Health & Safety Risk Assessment

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					                                        Health & Safety Risk Assessment

  In accordance with: Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999
Directorate: Children’s services  Section: Schools                                      Location:
                         ACTIVITY General Cleaning
PERSONS AT   HAZARD IDENTIFIED       WHAT COULD         RISK                  CONTROLS REQUIRED                      RISK     ACTION
RISK                                 GO WRONG?        BEFORE         E.g. training, equipment, PPE, SSW etc         AFTER     Date &
                                                       (H/M/L)                                                      (H/M/L)    Resp..
Staff        Manual handling        Electrocution                   Manual handling controls correctly applied
Pupil        Chemical exposure      Occupational                     (see manual handling RA)
Others       Injury from badly      dermatitis                      All equipment must be in a good state of
             maintained or          Needle stick                     repair.
             inappropriately used   injuries                        Electrical equipment must be safe to use by
             equipment              Muscular                         authorised ,trained persons (see electrical
                                    skeletal injury                  equipment RA)
                                                                    PPE should be appropriate to the task and
                                                                     worn where required.
                                                                    General cleaning must be undertaken at
                                                                     times that will minimise the risk to others
                                                                     e.g. after school.
                                                                    Cleaning during the day should be limited to
                                                                     emergencies and always consider
                                                                     restricting access for pupils and or
                                                                     supervision in the area being cleaned.
                                                                    Appropriate signs must be used to highlight
                                                                     risks e.g. wet floors.
                                                                    Appropriate training must be given in the
                                                                     use of equipment and chemicals to be
                                                                    Hazardous waste e.g. vomit must be
                                                                     disposed of correctly and surfaces properly
                                                                     disinfected. (see Control of Communicable
                                                                     Diseases In Schools & Nurseries Policy)
                                                                    Appropriate equipment must be used to
                                                                     minimise risks e.g. litter picker.
                                                      Consider infection control and hygiene
                                                       training where appropriate.
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