Qualification Summary by Dy6H5O


									Tyler Kulp
1346 Chestnut Street  Philadelphia, PA 19107  (484) 332-9466  www.tylerkulp.com  t.kulp1990@ymail.com

Qualification Summary

           Film and Television Production: Thorough understanding of the process of video projects from initiation to
            conclusion. Effective at organizing both personal and group oriented shoots up to and including the scriptwriting process,
            lighting, directing, shooting, editing etc.

           Equipment Proficiencies: Panasonic HVX 200, HPX 300, Sony HDR-CX560, boom and lavaliere operation, various
            lights and lighting equipment such as Arri, jib arm construction and operation, Lowell light, follow focus.

           Technical Proficiencies: Adobe Premiere, Encore, After Effects, and Photoshop, Final Cut Pro 7, AVID, Audacity,
 Microsoft Word and Power Point, Mac OS, and Windows OS

           Strengths and Accomplishments: Prioritizing and organizing workloads for strict deadlines. Training team members.
            Establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with management, staff, and internal and external groups.
 Enthusiastic and creative. Nominated for seven awards in student film festival including Best Picture and Best Script.

           Education: Associate Degree in Digital Film and Video Production                                               March 2013
               o GPA 3.8, Dean’s List Award, 4.0 Award,                                                  The Art Institute of Philadelphia
                     3 Academic Achievement Awards, Best of Quarter Award

Selected Projects

           Director/ Director of Photography/ Writer/ Editor/ Lighting                                              2012
               o “An Interview with Andy Zielinski” – Interview Video

           Director/ Director of Photography/ Writer/ Editor                                                        2012
               o “A Horse in the Park” – Video Short Film

           Director/ Director of Photography/ Writer/ Editor                                                        2012
               o “C47” – Video Short Film

           Director/ Director of Photography/ Writer/ Editor/ Lighting                                              2012
               o “Sharpie Spec” Video Speculation Commercial

Experience Highlights

           Volunteered at the 21st Philadelphia Film Festival as an Usher and Box Office Attendant                             Oct 2012

           Gaffing and Gripping for several student projects including a Insight Market Research corporate commercial

           President of the Cinema Society club at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Started a film festival with the club.

           Shift Supervisor, Sheetz (Leesport, PA)                                                         March 2010 – August 2011
                o    Delegated tasks and supervised up to ten people

                o    Handled food, tobacco, and gas distribution as well as money and paperwork

           Media manager on live camera switch shoot with 3FX Entertainment.                                                   Aug 2012

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