make any disparaging or
  mean remarks, or engage in any type of rude,
  hurtful or disrespectful, excluding or unkind
  behavior to anyone.
• I will make every attempt to resolve conflicts
  maturely, swiftly, and responsibly, with adult
  support if necessary.
• I understand that I will be expected to help with
  cooking and cleaning. I will take the initiative to be
  useful and productive.
• I will not impose “bad travel attitudes” on others. I
  will make every effort to maintain a consistent,
  pleasant disposition, even in the face of unpleasant
  challenges that may arise.
   Safety and Yellowstone Rules
• I will not cause physical harm to others or to
• I will not be physically intrusive to anyone’s
  personal space and will also be respectful of all
• I will be respectful of nature and animals in every
  way. This means that I will use extreme caution
  and heed guidance and authority with regard to
  touching geological features, and interacting with
  nature and animals.
• I will respond to behavioral warnings respectfully
  and with self-reflection, using respect and
  responsibility as my guiding concepts.
   Safety and Yellowstone Rules
• I agree to respect the curfew set by the teacher and
  the park rangers. This means I will be in my room
  and ready for lights out at the expressed time. I
  understand that curfew violations are serious
  matters and will result in consequences.
• I agree that I will not enter other cabins without
  express permission of the cabin resident or
  chaperone and I understand boys never go into a
  girl’s room and girls never go into a boy’s room. I
  will not leave the group without express permission
  of the groups adults. I agree to check with
  chaperones as requested.
• In addition to the above expectations, I agree to
  honor all Expedition Rules.
          Bears In Yellowstone
• Bear Spray:
• In school we will have speakers, videos and demonstrations on
  the proper use of bear spray. We will also learn that bear spray
  should only be used as a last resort in an encounter with a bear.
• Techniques for avoiding bear contacts: (1) stay in a group of
  3 or more, (2) make noise while hiking, (3) watch for signs of
  bears or any fresh animal kill where a bear may be feeding and
  avoid those areas, (4) keep food or things with a strong odor away
  from your tent.
• When encountering a bear: (1) you should talk to it in a calm
  voice to get its attention, (2) back away slowly, never turning
  your back to the bear, (3) avoid direct eye contact with the bear.
  If charged (1) use bear spray to deter the charge when the bear
  reaches 30-40 feet from you, (2) play dead if you don’t have time
  to react in any other manner.
• Each group leader will have bear spray on the day hikes and
  students will be required to stay with their leaders at all times.
Mrs. Melin and Mr. Helms
Bus driver
Maximum of 5 chaperones to
 accommodate as many kids as possible
 (so 2 slots open)

This is not a vacation!
   Roles and Responsibilities of
 Supervise students during bus ride and
  throughout week at EY
 Assist in discipline, if necessary
 Report issues (safety, injury, homesickness,
  etc.) to Mrs. Melin or Mr. Helms
 Participate in daily chores with group
  (cooking, cleaning, doctoring, etc.) and
  group leader meetings in the mornings and
             To do tonight:
• Parents:
  – Fill out/sign registration forms
  – Choose meal to plan for and elect chair of the
    meal to organize food prior to leaving
    (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner)
  – Forms due June 1 and payment due
    August 30
• Students
  – Design ideas for t-shirts: class vote by May 28th
  – Sign registration forms
  – Give input on menu

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