REGULAR BOARD MEETING OF MAY 19, 2009

CALL TO ORDER                                                         CALL TO ORDER
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by President Diane
Cogburn at Carpinteria City Hall, Council Chambers, 5775
Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria, California

ROLL CALL                                                             ROLL CALL
Directors Present:   Diane Cogburn, President              2012
                     Ben Miller,Vice President             2010
                     Bob Duncan, Secretary                 2010
                     Lisa Guravitz, Director               2012

Administrator:       Fire Chief Michael Mingee

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE                                                  PLEDGE
Led by Vice President Ben Miller

AND RECOGNITIONS                                                      CELEBRATION UPDATE
Chief Mingee highlighted the program for the 75th Anniversary
Celebration to be held on June 13, 2009. He also encouraged
everyone in the Department and community to attend this event.

A resolution of the governing Board of the Carpinteria-Summerland     RESOLUTION 2009-07
Fire Protection District commending and thanking Fire Engineer        RON HUSTED, 20 YEARS
Ron Husted for twenty years of full time service to the District.     OF SERVICE
President Cogburn presented the resolution to Fire Engineer Husted.
Fire Engineer Husted accepted the award and stated that it has been
a great twenty years.

PUBLIC COMMENTS                                                       PUBLIC COMMENTS
There were no public comments at this meeting.

CORRESPONDENCE                                                        CORRESPONDENCE
Chief Mingee highlighted letters submitted to Senator McClintock
and Assembly Member Nava regarding the repeal of Proposition 1A
(2004). The Chief stated that there is a City Council meeting on
May 26th for the adoption of the updated Development Impact Fees.
He asked that the Board members attend this meeting. Chief
Mingee noted correspondence regarding the Santa Maria Air Tanker
Base. The Chief reviewed an excerpt from the Santa Barbara
County Auditor’s office (state of local governments) which lists the
District’s economic state as “good”. This communication also
mentioned that the District has “Vulnerabilities” due to unexpected
contingencies and lack of long term funding for capital replacement.
Chief Mingee noted an e-mail received today from the District’s
Attorney regarding the personnel issue and an update on that case.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                                    APPROVAL OF MINUTES:
The motion to approve the minutes of the regular Board Meeting of      REGULAR MEETING OF
April 21, 2009, was made by Vice President Miller, seconded by         APRIL 21, 2009
Director Guravitz and passed unanimously.

FINANCIAL MATTERS                                                      FINANCIAL MATTERS
The motion was made by Vice President Miller, seconded by
Director Guravitz, and passed unanimously to approve the Financial
Reports for the month ending April 30, 2009. Vice President Miller
requested clarification on line items 1010 and 1210 in Fund 3633.
These entries were both $8793.98. Chief Mingee stated that he
would research and reply to the board.

DISCUSSION ITEM: 2008-09 FISCAL YEAR BUDGET                            DISCUSSION ITEM: 2008-
STATUS                                                                 09 FISCAL YEAR
Chief Mingee provided a power point presentation regarding the         BUDGET STATUS
budget status for fiscal year 2008-09.

DISCUSSION ITEM: 2009-10 PRELIMINARY BUDGET                            DISCUSSION ITEM: 2009-
Chief Mingee provided a power point presentation regarding the         10 PRELIMINARY
budget for fiscal year 2009-10. The Chief highlighted various          BUDGET
revenue/expenditure changes that will impact the budget. Chief
Mingee also provided an overview of how the District would be
affected in the event of the repeal of Proposition 1A (2004).

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT                                                  ADMINISTRATIVE
The Chief mentioned that his schedule has been filled with             REPORT
preparing the upcoming District budget. Chief Mingee indicated
that he and President Cogburn attended an unemployment hearing
where the District appealed an unemployment benefit request and
the District prevailed. The Chief stated that he has met with Sherriff
Bill Brown regarding Dispatch services. Chief Mingee reiterated
the upcoming public hearing on May 26th. The Chief mentioned
the upcoming 75th anniversary celebration and expressed his
gratitude to Grace Donnelly, Captain Scott Mackie and everyone on
the committee. Chief Mingee noted that Charlie Johnson is still
developing the Bike Helmet Program. Chief Mingee stated that the
Every 15 Minute Program was well received. The Chief stated that
the Annex is not zoned for commercial use and the new strategy is
to market the property as residential with a home occupation. Chief
Mingee indicated that the total training hours for the month of April
was 463.

President Cogburn mentioned that she is very excited about the 75th     BOARD
anniversary celebration. She also expressed her thanks for the great    COMMUNICATIONS
work on the commemorative badges.

Vice President Miller mentioned that there was speculation that the
Jesusita Fire was started by a power tool. He asked the Chief to
comment on what home owners should do to safely clear brush.
Chief Mingee stated that he could not comment on the investigation
however, he believed that it is important to manage vegetation. He
further stated that power tools are generally safe when used properly
but, individuals should have water near while clearing the brush.

The Board adjourned at 7:40 PM.                                         ADJOURNMENT

Diane Cogburn, President

Ben Miller, Vice-President

Bob Duncan, Secretary

Craig Price, Director

Lisa Guravitz, Director

Minutes Prepared By: Administrative Assistant, Joyce Reed

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