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					Autumn Tastings At
                                          Renaissance                                                 401 E Front St
                                                                                                       Port Angeles

                                                                 Saturday, Oct 21         
                                                          Just the Greens
                                 It's antioxidant heaven in here when we taste a variety of organic, fair trade green
                                     teas from China and Japan. We'll learn about the ways that green tea fights
                                 degenerative diseases, supports immune function, kills oral bacteria that can lead to
                                 colds and flu, and strengthens tooth enamel. But, let's face it, the best part will be
                                                 the toasty fresh taste of the greens we love to drink.
                                 Even black tea drinkers may be enticed to today's tasting: does the name Earl Green
                                                                 interest you??????
                                                                                             Saturday, Nov 18
                                                                                      World Coffee Tasting
   Saturday, Nov 11                                                                   You know you're going to be drinking
                                                                                       coffee on this November Saturday
     Chai Journey                                                                      morning anyway; why not join us for
 If you like the complex, heady
                                                                                       a taste of coffees from Chiapas to
  experience of drinking authentic chai
                                                                                        Ethiopia, the Andes to Sumatra?
 teas from India you will love this!
                                                                                        We'll talk body, balance, acidity,
 Join a group of chai lovers to taste
                                                                                      good and bad decaffenation, and the
 four utterly fresh, organic chai blends from the master blenders at Rishi
                                                                                       benefits of caffiene content. We'll
 Teas. There's the traditional Masala Chai which will take you directly to
                                                                                      even show off our growing variety of
 exotic spice lands. But we won't stop there...
                                                                                       Swiss water decafs and have some
 Simply to entice, but not tell too much...think Greek fields of mint, African
                                                                                        special coffees on hand for bulk
 plains of rooibos, and wild harvested Ramon Nuts from Central American

                     Saturday, Nov 4             Chocolate Tasting                                       Coffee
                 Join local chocolatier, Yvonne Yokota, as she takes us on this trip around the         and Tea
                   world of dark, rich chocolates! We'll taste chocolates from the luxuriously
                 silky to the mysteriously spicy and piquant. Along the way we'll learn all about       Tastings
                      the ways those treasured cocoa beans become the bars, truffles, and
                            delicacies we love. $5.00 will be charged for this tasting.
                                                                                                        are Free

Saturday, Dec 9         Taste the Classic Black Teas
Do you fancy yourself a black tea connoisseur? Would you like to learn more about the classic
black teas, taste them, discern their unique and sublime characteristics? You must be here on
  Saturday to taste the freshest, fairest black teas on the North American continent. Taste
  Assam, Golden Yunan, Darjeeling, and others. Learn about the ways that black teas improve
 heart health, prevent plaque build up in arteries, and increase bone density. Take them home
              with you or give them as gifts: the classic gift that is always right.

All Tastings                Saturday, Dec 16           Organic Coffee Sale
                             The holidays are here and many homes will have coffee brewing
  begin at                      for friends and family all day. Today, taste the Caffe' Ibis
                               just-roasted-last-week cornucopia of coffees and take home
 10:30 am                         specially-priced organic, fair trade sampler packages with
                                             something healthful for everyone at your home.

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