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Press Release Template by sotVKtR2


									CH U R CH N A M E O R L OG O                                                  Street Address
                                                                              City, ST ZIP
                                                                              Phone (800) 555-1212
                                                                              Fax (900) 555-1212

 Press Release
    Contact: Your Name                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    Phone: (800) 555-1212                                     Time and Date

                                  CATCHY HEADLINE FOR YOUR EVENT

    CITY, STATE, MONTH DAY, YEAR: The first sentence of your Press Release should make the

    reader want to know more. Don’t lead with a fact, lead with an enticing story. “The Shaw family

    saves 80% on groceries in a typical week by using coupons. Learn how they do this at the Savvy

    Savers Seminar at Life Church on Thursday, March 22,” is more interesting than, “Life Church

    will host a seminar on using coupons.” After your intriguing first line, state the “who, what,

    where, when, why, and how” in the first paragraph. Read newspaper articles to study how

    pertinent details are presented in the first paragraph.

    Use quotes in your Press Release to add personality. “Visit your speaker’s website or ask her to
    provide you with a quote,” suggests You can also quote one of the event

    planners or a guest. Always have quotes approved before you submit your Press Release to the


    Focus on the goal of the event and what people will gain from attending. Give the reader a

    reason to want to attend your event—and bring a friend! Provide plenty of information about

    the cost, start and end time, location, directions, attire, or sponsors. Assume the reader has

                                                                                       ~ MORE ~
HEADLINE                                                                                 Page 2

   never been to your church. Ask someone to read your Press Release who is not involved in

   planning the event.

   This Press Release template is provided by Customize the template then

   click File / Save As to save the changes to your computer. Please send a copy of your Press

   Release to so we can celebrate your event with you!

   Restate your goal and end the Press Release with your contact information. For more
   information about how families can save money on groceries, gas and cleaning supplies, please

   visit or contact YOUR NAME at (800) 555-1212 or


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