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					                     Newsletter 03     22.01.2013

                                                                                  01256 881339

    Item 1: Adverse weather conditions
    It is looking as if the current weather conditions are likely to be with us for a while – not
    unusual for January, but definitely not what we need as a school at the moment. We will
    remain open if we have enough staff who can safely travel. However, as the school
    catchment area is so diverse geographically and family circumstances vary, please make
    your own judgement call on whether to bring your children in. If you decide to keep them at
    home, please let us know (preferably by email), we will then send work home for them. Item
    3 below gives links to various sites that the children will find fun as well as being educational.

                       Item 2: Parentmail
                       Parentmail is now functional for those of you who have registered – please sign up if
                       you have not yet done so. There were, however, a few problems when we first used
                       it last Friday. If you think you registered, but did not receive a message about the
                       snow closure, we would be grateful if you could go back and double-check you
                       registered on parentmail2 (not just parentmail). If your registration was successful,
                       you should have received an automated email to confirm.

    Item 3: Learning at home
    There are lots of good learning sites available on the Internet which will be set as links on the new
    Bramley website, but in the meantime, if you log on to the Burnham Copse website and click on
    “Learning links”, you will find various options to follow.
    We have now registered the school for an internet learning site called “Education City”. Parents can
    log on for a free 10-day trail by getting onto the site and following the “families” link. Even if you do not
    wish to subscribe in the longer term, it’s a good option during the snowy weather.
    If your family enjoy an open-ended Maths challenge, try some of the activities on the “Nrich” website.
    Although these may, on first sight, appear to be easy, they are specifically designed to stretch and
    challenge able minds to pursue solutions in different ways.
    At the moment, plan to make the most out of the weather – explore forces by setting different
    challenges for sledging, discover the largest snowball you can make (and move!) Take photographs of
    different snow-forms and icicles and use a thesaurus to find as many different words to describe them
    as you can.
    Put fat balls, peanuts and seed out for the birds and keep a tally of different types coming to feed-
    encourage your children to find out about the birds they see.

      Item 4: Houses
       The four houses have yet to be named, but staff have started work on dividing the children into
       groups. Children from Year 6 will be chosen as “Captains”. We will make sure that children from
       the same family unit will be in the same house. Individual stars from class will be collated at the
       end of each week by selected children. In the Monday morning Assembly (when the children are
       all Homework and set challenges
   Item 5: together), we will share the House cup, which will be displayed through the week with the
       house colour more Similarly, in this whole-school now) setting homework at two the class
   Having spoken toribbon.parents, I think we are best (for Assembly, we will be awarding levels. Aswith
       most stars will the “Big” dog (yet to be named). There is a smaller toy dog to award to the runner-
   previously, we withset Reading, plus learning Key words for Early Years and Y1. By the latter half of
       up for Y2,
   Y1 andclass. this will be extending to learning words using letter strings and x2, x5 and x10
Item 6: Celebratory Assemblies
   multiplication tables. Y3 will have the same, plus a number-work sheet, extending multiplication
   tables to to and who have made be setting on the plans for celebratory and Literacy and this will
Thank you x3,thosex4. By Y4 we will comments homework sheets for Maths Assemblies on a Friday
   continue through years 5 and 6. If you feel your child is idea, various issues have been raised.
afternoon. Whilst all communications have supported this more able, or you would like to support at a
   greater as we might, there this way that we can have you feel that homework is too onerous, or
Firstly, trylevel, we can agree is noindividually. Similarly, if the whole school, plus parents, in the hall it
    any one a battleground, we can have individual agreements. There it will mean that parents club
atbecomes time. If we make the system work around the new houses, will also be a homework only
   running at lunchtimes on Friday and children will see siblings’
need “reserve” every other Tuesday and Wednesday for KS2. achievements celebrated. In
      Headteacher direct email : there is a real dilemma, as although we can inform if your child is
respect of informing parents, lyn.downes@
selected, this will not be until the Thursday as we reward work/achievements through the week (it
is too long to make children wait for the following week/Assembly). Please see amended dates
below as this will obviously impact on organisation (plus the fact that Assembly was missed last
                     Newsletter 03       22.01.2013

                                                                                        01256 881339

        Item 7: More use of play equipment at lunchtimes
        Please make sure your child has a pair of shoes/trainers to keep in school as they will have opportunities to
        use the Adventure play equipment. If Y6 bring an old tracksuit and trainers (not football boots) there may well
        be a chance shoes
Item 8: Uniform and to play on the field at lunchtimes as well.
Thank you to those who support the school ethos and aspirations by sending your children in smart
uniform. All children should be in uniform every day please, with strong school shoes in black or navy
(no trainers or boots). PE kit should be in school every day, navy/black shorts and pale blue/logo top
for indoors, warm tracksuit (any colour) for outside. Smart stretch (or tailored) trousers for girls are
very suitable (navy or black), but no jeans or “jeggings” please. I also have a particular concern
about large earrings being worn. If your child really cannot leave their earrings at home (a much
safer option!) please make sure they are restricted to small, plain styles with minimum-size butterfly

NB Through the snowy weather, please send boots as a change of footwear for outside play.
       Look out for what’s happening!
22 January- Parent “drop-in” from 4-6pm to share the plans for new classrooms.
24 January – Early Years & KS1 Reading meeting.
30 January – Parent meeting to discuss provision for high attaining children at 6pm.
1 February – Y5 “Spacewatch”.
8 February – school Discos (separate letter coming home with details).
14 February – Parent forum (as agreed at Ofsted meeting) 6-7pm.
Celebratory Assembly dates: 25 January Mars and Neptune; 1st Feb, Jupiter & Venus;
 th                           th
8 Feb, Mars & Neptune; 15 Feb, Jupiter & Venus.

Houses will be the same colours as sports day; Mars – red, Jupiter –yellow, Neptune-blue and Venus – green.

   Headteacher direct email : lyn.downes@

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