Wedding Traditions Unveiled: Why the Wedding Band?

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					Wedding Traditions Unveiled: Why the Wedding Band?
Why does the exchanging of rings exist? And more in particular, why is it placed on the ring finger on the
left hand?

The tradition of a wedding band reaches deep into man’s history. Men have been giving women
engagement and marital rings for as far back as we can remember.

Why the Ring?
Does anyone know why they do it though? A logical answer is that it shows all the other men that this
lovely lady is spoken for.

She is not to be compromised as her fiancé or husband will soon be at her side protecting her. Used to
be a sign that she’s taken is an understandable answer.

                                       It’s not the only answer though. Many stories purport the origin to
                                       different things.

                                       One in particular dates the tradition back to prehistoric times. It is
                                       said that when a woman was to be bound to a man, they would
                                       bind the bride’s ankles and wrists with grass.

                                       This gesture was supposed to keep her soul from escaping. Some
                                       think it was more of an attempt to keep her from escaping.

When the ceremony was complete, the bonds were removed and grass was tied to one of her fingers as
a reminder of the marital ceremony. The bands transformed throughout the years from grass, to rope,
to leather and then to metal.

Some traditions show the ring as a symbol of eternal love. There are no ends on a band.

Instead, it is perfectly cylindrical. The metal flows in a circle that cannot have a start or an end.

So too is their love without end. Although you can often find a start date when two people fell in love,
you will not find an end date.

If perfectly symbolized on the ring, it might be made into a perfectly cylindrical band with an extra piece
curving away from the circle. This would symbolize that love started, but is now in a continual loop.

Eternal Love Concept
This may have been the initial design behind setting a stone on top of the band. Egyptians were found to
have followed the logic of the eternal love concept.
Other traditions, European in particular, use the band to symbolize a promise. One person has promised
herself to another, and she wears it as a reminder of her promise when other temptations come her

These were the first promise rings. They are still popular, even in the days leading up to Las Vegas

Although Vegas Weddings don’t have to be traditional all the time—
as many find it an excuse to elope—that doesn’t mean that they
can’t be. Whatever the origins, a wedding band is a rich and eternal
tradition that seems less likely to die than the eternal love it

They put on display for the world to see a raised level of love and commitment. They are something to
be adored—especially when given at the engagement level—and something to be treasured.

Some bands are passed down from generation to generation, keeping the love and the tradition alive in
the coming generations. Whatever its origins, the rings’ purpose has been redefined in modern times.

It matters more now what it means to you and your spouse than it does what it meant to the cavemen
of old. Create your own meaning and purpose with your wedding bands.

Description: Traditions when did they start why do we do them? I can't speak for all traditions but here's why we have the wedding band.