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                                                                                                                                    “This course is truly
                                                    12 - 16 MAY 2013                                                               Beyond Negotiation,
LEADERSHIP                                          RADISSON BLU                                                             plus the Principles & Tools
SERIES                                              DUBAI DEIRA CREEK UAE                                                      of Strategic Influencing”

 COURSE OVERVIEW                                                                                               YOUR INTERNATIONAL
  Negotiation is a fundamental skill that is called upon virtually every day, from the                         COURSE FACILITATOR
  salesroom to the boardroom. Knowing how to negotiate well is the key to forging
  profitable business relationships, enhancing team cohesion, working smoothly with
  customers, and achieving individual goals.                                                                                     Dr. Melanie Billings-Yun
                                                                                                                                 M.Sc., Ph.D.
  This highly interactive, skills-centered course introduces Dr. Billings-Yun’s GRASP
  five-step method for negotiating value-maximizing and durable agreements                                                       International
  with particular emphasis on establishing value, building trust and overcoming                                                  Negotiations Consultant
  resistance. Based on her widely praised book, Beyond Dealmaking, this course
  introduces the principles and tools of relationship-based negotiation.
                                                                                                              Dr. Melanie Billings-Yun, author of Beyond Dealmaking: Five
                                                                                                              Steps to Negotiating Profitable Relationships, is an
                                                                                                              international negotiation consultant. Formerly research
 Workshop Benefits:                                                                                           director and lecturer on history at Harvard’s Kennedy
                                                                                                              School of Government, Melanie has spent the past two
          Understand and achieve your goals                                                                   decades assisting Western & Asian companies, NGOs and
          Speak to be heard, to persuade and to motivate                                                      public agencies to achieve their goals through improved
                                                                                                              relationship-management. Her list of over 50 corporate
          Resist unfair demands and force                                                                     clients includes Deutsche Bank, Citibank, PTT, the Boston
                                                                                                              Consulting Group, Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Siemens,
          Handle disputes efficiently and productively
                                                                                                              Samsung, Hyundai, and Unocal.
          Know when and how to walk away
                                                                                                              A professor of International Management at Portland State
          Negotiate and draft effective contracts                                                             University, Melanie has a Ph.D. from Harvard University and
                                                                                                              an MSc from the London School of Economics. She also
          Move from one-time transactions to long-term relationships                                          holds a mediation certificate from the Singapore Mediation
          Work more successfully in teams and across cultures                                                 Centre.
                                                                                                              In addition to Beyond Dealmaking, her publications include
                                                                                                              a chapter on “Trust in Mediation” in The Asian Perspective
                                                                                                              on Mediation (Singapore: Academy Publishing, 2009),
       “You may have attended other negotiation                                                               Decision Against War (NY: Columbia University Press, 1988),
                                                                                                              and numerous articles on negotiation, relationship
       training courses but not ‘Beyond Dealmaking’.”                                                         management & dispute resolution. She regularly speaks to
                                                                                                              professional associations & business conferences around
                                                                                                              the world on negotiation, influencing & leadership
     PRAISE FOR BEYOND DEALMAKING                                                                             communication.
     “Melanie is highly personable, in charge of her subject, and possessed exceptional                       A native or Portland, Oregon, She has lived in Thailand,
     presentation skills. A highly enjoyable and rewarding 3 days”                                            Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, and France
     - Antony Oremosu, Group General Manager, Al Futtaim                                                      and has worked throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle
                                                                                                              East. She currently lives in Washington, DC.
         “The balance between useful theory and exciting exercises was just perfect! I am
         walking out with a comfort I never thought I would achieve when it comes to
         negotiations and problem solving.”
         – Dorota Lewis, Training & Development Manager, Abu Dhabi Investment Council                              Exclusive takeaways:
     “Dr. Billings-Yun’s workshops have always received the highest kudos from our                                           1. A copy of her best-selling book
     members. For those of us who negotiate daily with institutions and governments                                          “Beyond Dealmaking: Five Steps to
     around the world, the key to long-term financial success is in building strong
     relationships.”                                                                                                         Negotiating Profitable Relationships”
     - Tami Overby, Executive Vice President, American Chamber of Commerce in Korea                                          2. Workshop Materials: a training
                                                                                                                             manual containing an overview of
         “I have never felt so confident going into a negotiation. Thanks!”                                                  the course plus work-sheets,
         - Anne Arrowsmith, Director of Sales & Marketing, the Regent Singapore--A Four
         Seasons Hotel                                                                                                       examples and exercises.

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DAY1 THE GRASP NEGOTIATION METHOD                                             WHY THIS EVENT
     Introduction and agenda                                                  Dr. Melanie's approach to negotiation is very
     Discussion: What is negotiation? What are your challenges? When do you   appealing. She will get you to open up and see
     negotiate?                                                               things from a fresh point of view. She will show
     Negotiation role play: The Recording Contract                            you why outsiders act or react the way they do
     Self-analysis: How do you deal with opposition?                          so that you can work toward building a better
     Lecture: Beyond Dealmaking: Five Steps to Negotiation                    relationship.
     Case study: Yamhill Berry Farm                                           Harnessing inner strengths and external
                                                                              negotiating skills is deeply explored in this
                                                                              unique program.
DAY2 THE ART OF PERSUASION                                                    Dr. Melanie has produced an innovative,
                                                                              refreshing approach to negotiation based on her
     Discussion: What are my communication challenges?                        two decades of practical experience around the
     Self-Analysis: My communication style                                    world. She treats negotiation as an on-going
     Lecture: Persuasive communication                                        process that forms the core of a successful
     Discussion: Communication boosters and busters                           relationship.
     Video: Words and body language                                           The combination of interactive presentations,
     Case study/role play: Four types to persuade                             hands-on exercises and open discussion groups,
                                                                              ensures you will obtain maximum value from
     Negotiation role-play: The Software Contract
     Discussion: What is a contract? Why do we have them?
     Lecture: Drafting enforceable contracts
     Exercise: Who’s in the right?
     Contract writing exercise

     Lecture: Building international partnerships
     Self-Analysis: Cross-Cultural questionnaire
     Exercise: The deal that wasn’t
     Lecture: Changing minds
     Role Play: When Business Goes Down the Drain                             WHO SHOULD ATTEND
                                                                               Heads of Departments
                                                                               All Middle to Senior Level Executives/Managers
DAY5 MULTIPARTY NEGOTIATION                                                    Professionals/Entrepreneurs
                                                                               HR Personnel across all sectors
     Lecture: Building consensus                                               Purchasing & Contracts Officers
     Exercise: Collaboration challenges                                        Business Development Managers
     Role play: Dividing the Spoils                                            Legal Counsels & Advisors
     Case studies: Putting it all together                                     Negotiators at all levels
     Q&A                                                                       Service Providers

                                                                              COURSE SCHEDULE
                                                                              8.00                  Registration & Coffee/Tea
                                                                              8.30                  Workshop commences
                                                                              10.10 - 10.30         Morning coffee/tea
                                                                              12.30 - 13.30         Lunch
                                                                              14.40 - 15.00         Afternoon coffee/tea
                                                                              16.00                 End of day

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