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									Want Fast Internet Cheap? Grab an ATT UVerse Coupon Code Before
They’re Gone

If you’ve been thinking you need to upgrade your Internet, phone or TV service to
something that is faster, better and more reliable, now is a great time to get an ATT UVerse
coupon code and do just that. The company is providing some pretty stellar promo deals
right now, and these discounts can get you not only the least expensive service available,
but some pretty sweet added perks also. Here’s the information you want to know.

What Exactly Is ATT UVerse?

UVerse is the high speed digital computer networking service provided by AT&T, one of the
nation’s largest telephony providers. It utilizes fiber optic technology to provide a highly
reliable digital phone, TV and Internet at blazing speeds. There are a variety of different
package alternatives and you can get UVerse in download speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 24
Mbps. The company is very flexible about letting you sign up for only the services you need,
and frequently has promo deals for almost every imaginable combination. Unfortunately,
UVerse is not yet offered everywhere, but should you learn that that is the case for you,
AT&T still offers several other high speed options that are almost as good.

What Sort of Benefits Does AT&T UVerse Provide That I Can’t Get Elsewhere?

AT&T strives to offer very competitive deals and excellent service. Signing up for their
UVerse service gives you several enticing benefits. For instance, the DVR they give you
when you sign up for TV service can store up to 233 hours of high definition content and
can record up to four different shows simultaneously, with instant playback from anywhere
in your home. Using their 100% digital service, you can experience over 170 HD channels
with instant channel hopping and zero drag or delay. Joining UVerse also means you have
access to every single AT&T Wi-Fi hot spot across the nation free of charge. Plus, it’s super
easy to be able to just pay one bill for all of your digital services and never even have to
sign a contract!

So How About These UVerse Promo Deals? What’s the Scoop?

AT&T offers some pretty stellar promotional deals right now for UVerse service. The best
deals you’ll find will actually be for bundling two or more services together, which is good
news if you want to get set up with everything in one shot. They are currently featuring
their ‘Triple Play’ package which includes all three services for $89 a month. If you sign up
for that deal using the discount code from CouponShoebox.com, you receive added perks
including a free $200 gift card, free DVR player and three free months of HBO and Cinemax.
They’ve got a number of other great deals too. Examples include TV Internet for $59 a
month, or just TV on its own for $29 a month. They’ve also got an ongoing $5 discount for
signing up for any bundle. You’ll find the discount codes you need for all of these offers
on CouponShoebox.com.

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