English Skills Exercise 7

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					                      English Skills Exercise 7: Conventions of Punctuation

                            Text                                                Questions
          If you are looking for glasses that are totally   1.   Which is the best choice? Why?
                                                                  A. NO CHANGE
unique, or perhaps a bit different you will want to
                                                                  B. unique or
      1                          2                                C. unique; or
                                                                  D. unique – or
choose some from the designer range. Amongst

designer glasses you can find all sorts of funky designs    2.   Which is the best choice? Why?
                                                                   A. NO CHANGE
and interesting themes. All eyewear lovers should take             B. different; you
a look at some of the most unique and exciting designs             C. different, you
                                                                   D. different – you
of glasses to have been produced by some of the
                                                            3.   Which is the best choice? Why?
worlds best and most well known designers.
                                                                   A. NO CHANGE
  3                                                                B. worlds’
                                                                   C. worlds’s
                                                                   D. world’s
   Police just recently brought out an innovative line

of blue lens glasses. Perhaps as a nod towards the

eighties, the blue lensed glasses were recently unveiled

at a launch party in London. By all accounts the lenses     4.   Which is the best choice? Why?
                                                       4           A. NO CHANGE
                                                                   B. lense’s
were a massive hit as attendees at the party enjoyed               C. lenses’
                                                                   D. lens’s
police merchandise and Blue Lagoon cocktails. If

those don't quite sound wacky enough for you, you

could enjoy Lego glasses! You can build your own

glasses out of Legos and wear them like any normal

pair. Too far? Okay, then how about something with a
more urban feel from Guess? This line of glasses is

known for its youthful, on-trend designs. In a similar

vein, Diesel glasses can also provide a street smart      5.   Which is the best choice? Why?
                                                                 A. NO CHANGE
vibe, if that sounds like you, you may prefer
                                                                 B. vibe; if
   5                                                             C. vibe if
                                                                 D. vibe if;
something from the Diesel range of sunglasses.

   If you are more into the classic look and prefer an

elegant style, you cannot go wrong with something
                                                          6.   Which is the best choice? Why?
from Givenchy or Dolce & Gabbana. These two                      A. NO CHANGE
                                                                 B. known, for their effortless style and
brands are well known, for their effortless style, and
                                                                 C. known for their effortless style, and
                                 6                               D. known for their effortless style and

timeless quality. If you want to stand out amongst the

crowd, an oversized pair of frames from either one of

these designers will do just that. If you want a bit of   7.   Which is the best choice? Why?
         7                                                       A. NO CHANGE
                                                                 B. designer’s
luxury, how about something from well known                      C. designers’
                                                                 D. designers’s
designer Donna Karen? The DKNY brand is huge all

across the world with its range of sunglasses

particularly large. With a focus on comfort and luxury,

DKNY glasses are a very popular choice across the

whole world.

   There is no doubt that sunglasses and glasses in

fact are more than simply a way to help your eyes.

They are a fashion accessory, and if you pride yourself
on looking your best at all times, you will need the

right type of glasses to complete your look. Whether it
                                                          8.    Which is the best choice? Why?
is glasses for everyday wear and reading you need, or             A. NO CHANGE
                                                                  B. need or
                                                                  C. need or,
sunglasses for keeping out the UV rays buying                     D. need; or

                                         9                9.    Which is the best choice? Why?
something from the designer range will help you                   A. NO CHANGE
                                                                  B. rays, buying
create the right look. Make sure you buy a good, hard             C. rays buying,
                                                                  D. rays; buying
case when you purchase your new glasses. Getting

scratched or broken is a big problem with glasses, so

they need to be kept safe at all times. When you are
                                                          10.    Which is the best choice? Why?
not wearing them you should not place them on your                A. NO CHANGE
                                                                  B. them you,
                                                                  C. them, you
head, this can cause them to become bent out of shape.            D. them; you

   11                                                     11.    Which is the best choice? Why?
There is nothing worse than glasses that are either too            A. NO CHANGE
                                                                   B. head this
big so they slip down or too small so they leave marks
                                                                   C. head, this,
on your skin when you take them off - avoid this by                D. head; this
getting the right size for your head.

                                                          12.    Which is the best choice? Why?
   You can be as quirky and unique as you want with               A. NO CHANGE
                                                                  B. glasses as
your glasses. As there will always be something from
                                                                  C. glasses, as
         12                                                       D. glasses as,

the designer range of glasses and sunglasses to provide

the look you want. The best advice is to buy online for

the greatest choice of outlandish designs or unique
styles. Your local optician is not a likely place to find
                                                            13.   Which is the best choice? Why?
some of the most stylish designs; they tend to sell
                                                                   A. NO CHANGE
                               13                                  B. designs they
                                                                   C. designs, they
more mainstream designs and styles.
                                                                   D.   designs, as they

   Whether it is blue-lensed police sunglasses, sporty      14.   Which is the best choice? Why?
                                                                   A. NO CHANGE
men’s sunglasses, or classic women’s sunglasses, you               B. woman’s
                                 14                                C. womens’s
                                                                   D.   womans’s
should search for your designer glasses online. This is

where you'll find the best choice and lowest prices


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