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Christmas End Of Year Party - Auckland Studio Potters


                                                                       The Newsletter of the
                                                                                                       MACS M
                                                                      Auckland Studio Potters
                                                                             Society Inc.
                                                                             ASP Centre                  CLAY

                                                                      96 Captain Springs Road
                                                                     PO Box 13-195 Onehunga                     ipment
                                                                       Directors: Peter Lange,          New Sh
                                                                          Duncan Shearer                       tonewa
                                                                                                        Fresh s enware,
                                     December                          Phone: 0-9-634 3622
                                                                         Fax: 0-9-634 3626                 earth e clays
                                       2002                         Email:

                      Christmas End Of Year Party
                            This Friday 20th December, at the Centre 5pm - 7pm, wet or fine.
                          Barbeque, bread and butter provided, BYO sausages, beer and wine.
                Come along and have a drink with ASP members, a chance to relax (the Big Clay Day Out is
                NOT relaxing), just pop in and say Merry Christmas to us. See you there. Peter and Duncan

A few words from our Prez.                                                                Jeff Oestreich
Wally Hirsh                                                                                  Our first event for 2003. Aready there
   It has been a big year at ASP and it       make ASP the friendly successful place      are a lot of enrolments but we are able
most certainly finished with a Big Clay       that it is. Thanks guys. We think you’re    to take a lot more because it is a demon-
Day Out last Sunday. It was a hugely          marvellous.                                 stration weekend and we have room for
successful day. The weather gods shone            It has been a very busy year. There     a good crowd. The more the merrier and
upon us, hundreds of people turned up,        have been many successful events and our    the bigger the shared lunch. Only $60
the atmosphere was great, members sold        classes remain well supported. There        for the 2 days. You’ll see a consummate
lots of pots, the sausages ran out, my        have been developments and foremost         thrower and manipulator of clay in ac-
grandson helped me spend lots of money        among these has been the upgrading of       tion. His career has taken in everything
(again), people had a good time and al-       equipment especially kilns and wheels.      from working with Bernard Leach to
though it is too early to tell yet, I think   Another feature of the year are the ne-     exploring the Art Deco style of Napier.
we also made a good few dollars for our       gotiations with Otago Polytechnic to of-    He’s wonderful and inspiring. Book
society.                                      fer their Diploma Course at our Centre.     Now!!
   Of course these things don’t just hap-     There is much more to do and on a
pen. There is a lot of work involved and      grander scale. Your executive is in con-
there are too many people to thank indi-      tinuous discussion about upgrading the         ASP New Members
vidually. Those who contributed know          Cottage. Watch this space.
what they did and may you take satis-             Also keep an eye on our web site,          Welcome to:
faction from that and may you also            which is up and running now, and where           Sandra Goodwin,
know that your work is greatly appreci-       you can get information on classes and           Emilie Francey,
ated. One person alone needs to be            activities. Watch that space too. And it         Rob Hooper,
singled out and that is Trien. What a         remains only for me to wish you a restful        Michael Riedl,
great tower of strength she is.  Few can      holiday, good times with your family and         Jacqueline Ho,
know just how much work she did to            friends and all the best for 2003. We            Judith James,
make the Big Clay Day out the big suc-        look forward to having you fully involved        Carol Summerhaye.
cess it was. Thanks a million Trien.          in our activities again in the New Year.         Welcome to you and for 2003.
   As the year draws to an end I              Meanwhile keep on potting
again want to express our sincere thanks
to Peter and Duncan who do so much to

    With this newsletter there is a subs
 form for you to fill in and send back. It
 would be great to get it back as soon
 as you can for obvious reasons; if you
 don’t manage to get it to us by March
 you’ll slide gracefully off the member-
 ship list. We want you to stay.

General News                                                       And that’s not all: Class prices are also   Mutch who passed away earlier this year.
Peter Lange                                                    heading up; from $175 to $185, with                 Tony Bacon upgraded our computer
                                                               repeat classes up to $170. Again apolo-         system in his spare time and it works a
   Congratulations to Jim                                      gies. Somehow we have to pay for the            charm. There are a lot of members ready
Palmer! He’s been made a                                       free tea and coffee.                            to help - Max and Jenny come to mind -
Life Member of the ASP                                             There was an impromptu slide                and it makes our job much easier having
and it’s an honour that he deserves richly.                    evening last week with a Turkish Profes-        that sort of support. Enough thanks - if
He has always been on hand to help out                         sor, Zehra Coblani,                                                   your name is not
at our functions, particularly at our ex-                      and one of her stu-                                                   there it’s because I
hibitions, assembling plinths, painting,                       dents, and it was                                                     have a disease I for-
always cheerful and patient. He has not                        great to hear how                                                     get the name of.
been too well lately and we wish him the                       buoyant the studio                                                        One of our
best for a steady recovery - we miss him                       pottery scene is in                                                   members, Richard
at our working bees, though it was great                       Turkey.          She                                                  Parker, scooped the
to have him around for our Big Clay Day                        showed fascinating                                                    Big Prize at the
Out where he seemed to be selling really                       slides of early Turk-                                                 Portage Awards
well.                                                          ish plates and tiles                                                  this year. I really
   Our subscriptions have had to be                            progressing chro-                                                     liked this piece, I
raised in the light of our tight financial                     nologically from blue and white through         found it vibrant and energetic, and al-
state. Full membership is now $50 and                          to brightly coloured work. Unfortunately        most more of a painting than a ceramic
Joint $80. It’s always depressing when                         when these unexpected events crop up            work. But then I like paintings. The rest
these changes happen but we try to live                        the only communication is through the           of the show I found a little less inspiring
within our means and provide good ser-                         members’ email list, so those not on the        and did not enjoy the rather cramped
vice to ASP members at the same time.                          internet do not get to hear about them.         conditions of the smaller works. I was
Many membership activities are expen-                          We will try to avoid that sort of discrimi-     reprimanded for touching and turning a
sive, many we provide free (Guy Fawkes                         nation when we can but it’s sometimes           pot that had writing all the way around
for example) and the accounts aren’t                           the only option.                                it (and the writing was an important part
quite keeping up. So apologies .... we                             It’s been a great year ... Duncan and I     of the enjoyment of the work) but could
think it’s still good service, you’re all in-                  owe a lot of people                                                   only be seen from
vited to the Centre for a complimentary                        a lot of thanks. It’s                                                 one side. The
cup of tea as compensation.                                    always risky select-                                                  larger pieces en-
                                                               ing any individuals                                                   joyed good space
                                                               but I’m going to                                                      around them. Chris
 WESTERN POTTERS                                               anyway . Lois is al-                                                  Weaver’s teapots
                                                               ways here to help                                                     continue to amaze,
     SUPPLIES                                                  ... she’s amazing                                                     Matt McLean’s
                                                               not only with the                                                     salt-glazing is lus-
  • casting slips                 • ceramic colours            cleaning but ready                                                    cious, and it’s good
    (white, terracotta            • glazes (transparent        to help out at any                                                    to see names that
    and stoneware)
  • clays
                                    & opaque)
                                  • on-glaze, glaze and
                                                               time, plus she                                                        have never fea-
  • raw materials                   body stains                makes some seri-                                                      tured in the past.
  • tools                         • enamels                    ously interesting                                                     Make sure you get
  • kilns and equipment           • underglaze colours
                                                               work which is fun                                                     to see this show at
                                                               to have in progress                                                   Lopdell House - it’s
       PO BOX 60126 Titirangi Ak7                              in the workshop.                                                      an important part
  Phone 0-9-815 1513              Fax 0-9-815 1515             Aylex recycles the                                                    of the New Zea-
                                                               clay wonderfully, a                                                   land pottery calen-
                                                               messy job, and is                                                     dar.
 WE PROMISE SATISFACTION                                       also always on                                                            The Working
  EASY TO FIRE • CONSTANTLY BETTER RESULTS                     hand to help out                                                      Bee at the Centre
 KILNS FOR EVERY PURPOSE from 0.6cu.ft. to 30cu.ft.
                                                               with looking after                                                    was just right - the
   ENAMELLING, CHINA PAINTING, CRUCIBLES,                      the place. Lee was                                                    right number of
     GLASS KILNS FOR FUSING AND SLUMPING.                      great with the Mairangi Exhibition, very        people (about 12) the right amount of
  All kilns are available in FULL FIBRE (layered or Stack
  Bonded); FULL BRICK; or FIBRE & PARTLY BRICK.                patient and thorough. All of our tutors         work to do and a good deal of righteous-
                                                               have worked hard and beyond their brief         ness at the end. Thanks to you all - the
  Suppliers of slab rollers, banding wheels, kiln and raku
 burners, ceramic fibre, kiln bricks, fibre cement, anchors,   ... Peter Stichbury, Ian Axtell, Renton         Centre looked very tidy on the Big Day.
 shelves, props, pyrometers, controllers, elements for most
                  kilns (reasonably priced).
                                                               Murray, Margaret Sumich, Peter Collis           There is nothing surer ... it will be messy
                   Write for more details to:                  and Graeme Storm. Thank you for a               again before long. I have met a couple of
                  FURNACE ENGINEERING (1986) Ltd               trouble free year - no complaints from          potters who work in clean and tidy con-
                  Razorback Road RD2 Pokeno 1872
                  Phone:     0-9-233 6690
                                                               the students at all this year! The Com-         ditions, even one with carpet on the floor
                  Fax:       0-9-233 6690                      mittee has been very supportive.... in
                                                               particular Wally, Trien and Ngaire as of-
                                                               fice-holders. We paticularly miss Rosie                                  continued on page 5
                               The Big Clay Day Out.
Brendan and Kathryn

   Another Triumph. “The Big Clay Day         adults alike. Bucket
Out” was more colourful and successful        loads of sausages sold,
than last year, sometimes even looking        (the flustered wood pizza
like an Orc scene from the Lord of the        maker could not com-
Rings, with small children covered in         pete).
mud emerging from a barrel of slip. The           Tents provided by
day started out with hoards of buyers         Howards Williams
jostling over the tables of pots out in the   added practical shelter
big studio. The sales of the pots this year   for the odd shower and
nearly doubled that of last year!!!           sun. Alex got the next
   After quenching their ceramic lust for     generation up and going
                                              on the wheels and the
                                              raku team did sterling
                                              work, with many happy
                                              faces taking away their
                                              own shiny pots. The auc-
                                              tion was the highlight of
                                              the day again, with good
                                              buys and great pots. A
                                              moving moment at the
                                              end of the day was the
                                              announcement of Jim
                                              Palmer’s life member-
                                              ship. It was great to see
bargains they headed straight to the tea      him up and about again.
and cake table where, thanks to all the       No throwing competi-
multitalented members, good quality           tion this year as the old
cakes and coffee were for sale. The gen-      masters piked out be-
eral ambience was relaxed, with the mu-       cause they were too
sic provided by Helen and Co. and lots        tired! Something to look
of food and activities for children and       at next year

    ITC (USA) Ceramic Coatings & Repair
      Ceramics applied inside kilns on
            bricks, fibre, castable,
               heating elements
      helps to reduce fuel consumption
    (reported savings of upto 68% in energy costs),
    improves quality, prolongs service life
    maintalloy ltd impor ters-s tockists-agen ts
          * PO Box 25019, St. Heliers,

continued from page 2                                                    bility of the 2-year                     day evening we will hold a 2-hour no-
                                                                         course being taken                       pressure session for 6 nights, clay and fir-
                                                                         over any period                          ing provided, all for $85. So if you have
of his throwing                                                          from 2 years to 6 or                     any friends or family who might be in-
studio, but around                                                       more years, as time                      terested in the Centre acitivities but don’t
here by Friday                                                           and money allows.                        want to commit themselves to the stan-
morning the place                                                        It will be a rigor-                      dard term, tell them about this offer. It’s
looks like a full                                                        ously managed                            a trial course and is similar to many
vacuum cleaner                                                           course and at the                        night-class courses around Auckland ...
bag has exploded                                                         end there is oppor-                      a few will progress to more serious classes
right in the middle                                                      tunity to progress                       and we might fill a gap left by the un-
of the workshop.                                                         to either teaching                       fortunate closing of the Mt Roskill com-
That’s when Lois                                                         or a Bachelor de-                        munity classes (who, thanks to Mike
steps in and trans-                                                      gree. The ASP has                        Donaldson, have been generous in pass-
forms the place                                                          the responsibility                       ing on some of their left-over materials
with a whoosh and                                                        of providing studio                      and equipment).
a hose-down.                                                             space and tuition,                           We did a deal with a potter who was
   The Prospectus                                                        but the first three                      selling off equipment, and to cut a long
for the first term                                                       of people applying                       story short, after we sold off the gear we
2003 is out and                                                          have said they are                       did not want, we ended up with a 15
available in detail                                                      keen to work at                          cuft electric kiln in very good order for
through the Centre                                                       home as much as                          almost nothing. So our kiln facilities are
or on the website (great website these           possible and that is no problem – we can                         in good shape, apart from the gas kiln
days thanks to Duncan), but the main             arrange the programme around various                             which we thrash - it needs a re-line again
features are the introduction of two very        options to suit the student. The bottom                          and there are not many chances to do
different new courses, the Diploma               line is that at the end of the semester the                      that; maybe over the summer.
Course and a “Taster” Course:                    work has to be there to be assessed. If                              The Centre will be open for use right
   The Diploma Course: This has been             you want more information (costs, time-                          through except for Xmas Day and Box-
set up in association with the Otago Poly-       table) get in touch
technic under the direction of Neil Grant        with the Centre;
the Head of the Ceramics Department              we are finalising
there. It is available as a full-time or part-   the finer details
time option and we are very excited              right now and we
about the project. At the time of writing        want enrolments as
the fine details are not available (wait-        early in the New
ing for tutors’ acceptance) but basically        Year as possible,
the student will be required to take one         certainly by the
formal 3 hour lesson per week at the             end of January.
Centre, plus two other sessions at                  The other new
Manukau Tech for Drawing and Art His-            course, from the
tory, and then spend a chunk of time each        Sublimestone to
week, self-directed but with support from        the Fritticulous, is
the Centre staff, working on projects set        a “Play with Clay”
by the tutor. At the end of each semester        taster that will give
there will be an assessment by the tutor         the very casual enquirer a chance to ei-                         ing Day (one-dayer against India at Eden
and Neil Grant together. The course is           ther be hooked into the medium or walk                           Park, see you there) – I’m working on a
flexible in its timetable with the possi-        away without regret. So every Wednes-                            brick piece and Duncan is around. Ring
                                                                                                                  first just in case. And of course there is
                                                                                                                  the Jeff Oestreich school on the 4th and
 CLAYS                                             See the LARGEST range of KILNS available:
                                                   pottery or china painting – electric – gas – fullfibre
                                                                                                                  5th of January.
                                                                                                                      The Big Clay Day Out (reviewed else-
 GLAZES                                             All with our 12 months unconditional guarantee
                                                                                                                  where) Thank You List. Every year we
 CHEMICALS                                          THE ELECTRIC FURNACE                                          say things like “Thanks to all who helped
                                                                                                                  – you know who you are” but that is a
 STONEWARE STAIN                                        COMPANY LTD.
                                                        COMPANY LTD.                                              cop-out so at the risk of etc etc here’s a
 AND MORE                                                                                                         stab at a list: For the people I miss out –
 Everything for the potter at:                     73 Wiri Station Rd, Manukau City                               you know who you are.
                                                                                                                      Tea and Coffee: Priscilla, Lois, Adele
 CCG INDUSTRIES LTD                                  PO Box 76-162 Manukau City
                                                                                                                  and the Sponge Queens, flat out all day.
   33 Crowhurst St. Newmarket                            Phone 0-9-263 8026
                                                                                                                  No time for a cuppa.
  Phone 0-9-524 9758 or 0-9-524 8208              Cheapest spare elements with guarantee for any make of kiln.
                                                  Also other spare parts, temperature controls, pyrometers etc.
  MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30 am-5pm                                We manufacture gas burners and blowers.

                                                                                                                                           continued on page 6

continued from page 5
                                                           classified                                                     exhibitions
    Pizza: Vern from Colorado, Brendano
from Pt Chevo, Jenny with her wonder-             All phone numbers in these sections are in                       ‘Briar Gardner - Pioneer Potter ‘ &
ful kumara topping (it’s a great and sur-         the Auckland free-calling area unless an                         ‘Formal Occasions - New Ceramic
                                                  area code is explicitly stated.                                  Work by John Parker and Susannah
prising taste!). Bueno! Bellissimo!                                                                                Bridges’
                                                 For sale:                                                         Opening Friday 6th December @ 6pm
     Music: “The Clay City Rollers”                                                                                Corban Estate Arts Centre
Helen, Tom, Peter and Elizabeth with my          Single phase electric kiln “Teacher Plus” top
                                                 loader, 3 cuft, good order inside, shelves,                       426 Great North Rd, Henderson, Waitakere
favourite songs: “One after Cone 09”,            props etc. Phone Lorraine 4834285                                 City. Exhibitions run from Saturday 7th De-
“Eight Clays a Week” and “Rikki Don’t                                                                              cember 2002 – Sunday 19th January 2003
Lose That Umber”.                                Single phase 3 cuft kiln, old but good con-
    Sausages: Graeme who cuts the mus-           dition, hardly used. One shelf, brick interior.
tard and Jill who knows her onions or
vice versa.
    Tickets: Lex the Unroller and Tui the
                                                 $600 Phone Elaine 5354115 or 0274837306

                                                  Venco de-airing pugmill, 3" excellent condi-
                                                 tion. Phone Tammie 078569356.
    Auction: Wally the Hammer (he also           Wanted:                                                           In February
worked long hours on the raffle) who al-         Casual work by experienced German potter.                            Soft slab building. Kathryn O’Regan
                                                 She’s done everything from slipcasting to
ways has a lot to offer.                         throwing, decorating, firing. She is here from                    from B.C. Canada, an expert in the mak-
    Sales Desk: Ngaire, Trien, Paddy,            December to February and wants to help                            ing and handling of soft clay slabs, will
Shirley and Duncan and the Rappers and           local potters in return for keep. Contact                         construct and form sculptural pieces out
Recorders. Really flat out, always smil-         Wiebke at                                      of different clay bodies. Her work has
ing, strangely intoxicated by all those          Electricians:                                                     featured on the cover of Ceramics Tech-
$20 notes, standing there with their hand        Electricall Ltd are experienced in kiln installa-                 nical 2001 (No 12) with an article in-
in a bag of money.                               tions. They have installed our Centre kilns and                   side. She is on her way to Canberra for a
    Face painting: Sarah and the Facial          do a great job. Phone 6365031                                     residency and she’ll be holding this one-
Expressionists team. She wanted to turn          Situation Vacant:
                                                                                                                   day school at the Centre on February
John Banks into a clown but left it a bit                                                                          23rd, 10am - 4pm. Fee: $35. Shared
                                                 The new Diploma Course will be employing
late and he did it himself. One kid              experienced potters to teach courses of 8 to                      lunch. Morning and afternoon tea pro-
wanted her to do a Red Indian – she’d            10 weeks during 2003. We are asking for                           vided. This will really suit the large num-
never done one, but she managed to put           expressions of interest from our members re-                      ber of hand-builders among our mem-
on a brave face.                                 lating to these positions. Please send a short                    bers. But please book by the end of Janu-
    Slippery Dip: Great going Laura. Pay         resume of your professional experience to                         ary.
                                                 the ASP Centre, Box 13195, Onehunga by
a dollar, stick your hand into a vat of          January 6th. We intend to make each term a
goo, win a 50c can of drink. Fair enough.        complete module specialising in the area of
    Have-a-Go: Aylex and the herring-            interest of the appointed tutors..
bone wheel layout, keeping 4 wheels
spinning and making many parents
happy with having to take home a lump             STOP PRESS
of wet clay with a hole in the middle.               The Big Clay Day Out finances
Gavin helped with the little treasures too.       have just been added up and it looks
    Raku: Marion, Elena, Judy, Sanae and          like a healthy $6,000 + profit to the
all the Hellfirers – all that hard work and           .
                                                  ASP Sales of pots more than doubled
being fired at the end. And then they             to $12,000, Auction a healthy $2,600.
went and reduced all the pots.
    Beer and wine: Chris with his own
cocktail: a “Rachel”. Recipe: stir to a
frenzy and then ignore. Nathan did a                                      WAIKATO                                        CERAMICS
shift too.                                                               Ph:07 856 8890 Fa x:07 856 889 2 sale s@po tter ysup plies.
    Photography: Duncan shutter-                   C o m plete pot te rs s upplie s. M anufac ture r and D is tribu to r of—
                                                                                                                                     Try ou r RAD OS? a suspending
buggered all day.                                  K I W I U N D E R G L AZ E -liq uid ce ra mi c c o lo u r.                  and hardening age nt for glaze and
    Behind this whole extravaganza was             K IW I M AJ O L I C A– re a dy to pa in t liq ui d g la zes                 slip. Ask for a Sample whe n you next
the constant and reliable presence of                                                                                          place your order, or pick one up when
                                                                                                                                   you pa ss th is way
Trien who did all the back-room stuff
both before and after the day and we owe
her a big extra thankyou.                                                                                                                                     Ed
    So .... after all that have a good Christ-
mas and happy New Year. See you in
2003                                                 194 MORRINSVILLE RD RD4                                    HAMILTON                NZ
                                                     WE HAVE MOVED TO NEW PREMISES Out in t he countr y, only 2 km off SH1


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