Eating Disorders by hy6ORdD


									Eating Disorders

Warning Signs:

      Excessive weight loss in a relatively short period of time
      Continuation of dieting although excessively thin
      Dissatisfaction with appearance; belief that body is fat, even though underweight
      Loss of monthly menstrual periods
      Unusual interest in food or development of strange eating rituals
      Eating in secret/hiding food
      Obsession with exercise
      Serious depression
      Binging- consuming large amounts of food
      Binging but no noticeable weight gain
      Vomiting or use of drugs to stimulate vomiting, bowel movements, and urination
      Disappearance into bathroom for long periods of time after eating
      Abuse of drugs or alcohol
      Harshly self-critical

Action Steps:

      Be prepared and open minded to see and notice things that you don’t want to see
       or notice
      Write down the facts to be concerned about
      Identify a source that has experience and expertise with eating disorders
      Take action—get a professional assessment
      Get help for yourself even if your loved one refuses (support group, therapist,
       faith community)
      Get a second opinion if necessary
      Persevere- Don’t give up!

Other Resources:

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