A New Way to Search? SPIRORITY.INC Announces the Launch of Alchive.com, an Innovative Relative Search Platform Compared to the Conventional Direct Text Entry Search by PR.com


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									A New Way to Search? SPIRORITY.INC Announces the Launch of
Alchive.com, an Innovative Relative Search Platform Compared to the
Conventional Direct Text Entry Search

Alchive.com provides a suite of new-generation online tools to search, archive interesting items and
not just images, to a container called album. Its new search platform aims to reinforce the site’s
innovative approach in the field of Relative Search (vs Direct Text Entry Search), which can expand
the search results without further text entry. An example might be discovering an interesting video in
your friends’ album archive that would not be possible using a normal direct text entry search.

Sunnyvale, CA, February 12, 2013 --(PR.com)-- SPIRORITY.INC, an innovative search platform
development company, has launched its new customer-centric website Alchive.com, aimed at
revolutionizing the field of “Relative Search.” The site provides a suite of innovative tools for users to
create, share and promote albums, along with an exciting new “Contributor” feature and an entirely new
concept of “Online Advertising.” The site has features to generate excitement among new generation
users, who have been struggling to find a decent tool to search, save, and leverage on the search results of
friends and experts who had done and shared similar tasks.

“Alchive is a start of a new journey for Spirority.Inc, where we plan to provide users with customized
search and discovery solutions,” said Phuong Tran, the “Chief Alchemist” of Spirority, Inc. Google,
Yahoo and Bing are in the forefront of the Direct Text Entry Search, however there are no major players
in the field of Relative Search. Relative Search Platform is extremely useful for users especially in the
field of Education where Phuong himself is a former university Statistics lecturer, who has been twitching
and fine-tuning with the search algorithm. “Imagine a user, who is researching about Socrate on Google,
comes to know important facts about Lao-Tzu (Laozi) or Confucius in the albums of friends and experts
on Alchive, which otherwise he/she would have not included in their researches,” said Phuong Tran, CEO
and Founder, who are no longer lecturing Mathematics and Statistics but collaborating full-time with his
team for a better internet searching experience.

The “Contributor” feature is an exciting, powerful and innovative tool offered at Alchive.com. This tools
helps to remove the distance barrier and creates a collaborative experience between intra departmental
staff and also friends and families. For example, if you have your office in different parts of the world
separated by time barriers, your employees can collaborate with you by sharing their research and
findings with contributor tool in the album, or 10 of your friends can share the photos and videos of the
wedding event or conference that you were unable to attend. Allowing people contribute items to a
common interest album would help strengthening the connections people made on Facebook and other
social networks. Friends become “Contributors” who collaboratively “alchiving” together on a given
topic, which will help friends and families staying connected through their co-creation. “The power of the
Contributor tool is limitless and can be applied to all industries and helps to remove distance and time
barriers,” said Mike Pelham, the company's “Chief Technolo-Wiz.”

Alchive probably is the first platform offering tools for customers of a business contributing content of
related services and products to an existing online catalog. Customers can do it on Alchive if the business

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allows their customers and fans to contribute items into a given album. Business owners can make more
informed decisions to attract more customers and followers. Alchive also developed a powerful
advertising platform, which creates an environment of educating users about the company's products or
services instead of direct selling. Users have become unresponsive to most of online advertising formats.
“Our primary intention behind creating the Alchive's advertising platform is to provide a medium for the
advertisers, where they can educate and bond with customers rather than resort to direct selling,” said
Chandradip Ghosh, the “Chief Cyber Strategist” of Spirority.

Spirority, Inc. is a California corporation based in Sunnyvale. It's still too early to say what niche market
will help the company to “cash-in.” “We will help businesses makes more money with our tools and have
a fair share out of it,” said Yoshito Yamamoto, the company “Chief Moderator” and treasurer. For any
inquiry please e-mail to: inquiry@spirority.com.

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