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 THE TWENTY-SIXTH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME – YEAR B                                           29 30 SEPTEMBER 2012

 When I went to Stratford a week before the Olympics I thought that I would get a glimpse of the Olympic Village. Little
 did I know that you were only allowed to go so far and no further! There were some people let in because they had
 passes, what they were doing I did not know then! But many people to their surprise were told that the best vantage
 point was the third floor in John Lewis’s. The shop also took advantage of the forthcoming events with the third floor full
 of souvenirs to buy!!

 My first impressions were, “this could easily be mistaken for Guantanamo!” the high fencing must have extended the
 perimeter of the village! Well, I thought, it was a day out in London!!

 But, what I did see that caught my attention and imagination was taking a walk near part of the perimeter where you
 could hear music and a gate where a lady with an odd contraption, balancing on her shoulders waited for her entry!
 What could she be doing? You could not see what was inside, there was some music playing which made some
 tourists climb stone slabs and try to peep through a canvas partition. Not something I was keen to do myself! I thought
 I can wait a week!”

 Yes, peeping in to get a glimpse of what was happening inside………… made me think of how we would like to peep
 in to see what it was like in heaven! Someone once said to me, “but Father Richard, no one has come back to tell us!”
 I said, “Jesus came back!” They said, “Yes, but nobody else!”

 Jesus gave us the story of Lazarus lying at the gate of a rich man. It concludes, ”If they do not listen to Moses and the
 prophets, neither will they be persuaded if one rises from the dead.” Lk 16:19-31.

 The Olympics were fantastic! It was a focal point for all nations to come and enjoy and celebrate. But I had to wait with
 everybody else. That waiting for us as Christians is a Life of Faith.
                                                                                                            Fr Richard
                                                    MASS INTENTIONS
   ENGLISH MARTYRS                                         DAYS            ST JOSEPH’S
   Sean & Andrew Morris RIP                   6.30 pm      Vigil
   Michael & Nicholas Godfrey RIP              9.30 am Sunday               8.30 am     John Condon RIP
   Sean Davis RIP                            11.30 am
                                               5.00 pm                      10.30 am    Una Quinn RIP
   Paddy Halion RIP                            9.30 am Monday               NO MASS
   NO MASS                                                   Tuesday             9.00 am    Jack Barry’s Intentions
   Nora Halion’s Intentions                     9.30 am      Wednesday          NO MASS
   Bridie McGlynn RIP                           8.00 pm      Thursday            9.00 am    Graham Palmer RIP
   Rachel & Harold Fearns RIP                   9.30 am      Friday              7.00 pm    Theresa Norton-Roberts Intns.
                                                             Saturday           10.00 am    Rosemary McCloskey’s Golden
                                                                                            Jubilee Thanksgiving
                                                 FEASTS OF THE WEEK:
   Monday – St Thérèse of the Child Jesus       Tuesday – The Holy Guardian Angels Thursday – St Francis of Assisi
                                                    Saturday – St Bruno
   Thursday 7- 8 pm                        EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT          Saturday - 9.30 – 10 am
   Saturday – 5.30-6.15 pm                         CONFESSIONS – SATURDAY              Saturday - 10.30 – 11 am
                          Responsorial Psalm: “The precepts of the Lord gladden the heart.”
                                                                                 A WARM WELCOME TO
 Church Cleaning: Group 4– 5 October.
 Counters: 7 October – Mrs Ennis, Mr Desombre,
 Mrs Walsh, Mrs Ryce.                                                  Thomas Briggs, Joshua Gonzalez, Oliver Heath,
 Collection: 23 September                £1,010.75                   Taanaye Newman, Ryan Symolon, Isabelle Sheridan,
 There will be a Special Collection this weekend for                  Joseph Parham and Taig Hartigan, who are being
                                                                                  baptised this weekend.
                     The Cathedral.
                                                                  Stephen Lutwyche and Una Carr who celebrated their
  Please pray for the work of CAFOD this Harvest Fast                      marriage on Saturday afternoon.
     Day, focusing on hunger and food. The attached
   envelope describes how families, formerly reliant on                                                          th
                                                                  Youth Leaders Meeting in Reading–Mon.15 Oct.
      food aid in Zambia, have become self-sufficient.
  Please help more families out of poverty by returning                English Martyrs Church Hall, 7.30–9pm.
    the envelope with your usual generosity (Gift Aid if           This meeting is for all volunteers currently working
        applicable). Thank you so much in advance..                with young people aged 11-25, and for those who
       FIRST HOLY COMMUNION - 18 MAY 2013                         are interested in getting involved. Come and join in
     If your child will be aged 8 or over by next August          with the discussion and planning for the involvement
   (Year 3) and you would like him/her to receive their              of young people in the Catholic Church here in
   First Holy Communion, please complete and return               Reading. For more information, and to confirm you
 the enrolment form (at the back of the Church) to the                are coming, contact me, Peter McGeady, on
      Parish Office by 21 October. Late applications           or
  cannot be accepted because groups will be arranged                  07769258378. Light refreshments available.
      and Catechists organised after the 21 October.
                                                                 Youth Leaders Day-Called to a Noble Adventure
 It is essential that your child attends all of the classes if
   he/she is to be properly prepared for the sacraments              A day including youth leaders and Confirmation
  of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, and            catechists to engage with the new National Vision
     also that he/she attends Mass on a regular basis.              Document for Youth Ministry – ‘Called to a Noble
                                                                   Adventure’. An opportunity to meet others working
 It must also be stressed that the meetings for parents             with young people and get involved in workshops
 as part of the Programme are not optional – so please               providing resources and ideas. Saturday, 20th
          ensure you are able to attend these.                       October, in St Swithun Wells Primary School in
                                                                   Chandlers Ford SO53 2JP, 10am – 4pm. Free but
               CONFIRMATION - JUNE 2013
                                                                        packed lunches should be taken. . Go to
 If you are in Year 8 or above and are interested in joining
                                                                   Contact Peter McGeady 07769258378 or Dave Hill
       the Confirmation programme, please complete a
                                                                                    on 01329835583
    registration and consent form and return to the Parish
      Office. The forms are available at the back of the
                                                                     APF/MISSIO – BOX HOLDERS/PROMOTERS
  church) or contact the office to receive a copy by email.
                          st                                     It is time once again to empty the Red Mission Boxes
   The closing date is 31 October, to allow us to plan the
                                                                 Many thanks in advance. Contact Anne on 9428198
    resources required. The programme will begin with a
            ‘Come and See’ evening in November.
                                                                    Divine Mercy Holy Hour to be held at St Anne’s
                                                                        in Caversham on 7th October at 2.15pm
     HOSPITAL – Requests for a Chaplain to visit
    If you, or a member of your family are admitted to
                                                                      A talk given by Father Peter Prusakiewicz, ex-
      Hospital and would like a visit from the Catholic
                                                                    chaplain to the Congregation of the Sisters of Our
     Chaplain, and perhaps receive Holy Communion
                                                                       Lady of Mercy in Warsaw where St Faustina
      whilst a patient – PLEASE make this known to
                                                                    started her religious life. He learnt much from the
              the staff when you are admitted.
                                                                     sisters who knew St Faustina. All are welcome.
                                                   TH                            Followed by refreshments.
 A Craft session will be held from 2-5 pm. The aim is to
                                                                           DUCHESS OF KENT HOSPICE
    knit/sew a crib/figures in preparation for the Posada
     during Advent. To join in this activity, please bring
                                                                    A Fundraising Dance in aid of the Duchess of
  along bits of yarn and a set of size 3 knitting needles.
                                                                 Kent at the Irish Club, Chatham Street, on 20 Oct., 9
  This is a taster session! If sufficient interest to pursue
                                                                  pm till late. Music by Eugene Doonan. Tickets £5.
   these sessions emerges the Workshop can continue
   on a monthly basis. Whether amateur or talented in
                                                                  Mass at the University of Reading starts again this
 crafts, all are welcome and it should lead to some very
                                                                  Sunday at 6pm in William of York Church, Upper
    enjoyable afternoons amongst friends with plenty of
                                                                                  Redlands Road.
 laughs. Older children who are keen to learn are most

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