Traveling to Cusco, The Sacred Valley, Hiking on an Ancient Inca Trail by tashinabeckmann


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									February 11th, 2013                                                                                            Published by: TashinaB

Trip of a Lifetime in
December 2012 to Peru!
                                                                During my time in Peru, I time and time again had to let go of
Cusco Peru & Sacred Valley                                      control over situations,
Tour: Day 2 of my Journey |                                     and trust…
Luminous Expression Blog by                                     Trust that everything would fall into place perfectly.

Tashina Beckmann                                                And it did.  It’s amazing the beauty that you can experience in
                                                                life when you let go, and surrender to the bigger, greater plan.
Day 2 of my experience in                                       And then you don’t spend time Worrying about life.
December, we head to Cusco,                                     Instead—

Peru & hike an Ancient Inca                                     You get to enjoy all of its magical and beautiful moments.

Trail in the  Sacred Valley Tour                                I really got it at a deep level: emotionally, mentally, spiritually to
                                                                trust in the bigger plan of life.  Walking into the airport that night
                                                                was the start to that beautiful lesson I continued to experience
                                                                and grow through throughout the trip.
                                                                There were 8 of us in our group: and talk about Diversity…
                                                                Nilima: IndiaAmeeta: India
                                                                Indira: India
                                                                Barbara: originally from Jamaica
                                                                Serg: originally from Haiti (he and Barbara were husband/wife)
                                                                Paulette: France, Reunion Island
(Watch The Video by Clicking HERE!)                             Donna: Texas
                                                                Myself: Colorado/California
                                                                and our guide Mallku: Peru and his wife Alanna originally from
Direct excerpts from my personal travel journal:                Brazil

“Last night after I landed, I went through immigration to be    “After we landed in Cusco, we got our bags & drove through
welcomed by a sea of people waiting to pick others up. It was   the city. I have to say the country side was breathtaking as
PACKED!                                                         we were landing.
There were people playing drums in the airport, and singing,    I sat next to Nilima on the plane and…
and people laughing as they were hugging their loved ones       had to squeeze her hand to make sure this was actually
when they came through the gates…                               happening
It was overwhelming.                                            -It was!
I was most nervous about connecting with the person             Feelings of excitement were so overwhelming…”
supposed to
be picking me up.
I was definitely in a place of completely
TRUSTING the Universe to bring
everything together.

I was really having to let go and surrender.
When I saw my name though on a sign, a wave of relief rushed
over me. I walked over… and greeted Oscar!”

                                                                We went to Mallku’s restaurant and were served Coca Tea, to
                                                                help with the elevation change.  Coca Tea became a staple

February 11th, 2013                                                                                          Published by: TashinaB

drink on my trip.  Wonderful taste & not once did I get altitude   when I’m not working.  Allow me to share this with you NOW
sickness!                                                          so that you too can experience life to the fullest! Click Here!
We didn’t wait to get the “party started” any longer.              Join Me on Team Be The Change…
After an incredibly delicious meal at the restaurant we got on     “We Are The One’s We’ve Been Waiting For”
the bus…

to hike on an Ancient Inca Trail in
the Sacred Valley, where we would
then visit a power place or waka of
the Inca.

The ceremony we did at Chincero set the stage for the next
11 days of bliss that we were

about to embody.

“After the experience I had this past summer in Crestone, I
know the next few days are going to be huge for me. There
are hummingbirds everywhere at this hotel, (La Hacienda Valle
Sagrado). I already had one buzz my head this evening.”

Thinking back to January of 2012, I never could have imagined
placing my feet,
step after step

on a gorgeous Ancient Inca Trail,
surrounded by the loving energy of
Pachamama in The Sacred Valley.
Get caught up...If you didn't see the 1st video of my trip TO
Peru, Click Here.
Wait till I take you on the rest of the trip with me…stay tuned!
In Luminous Expression,

P.S. The reason I was able to experience Peru that way I did
was because of my online business, that works for me even


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