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									                        MEP Jamaica: STRAND F       UNIT 20 Probability of Two or More Events: Lesson Plans

    UNIT 20 Probability of Two or More Events                                 Lesson 20.1        Outcome of
                                                                                                 Two Events
The work covered in this unit is not on the current CXC/CSEC Mathematics syllabus and therefore not
                        examined, but is of relevance to the development of the topic.

      CSEC Objective:         -

      Lessons Aims:          After this lesson, the student should be able to:
                                 identify possible outcomes of two (or more) events by listing the outcomes.

      Prerequisite Knowledge: Listing outcomes for one event

      Key Vocabulary:               two events

      Challenges:                   This is a straightforward lesson, particularly for able students.

       Teaching Notes:              Ensure that students are familiar with listing outcomes, using a
                                    matrix approach for the outcome of two events.

      PowerPoints:                  20.1

      Lesson Plan:                  Introduction                                ST 20.1, WE1 and WE2 or
                                                                                                DS 20.1
                                    Exercises                                                ST 20.1, Q1
                                    Review answers
                                    Two dice outcomes                                             DS 20.2
                                    Exercises                                          ST 20.1, Q3 and Q4
                                    Review answers
                                    Closing activity                                          ST 20.1, Q7
                                    Homework                                           ST 20.1, Q8 and Q9

      Relevant CSEC Questions:             -

      Glossary of terms:                   -

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