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									Amitabh Ranjan                                    E-mail id:
Dy. Director, Govt. of India                      Cell No: +91 8975761432
Pune – 411005                                     Date of Birth: 21/10/1970

Career Objective:-
                      To achieve a senior position of substance where there is ample scope
to support the growth of the organization whole – heartedly as well as personal growth with
diversified nature of work.


                    12 years & 04 months of administrative/management experience at
senior level Positions dealing in diversified areas like Administration, Facilities & Estate,
HR/Personnel, Finance, Purchase and Stores, Legal, Liaison & Public relation, Taxation,
Revenue Collection, Transport & logistics, Training matters etc.

Duration          : Over 03 Years & 02 months (since Jun’07)
Organization      : Electronics Test & Development Center (ETDC), STQC Directorate
                    Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
                    Govt. of India, Agriculture College, Shivaji Nagar, Pune - 411005.
Job Title         : Deputy Director (Administration)

Details of Responsibilities:-

    Head of Administrative matters like Day-to-day running of the organization,
     Maintenance of Estate & Premises, Facilities, Security/Housekeeping etc.
    Head of Establishment & Personnel supervising recruitment & trainings, salary,
     compensation & benefit matters, employees’ leave records & updating/maintenance
     of Service books, Annual Performance Appraisal, Promotional matters, Relocation &
     Rotation of Human Resources, Disciplinary matters, Employees’ welfare matters,
     quick settlement of their claims & redressal of their grievances etc.
    Head of Financial matters i.e. estimates of expenditures and budget
     requirements, Liaison with STQC (HQ) for allotment of Budget/Funds under various
     heads as well getting necessary approvals for expenditures. Responsible for Financial
     Management & revenue collection
    Management of Customer Service section
    Head of Stores & Purchase, supervising all procurement matters like getting the
     estimates for needed materials from various deptts, floating the enquiries and
     placing the POs, maintaining the lists of vendors and negotiating with them. Member
     of Tender committee for procurement of High-Value Technical/Non-Technical stores.
     Responsible for maintenance of various registers of items present like Consumables
     register, Dead-stock register, Technical stores register etc. and periodic checking of
     items and annual physical verification of stores.
    Responsible for negotiating and executing all the Service contracts like Security,
     Housekeeping, Transport etc. and AMCs of various equipments present.
    Head of Transport matters, responsible for maintenance & RTO related works
     regarding the official vehicles. Also, responsible for need-based arrangement of hired
     vehicles for frequent official purposes like tours, guests, Training, seminars etc.
    Responsible for Liaison with HQ as well as local bodies like PMC, MSEB, District
     Administration and other organizations in campus like Agriculture College, C-DAC,
     DIC, MITCON etc.
    Looking after all Legal matters
    Supervising the arrangements for smooth conduct of Training Programmes
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    Policy makings, Drafting and Reporting etc.

1. Duration           : 6 years & 2 months (April’01 to Jun’07)
   Organization       : Transport Commissioner Organization, Govt. of U.P. Lucknow
   Job Title           : Asstt. Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) (PCS Officer of U.P.)
   Responsibilities    : Administration, Personnel, Financial, Liaison & Public Relation,
                         Procurement, Legal, Transport, Revenue & Taxation matters etc.

Special Achievements:-
    Head of Computerization Project of Transport Deptt. Of Govt. of U.P.            which
     witnessed the computerization of over one third of the Regional Transport Offices
     (RTO) of U.P. in a short span of only 10 months in 2006-07.
    In charge of the Election cell at Transport Commissioner office for the Assembly
     Elections (March-May’07) of U.P.(India) which witnessed the effective arrangement &
     Mobilization of large no. of Heavy, Medium & Light vehicles for the smooth
     movement of Polling parties, Security & Police Forces, Ballot Boxes etc. throughout
     the state resulting in smooth conduct of the Elections.
    Held the additional charge of Relief Officer for the state of U.P. supervising the
     Accidental Relief Aid Distribution Matters
    Member of various committees on social & health issues while being on District
     postings and actively participated in Programmes like Pulse-Polio, National Malaria
     eradication pgm. , Eye-camps, Blood-donation camps etc.

2. Duration           : 3 years (April’98 to April’01)
   Organization       : SKD Academy, Lucknow
   Job Title           : Administrative Officer
   Responsibilities   : All Administrative, Financial, Personnel, Stores & Purchase,
                         Legal, Liaison & Public Relation matters etc.

Educational Qualifications:-

        MBA (HR) from Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune (First Class with Distinction)
        B.Tech. from Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad.
        Undergone the Foundation Course for State Officers in Administrative Training
         Academy of U.P. Lucknow & ATI, Nainital covering areas like Administration,
         Finance, Legal matters, Human Rights, Personnel & Establishment etc.
        Time to time Trainings on areas like Office Automation/Computerization, Civil
         Defense, RTI, Transport Regulation & administration etc.


   1. Mr. Deepak Trivedi         IAS, Principal Commissioner, Delhi Development Authority
                                 (DDA), Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India
                                 Vikas Sadan, New Delhi-110023
                                 Ph (O):+91 11 24633217 Email:
   2. Mr. Rajendra Kr.Tiwari     IAS, Jt. Secretary, Department of Agriculture & Coop.,
                                 Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
                                 Ph (O):+91 11 23381045, Email:
   3. Mr. Prabodh Saxena         IAS, Director, Foreign Investment Promotion Board,
                                 Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
                                 Ph (O):+91 11 23093558, Email:

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