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                    Telecommunications Industries Association
                      Standards and Technology Department
                                    Subcommittee TR-42.5
                      Telecommunications Infrastructure Terms and Symbols
                                       Meeting Report

Chair: Ray Keden, RCDD                                                                   August 17, 2001
Secretary: Bob Jensen, RCDD                                                         Delta Centre – Ville
Editor: Bob Jensen, RCDD                                                       Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1.     Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM by TR-42.5 chair, Ray Keden. Ray reminded the
Subcommittee that elections will be taking place at the November meeting for chair and vice-chair.

2.     Roll call and introductions
The attendees introduced themselves and an attendance roster was distributed for participants to sign.
Quorum was achieved at the meeting.

Philip Lippel           Agilent                        Bill Sewell          Holmes & Narver
Masood Shariff          Avaya                          Ed Pivonka           Ideal
Donna Ballast           BICSI                          James Withey         ITT
Marilyn Michelson       Business Comm. Services        Paul Kish            NORDX/CDT
Mark Maloney            Ehvert Technology              Julie Roy            NORDX/CDT
Ray Keden               Erico                          Mel Lesperance       Ortronics
Bob Jensen              Fluke Networks                 John Siemon          The Siemon Company
Peter Sharp             Giffels Associates             Herb Congdon         Tyco Electronics
Valerie Rybinski        Hitachi Cable Manchester

3.     Review agenda and approval
The Subcommittee approved the agenda (TR-42.5/01-08-004).

4.     Intellectual Property Rights Inquiry
The chair brought to the attention of the membership the TIA policy regarding patents, the use of which
may be essential to a standard being considered. The full statement is contained in the meeting agenda.

5.     Distribution and numbering of documents
Document #               Source                    Document title
TR-42.2/01-08-003        Bob Jensen                Providence, RI Meeting Report, June 2001
TR-42.2/01-08-004        Bob Jensen                Montreal, Quebec Meeting Agenda; August 2001
TR-42.2/01-08-005        Bob Jensen                Compilation of terms 01-06

6.     Previous meeting report
The Subcommittee approved the June meeting report (TR-42.2/01-08-003).
August 17 2001                                                                                   TR-42.5/01-11-006
TR-42.5 Meeting Report                                                                                      Page 2

7      Old business
There was no old business for review at this meeting.

8       New business
Review definitions:
   a) Several terms were brought to the Subcommittee including: connecting hardware screen bonding
        conductor, longitudinal conversion transfer loss, modular plug cord, position bonding terminal, and room,
        mechanical. Acronyms were discussed including: MER and MR. All terms will be updated and sent to TR-42
        chairs by Bob Jensen for incorporation into their documents.
    b) John Siemon made a motion that a Project Number is assigned to the Terms and Definitions so
       that they can be provided to the US TAG who, in turn, will provide them to
       ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25/WG3. Bob Jensen will issue the project request and provide the document
       to John for the TAG.
         Subcommittee action: The motion was unanimously approved.

9. Special meeting requests/TR-42 action items
No items are being requested at this time.

10. Homework assignment review
Bob Jensen               Distribute the compilation of terms to TR-42 Chairs.
Bob Jensen               Initiate a Project Request to TIA.

11. Next meeting schedule
The next meeting will be:
November 8, 2001
       The Fairmont Hotel
       1717 North Akard Street
       Dallas, TX 75201
       Phone 214/720-2020
       FAX 214/720-5269

12. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 9:15 AM.

The TR-42.5 Subcommittee meeting was conducted in accordance with the TIA Legal Guide and the TIA
Engineering Manual.

Robert Jensen, RCDD
Secretary, TR-42.5

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