Chapter 16; Section 4

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					                                  CHAPTER 20 TERMS
                                        Do all the terms

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)-

Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)-

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)-


Freedom Rides-

Albany Movement-

March on Washington-

Civil Rights Act of 1964-

Voting Rights Act of 1965-

De jure segregation-

De Facto segregation-

Nation of Islam-

Black Power-

James Baldwin-

Malcolm X-
Chapter 20; Section 1                            Name _______________________ P. ___

                              “Leaders and Strategies”
As you read Section 1, complete the graphic organizer below. Identify the leaders, goals, and
strategies of each civil rights group listed

        National Association for the
       Advancement of Colored People                     Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

  1. Leader(s):                                        4. Leader(s):

  2. Goals:                                            5. Goals:

  3. Strategies                                        6. Strategies

                                 Civil Rights Groups
       Southern Christian Leadership                      Student Nonviolent Coordinating
            Conference (SCLC)                                   Committee (SNCC)

 7. Leader(s):                                        10. Leader(s):

 8. Goals:                                            11. Goals:

 9. Strategies:                                       12. Strategies:

13. Write a sentence that explains the meaning of interracial. _____________________________
     Chapter 20, Section 2                         Name: _______________________ P. ____
     Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. The questions start at the
     beginning of the section and move through chronologically to the end of the section.
1. After the Montgomery bus boycott, African           7. Why did they believe they believe they should be
American students took the next step up in the         able to sit in the “white only” section?
campaign for equal rights. What did they do?
                                                       8. When the store manager refused to serve them,
2. What did they do when their peaceful protests       what did the students do?
caused angry whites to strike back violently?
3. What commitment did they maintain through the
early 1960s?                                           9. The sit-ins gained the support of SCLC and
                                                       Martin Luther King told the young people that arrest
                                                       was what?
__________________________________________             __________________________________________

       SIT-INS TEST THE LIMITS OF                      10. Sit-ins failed to change southern customs
                                                       immediately, but they began what?
4. CORE created the sit-in in 1943 when it
desegregated the Jack Spratt Coffee House in           __________________________________________
Chicago. What was the sit-in technique?
                                                                      FREEDOM RIDES
                                                       11. CORE led the effort to test a Supreme Court
__________________________________________             decision that prohibited segregation on buses
                                                       traveling across state lines. This meant that what
5. How did CORE bring an end to segregation in the     could also not be segregated?
facilities it targeted?
                                                       12. What did the Freedom Rides created by CORE
6. What did Ezell Blair, Jr. and three other African   and supported by SNCC do?
American students do at a Woolworth’s store in
Greensboro?                                            __________________________________________
13. In Anniston, Alabama, a bus was met by a mob of
white men carrying guns, knives, blackjacks, and       19. What did Police Chief Pritchett do that did not
chains. The Freedom Riders decided not to test the     help the movement?
facilities there but to move on. Describe what
happened after mob members slashed the tires of the    __________________________________________
__________________________________________                __________________________________________
                                                              THE INTEGRATION OF OLE MISS
__________________________________________                20. What was James Meredith and what did he want
                                                          to do to further the civil rights cause?
__________________________________________                __________________________________________
__________________________________________                21. What did Mississippi governor Ross Barnett do
                                                          when the Supreme Court upheld Meredith’s claim
14. After the violent incident at Anniston, Farmer
                                                          that he should be able go to the University of
thought about calling off the Freedom Rides.
However, SNCC leaders wanted to continue. When
Farmer warned that it could be suicide, Diane Nash        __________________________________________
responded with what statement?
                                                          22. Give three examples of what happened in the
__________________________________________                riots after Barnett refused James Meredith entrance
                                                          into the university.
15. Photographs of the burning bus horrified the
country. Marshall Burke, Assistant Attorney                A._______________________________________
General, said what?
                                                           C. _______________________________________
                                                          23. Why was Birmingham the perfect site for a
__________________________________________                nonviolent campaign?

16. What did Robert Kennedy do in response to the         __________________________________________
incident at Anniston?                                     __________________________________________
__________________________________________                24. When King was in jail for his part in the
                                                          demonstration, how did he respond to local clergy
__________________________________________                who called the demonstration on “ill-timed threat to
         THE ALBANY MOVEMENT                              law and order”?
17. What were the goals of the group that called itself
the Albany Movement?                                      __________________________________________

 A._______________________________________                __________________________________________

 B._______________________________________                __________________________________________

18. What did King’s presence do for the African           25. What sort of violence did the television cameras
American demonstrators?                                   record?
__________________________________________                __________________________________________
Chapter 20, Section 3                Name: __________________________ P. ____

                                   “The Political Response”
Directions: As you read Section 3, fill in three supporting facts under each main idea statement.

Main Idea #1: President John F. Kennedy provided moral leadership and took several steps to
              eliminate racial discrimination.

1. ________________________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________________________

Main Idea #2: Although the March on Washington impressed many Americans, with its
              powerful message, Washington’s political leadership remained un-persuaded.

4. ________________________________________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________________________________________

6. ________________________________________________________________________________

Main Idea #3: President Lyndon Johnson was fully committed to the passage of strong civil
              rights legislation.

7. ________________________________________________________________________________

8. ________________________________________________________________________________

9. ________________________________________________________________________________

Directions: Identify the significant provisions of each of the following laws.

10. Civil Rights Act of 1964



11. Voting Rights Act of 1965


                               20.3 The Challenge of Black Power
Fill in the Venn-Diagram to compare and contrast the goals and tactics of leaders in sections 1/2/3 and
section 4. Example: W.E.B. Du Bois versus Stokely Charmichael.

    Sections 1,2,                                                                                         Section 4
       and 3                                                                                                  4

1. How did the civil rights movements and legislation affect the everyday life of the people throughout
the country?

2. Why did the civil rights movement split apart?

3. What were the causes of urban racial violence?
       20 Review
Reviewing Main ideas 1-12
 Making Connections- 4

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