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Trainee Advisor by MDZb0Tf


									        Vacancy Announcement

Program:      Center for Employment Training (CET)
Location:     2300 Martin Luther King Highway, S.E. Washington, DC
Position:     Trainee Advisor
Status:       Full-Time

Function:       The CET Trainee Advisor implements and manages the
Admissions Department of SOME CET. This includes, facilitating walk-ins, pre-admission
resource development, referral to support services for non-eligible applicants and
coordination with the financial aid process. Additionally, the Trainee Advisor introduces
all new enrollees to SOME CET through a four hour orientation course. The course reviews
program model, mission, successful matriculation through courses, introduction of Career
Development Team and Basic Education Team and creates all student ID's, Log-Ins and
hard & electronic files. The Trainee Advisor opens all case files in MIS and archives closed
files. Once enrolled, The Trainee Advisor manages the staffing of students at the SOME CET
front desk and the Solomon G. Brown Bldg. front desk. This involves abbreviated customer
service training for students and on-going monitoring and instruction of student’s areas for
improvement. The Trainee Advisor assists trainees to adapt job ready behaviors through
Peer Review and facilitates student leadership development and feedback to staff through
the Trainee Advisory Board. Additionally, the Trainee Advisor handles all drug testing for
new and on-going students. Similar to new student orientation, The Trainee Advisor
facilitates an exit-orientation to aid students in successful graduation from SOME CET. The
Trainee Advisor manages the smart benefits program and orders all office supplies. The
Trainee Advisor also serves on the Unit Team Committee. Finally, the Trainee Advisor acts
as a liaison to other SOME programs, external community organizations and social service
agencies through education and outreach.

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Human Service field or at least three year’s work
related experience. Experience working with low-income populations and familiarity with
DC Resources is preferred.

Skills / Abilities: Individual with excellent interpersonal relationship skills and ability to
counsel and advise a diverse adult population on career and life skills; Knowledge of social
services organizations and resources in the Washington, DC area; Knowledge and the
ability to use computers and software at the intermediate level; Knowledge of
recordkeeping techniques; Ability to multitask; Effective oral and written communication
skills; Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.

To learn more about our comprehensive benefits and other career opportunities
Resume to: Emily Price, Director of CET at, Subject heading of email
must include “Trainee Advisor”

To learn more about our comprehensive benefits and other career opportunities

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