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                              LOSS OF FUNDING OR BUDGET



Dear (employee's name):

This letter is to confirm our discussion about the nonrenewal of your (current academic staff title)
appointment with (current operational area). You are being nonrenewed because (provide a statement of
the reason/s for nonrenewal).

Your appointment will terminate on (date of termination). This letter provides you with proper notice of
nonrenewal in accordance with Chapter 3.05, Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP). Chapter 3
and Chapter 9 are attached for your reference.

In accordance with ASPP 3.07, you have the right to appeal this nonrenewal decision. Further explanation
and interpretation of campus policy regarding nonrenewal of academic staff appointments and the right of
appeal may be obtained by contacting Punam Gupta in the Academic Personnel Office, 166 Bascom Hall

[For employees who have been employed as academic staff for six of the last seven years, include the
following language]
To establish eligibility for referral priority, as defined in ASPP 3.06, you must register with Angie Rosas in
the Academic Personnel Office,

You should plan on using any accrued vacation time prior to the last date of your appointment as no lump-
sum payment will be made for any unused vacation balance.** You may contact a benefits coordinator at or 262-5650 regarding your benefits. You should feel free, in the meantime, to
consider alternative sources of employment.

If you wish to connect with other resources such as the Employee Assistance Program, the Ombuds Office
for Faculty and Staff, etc. please link to the following UW Madison website:

We appreciate your professional contributions and wish you well in future endeavors.


(Employer's Signature)

Attachments: ASPP Chapter 3 & 9; Referral Priority Brochure [for long-term academic staff]

xc: Department Chair/Director
    Dean/Division Office
    Punam Gupta, Academic Personnel Office
    OHR Employee Services, 21 N. Park Street

* MAY OPTIONALLY REPLACE WITH: You should plan on using any accrued vacation time prior to the
last date of your appointment or request a lump-sum payment for your remaining vacation balance.

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