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					How do you earn money from youtube. Youtube is a video sharing site.It has a lot of videos.People upload videos every day.Videos of youtube get many many views
every day.If you upload a video then you may get many views.If you make a video about a keyword that has low competition and gets a lot of searches every day,then
you will get some youtube views.Or if you select a keyword that does not get a lot of searches every day but has a high competition,then you can't expect to get many
views.So if you want to get a lot of views then you must select the proper keyword.You can use google keyword tool to find the keyword.If you want to earn money
on youtube then you must select the proper keyword.In this article you will learn how to earn money from youtube.So,as I have said that if you want to earn money
from youtube then you should select the right keyword.So go to google keyword tool and select a keyword that gets many monthly searches but has a low
competition.The keyword you select must have low competition because it is hard to rank a video with a keyword that has a high competition.So select the keyword
that has a low competition. If you want to earn money from youtube then you must create a good video. After you have selected the keyword,now you have to make a
video about it.There are many kinds of software that can be used to make good videos.If you want to earn money from youtube then you should make a good
video.Make a video that is very interesting.Make a video that will get likes.If your video is very interesting,then it will get many views and will get good comments.If
youmake a video that is not very interesting then it will get dislikes.It will also get bad comments.Some people may flag your video.So youtube may think that your
video is not good or inappropriate,then Youtube may delete your video.So if you want to earn money online using youtube,then you should create a good video.A HD
video with HD quality sound video is good.Make your video's comments be approved.So that other youtube users may not be able to post bad comments on your
video. SEO - Search Engine Optimization for youtube videos. Earn money from youtube. Website. Website. Website. Website. Website.

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