Lesson Plan Outline Guidlines by Z61KTYX


									                               Lesson Plan Guidelines

 Each lesson must be an original creation, written as a separate document in Microsoft
Word using Tahoma font 11, double spaced and labeled. It should include its own
Sunshine State Standards and benchmarks/Common Core State Standards. You will
need to measure the student success rate on the standards so there should be
a formative or summative evaluation for each lesson. It is important that the
lesson plans and additional documents be available for other teachers to use without
having to reinvent the wheel. Each of these should be created as separate documents
and labeled clearly. The alphabetical and numerical listing places the documents in order
so other teachers can follow the sequence of the project and lesson materials.
        A1_Lesson 1 Living on Florida’s Edge
        A2_Lesson 1 Homework
        B1_Lesson 2 Living on Florida’s Edge
        B2_Lesson 2 PowerPoint
        C1_Lesson 3 Living on Florida’s Edge
        C2_Lesson 3 Graphic organizer
        D1_Lesson 4 Living on Florida’s Edge
        D2_Lesson 4 Reading assignment

Click here to access the lesson plan template.

Please see the lesson plan outline below for a more detailed description of required

Title:                       Name of the lesson

Creator:                     The person who developed the lesson

Subject:                     The curriculum area(s) applicable to this lesson

Course:                      The class(s) for which this lesson is created

Grade Level:                 The Grade(s) this lesson is intended for

Learning schedule:           Identify how your lesson plan fits into the pacing
                             guide/learning schedule of your curriculum
Duration of lesson:         How long it will take to teach this lesson.

Next Generation Sunshine
State Standards/Common Core
State Standards/
Access Points/Areas of
Interaction (AOI’s):      List the Standards/Benchmarks that identify the learner
                          outcomes you expect students to achieve or develop
                          further as a result of this lesson.
                                  Standard: 2 LA.A.2.3: The student constructs
                                  meaning from a wide range of texts
                                         Benchmark: LA.A.2.3.3: The student
                                         recognizes logical, ethical, and emotional

                            Benchmarks need to be associated to an assessment.

Goal or Objective of
The lesson:                 What do you want students to learn and remember over
                            time from this lesson (Science teachers add Science
                            District Standards in this section)

(Launch- Math/
Engage- Science):           Your lessons should be detailed to the extent that another
                            teacher wishing to use it will not have to guess what to do
                            and what materials need to be used.

Work Period

(Explain- Science):


Assessment:                 The assessment should address the benchmark(s) for the
                            lesson. See assessment options below.

(Summarize- Math)
(Evaluation-Science):       Include teacher and student action, comments and

Homework:                   What are you asking students to do outside of the
Differentiated              Small group instruction, ESOL strategies,
Instruction:                lesson modifications for different modalities, etc.

Technology                  Ways that you have integrated technology into
Integration:                the lesson

Materials/Resources: What will be needed to conduct this lesson and where it can be

Examples of assessment options:

Formative Assessment: Assessment instrument/process for evaluation purposes to
determine prior knowledge and/or information learned. The assessment should address
the benchmark(s) for the lesson. This can be done orally or in a more formal process.

Summative Assessment: Teacher developed evaluation instrument/ process to capture
how well students retained the information provided through the unit and/or lessons.

Assessment Performance Options include, but are not limited to:
Academic prompts
Informal checks for understanding
Student work
Individual or group project

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