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									                           A.G Health and Physical Education

                                 Current Event Guidelines


Students can complete this assignment to bring up their participation grade in Physical
Education Class. It is worth 100 points for an excused absence. Students will have 5 school
days to complete this assignment when they return from their absence. After 5 days, the
maximum point total will be half the original. If the absence was unexcused in the school
system, the maximum point total for completing this assignment is 50 points.


   1. The assignment should be typed, double-spaced, with a 12 point, Times New Roman
   2. The assignment should be written in complete sentences in paragraph form, without the
      use of bullets.
   3. The current health or fitness/exercise/sport related article/event is the student’s choice.
      Be sure the content is school appropriate!
   4. Resources a student is permitted and advised to use:
      a. Internet (,,
      b. Newspaper (
      c. Health Magazine (Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated for Kids)

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS (Answer within your paper)

Paragraph #1: Introduction

   1. Identify the article title and the author/editor
   2. Why did you choose this article? What did you hope to learn from reading it? Do you
      think this article is important for society to learn about and be educated on? Why?

Paragraph #2: Summary

   1. Summarize the key points from the article (Use your own words/Do not plagiarize)
   2. Did you find the article to be informative and answer any questions that you had? Why
      or Why not? Identify the one most important thing you learned from reading this article?

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