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									                               INTERVIEW QUESTIONS
                                       Media Clerk

1. Briefly describe your background and experience. Include in your answer the
   reasons for your interest in this position, your reasons for leaving your current
   position and your short and long term career goals.

2. Please describe the approach you would utilize to acclimate yourself to the position
   and gain the necessary experience to effectively perform the essential functions of
   this position.

3. Please comment on your administrative skills. Using specific examples, please
   address communication, planning, organizational and interpersonal skills.

4. Please describe your experience and familiarity with computers. What experience if
   any have you had with library computer systems?

5. What in your opinion is the primary function of a school library?

6. What books have you read recently?

7. Who is your favorite author and why?

8. Who is your favorite literary character and why?

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