Understanding Renter Insurance

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					Understanding Renter’s Insurance
It is becoming more and more common for individuals to rent a home or apartment instead of
purchasing that home or apartment. This trend is seen in Tucson as well and is giving increasing rise in
the need for individuals and families to purchase renter’s insurance in Tucson.

Renter’s Insurance in Tucson is the best way for an individual and a family to safeguard their possessions
while renting a home or unit. Renters insurance works similarly to other insurance plans and can be
                                                          purchased through an insurance broker.

                                                           When an individual chooses to buy an
                                                           insurance policy for any item, whether that is
                                                           home, renters, health, or auto, the basic
                                                           principle is that they are purchasing the right to
                                                           have their assets protected in the event of loss
                                                           or destruction. And so, this too is how renter’s
                                                           insurance will work for those who are renting
                                                           their home.

                                                          By purchasing renter’s insurance an individual
or family is purchasing the right to replace lost or damaged personal items within the home. There are
also provisions in most renters’ insurance policies that will allow for a renter to purchase liability
insurance which will protect the renter from having to pay for any damages that are inflicted upon the
rented home or unit due to accidents or disasters.

Liability Insurance
Liability insurance options may also include protection to the renter from liability claims filed by others
who have sustained injury in the home due to accident. For example, if the mail man breaks his leg
while delivering postal items to your rented porch, the mail man could claim that you are liable for his
injury due to the unsafe aspects of your porch.

Having liability insurance included in the renters insurance will safeguard the renter from such a claim
and provide for the welfare of the renter. But the best way to avoid accident or injury from befalling
anyone or anything in the rented home or apartment is to practice methods of security and safety.

While items damaged in a house fire can be replaced with renters insurance, the easiest way to
safeguard personal assets is to prevent the fire from starting altogether. To do this, a renter with
renters insurance should check their home or apartment for exposed wires, damages electrical outlets
and worn out appliances.

All of these items can be a serious fire hazard and greatly increase the risk of a fire igniting within the
rented home. Additionally, space heaters and cooking equipment should be used with extreme caution
and with responsibility.
Beyond fire, burglary and theft are other major sources of property loss for those who are renting. Any
items lost due to theft or burglary will likewise be replaced under the protection of most renters’
insurance policies, but yet again the best way to safeguard a rented home from loss is through
preparation and prevention.

Avoiding Unnecessary Risk
To mitigate the risk of falling victim to a theft in the rented unit, the renter should keep all doors and
windows lock at all times. Most thefts occur as targets of opportunity and can be avoided by simple
security measures such as locking deadbolts and securing windows.

By having the protection of renters insurance, the common renter in Tucson can become protected and
financially backed in most situations that would threaten their security and happiness.

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