PA 205                                PUBLIC PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION


         1. How can supervisor ensure that training opportunities provided to his/her subordinates
            match with their career goals to organizations needs?

            A supervisor can ensure that training opportunities provided to his/her subordinates match with
            their career goals to organization’s needs if they will possess the following realizations:

                   Improvement of performance;
                   Development of the needed skills and capabilities, self confidence, and commitment;
                   Enhancement of morale, motivation and creativity;
                   Improvement of the customer service ; and
                   Motivation to achieve higher standards.

            Employees with upgraded skills working to their full potential and equipped to deal with the
            changing demands of the workplace; employees with higher morale, career satisfaction, creativity
            and motivation; increased productivity and responsibilities in meeting departmental objectives.

         2. Supposing you are a supervisor and you want to have a developmental program for your
            staff, discuss and outline the steps you will undertake in designing an effective training
            and development program for your office.

            Supposing I am the supervisor and I will design training and development program for my office,
            the following are the steps to be undertaken:

            1. Assess and provide feedback on the skills and interests of my staff

                It is important to evaluate or review the employees’ skills and help them identify their
                strengths, weaknesses, interests and values by maintaining open effective communication
                and on-going encouragement. In this stage, I will be able to show them how to identify their
                skills, interests and values.

            2. Select training and development activity that match their career development
               objectives on job needs

                Through this training and development activity I will be able to provide the organizational
                information, realities and resources that will help them develop realistic career goals based
                on departmental needs and their individual development plan. They will be able to
                understand the current opportunities and limitations and directing them on the feasibility of
                various options.

            3. Use development and training catalog as a tool to tell the employees about training
               and development and to create annual development plan

                This mechanism will evaluate the employees’ performance in an open, sincere way and
                relate this to potential opportunities. Cultivating progress through frequent feedbacks and by
                conducting performance appraisal that defines strengths, weaknesses and career
                development needs. Relate this current performance to future potential in realistic ways.
                Individual development plan will be used as a tool for continuous feedback and development.
PA 205                             PUBLIC PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION

          4. Stay informed of current policies and practices that supports employees development

              General orientation/re-orientation is provided in order to give employees general knowledge
              of departmental policies, procedures and practices relating to employment relationship.

          5. Follow up with employees after a learning activity to integrate the new skills and
             knowledge into their responsibilities

              This stage will upgrade and improve the employees’ job skills and knowledge. Programs
              could be provided such as advanced computer training, decision making, managing conflict,
              performance evaluations, sensitivity training and the like.

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