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									    Source Evaluation Board (SEB) Training for Contractors
                    Trainer Connie Poole, Procurement Consultant
                                    Earn 16 CLPs, 16 CPEs, or .16 CEUs
                                 Date: February 24 – 25, 2011 (Thu – Fri)

Time: 7:30am – 8:00am, Sign-in and Continental Breakfast
      8:00am – 4:30 pm, Training
Where: Johnson Space Center, The Gilruth Center, The Lone Star Room, Space Center Blvd., Gate 5, Bldg 207
Class Description: All aspects of the SEB process from development and approval of procurement strategy,
drafting the Statement of Work, developing and refining evaluation criteria, communicating with industry,
developing the Request for Proposal, receiving and evaluating offers, requesting and evaluating Final Proposal
Revisions (FPRs), and selection of a successful offeror. Course materials include information from FAR/NFS
Part 15 as well as NASA’s SEB Manual. This class, taught to all SEB participants at Johnson Space Center, will
better enable contractors to understand the internal evaluation process.
Dress: Business Casual
Cost: $99.00 / registrant (includes course material, continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments)
Registration: Early registration is encouraged as class size is limited. As part of registration, please note your
lunch selection below. If registering more than 1 person, please note the # of registrants selecting each lunch
choice below.
Lunch Selection:
                                              # of                                                # of
       February 24 – Sandwiches            Registrants      February 25 - Salads               Registrants
       Italian Ham Ciabatta                                 Classic Chef
       Tuscan Grilled Chicken                               Chicken Caesar
       Vegetarian                                           Garden (Vegetarian)
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Payment Information (Check one; if applicable, complete credit card info):
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Registrations must be received by February 10, 2011. Complete and send your registration, including check or credit
card authorization, to Mr. Jay Parker at NCMA Space City – Houston Chapter, P.O. Box 58513, Houston, TX 77258-5813

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