Guidelines for Empanelment Applicants

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Applicants are requested to note that the empanelment is a time consuming process. The
Empanelment Committee undertakes an exhaustive, detailed and multi-layered scrutiny and we
request your patience in this regard.

At the National CSR Hub, the processing of applications is done in a fair manner selecting older
applications and those that are complete applications. The National CSR Hub is committed to
ensuring speedy, intensive and just scrutiny of applications for empanelment.

Please note that applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Those applications
that are fully complete with all relevant documents attached, are processed first.

The Empanelment Committee shall accept and scrutinize only those forms that are fully
completed and have posted all the specified documents in the prescribed order.

All applicants selected for a particular round shall be informed of the Committee’s decision after
the scrutiny is over. Meanwhile, we shall revert in case we require additional details or
documents once we begin processing your application.

Non mention of an organization on the list of empanelled agencies on the website does not
imply rejection/disqualification/de-listing from the Hub. It simply implies that a particular
application is still under scrutiny. All organisations shall be notified as and when the
Empanelment Committee thinks it appropriate.

The status of empanelment, whether accepted, rejected or withheld, will be communicated
to all applicants through an official letter. After despatch of official letters of
empanelment/non empanelment, a list of empanelled organisations shall soon be updated and
available on

Applicants are requested not to follow up on applications. The National CSR Hub shall NOT
entertain queries of status of empanelment and/or with regard to explaining reasons for
non-empanelment. The empanelment team shall revert after a list of empanelled organisations
is formally announced by the Committee.

The National Corporate Social Responsibility (NCSR) Hub shall empanel those organisations
that are people-centric, have experience and expertise in a specific field and have a planned
approach to developmental activities with a specific focus on the welfare and rights of the
vulnerable groups in society.
The decision of the empanelment committee shall be final and binding. All forms will be
thoroughly scrutinised by the empanelment committee (including a financial auditor) in
consonance with the criteria formulated, which shall be in sync with the larger objectives and
goals of NCSR Hub and as per the guidelines laid down by the Department of Public Enterprises

Failure to meet criteria of empanelment, furnishing of incomplete application form, furnishing of
false information shall lead to disqualification.

Any partner agency found to have engaged in irregularities of any form shall be de-listed by
NCSR Hub. Also, inconsistencies of partner organisations with the larger vision of NCSR Hub
may amount to disqualification.

Empanelment of organisations with the National CSR Hub is provisional, subject to field
verification reports by the Empanelment team and feedback from CPSEs during the tenure of
empanelment. During the tenure of empanelment, select organisations may be subject to
periodic reviews and field verifications. If the empanelment and/or review team is dissatisfied
with the organisation’s functioning, the organisation’s empanelment with the National CSR Hub
may be terminated.

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