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									Accessible Vienna
Vienna for Visitors with Disabilities and Special Needs

Dear guests,
Being a person with disabilities and special needs should not prevent you from
traveling. You can enjoy Vienna, even though the architects of the Gothic era and
palace owners of the Baroque age could never have envisioned the innovation of
wheelchairs. And even today, some buildings are designed with more emphasis on
architectural eccentricities than on access for persons with disabilities and special
needs – in other cases, alas, it is simple indifference.
The Vienna City Administration has long offered a number of different services for
people with disabilities and special needs, ranging from accessible sidewalks to the
special markings in underground stations for the visually impaired. But much remains
to be done – both in private enterprise and at historical sights, where the protection of
historical monuments often makes structural changes difficult.
“More information, less frustration.” This is the motto for these guidelines for our
visitors with disabilities and special needs. Do not hesitate to ask us if you cannot find
the information that you are looking for. You can count on one thing: friendly
Viennese people who will be happy to help you with any problems.
The information in these guidelines has been thoroughly researched and is up-to-
date. Of course, circumstances can always change after publication. If you let us
know of any inaccuracies you find, we will be very grateful and will make the
necessary updates as soon as possible.
Visit Vienna! – Now or never.                      Your Vienna Tourist Board

Wien Hotels & Info
A-1020 Vienna
Tel. +43–1–24 555
Fax +43–1–24 555–666

Published by: Vienna Tourist Board, A-1020 Vienna. Deadline: September 2012.
All information subject to change.

                                          - 64 -
Hotels                                          3
Sights                                        21
Musicians’ Homes                              46
Selected Sights outside of Vienna             48
Opera / Theater / Concerts                    50
Cinemas                                       55
Cafés, Restaurants, Bars                      58
Airport Information                           65
Parking Information                           67
Train Information                             68
Underground, Streetcar, Bus                   70
Services                                      71
Wheelchair Rental, Orthopedics                74
Oxygen Supply                                 76
Vacation Dialysis                             77
Special Transport                             78
Specialized City Tour Guides                  80
Public Restrooms                              82

With the Vienna Card, you get unlimited access to Vienna's extensive public transportation
system for 72 hours – including the underground, bus, and streetcar – and receive discounts
at many sights. However, many of these sightseeing attractions grant their own discounts to
visitors with valid wheelchair-accessible identification – in such cases, the additional Vienna
Card discounts are not applicable. For this reason, the Vienna Card is especially suitable for
escorts of persons with disabilities and special needs.
You may obtain the Vienna Card for 19.90 Euro in your Viennese hotel, at the Tourist
Information Office (1st district, Albertinaplatz, daily from 9 am to 7 pm), at the sales and
information booths of the Vienna transportation system, or by phone with your credit card
(Tel. +43 1 798 44 00-148).
For all phone and fax numbers mentioned, please note that the country code for Austria is 43
and the city code for Vienna is 1. For calls made from outside Austria, these numbers must
be dialed before the number itself.

Translator's Note: The first floor, in Vienna, usually denotes the first floor above the ground
floor. In the US, the first floor is the ground floor. For simplicity's sake, as customs are
different in English-speaking countries, the term "1. Stock" has been translated as "second
floor" throughout.

                                             - 65 -
Vienna International Airport

Flight information 24 hours a day: Tel. +43 1 7007–222 33
Medical Center: Tel. +43 1 7007–222 45 or
Airport information, including floor maps showing wheelchair-accessible restrooms and the
“Pick-up” points for people with disabilities or restricted mobility, the blind/visually impaired
and deaf/hard of hearing are also available at:
Passengers must inform their travel agent or airline of a need for assistance at least 48 hours
before the published flight departure time.
The new terminal check-in 3 will be adapted further in the next few months to improve
accessibility for people with disabilities. The intention is to install further elevators as well as
improve the guidance systems and signage.

Getting There

By taxi:
Clearly marked parking spaces (free of charge) for disembarking and unloading. Access to
departure lounge: no steps. Please register at the “Pick-up” point at check-in 2, check-in 3 or
at the check-in desk of your airline.

By car:
Wheelchair-accessible parking spaces in Parking Garage 3, 4 and at Parking Lot C. Please
register at the “Pick-up” point in Parking Garage 3 or at the check-in desk of your airline. The
departure lounge may be accessed by elevator from the Parking Garage 3 – you are directly
at check-in 1.There is a 50% parking discount available when an ID card for persons with
disabilities is presented at cashier's office in Parking Garage 4, open 24 hours/day
(Information: Tel. +43 1 7007–22 886).
The individual airlines will be happy to assist their passengers with the transfer to and from
the airport – be sure to inquire when you obtain your ticket.

By special minibuses:
Transport by special minibuses is available for wheelchair users and their escorts. The
following providers offer transport to the Vienna Airport:
Airport Driver, Tel. +43 1 22 8 22,
ATS Airport Transfer Service, Tel. +43 1 7007–35 910,
Airport Jet-Set Service, Tel. +43 1 7007-33140,
C & K Airportservice, Tel. +43 1 44 4 44,
EasyMotion Limousines, Tel. +43 1 795 1010,
RCV Limousines, Tel. +43 1 7007-33340,

                                                - 66 -
By CAT (City Airport Train) (Vienna Card discount):
The CAT operates between the railway station “Bahnhof Wien Mitte” in the city center and
the Vienna International Airport “Wien Schwechat”. The CAT platforms at Wien-Mitte and at
the airport are accessible via an elevator. There are no steps into the train and two
wheelchair-spaces in every railway car. Use of the CAT is free for wheelchair users.

By S-Bahn:
The entire services of the Austrian Federal Railroads: see Vienna by Train

Arrival and Departure
Assistance by specially trained personnel upon request to the airline; wheelchairs, sedan
chairs, special vehicles for transport to and from airplane
Further information:

                                            - 67 -
Parking in Vienna

Guests with disabilities do not have to pay parking fees (please place ID behind windshield!).

The center of Vienna and its surrounding districts are limited parking zones subject to
parking fees. The following rules apply: In the center of the city and its surrounding districts
(districts 1 to 9 and 20) from 9 am until 10 pm on all workdays, all parking places are short-
term and require a fee. Since 1 October 2012, short-stay parking zones have also been
available in a number of districts near the Gürtel. Districts 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 have also
become chargeable short-stay parking zones from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm. The
area around the Stadhalle is excluded. The short-stay parking zone applies therefore from 9
am – 10 pm on week days. On weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and on public holidays, short-
stay parking applies from 6 pm to 10 pm. As the current regulation is causing a lot of
problems in the affected districts, further changes are likely in the coming months.
In shopping streets, days and parking duration may vary: please pay close attention to the
road signs. Short-term parking vouchers can be obtained at most tobacconists, in gas
stations and the ticket offices as well as the ticket vending machines of the Vienna
transportation system.

Throughout Austria, only drivers who have a disability pass may park for free in short stay
parking zones. However, in Vienna it is also permitted if the front seat passenger has a
disability pass, he or she is therefore driven by someone who does not have a pass (in other
parts of Austria different regulations are valid). More information (unfortunately only in

Parking spaces for people with disabilities
In order to improve the mobility of road users with disabilities, the city of Vienna has
established numerous general parking spaces for the disabled and published them in a list of
districts and as a set of district maps. A list of all locations can be found here:

                                             - 68 -
Arriving by Train

Vienna's Train Stations
Extremely busy train stations in Vienna, such as Westbahnhof, Wien Floridsdorf and Wien
Meidling are wheelchair-accessible for travelers with restricted mobility.

Vienna Südbahnhof (Ostbahnhof)
The former Südbahnhof (Ostbahnhof) has been completely shut since December 2009 to be
rebuilt as the new Central Station by 2014.

Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof)
The new Central Station will be fully completed in 2014, with the first areas having opened in
December 2012. Since then, the local trains of the Ostbahn have been stopping at the
Central Station, and the temporary Ostbahnhof has been closed. Platforms nine to twelve
can be reached by two new entrances: on Karl-Popper-Straße and on Sonnwendgasse
across the south forecourt. Toilets and parking spaces for people with disabilities as well as
inductive hearing systems are available. People with restricted mobility, the visually impaired
and the blind will in some instances have to take account of detours in order to access the
platforms without encountering obstacles.
Tram line D has been extended by one station to the eastern exit of the new Central Station
(station "Hauptbahnhof Ost"). Bus lines 13A and 69A also stop right at the Central Station.
The former U1 station "Südtiroler Platz" has been renamed "Südtiroler Platz-Hauptbahnhof".
The express train station "Wien Südtiroler Platz" is now called "Wien Hauptbahnhof", the
station "Wien Südbahnhof (S-Bahn)" is called "Wien Quartier Belvedere". Vienna's express
train network and the U1 subway line can now be reached above ground. With the opening
of the station in December 2014, the subway and express train networks will be connected
directly to the Central Station through the underground passage on Südtiroler Platz.

As an alternative to the Südbahnhof, recently converted Vienna Meidling station offers
unrestricted wheelchair access.
  Elevators at both ends of the platform
  Guidance system for the visually impaired throughout
  Ramps at both ends of the underpass at Kerschensteinergasse (access to the
     eastbound platform)
  3 parking spaces for visitors with disabilities (at entrance on Eichenstrasse)
  Wheelchair-accessible restroom

Westbahnhof – BahnhofCity Wien West
In November 2011, the Westbahnhof was opened as BahnhofCity Wien West after many
years of rebuilding. The main entrance from Europaplatz into the newly designed train station
hall and all platforms are wheelchair-accessible. Direct wheelchair access from the subway

                                             - 69 -
lines (U3 and U6) into the train station hall is also possible. Within BahnhofCity Wien
West,elevators enable barrier-free access to all levels.
Signed car pick-up and drop-off locations for wheelchair users at the entrance on
Europaplatz. Guide systems for the blind available throughout the entire train station.
Request assistance on the platform for wheelchair users: Tel. +43 (0)5 1717 menu item 5,
Wheelchair-accessible restroom available on levels E1 and E0.

Vienna-Mitte Station
Vienna-Mitte train station is served by two subway lines, five express train lines and the City
Airport Train (CAT), making it one of Vienna's most important transport hubs. The multi-year
remodeling of Vienna-Mitte train station will be completed at the end of 2012. Guidance
systems for the visually impaired, parking spaces for people with disabilities and wheelchair-
accessible toilets are available.
Direct wheelchair access to the station hall is possible from the Landstraßer Hauptstrasse.
Wheelchair access to the City Airport Train CAT is possible from Marxergasse. Platforms 1/2,
3/4 are center platforms at basement level. Access by elevator is only possible with the
subway elevator for the U3 and U4 lines!! Travel permit required for the subway!! Platform 23
is the platform for the CAT and can be reached by elevator through the CAT terminal.

Train connections
Since there are various types of railway cars, some train connections are not easily
accessible for travelers with disabilities and special needs.

For further information concerning these services:
Center for Mobility Services
Tel. +43 (0)5 1717 menu item 5 (local rate)
Daily 7 am – 10 pm
Fax +43 1 5800 830–05555
More information for traveling by train:

                                              - 70 -
Underground, Streetcar and Bus

“Low floor” vehicles operate on almost all streetcar and bus lines in Vienna to make it
easier for people with restricted mobility to board and alight. An exception is line 30, which is
only a booster train for a regular line. "Low floor" streetcars are now operating on more than
every second streetcar group. Displays at the streetcar stations have a blinking wheelchair
symbol showing how many minutes are left until a “low floor” streetcar will depart.
Furthermore, Vienna’s public transport system offers a dynamic information system about the
departure times of “low floor” streetcars ( “Low floor” buses
are in use on all bus routes. All buses are equipped with folding ramps for wheelchair users.

Vienna’s subway system is well-equipped for guests with disabilities and special needs. All
subway stations and trains are 100 percent wheelchair-accessible. Almost all stations have
"guiding strips" for the visually impaired, showing the way to stairs, escalators and elevators.
All of the stations can be accessed by wheelchair (elevator or ramp). However, since
elevators need to be serviced or are out of order from time to time, it is possible to check in
advance on whether the elevator is in operation on tel. +43 1 7909-100 and on the Internet .This real-time information has also been available on the
accessibility pages of the Vienna public transport companies since autumn 2012.
Further information is available on tel. +43 1 7909-0 and or (only in German)

Check which stop lights have aids for orientation for visually impaired (only in German):

                                              - 71 -
Information and Advice for Visitors with Disabilities and
Special Needs
Tourist Information Vienna from the Vienna Tourist Board
1st district, Albertinaplatz / Maysedergasse intersection (daily 9 am – 7 pm)
Main entrance: no steps, automatic sliding door (door width: 180 cm), no wheelchair-
accessible restroom, seeing-eye dogs permitted, tactile Vienna maps for the visually
impaired are available for disposal on location.

wienXtra Children's Information
Information and services for children's and family activities in Vienna
7th district, Museumsplatz 1 / Hof 2 in the MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Tel. +43 1 4000–84 400,
Tue–Fri 2 pm – 6 pm; Sat, Sun and public holiday 10 am – 5 pm
Main entrance: no steps, double swinging door with time-delayed closing mechanism, opens
to the outside, 2 steps inside the facility to the cuddle area for small children, wheelchair-
accessible restroom, seeing-eye dogs permitted. (only in German)

Information Center for Persons with Disabilities
2nd district, Schönngasse 15-17/4, Tel. +43 1 523 89 21, Email:, (only in German)
You can find more restaurants in the BIZEPS "Dining with few obstacles" guide (in German),
which you can download at:

Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband Österreich (BSVÖ)
Austrian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted
13th district, Hietzinger Kai 85, Tel. 43 1 982 75 84–201, +43 800 22 77 00 (toll-free in
Vienna), Email:,

2nd district, Wittelsbachstrasse 5, Tel. +43 1 728 08 66–268 or 280 (Ms Wilhelm, Ms Wallner
or Ms Bauer) or +43 1 728 08 66-218 (Head of publishing, Ms Papst), Email:,
Tactile maps of various districts of Vienna are available at the “Bundes-
Blindenerziehungsinstitut” for 1 EUR per piece or colored drawing. Find an exact listing of the
available maps at:

Österreichischer Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband (ÖBSV)
Austrian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired
Provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland
Louis Braille Haus

                                             - 72 -
14th district, Hägelingasse 4-6, Tel. +43 1 981 89–112 or –101, Mon–Thu 8 am – 12 pm,
12:30 pm – 5 pm, Fri 8 am – 12 pm, Email:, (only in German)

Verein Aktion Gemeinsam Reisen
Traveling together – travel agency
10th district, Neilreichgasse 113/23/2, Tel. +43 699 120 514 83,
Online reservations, also reachable in person by appointment

Information platform for Accessible Tourism in Austria (IBFT)

Austrian Union for Rehabilitation
Federation of Austrian Handicapped Associations
On the website of the ÖAR you will find a listing of the Austrian euro key restrooms, stairlifts
etc. (only in German) (General information in English)

Information for deaf people

Austrian Association for deaf people (ÖGLB)
10th district, Waldgasse 13/2, Tel. +43 1 603 08 53, Fax: +43 1 602 34 59, Email:, (only in German)

Gebärdenwelt (Sign language platform)
News from around the world in Austrian sign language and a calendar of relevant dates for
the deaf people
11th district, Waldgasse 13/2, Tel. +43 1 641 05 10, Fax +43 1 641 05 10–20, Email:, (only in German)

Service Center ÖGS.barrierefrei
Tailor-made, obstacle-free solutions for the web and communication
10th district, Waldgasse 13/2, Tel. +43 1 641 05 10-12, Fax +43 1 602 34 59, Email:

ÖGSDV Österreichischer Gebärdensprach-DolmetscherInnen-Verband
Sign language interpreters for Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS) and German
A-1131 Vienna, P.O. Box 95, Tel. +43 1 802 52 82, Fax +43 1 802 52 82, Email:,

Visual Signs

                                              - 73 -
Sign language interpreter for Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS) and German, other foreign
languages (English, Italian, French on request
12th district, Rosaliagasse 19/6, Tel. +43 1 966 02 61, Fax +43 1 208 39 99, Email:,

Information (in German) for deaf people: (only in German)

Information for the hearing-impaired

VOX-Schwerhörigenzentrum Wien (VOX Hearing Impaired Center Vienna)
15th district, Sperrgasse 8-10/2/15, Tel. +43 1 897 31 31, Fax: +43 1 897 31 32,
Email:, (only in German)

ÖSB Österreichischer Schwerhörigenbund Dachverband
Austrian Association for the Hearing-Impaired, Bundesstelle Wien
15th district, Sperrgasse 8-10/1/9, Tel: +43 676 844 361 320, Fax: +43 1 897 31 32,
Email:, and

                                            - 74 -
Wheelchair Rental & Orthopedics
Please note that there may be long waiting periods when renting an Electro-Scooter.

1st district, Freyung 5, Tel. +43 1 533 73 04
The branch has 3 sales levels which wheelchair users can reach by elevator. There is a
ramp at the entrance, width: 95 cm.
3rd district, Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 102, Tel. +43 1713 51 39
The floor is level throughout the store, except for 7 steps to a separate sales level at the rear.
6th district, Mariahilfer Strasse 95, Tel. +43 1 596 12 85
22nd district, Am langen Felde 6, Tel. +43 1 202 45 22
The floor is level throughout the store and there is a large customer parking lot.
Store hours: Mon–Fri 8 am – 6 pm, Sat 9 am – 1 pm (Wheelchair repairs: Mon–Thu 8 am – 5
pm, Fri 8 am – 4 pm)
Wheelchair rental: 7.27 Euro per day, 43.60 Euro per month, 200 Euro deposit (for private
persons – when booking with a tour operator, no deposit), passport, reservation by telephone
Further stores: (only in German)

Frühwald & Söhne
1st district, Börseplatz 7, Tel. +43 1 533 21 00, Mon–Fri 8 am – 5.30 pm
Wheelchair rental: from 15 Euro per week (2 week minimum), reservation by telephone
recommended. Electric scooter: from 25 Euro / day (reservation by telephone recommended).
Rental of electric wheelchairs also possible: from 25 Euro / day.
Workshop: 22nd district, Rudolf Hausner Gasse 11, Tel. +43 1 533 25 15, Mon–Fri 8 am – 4
pm (only in German)

Matzka Rehatechnik GmbH (Rehabilitation Center)
18th district, Gentzgasse 166, Tel. +43 1 479 15 66, Mon–Thu 8 am – 5 pm, Fri 8 am – 1 pm,
Wheelchair-rental, quick wheelchair repairs (only in German)

8th district, Piaristengasse 17, Tel. +43 1 402 21 25–0 or –19, Mon–Fri 8 am – 6 pm, Sat 9
am – noon (July & August closed Sat)
Workshop: Mon–Thu 8 am – 3:30 pm, Fri 8 am – 2 pm
Wheelchair-accessible sales room, single level. Sale of orthopedic articles, walking aids and
useful objects for everyday life, repair of artificial limbs, wheelchair rental: rental fee: 5.30
Euro/day, 20 Euro/week, 43.50 Euro/month, deposit: 150 Euro and identity card (no
minimum rental period!) (only in German)

                                              - 75 -
City Go Electric Scooter Rental
14th district, Linzer Strasse 418, Tel. +43 1 524 53 02, Fax +43 1 522 31 55, Mon-Thu 8 am
– 5 pm, Fri 8 am – 12 noon, Email:
Deposit: 200 Euro, rental fee: 1st to 7th day: 30 Euro / day, 8th to 20th day: 20 Euro / day, as
of 20th day: 10 Euro / day. Delivery to hotel in Vienna or pick-up from hotel after rental period:
75 Euro. Please bring along a photocopy of your ID and your vacation address in Vienna. (only in German)

                                              - 76 -
Oxygen Supply

For guests with chronic-obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Medical Austria GmbH
delivers medical oxygen direct to Viennese hotels. The company delivers the bottle(s),
governors and trolley the day after the order is placed.

Messer Medical Austria GmbH
Admiralstraße 13
2352 Gumpoldskirchen
Tel: +43 2252 607 250-214

                                           - 77 -
Vacation Dialysis
The available dialysis treatments for chronically ill patients are just sufficient enough to take
care of Viennese patients (emergencies excepted). Should you depend on dialysis
apparatuses, please contact one of the following dialysis centers before starting your trip.

Krankenhaus Rudolfstiftung (Hospital)
Department of Nephrology and Hemo-Dialysis
3rd district, Juchgasse 25, Tel. +43 1 711 65–2315
Only a few places available, prior registration by telephone essential (ideally, 1 or 2 months
ahead of time)

Universitätsklinik für Innere Medizin III AKH-General Hospital
Clinical Department for Nephrology & Dialysis
Chronic Haemodialysis 1 & 2
9th district, Währinger Gürtel 18-20 (Building 31.1), Tel. +43 1 404 00–73 600 or –39 600,
Fax +43 1 404 00-39 301
Appointments by telephone, at least three to four weeks ahead of time

Wilhelminenspital (Hospital)
6th Medical Department for Nephrology and Dialysis
Chronic Dialysis Pavilion 17 & 19
16th district, Montleartstrasse 37, Tel. +43 1 49 150–2601, Fax ext. 2609, Outpatient clinic:
Mon-Thu 8 am – noon, Fri 10 am – noon; prior registration by telephone required, only a few
places available, prior reservation by telephone necessary four weeks ahead of time.

Wiener Dialysezentrum GmbH
22nd district, Kapellenweg 37, Tel. +43 1 908 13 10, Fax ext. 6011, Email:, Surgery: Mon-Sat 7 am – 7 pm
Prior registration by telephone, medical papers necessary (HIV, Hepatitis B & C, dialysis

Center for Social Medicine
(Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Ost – Donauspital), 3rd Medical Station
22nd district, Langobardenstrasse 122, Tel. +431 288 02–5410
Prior registration by telephone four weeks ahead of time essential, medical papers necessary
(HIV, Hepatitis B & C, blood type, dialysis modalities)

                                               - 78 -
Special Transportation
Most providers of bus tours are not yet equipped for wheelchair users. However, the
following companies offer special transport for wheelchairs:

ELM Eiseler & Löffler GmbH
Wheelchair-accessible pleasure and chore rides as well as group, vacation and excursion
rides of all kinds. wheelchair-accessible rental buses available
Tel. +43 1 258 58 80, Fax +43 1 258 58 80-88,,

ETS-Lines European Travel Service
Also special wheelchair-tours (full-day and half-day)
Tel. +43 1 405 50 55, Fax +43 1 408 95 28, Email:, (only in German)

Funkfahrtendienst Gschwindl
Also special wheelchair-tours (full-day and half-day) by bus, with 3 to 15 wheelchairs
Tel. +43 1 810 40 01, Fax +43 1 810 40 02, Email:,

Haller mobil
Also special wheelchair-tours (full-day and half-day), place orders 1–2 days in advance
Tel. +43 1 869 82 62, Fax +43 1 869 82 62–50, Email:, (only in German)

Also special wheelchair-tours (full-day and half-day) – prior arrangement via email necessary
Tel. +43 1 408 94 64, Fax +43 1 408 95 28, Email: (only in German)

Funk Fahrtendienst Kreutzer
Special wheelchair-tours (full-day and half-day), airport transfers
Tel. +43 1 408 61 67, Fax +43 1 408 61 67–14, Email:, (only in German)

ÖHTB Fahrtendienst
Also special wheelchair tours (full-day and half-day)
Tel. +43 1 768 50 80, Fax +43 1 768 50 80–17, Email:,

WAKA Fahrtendienst

                                              - 79 -
Excursions on wheelchair minibuses (up to 6 wheelchair seats) in and around Vienna
Tel. +43 1 332 55 42, Fax +43 1 332 55 45, Mon– Fri 8 am – 4 pm, Sat 9 am – noon, outside
of office hours calls are forwarded to the emergency mobile number, Email:, (only in German)

Wiener Lokalbahnen Verkehrsdienste
More than 100 vans equipped for guests with disabilities and special needs, operate securely
for you in Vienna, plus 1 coach fully equipped to handle wheelchairs. Also special
wheelchair-tours (full-day and half-day).
Tel. +43 1 815 60 70, Fax: +43 1 815 60 70–250, Email:,

Fiaker for wheelchair-users

Fiaker rides in special carriages for wheelchair users and up to two escorts (wheelchair width:
up to 80 cm, max. 300 kg). Itinerary and time table according to prior arrangements, 110
Euro / hour
Languages available: German, English
Contact Alfred Fraundorfer: Tel. +43 664 460 73 33, or Bernd

                                             - 80 -
Specialized Tour Guides
These tour guides offer special tours for visitors with disabilities and special needs:

Buchas, Gabriele
17th district, Promenadengasse 57/A2/1
Tel. & fax. +43 1 489-42 63, mobile phone: +43 664 173 26 05,,
German, English, tours for visitors with disabilities and special needs

Fullerney, Mag. Romana
14th district, Hernstorferstrasse 29 / 42
Tel. & fax +43 1 990 44 95, mobile phone: +43 664 272 05 73
German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, tours for the visually impaired / tours for visitors with
disabilities and special needs

Janacek, Joanna, KGV Wasserwiese
3rd district, Erne-Seder-Gasse 8/2/207
Mobile phone: +43 699 105 94 575,
German, Polish, tours for the visually impaired

Jonke-Hrdlicka, Romana
19th district, Friedlgasse 34/7
Tel. & Fax +43 1 320 75 43, mobile phone: +43 664 201 77 65
German, English, French, Italian, tours for visitors with disabilities and special needs

Kahl, Carola
Poststeig 5, 3003 Gablitz
Tel. & Fax +43 2231 612 82, mobile phone: +43 664 371 20 24
German, English, tours for visitors with disabilities and special needs

Keisler, Gabriella
14th district, Ulmenstrasse 27
Tel. +43 1 911 46 66 1, fax +43 1 911 46 66 4, mobile phone: +43 664 313 94 44,
German, Hungarian, tours for visitors with disabilities and special needs

                                              - 81 -
Massenbauer, Mag. Sigrid
9th district, Widerhoferplatz 4 / 12
Tel. +43 1 317 88 70, fax: +43 1 317 88 70-15, mobile phone: +43 664 160 92 14
German, English, tours for the visually impaired / tours for visitors with disabilities and
special needs

Minnich, Uta
13th district, Weidlichgasse 12/2
Tel. & fax +43 1 876 88 54, mobile phone +43 664 271 95 65
German, English, French, tours for the visually impaired

Pavese, Claude
23rd district, Lechthalergasse 30
Tel. & fax. +43 1 889 40 70, mobile phone: +43 699 1 212 20 04
French, tours for the visually impaired

Pfister, Franziska Maria
15th district, Kriemhildplatz 9 / 17
Tel. +43 1 789 69 90, mobile phone: +43 676 948 33 03,
German, English, Swedish, Norwegian, tours for visitors with special needs

Yu, Hsiang-Cho
10th district, Columbusgasse 89 / 19
Tel. & fax +43 2252 790 305, mobile phone: +43 676 408 19 82,
German, Chinese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, tours for visitors with disabilities and special needs

Zeiler, Mag. Lisa
18th district, Schöffelgasse 38/3
Tel. & fax +43 1 402 36 88
German, English, tours for the visually impaired

City Tours
12th district, Rosaliagasse 19/6
Tel. +43 1 966 02 61, Fax +43 1 253 30 33 / 7792,
City tour in ÖGS (Austrian Sign Language)

                                               - 82 -

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