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					                    Oxford Union Society Library Committee
       Minutes of Meeting MT2011 Week 5 (Monday 7th November) 2.30p.m.

Present: Maya Barolo-Rizvi, Mark Bosley, Francis Cameron, Luke Eaton (Librarian-
Elect), Turner Edwards, Izzy Ernst (Junior Librarian), Alex Harries, Su Lockley
(Librarian-in-Charge), Dean Palmer, James Price (Standing Committee Representative),
Naomi Scott-Mearns, Ally Shaw, Graeme Wallace, Evelyn Webster (Minutes Secretary),
and Lucy Wood.

1) Apologies
   The Committee received apologies from Joshua Felberg, Richard Hill, Tristan
   Honeyborne, Robert Tobin (Senior Librarian), John Whitehead and Hannah

2) Membership
   Jane Chan was present and expressed her interest in joining the Committee.

   Ally Shaw and Lucy Wood were ratified by Standing Committee and are now full
   members of the Committee.

3) Minutes and Matters Arising from the Previous Meeting
   The Treasurer-Elect has been mandated by Standing Committee to speak to the
   Librarian-in-charge about promoting the Library and the Adopt-a-Book scheme as
   sponsorship opportunities for the Union.

   The Junior Librarian explained that the President-Elect, Lauren Pringle, is currently
   speaking to the IT Officer, Jeremy Worth, about making the Oxford University
   wireless network available in the Union. The Librarian-in-charge enquired as to the
   cost, which is the most salient limiting factor in upgrading the wireless network. The
   Junior Librarian said that she did not know the likely cost, but that it would not come
   from the Library’s budget.

   The Librarian-in-charge was happy to report that the Union had been successfully
   created as a ‘cause’ on the Easyfundraising website, and had raised 25p as the Library
   had bought a book on Amazon via Easyfundraising. The Junior Librarian mentioned
   that now would be a good time to promote the site to take advantage of the Christmas
   shopping period. She recommended putting a link on the Union website. The
   Librarian-Elect will put a piece about it in the HT 2012 termcard. The Librarian-in-
   charge will write a short piece for the weekly bulletin email.

4) Matters Arising from Standing Committee
   The wireless internet problems and Easyfundraising had been discussed under 3).

5) Complaints Book
   There were no complaints this week.

6) Items for Strategy Committee
   The Librarian-Elect will talk about Adopt-a-Book as a sponsorship opportunity and
   get the opinions and advice of Bodleian library staff. The Junior Librarian will talk
   about the wireless internet problems and mention that the membership drive has had a
   positive effect on the number of people using the Library this term.

7) Book Lists for MT Week 3: Biochemistry (£50)
   As one of the books, Molecular Cell Biology, 7th ed., by Lodish et al., from the
   Biochemistry list is not available in the UK until summer 2012, the Librarian-in-
   charge suggested buying some alternatives now to make use of the budget. These
   were approved.

8) Book Lists for MT Week 5: Philosophy (£155), Computer Science (£75)
   Philosophy: The Junior Librarian apologised, as she had not had time to prepare the
   Philosophy list yet. The list will be discussed next week.

   Computer Science: Peter Bunyan had prepared the Computer Science list. The list
   was approved.

9) Book Lists for MT Week 6: Modern Lang. & Lit. (£83), English (£133)
   Turner Edwards will prepare the Modern Lang. & Lit. list. Richard Hill will prepare
   the English list.

10) Book Lists for MT Week 7: Classics (£145)
    Ally Shaw will prepare the Classics list.

11) Members’ Suggestions
    The Economics suggestion, Principles of Economics, 6th ed., by Gregory Mankiw will
    be considered for inclusion on the Economics book list in HT week 1. The
    Philosophy suggestion, Wittgenstein’s Poker…,by David Edmonds, and the Physics
    suggestion, Fool Me Twice…, by Shawn Lawrence Otto will be purchased. The
    remainder of the Members’ Suggestions budget for this week may be considered for
    the Collection Development budget in MT week 8.

12) DVD New Releases for December 2011
    Captain America, The Hangover 2, Super 8, The Inbetweeners Movie, Final
    Destination 5, and The Borgias: Season 1 were selected.

13) DVD List MT Week 5
    The list was approved.

14) Withdrawals 2011MT5
    The Librarian-in-charge reported that Mission: Impossible III was missing and so
    could not be withdrawn, and that Oldboy and The OC: Season 3 had been borrowed
    since the list was created and so would be kept. The Committee recommended
    withdrawing all series of Peep Show, if none are frequently used, rather than

   withdrawing only series 3 and 4. The Librarian-in-charge will check the usage of the
   other series. The rest of the list was approved.

15) New Members
    Jane Chan introduced herself as a 1st year Classics student. After consideration she
    was welcomed onto the Committee. The Junior Librarian will take her name to
    Standing Committee to be ratified.

16) Any Other Business
    The Junior Librarian confirmed that a new copy of the Union Rules will be given to
    the Library at the end of term.

   Mark Bosley mentioned that he had asked a friend who lectures in European Law to
   suggest some EU Law books. The suggestions will be added to the Members’
   Suggestions list.

17) Time and Date of Next Meeting
    The next meeting of the Library Committee will take place on Monday 14th
    November at 2.30pm in the Morris Room


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