Chiropractor In North Royalton, Dr. Patrick McCluskey, Offers Weight-Loss Tips For Fibromyalgia Sufferers by AndrwKar69


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									Chiropractor In North Royalton, Dr. Patrick McCluskey, Offers Weight-Loss
Tips For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

North Royalton, OH, 12-FEB-2013 - Timber Ridge Neck & Back Clinic and Dr.
Patrick McCluskey, D. C., North Royalton chiropractor, are pleased to
announce that there are specific weight reduction techniques that work
for fibromyalgia sufferers. For those who have contracted the so-called
"invisible disease", fatigue is a prime symptom. However, poor eating
habits can cause a deterioration of energy and vitality.

Even though the fibromyalgia sufferer wants to be sure of optimum weight
levels, dieting through starvation or fads is not the answer. Poor
nutrition can result in even stronger feelings of fatigue, irritability
and pain. Dr. McCluskey, North Royalton chiropractor, has the techniques
to help with weight management even when there is fibromyalgia present.
These techniques are all natural, yet proven effective.

The doctor makes common-sense suggestions that help fibromyalgia victims
to feel better about themselves. Eating more nutritionally balanced foods
enhances overall health. When the body has the proper building blocks,
there is likely to be reduction in many of the painful and debilitating
symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The condition is not fully understood, but research continues.
Chiropractic techniques are known to be effective in controlling or
reducing the symptoms. Furthermore, the techniques that are incorporated
in the regimen are always gentle and natural. No drugs are used. The
therapy of chiropractic medicine is individualized for each patient.

Learn more about how even those with fibromyalgia can be helped to lose
weight safely and naturally by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and
other individuals who have further queries regarding the details in this
press release are invited to contact Dr. McCluskey at the location below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Patrick McCluskey, D. C.

Company Name: Timber Ridge Neck & Back Clinic

Address: 9257 West Sprague Road, Timber Ridge Plaza, North Royalton, OH

Contact Telephone Number: (440) 884-0083



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