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					Ultimate Beginner's Guide to FileIce
All credits to this guide go to napk1ns.

Join FI now threw a moderators referral link:

In wake of the huge amount of success I experienced today, I’ve been inspired to write a detailed
guide that outlines exactly what I did over the past two days. Hopefully this can serve as a basic
starting point for all you new members who have more questions than answers.

With my method, I literally skyrocketed from $0 to roughly $110 in twelve hours. I’ve hovered
between #1 and #2 Top Earner positions all day. Also, the reason I decided to call this a “Noob’s
Guide”, is because it’s a good starting point. This is not typically a long term method!

What Is the Focus of this Method?

Most new users come to FileIce expecting to earn $100 a day from 2 YouTube videos. While this is
entirely possible, it’s highly improbable. To be successful with this method you're going to have to
focus your time and hard work into three main things.

- Making A Simple Blog Page for Specific Downloads.

- Making/Stealing Quality YouTube Videos to Support the Blog.

- Promoting Your Blog & Youtube Videos.
In a nutshell, you are going to be making a simplified Blogger page that looks like an Official
Download website for your targeted file. You then use YouTube videos to bring in Traffic & make
your blog look high quality at the same time. I'll show you how to keep your videos from being
removed also. Then you are going to mass promote your blogs & videos through my various

I. Getting Started by Making Good Files.
1) Find/Make a File that a lot of people are interested in at that point in time.
I use New/Unreleased PC games for example. (Game Cracks, Patches, Bug Fixes, Key

2) Make sure you use realistic file names. Also make sure you use WinRar to zip your files before
you upload. (If you're uploading a fake file, go to the advanced tab in WinRar & add a password.)

3) Upload your file to FileIce and give it a Realistic Title & Description. (don't put DOWNLOAD
NOW, or THIS IS REAL. Stuff like that...) People will avoid your file like the plague.


II. Making A Sexy Download Page.
1) Go on over to & Make an account. Name your Blog & URL
something relevant to your File (Simple is better.) Then Pick the simplest template possible.

2) Now go into your blog's Dashboard & click on Design. Remove all of the gadgets on the page
by clicking Edit then Remove. After that, click on Template Designer then click Layout.Change
both the Body & the Footer layouts to the First Boxes.

Your Design page should look like this.
3) Now you want to make a High Quality header. (Preferably with Photoshop.)
The resolution should be 740x200ish. You can change the 200 to make it taller.
(Try and make the Header look as simple & clean as you can.)

On your Design page click edit on the header & Upload your image.
(Make sure "Instead of title and description" is ticked.)

Here is a Watermarked example of a Header I'm currently using.
(Feel free to message me if you need any type of graphics work. I'd be glad to help.)

4) Now you need to go to your Design Page and click edit on the Blog Posts section.
(Set your blog post settings to look like this.)
5) Now you need make a new post (it's going to be your only one.) Then you need to write up
aNeat looking Download Page.

Below is an Example Blogger page I made to use as a Template.

(Please Do Not Duplicate Anything.)


III. Making/Stealing YouTube Videos.

1) It's always best to use your own created videos. You can also steal them
Try and find quality videos related to your Download.

2) Once you have a video downloaded, I recommend that you edit it. (I use CyberLink's
PowerDirector.) But Windows Movie Maker works too.

You want to edit out commentaries & cut out unnecessary parts of the video to make
itBelieveable. Adding non-copyrighted music helps too.

Here is a video I made for a MW3 crack as an example.
(Please Do Not Duplicate)              (EDIT: removed)

3) Once you have a video uploaded to YouTube you're going to want to embed it into your Blog.
(On YouTube get the Embed code by clicking Share then Embed. Paste it onto your blog post.)
4) Now you'll want to start promoting your Video(s) by automating views, likes, comments,
and favorites.

These are the best sites to promote your videos: (Custom Comments work Awesome Here.)

5) This is the method I've been using to keep my Videos from getting banned on
After your video has a decent amount of Likes & Comments,
- Go to YouTube and click My Videos.
- On the Video you want to Protect, click Edit Info.
- Now Make comments approval only & DISABLE RATINGS.
(Disabling Ratings makes it harder for people to Flag your Video as Inappropriate.)


IV. Promoting Your Blog & Youtube Videos.
1) Hopefully you kept the video file(s) from earlier.
You'll now want to upload you blog video(s) to other video sites:
(You can upload the same video multiple times on different accounts. Just use different Titles.)

2) Now you are going to Utilize the Evil Places known as 4chan & Reddit.
- On both sites you're going to want to nonchalantly post links to your videos or blogs.
(Don't blatantly post "DOWNLOAD THIS CRACK HURR HURR DURR") You Will get Banned.

3) Next you should go make an account at
- Once you've created an account. Click Create New Paste.
- Insert a catchy little one liner sentence & links to your blogs or videos.
(Pastebin is great because you can make Unlimited posts. You will get a lot of traffic over time.)

4) Now you need to create an Email at
- Now head over to Yahoo Answers & edit your profile to look real.
- Search for Newest questions relating to your Blog.
- Respond with intelligent answers and put your blog as the source website.
(Do this everyday and I guarantee you'll get loads of traffic.)

5) Posting on Forums & other Blogs related to yours works very well also.
- Just search Google for Blogs & Forums related to your Blog.
- Try and do a couple of posts each day to look more reputable.
- Put links to your Blogs in your Signatures.

6) is a great place to buy exposure for your blogs.
- You can usually find someone who will share your link to thousands of Facebook fans or
Twitter Followers for only $5.
(You can find all kinds of good deals if you just look.)

Screenshot of the highest earning member on FI:

Description: Beginners guide to FileIce