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									                          Epom enhanced proprietary advanced analytic solution

(1888PressRelease) Epom, the global provider of ad serving technologies and owner of its own ad exchange
marketplace Epom Market, significantly refined Epom Analytics, added Campaign Tracking and released UniMobile
service for publishers.

Epom enhanced Analytics tab by adding new parameters for reports generation. Currently customers have a number
of data for analysis by dividing it on browser, device, vendor, etc. Also, there is a conversion rate for your CPA
campaigns. Unique visitor tracking algorithm was refined. Moreover, now Epom saves data for archived campaigns,
therefore costumers can review the performance of all old campaigns.

Anton Ruin, CEO of Epom, sums up the prospects for the new improvements: "The need for information and
customised reporting for online advertising has risen dramatically in recent months. Epom is one of the first
providers worldwide to have an fully functional proprietary analysis product. At the same time, it demonstrates the
transformation of our technology from a simple ad server to an advanced business intelligence tool. Taking the
opportunity, I also want to add. Currently, we are working on templates to make management of big ad campaigns
even more convenient."

With ad campaign cloning advertisers can easily generate multiple versions of ad campaigns, then clone a set of ads
and alter the properties that they want.

One of the most significant additions to Epom mobile ad server is UniMobile technology that enables websites to
run mobile ad campaigns on display sites and profit from a mobile audience. Likewise, it allows advertisers to expand
their client base for their mobile campaigns. This enables publishers to profit on mobile users without developing
mobile web sites versions. Epom Market already accepts non-mobile optimized sites.

About Epom:
Established in 2010, Epom is an international company that develops ad serving and ad
management solutions for publishers, multi-site content networks, ad networks, and advertisers.

Epom enables its users to run display, video, mobile ads in one place thus saving time, resources and bringing more
profit. Epom is massively scalable platform suitable for any impressions volume that needs to be served.

For more information, visit http://www.epom.com


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