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									                                    Weight Gain Diet Tips

Naturally thin people need to work hard in gaining healthy lean muscles to have a very good
kind of physique naturally. Weight gain depends on the person himself/herself if he/she is
going to have a fat or muscle. This means that a person must consume less energy than what
he or she gains. Basically, there are people who have faster metabolism than the average
persons, so they are advised to take vitamins to boost their appetites. Most of these vitamins
are rich in vitamin B9 which is commonly known as folic acid or folate for stimulation of the
digestive acids. These folic acids spur the appetite, thus having a mild folic deficiency could
lead to loss of appetite, which causes irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease (digestive
disease that disrupts the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine), and sometimes the
main cause of alcoholism. The impact of losing an appetite is very crucial when it talks about
weight gain, thus eating the main source of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and fats is the best
way that you can do. Protein intake should be your first step because protein contains amino
acids which are the building blocks of a lean muscle. Rice, pasta, potatoes and whole meal
bread are also the main source of carbohydrates so you should consume them largely in your
meal to have more intake of energy. Furthermore, fats are the elements needed by the body if
it is trying to gain weight. Healthy fats could be found in fish oils (Omega-3 and Omega 6)
that are essential for healthy mind and heart. Fishes like salmon, mackerel, tuna, and other
fishes are rich in fatty acids that help build muscles and help the people live longer too.
Therefore, if you really want to gain weight naturally and healthy, eat three large meals a day
with two to three snacks to have an effective weight gain that is physically fit. Drink 2 glasses
of milk a day and have a larger intake of dairy products for they are rich in protein and fats
too. Take eight to ten hours of sleep every day for a good body rest. Don't forget to replace
the energy you consumed with twice or thrice of its calorie equivalent to achieve your goal
that is to put on numbers of pounds and to fight against diseases that can lower your weight
easily. Diseases can weaken the body's immunity so watch your diet and take vitamins that
could strengthen the body's good bacteria. Finally, eat heavy meals that are rich in protein,
lactose, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Healthy lifestyle is achieved when you have a physically fit and well built body muscles. At
some point, there are also people who want to gain extra fats for a healthier look. Well if you
are planning to gain weight, you should consider your metabolic process. People who quickly
metabolize are not excuse of fats that clog some vital organs inside the body. Thus, have a
good choice of food and eat proper meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two to
three snacks. Women who do not want to look anorexic should eat a balance diet to gain
weight. Weight gain activities include eating a full breakfast meal that consists of fresh eggs,
milk, peanut butter, brown rice, lean meat, potatoes/sweet potatoes, and banana. These foods
are essential in building your muscles, keeping them stronger to stay physically fit and
healthy. Having a full breakfast helps you to avoid the risk of loss of appetite which leads to a
rapid weight loss. The idea of slowing down your metabolism would help you gain weight
which is what you aimed for. Overload your body with nutritious food so that the body would
be able to develop good muscles and fats. The best sources of protein and good fats are the
cold water fishes such as salmon, tuna, blue marlin, and mackerel. They are good source of
Omega-3 and Omega-6 are important in boosting your brain and heart to prevent diseases that
attack these vital organs. If these organs would be affected, the body's current weight would
go down resulting to a malnourish look. To prevent malnutrition, you must eat a lot. "A lot"
means eating those foods that contain vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and minerals.
Eating heavy lunch is also important since it is the second most important meal of the day.
Load your meal with beef, chicken, and pork because they are the key in gaining weight.
Don't overeat because this is not advisable; just eat the right amount of food to avoid the risk
of colon cancer, high-blood pressure, cardiac arrest, and obesity. Try to take vitamins or other
food supplements that boosts appetite and add nutrients that the body mostly needs.
Moreover, the idea of eating foods that provide ample amount of calories is the best ways to
keep your weight gain diet level go higher. Loading your meals with thousands of calories
should also be counteracted with energy release like walking, dancing, and jogging so that the
bad fats will not clog the veins because this could lead to illnesses. Remember not to over
exercise because your aim is to save more energy than releasing it. Weight gain is important
especially for the hard working women for they need lots of massive energy to work. Weight
gain should be taken seriously and properly to achieve a healthy lifestyle and longer life.

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