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									                St. TERESA’S CHURCH,                                       23, College Rd., Upholland, WN8 0PY
                   Tel: 01695 622001     e-mail: stteresas.upholland@rcaolp.co.uk   Website: www.stteresas-upholland.org.uk

Parish House & Office: Tel 01695 622001                  St. Teresa’s School                                     Lifestyle
Parish Priest:         Fr. Tony Slingo                   Tel:   01695 623842                  Take time to make changes for the better in
Parish Assistant:      Elizabeth Dodd          Headteacher:           Mr. Peter Atherton      busy complicated lives: ‘Living the Word’ –
Parish Secretary:      Jane Simpson            Chair of Governors: Philip Holland              Scripture reflection; Meditation; reading &
Parish Club: (622609) Janette McNamara         PTFA Chair:            Helen Rooney                walking might help support difficult
                                                                                               decisions. The church is open through the
                                                                                                          day for quiet prayer.

                         Sunday, 9th December 2012 - Second Sunday of Advent
LITURGY AND SPIRITUAL LIFE                                                                               COMMUNITY LIFE AND SERVICE
Saturday    6.00 - (M) Julie Gilfillan                                         This Weekend     Cards for Prisoners of Conscience and
Sunday      8.30 - (M) At Carmel: For Community & Congregation                                 Oppressed residents of the The Holy Land
           10.00 - (M) Parishioners                                                         Re-dedication of Ministers of the Word
           11.00 - Holy Communion to Homes
            5.00 - Evening Prayer: Carmel                                    Sunday:         11.00 - Teddy Tombola for CAFOD: Church
                                                                                              7.00 - Ladies night away from it all: Club
Monday        9.00 - Liturgy of the Word and Communion
                                                                             Monday:          9.45 & each day – school rehearsal in church
Tuesday       9.00 - (M) Grace Pugh
                                                                             Tuesday:         7.00 - ASK #9 : Meeting Room
Wed.          8.00 - (M) At Carmel: Stella Swindlehurst (LD)                                       - CHIFF: home
             12.00 - (M) Lily Clinton                                                         7.30 - Serra: Don Orione
              6.45 - Meditation & Evening prayer : meeting room
                                                                             Wednesday: 10.00 - Probus: Club
Thursday      9.00 - (M) Sp Intention (successful operation) - in house                 11.00 - Pastoral Theology group: Ince
             12.30 - (M) Requiem - Frank Keenan                                         12.00 - Ladies Lunch club: Club
              7.00 - First Reconciliation for Initiation - church                        7.30 - Living the Word: Meeting Room

Friday        8.30 - (M) Carmel: James Brown                                 Thursday:        2.00 - Governors’ Meeting: St. John Rigby
              1.00 - (M) St John Rigby College                                                7.00 - CAFOD group: Meeting Room
              7.00 - Contemplative Prayer: house                                                     St. Peter’s Carol Service: St. James’

Saturday      9 -10- Exposition: Prayer for our Parish Retreat               Friday:          9.00 - Advent Assembly #3: School
                                                                                             12.00 - Pastoral Area Priests: St Richard’s
                       Next Sunday: 3 Sunday of Advent                                               Nugent Care Christmas Tree: Cathedral
Saturday      6.00 -   (M) Albert Laithwaite with Parish Reconciliation                       3.00 - Newsletter: Office
Sunday        8.30 -   (M) At Carmel: In Thanksgiving                                         7.00 - Music Group practice & party:
             10.00 -   (M) Parishioners with Parish Reconciliation                                                            Church/Club
              5.00 -   Evening Prayer: Carmel
                                                                             Saturday:       10-11 – Ecumenical Carols at the Co-op
                       Masses at our partner communities:                                    10.00 - Decorating the Church: Church
                       Carmel;       Daily              8.00 a.m
                                    Friday & Sunday 8.30 a.m                 Sunday:          2.00 - Old Hall Band Carols: Club
                       Don Orione: Mon, Tues, Wed 6.00 p.m
                               Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sunday 10.00 a.m            Daily: 8.30-3.30 Our church is open for
                                                                                             all to come in and pray

 This reflection is taken from “The Wednesday Word”, download more at: www.wednesdayword.org/parish
                                                           and also try: www.sundaygospel.co.uk
                                                        OUR PARISH VISION
                          We, St Teresa’s Parish, led by Jesus Christ, will continue to grow as a vibrant,
                welcoming and loving community, fed and nurtured by the scriptures, prayer and the sacraments.
                         As we strive always to listen to the needs and dreams of the people of our times,
                 we will better appreciate the gifts and talents of all, integrating them in service and celebration.

CHRIST COMING CLOSER                                               CHARITY
The One we are awaiting brings the power of God who                Nugent Care give love in our name to families in need –
alone can give birth among us to true:                             you can donate in the box in the table, and see the poster
                                                                   for their White Goods Christmas Appeal. Also this Friday
PEACE – “for the peace of Jerusalem pray” daily please,            Light up a Life: for a suggested donation of £5 a light
We light our Palestinian peace lamp at each mass in                can be lit on the Christmas Tree in the Cathedral in loving
solidarity with the suffering in the Holy Land, and also this      memory of your departed. take a leaflet 0151 261 2043 or
weekend you are invited to SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS to:                www.nugentcare.org or
Christians in the Holy Land please take a card, write your         Christmas at the Ecumenical Centre: Food parcels are
message and bring it back to Church for posting.                   being given to Skelmersdale families in need, and
For Persecuted and Tortured Christians                             donations of food to help are welcome there, or we can
Please take a card, write your message and post to those           pass them on from church, before Monday 17 .
in need of a little Christmas spirit. Pre-stamped cards            Christmas Day for those who are alone, starts at 10.30
£1.30 to cover the cost of postage…donations welcome.              and a dinner at 12, with rest or games until 3pm. Names
Connect 2 Sao Paolo friends send thanks and love for the           to the centre by Thursday 20 . See the forms on the table
cards James took out to them from us, and the school have          THOMAS give service to people with chronic addiction to
also received a letter for their cards.                            drugs or alcohol, with Christian care and skill. See the
                                                                   brochures on the table.
PRAYER - for strength, confidence, simplified hearts that          Spectacles recycled through the Knights of St Columba
can receive the joy of the Good News:                              are doing very well; thank you, and keep them coming.
The Angelus will be rung & prayed each Advent day at 12
noon, awaiting the Christmas coming of Christ in the flesh:        PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS
                                                                   SOCIAL A time away from it all for the ladies this Sunday
1) The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary.                       evening, from 7pm in the Club – bring a drink and nibbles
   And she conceived by the Holy Spirit: Hail Mary                 if you like - and men invited also if they behave!
                                                                    Next Saturday, 15th, 10-11 am Carols at the Co-op
2) Behold the handmaid of the Lord.                                      brings us out with St. Thomas and the Methodists, do
   Be it done unto me according to Thy word:                             bring a bell and funny hat if you fancy. Donations for
                                         Hail Mary …                     the Street Pastors in Skelmersdale.
3) And the Word was made flesh.                                     St. Peter’s School carol service is this Thursday,
   And dwelt among us:                  Hail Mary …                       th
                                                                       13 7 pm at St. James’ Church, Orrell.
                                                                    Decorate the Church and Tree next Saturday from
4) Pray for us O Holy mother of God                                    10.00 am in the church. Everybody welcome….
That we may be worthy of the promises of Christ                     School Christmas Concert is Mon, 17 at 1.30 pm.

                                                                    Cursillo at the Cathedral is Monday 17 at 7.30pm
Pour forth we beseech you O God, your grace into our
                                                                    The CAFOD Carol Service is Thurs 20 7.30pm This
hearts, that we to whom the Incarnation of Christ your
Son was made known by the message of an angel may,                     is always a most splendid start to the real Christmas
                                                                    The Young People’s party is Saturday 22 from 7pm
by his passion and cross, be brought to the glory of His
resurrection.   Through the same Christ our Lord.                      and we welcome our youngsters to the club
Amen.                                                               “GET IN THE PICTURE”: Have your photo taken as
                                                                       part of the Christmas Story – in the Concourse during
 JUSTICE                                                               December, 9-5 pm, next to the Christmas Tree.
The Travelling Cribs go from home to home each week,               MINISTRY Please sign up on the list for Reading and
and the children bring a picture/story to church of the stay in    Communion ministry for Christmas masses
their homes of the Christ family. These are joined in
Solidarity with the Homeless : a cardboard box home in             CARMEL The Sisters are staying now until after
the Lady Chapel reminds us of those living on the streets,         Christmas, so this Sunday’s thanksgiving is for their
like many in Brazil, Sao Paolo, but also in our country, even      continued presence as well! Mementos in the reception
in our own neighbourhood:                                          BEYOND CHRISTMAS
Rear of Bricklayers Arms in Wigan offers help in many              CAFOD Fun Run is a great tradition,, Thurs 27 1 pm in
ways, 29 Hallgate, tel 01942 236953 www.thebrick.org.uk            Wavertree Park…..see the poster. Have a go!
see the leaflets                                                   Ecumenical Knees Up We will celebrate the Christian
                                                                   Unity Octave with a shared Barn Dance with Games,
MERCY - Christ continues to extend God’s forgiveness:              Saturday 19 January, from 7pm. Free for all, donations
 children preparing for Sacraments of Initiation celebrate        invited on the night. Food available. Names please, and
   First Reconciliation with their families this Thursday,         offers to lend board games for the tables.
   7pm in Church.                                                  Baptism Preparation begins next on Sunday 13
 Parish reconciliation is offered in the liturgy next             January…so do apply now, even if baby is not yet here!
   Sunday, 16 December.
 Confession is available by request and on 1 Saturday
                                                st                  MONEY MATTERS
  monthly during the Holy Hour, 9-10 am.                            Thank you for last week’s collection of £781.00 (inc s.o.)
                                                                    Group 5 is counting today.
                                                                    Catholic Youth Service - total, £239.00. Thank you.

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