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									Bryant & Stratton College – Milwaukee West Campus
PL 100: Introduction to Law, Research & Ethics I
Instructor: Court Commissioner Susan Kaye
Spring 2005

                       Homework for the week of June 15, 2005

WARNING: As I stated in the syllabus, all homework is due at the beginning of class.
You cannot work on homework during class. No late homework was to be accepted. We
will have a quiz EACH WEEK on the vocabulary for the chapter. You will not be able to
make these up if you are not prepared for class. If you cannot be in class, your
homework MUST be e-mailed to me or left here at school PRIOR to the start of that
week’s class.

I am granting my one and only amnesty program. If you are missing any homework or
quizzes through Chapter Six, you may turn in your assignments BEFORE next week’s


The exam will be on Chapters 1 and Chapter 2 (Part 1), Chapter 5 and Chapter 6. There
may be an extra credit question on the Criminal Law Supplement.

After the exam, we will prepare for our visit to the Marquette Law Library the following

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