Beowulf Questions and Answers by FWEa3kq


									Pages 36-39
   Who is Higlac?
   1. Beowulf’s King
   What qualities of Beowulf are first introduced?
   *Beowulf is loved by the Geats
   *He knew the sea and is willing to set sail to
    the Danes to help fight Grendel
   *he is of noble birth
   What does Beowulf plan to do after hearing of
    Hrothgar’s troubles?
   He plans to cross the sea to fight Grendel
   How do the wise ones of Beowulf’s tribe feel
    about his going?
   They didn’t regret his going since the omens
    were good. They urged the adventure on.
   How many men went with Beowulf? What
    qualities do they have?
   14 men considered the mightiest, bravest and
   What order does Wulfgar give Beowulf and his
   To go to King Hrothgar in their armor and
    helmets but to leave their battle-shields and
    spears. He says “Let them [the weapons] lie
    waiting for the promises your words may
   (Side note: Beowulf listens, but he orders a
    few to remain with their weapons.)
   What past accomplishments does Beowulf talk
   In Beowulf’s Boast he talks about the glory of
    his youth.
   He has killed enemies in war
   He has driven 5 great giants into chains so
    that giants no longer live on earth.
   He has swam into the dark ocean hunting
   How will Beowulf fight Grendel? What does
    this show about him?
   He will fight him using his hands (no
    weapon). Since Grendel, the monster, does
    not use weapons, neither will he. He shows
    courage and wants a fair fight.
   What does Beowulf request if he dies?
   To send his chain mail armor to Higlac and
    return his inheritance
   How have the last 12 years been since
    Grendel began his raids?
   Grendel has brought damage to the hall.
    Hrothgar’s ranks of warriors have become
    smaller. Hrothgar’s men, after too much
    drinking, often boast that they can kill
    Grendel. However, when morning comes, the
    mead hall is stained with the blood of his

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