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Colds & Flu                                                     effective stress management is crucial in
                                                                preventing colds and flu. Studies have also
                                                                shown that positive social interactions help
         At this time of year, you may find yourself            boost immune function, so don’t isolate
stuck in bed with the aches and pains of a cold or              yourself during times of stress – spend time with
flu. While there are many reasons why colds and                 friends or family.
flu are more common during the winter months,              3.   Nutrition: Nutrient deficiency has long been
that doesn’t mean you have to feel miserable                    known as a major cause of a depressed
every winter! This newsletter will give you tips on             immune system. It is now becoming more
how you and your family can prevent getting sick                apparent that over-consumption of sugar also
and also how to speed up recovery if you do                     inhibits proper immune function. Eating sugars,
catch a cold or flu.                                            syrups, honey, pop, fruit juice, alcohol, or
                            To stay healthy it’s                refined flours (bagels, bread, pasta, white rice,
                            important to have a                 pastries) significantly reduces the ability of
                            properly         functioning        white blood cells to kill bacteria and viruses. So
                            immune system. What is              if you are sick, or want to prevent catching a
                            the immune system?                  cold, stay away from sugar! In addition, it is
                            Basically, it’s a collection        important to eat a nutrient-dense diet
                            of many different types             consisting of plenty of vegetables (6-8 servings
                            of    cells     that    work        per day) and fruits (2-3 servings per day) to
together to fight infection. If your immune system is           provide your body with immune-supporting
weak, you will suffer from frequent colds (more                 nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc. Eating
than 2 per year), chronic infections (such as fungal            enough healthy protein (lean chicken, turkey,
or yeast infections), sore or swollen lymph nodes,              beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, tofu) is also essential
frequent cold sores, poor wound healing, or an                  to build strong immunity.
infection that lingers for weeks without completely        4.   Digestive Health: The
clearing up.                                                    digestive tract is one of
         Many different factors influence how well              the      most     important
your immune system functions:                                   organs in the defense
1. Sleep: At least 8 hours of good quality sleep                against infections. 70-
     per night is essential to maintain healthy                 90% of our immune cells
     immunity. During sleep your body devotes its               circulate through the digestive tract; therefore
     energy to repairing and rejuvenating. There                maintaining healthy digestion and a proper
     are many scientific studies indicating that sleep          intestinal balance of healthy bacteria is yet
     improves immune function. During sleep                     another way to improve your immune system.
     deprivation, the immune system can become             5.   Environment: Poor air quality from pollution,
     weak (causing increased susceptibility to                  smoking, dust, mold, and household sprays
     infection), or become over-active (causing                 (such as air fresheners) stresses the immune
     allergic reactions).                                       system and increases its workload. Since the
2. Stress: Many people don’t realize that your                  immune system’s job is to protect you from
     thoughts and emotions have an impact on                    foreign invaders, it may identify these sources
     your immune system. The hormones that are                  of air pollution as the enemy. The more of your
     released when you feel stressed, including                 immune “soldiers” that are working to protect
     adrenalin and cortisol, directly suppress the              you from molds and other air pollutants, the
     immune system. The level of immune                         less “soldiers” you’ve got left to fight bacterial
     suppression is usually proportional to the level           or viral infections.
     of stress experienced; the greater the stress,        6.   Physical Activity: Being active increases
     the weaker your immune system. Therefore,                  your      circulation   and      enhances      the
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   transportation of immune cells around your                  If you do get sick, what should you do?
   body. Exercise is also a great stress reliever, so it
   improves immunity by helping you to relax and           1. Rest: Stay home from
   get better sleep.                                          work and get plenty of
7. Medications: Some medications, such as                     sleep.
   antibiotics, may impair the immune system. If           2. Nutrition: Eat simple
   you need to take these medicines, it is                    foods like soups that
   important to take extra measures to support                provide fluids, nutrients
   the immune system.                                         and protein. Stay away
                                                              from large meals, sugar
                                                              and alcohol. Eat plenty of
More on Stress…                                               garlic,    which     boosts
        Stress does indeed affect the immune                  immune function and is anti-bacterial.
system in powerful ways. Unremitting long-term             3. Fluids: Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.
stress suppresses the immune system leaving you               Stay away from fruit juices and pop because
more susceptible to getting sick. This can develop            they contain high amounts of sugar.
into a vicious cycle since research shows that the         4. Stay warm : Your body uses high temperature
immune systems of the elderly or those already                (fever) to kill invading bacteria and viruses.
sick are more subject to stress-related changes.              Help your body stay warm by bundling up,
                                       So how can             taking warm baths or showers, and warm fluids
                                    you      decrease         (teas and soups). Another great way to
                                    the stress in your        strengthen your body’s defences is by using an
                                    life? Learn how           infrared sauna.
                                    to manage it!
                                                 Stress          Your naturopathic doctor offers
                                    management is            individualized treatments to speed your
                                    a huge topic in           recovery and prevent future infections.
                                    itself, but here is
brief summary of a few stress-relieving techniques:               Remember that it’s the strength of your
laughter, regular exercise, sleep, meditation,             immune system that determines whether or not
positive attitude, talking to someone (a friend or a       you get sick, not only what bugs you’re exposed
health professional), healthy eating, good time            to. We are exposed to bacteria and viruses on a
management, and learning to say “no!”                      daily basis! A properly functioning immune system
Naturopathic medicine offers many stress-relieving         is able to ward off infection regardless of how
treatments such as emotional counselling,                  many family members or people at work are sick.
acupuncture, nutritional support and herbal                Taking a holistic look at your physical, mental and
medicines that promote relaxation.                         emotional health is essential in building healthy
                                                           immunity and keeping you feel great!
       Of course it is best to bolster your immune
  system to prevent getting sick in the first place,        Prescription for a healthy immune system:
  but what should you do if you do come down                      1. Sleep
  with a nasty cold or flu? See your naturopathic                 2. Relax
  doctor! Most people believe there is no cure for                3. Eat nutritious foods
  the common cold or flu, and that’s absolutely                   4. Maintain good digestive health
  not true! While antibiotics are generally not                   5. Breathe clean air
  effective for colds and flu, there are many                     6. Keep active
  natural treatments that decrease the duration                   7. Be aware of the immunosuppressive
  and         severity         of         infections.                effects of some medications

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