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									                               Essex County Council
                                    Job Profile

Job Title
Chief Executive

Reports to
The Leader of the Council and the Cabinet

Job Purpose

   To ensure the provision of well evidenced, co-ordinated policy advice directly to
    Cabinet and other Members of the Council across the whole range of the County
    Council’s work focusing on the delivery of the Corporate Plan

   To lead the strategic and corporate management of the Council through the Corporate
    Leadership Team

   To develop in consultation with others corporate and cross service strategies and
    activities across the organisation

   To ensure in conjunction with others, effective service delivery in line with the
    Corporate Plan

   To provide leadership for the staff of the Council and to ensure the delivery of quality
    services to the citizens of Essex

   To represent the Council in discussions with partner organisations and other

   To lead the Council’s corporate agenda

   To ensure in conjunction with others the development of overall policies for the County

Principal Accountabilities
1. To ensure the achievement of the Council’s priorities and to ensure implementation
   within the County Council

2. To promote equal access to opportunity in service delivery and employment

3. To ensure that a co-ordinated approach is taken to policy development within the
   County Council

4. To ensure that consistent standards, frameworks and procedures are in place for the
   County Council and to ensure effective implementation

5. To ensure that communication and implementation of all corporate policies and
   processes within the County Council take place in a timely and effective manner

6. To ensure services are planned and delivered in a customer focused way to promote
   continuous improvement

7. To work towards step improvements in performance through Best Value reviews, high
   quality procurement and other means

8. To ensure that service planning and delivery takes account of national performance
   standards and is within statutory planning requirements

9. Ensure the County Council’s processes for performance management (personal and
   organisational) are reviewed and applied effectively

10. To monitor and assess business and service plan trends and to identify necessary
    responses to performance issues

11. To manage the Council’s resources effectively so that service standards can be met
    and improved

12. To ensure that staff are able to access available development opportunities in order to
    help them reach their full potential

13. To lead the County Council’s strategy and processes on communications and to
    ensure its services have excellent relationships with partners, the public and the media

14. To communicate the County Council’s vision, strategy and processes effectively both
    internally and externally

15. To manage and develop the wider networks and partnerships that the Council needs to
    enhance services to the community

16. To work closely with all senior managers to ensure integrated provision of services
    where appropriate

Functional Responsibilities
   To act as Head of Paid Service with authority over all other officers (except where
    officers are exercising responsibilities imposed upon them by statute)

   To act as the principal adviser to the Cabinet and the Council on matters of corporate
    and general policy

   To undertake such other responsibilities consistent with acting as Chief Executive of
    the County Council


   Cross revenue expenditure

   Capital expenditure

   Income

   Staff

   Salary budgets

Significant impact on County Council budget with significant freedom to act in terms of
overall policy and decisions


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