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                                                                                                      & INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY

Transportation is the field that focuses on the movement of people, materials, and equipment
from one place to another. The logistics required for the numerous methods of transportation in
an industrialized society are complex. Study in transportation concentrates on how automobiles,
buses, trucks, trains, waterways, airplanes, pipelines, and industrial equipment are scientifically,
technologically, and creatively manipulated to effectively meet the location needs and deadlines
of materials and people. Transportation students specialize in such areas as trucking,
automobiles, busing, railroads, waterways, construction machine operating, industrial machine
operation, and aircraft.

                                       Related Majors
      Air Transportation--Business--Computer Engineering--Construction Trades--Diesel
     Mechanics Electrical/Electronics Technology--Engineering Mechanics--Marketing &
          Distribution--Quality Control& Safety Technologies--Water Transportation

                                               High School Courses
                                             Business         Economics
                                     Physical Education       Driver’s Education
                                                Health Mathematics

                                          Related Occupations
                       Airplane Pilot—-AA/B          Air Traffic Controller—-AA
                             Ambulance Driver—-V           Bus Driver—-V
                          Chauffeur—-V           Coal Pipe Line Operator—-V
                               Deep Submergence Vehicle Operator—-AA
                              Dispatcher—-AA       Driving Instructor—-V
                             Educator—-B/D         Ferryboat Operator—-V
                    Industrial Truck Operator—-V         Locomotive Engineer—-V
                        Merchant Mariner—-AA/B Motorboat Operator—-V
                             Oil Pumper—-V         Operating Engineer—-V
                   Physical Distribution Manager—-B      Service Station Worker—-V
                               Taxi Driver—-V       Traffic Manager—-B
                          Train Conductor—-V Transportation Engineer—-B
                                           Truck Driver—-V

C=Certificate (usually requires 1 yr. or less of study; could be pre/post HS or college) AA= Associates Degree (usually equivalent to 2
full yrs. of study beyond HS) B=Bachelor’s Degree (usually equivalent to 4 or more yrs. of study beyond HS)          M=Master’s Degree
   (usually equivalent to 1-2 full yrs. of study beyond a Bachelor’s)    D=Doctoral Degree (usually equivalent to 3-5 full yrs. of study
    beyond a Bachelor’s) P=First Professional Degree (post-Bachelor’s training/study varies; may require up to 6 or more yrs. of
combined study/interning & residency for some medical majors)   V=Training/study varies greatly, is often technical and may require
                                                       an apprenticeship)

                                          Leisure Activities
  Working part-time in a service station, parking garage, or at a truck, bus, or airport terminal;
 engaging in activities that involve moving, hauling, or driving; reading publications related to
  transportation; developing hobbies, collections, and interests related to model cars, trains, or
other vehicles; participating in or visiting racing events, or car, truck, or boat shows or exhibits;
                                     operating farm equipment.


Ability to clearly understand and apply instructions for operating vehicular or mobile equipment

                                    Manual dexterity and mechanical aptitude

                                           Aptitude for accuracy and detail

    Knowledge of transportation and safety codes and regulations in an area of specialization

                                          Good health and physical stamina

                      Good vision, color perception, and eye-hand-foot coordination

                                     Ability to give and understand directions

           Ability to make keen observations, sound judgments, and appropriate decisions

                     Ability to react quickly, work under pressure, and meet deadlines

                            Good understanding of computerized instrumentation

                                     Values and Attributes
                                       Sense of adventure
                 Ability to work in stressful situations and awkward positions
      Enjoyment and appreciation of the importance of moving and maintaining vehicles and
                                   Enjoyment of challenges


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                              Air Transport Association of America

                          1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 1100

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(organization of airlines that transport persons and goods; provides job listings and helpful hints)

                          American Public Transportation Association

                                 1666 K Street, NW, Suite 1100

                                     Washington, DC 20006

           ( publishes Transit Industry Career newsletter that lists job opportunities)

                                 American Trucking Association

                                         2200 Mill Road

                                  Alexandria, VA 22314-4677

   (provides information on trends in transportation, publishes job listings and offers resume
                          posting service…See Career Center link)

                              Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

                                1370 Ontario Avenue, Mezzanine
               Cleveland, OH 44113

(sponsors a job bank…See Becoming An Engineer link)

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