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					The Klondike Sun
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 online edition                                                                             VOL. 21 NO. 19 $1.25

Christmas in Dawson a True Community Affair
                                                                                                                                         Photos: Josée Bonhomme

A wonderful feast was laid out for the entire community to
share. All the trimmings were there, ham, turkey, stuffing,
salads, vegetables and bannock. Volunteers cooked the turkeys    The Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in’s Community Hall was full of revelers in holiday goodwill. The mural
all over town, Angela Rear helped with the details, and it was   in the background is a scene from traditional village life TH-style at Moosehide, on the banks
a fantastic meal, accompanied by music and carol singing.        of the Yukon River, source of traditional food and the major highway before roads were built.

Many TH Citizens honoured for Service                                                          Ryan & Wood Honoured as Yukon Metals
  The Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in            Employee of the Year was        The Elder of the Year award shine at Mineral Exploration Roundup
Community Awards were            shared by Tim Gerberding and    was given to Julia Morberg,     Whitehorse (January 18, 2010) – Yukon’s metals potential is
handed out at the First          James MacDonald, who has        with honourable mentions      taking the spotlight at the annual Mineral Exploration Roundup.
Nation's traditional community   since moved on to Whitehorse    to Percy Henry and Victor       “Yukon continues to achieve significant recognition by Can-
Christmas Dinner open to all     as Executive Director of the    Henry.                        ada’s mineral sector, despite the global economic challenges
citizens.                        Ta'an Kwӓch'ӓn.                   Allison Anderson was        facing the mineral industry,” Premier Dennis Fentie said. “Our
  Volunteer of the Year went       The Youth Award went                                        commitment to Yukon’s mining industry is yielding results.”
                                                                 recognized again as the Citizen
to Victor Henry, with Karen      to Allison Anderson, with       of the Year, with honourable  Hosted each year by the Association for Mineral Exploration Brit-
Farr and Kevin Mendelsohn        honourable mentions to Tanner   mention given to Peggy        ish Columbia (AMEBC), Roundup brings together organizations
as runners-up.                   Sidney and Tyler Rear.          Kormendy and Angela           and people representing all components of the global mineral
                                                                    Rear.                      exploration and mining sector.
                                                                                                 This year, Yukon received special recognition by the AMEBC
            IN THIS ISSUE (24 pages!):                                   More photos on p. 2 with two significant awards.
1 - TH Awards / Ryanwood          12-16 - TV Guide deleted                                           Yukoner Shawn Ryan has been selected as the recipient of
    Exploration honoured          17 - 20 Years Ago in the                                         the H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award for excellence in prospecting
2 - Page 1 items concluded        Sun                                                              and mineral exploration. Ryan’s pioneering exploration work
3 - Competing projects            18 - W. Ogilvie #2                                               in the Dawson Range led to increased industry interest in the
4 - Uffish: Too Much              19 - Reading Recovery /
   Time/Nemo’s Notions            Blackout / Social Justice                                        White Gold District. Over 8,000 claims were staked in the
5 - Letter from J. Robb /         Films at Danoja Zho                                              district last year with more than a dozen companies actively
Town Calendar of Events           20 - Authors on 8th -                                            working in the area.
6 - Fulda Follies                 Thompson                                                           Accepting the award Ryan, as always, said that it belonged
7 - Double Bob Fun                21 - Bookends: Cabin Fever              (867) 993-5486           equally to this wife, Kathy Wood, the other half of Ryan-
8 - Chamber Awards / No             / More Comics Page                Monday-Friday: 11 am-6 pm wood.
Foul Play suspected               22 - Obituaries / Truck is            Saturday: 10 am-6 pm         In addition, Stephen Quin and Bruce McLeod of Capstone
9 - A New Gold Rush: Un-          Free / Students: Don’t                Sundays: 12 Noon-4 pm      Resources are being recognized for their achievements in
derworld Story gets better        Worry About Deadlines                                            developing the Minto Mine with the E.A. Scholz Award for
10 - Parvovirus False Alarm       23 - Classifieds, Jobs, Busi-                                    excellence in mine development. Capstone Mining Corporation
 / Raven Poem                     ness Directory & Quickies
11 - News Canada                  24 - City of Dawson News                                         continues to exceed production expectations and has recently
HealthTips / Library Notes        & Notices                                                                                                     Cont’d on p. 2
page 2   THE KLONDIKE SUN                                                                        Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yukon Minerals Shine in Vancouver                                                                        Photo: Dan Davidson

Cont’d from p. 2
                            announced an expansion in
                            reserves which will extend the
                            mine’s life.
                               “I am pleased to congratulate
                            Yukon’s AMEBC award recipi-
                            ents,” Energy, Mines and Re-
                            sources Minister Archie Lang
                            said. “Spanning exploration and
                            development, this recognition
                            highlights the success of the
                            Yukon government’s compre-
                            hensive approach to support-
                            ing growth in Yukon’s mineral
                               Departmental representa-
                            tives from Energy, Mines and
                            Resources and Economic De-
                            velopment will attend Roundup
                            to promote Yukon’s mineral po-
                            tential and provide information
                            on Yukon’s management of the          Shawn and Cathy Ryan at the Underworld reception
                            territory’s mineral resources.
                                                                        at the Oddfellows’ Hall last October.

                                                                                     Photos: Dan Davidson & Josée Bonhomme

                                                               Julia Morberg (left) and
                                                               Allison Anderson (right)

                                                                          Gerberding       Music by the Hän Singers, Simon
                                                                          (left) and   Crelli, Peter Menzies, James Roberts,
                                                                          Victor Henry                     and Wilbur Kendi

                             The Hӓn Singers carolled away in the Hӓn Language
 Wednesday, January 27, 2010                                                                                                                          THE KLONDIKE SUN        page 3

YESAB Must Assess
Competing Projects
by Dan Davidson                        the road, mine those gravels and        gravel pit site and the other be-
    Definition of a conundrum:         wind up the work on that site,          low the residential subdivision
competing uses for the same piece      based on a scenario developed by        called Pierre Berton Drive. The
of land.                               the Careys, but backed out of the       latter site is not, according to the
    The Dawson Designated Of-          project when he found the regula-       Careys, part of their current ap-
                                                                                                                      Mining, Housing? The snowbound site off Dome Road
fice of the Yukon Environmental        tory process would take too long        plication, though it does contain
and Socio-Economic Assessment          for his timetable.                      placer claims.
Board was host to just such a              At that time, it was thought that       These claims were all outside
thorny beast on Monday, Janu-          a couple of summer seasons would        the boundaries of the town when
ary 19, when simultaneous open         dispose of the gold potential on        they were staked and were grand-
houses were called to solicit          the claims. Carey now believes it       fathered when the boundary was             In-Store                                Tel:
comments on two projects that          will take longer than that, and so      expanded by the Municipal Board         Specials &                                 993-6567
would like to make use of the old      has applied for a ten-year project      in the early 1990s.                    Fresh Coffee                                Fax:
Dawson Dome Gravel Pit.                approval.                                   The issue for the YESAB              every day!                                993-5973
    Project number 2009-0200 is a          It is no surprise that both YTG     would seem to be which set of
proposal from YTG Community            Community Services and the              rights trumps which. Is the need
Services to develop 14 residen-        City of Dawson (according to the        for the town to plan and expand
                                                                                                                      European cheeses and Organic foods
tial lots as a subdivision on the      November 2009 project summary           predominant, this giving the high                    Our Specialties
Dome Road at kilometre 1.2 from        document) object to a plan that         cards to surface rights, or should
the junction with the Klondike         would halt residential develop-         the placer miner’s subsurface                        IN A RUSH? IN A HURRY?
Highway.                               ment for this long. The town has        rights prevail.                            Check out our Deli with ALL KINDS of great snacks!
    This site has been selected        been complaining of a shortage of           While the YESAB office will         Pizza by the slice, gourmet sandwiches and dessert goodies
after some four years of requests      residential lots for nearly two de-     have to consider each project as an
from the City of Dawson for the        cades and, barring a bridge to give     individual proposal, there doesn’t
development of new residential         it access to suitable land in West      seem to be any way to avoid the
lots. Indeed, during the last three    Dawson, has nowhere to grow but         overlap between the proponents’
years the Steins council regu-         down the valley (the Dredge Pond        desires.
larly bemoaned the government’s        Subdivision) and up the Dome                The deadline for comments                      Winter Hours
tortoise-like progress on this file,   where subdivisions named after          on the subdivision project is Feb.
for which discussions began dur-       Robert Service, Jack London and         8, with the Slinky Mine deadline          Mon to Fri: 8:30 am ~ 7:00 pm
ing the trusteeship.                   Pierre Berton were established in       three days later. The Dawson of-           Saturday: 9:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
    Community Services wants to        the early 1990s.                        fice has 14 days after each dead-
begin preparation of the lots and          Anyone looking at the Carey         line to make a recommendation               Closed Sundays & Holidays
necessary infrastructure in the        proposal may be misled by the           based on the hard data and other
spring or fall of 2010.                public notice document, which           input received. After that the ter-    Party Platters for all occasions ~10 different kinds
    The 17.9 hectare site had          identifies two different areas          ritorial government has 30 days to                  Custom orders ~ just call!
previously been a government           where claims exist, one at the          make a final decision.
gravel pit and, this is where it
gets complicated, has more re-
cently been an operating placer
mine for nearly two decades. It
has been owned by Darrell Carey
since 1998.
    The second project, number
2009-0125, is Mr. Carey’s ap-
plication to continue mining the
19 placer claims he holds on an
annual basis between April and
October for the next ten years.
His operation is called the Slinky
    While work at the claims has
been minimal for the last several
years, the Careys have always
known the property to be worth
developing. Rising gold prices
and the discovery, last summer,
that some of previously worked
gravels were yielding a good
return have made the Careys
anxious to begin working the
claims again.
    Until last summer the only
public discussion about those
claims concerned the unmined
prime land that lies under the
Dome Road. Acting on behalf of
the Careys, miner Stuart Schmidt
brought forward a plan to replace
    OpiniOns in the Sun
page 4      THE KLONDIKE SUN                                                                                                                                    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Uffish Thoughts: Too Much Time on My Hands
by Dan Davidson                             I pick up the occasional American      to you as a result of taking this   until you read it and see that half   the life span of the children you
                                            magazine for specific articles I       drug which is supposed to help      of the text is also warnings about    may have later.
   Time magazine is bugging me              want to read, I don’t really need      ease your depression.               side-effects.                            If it weren’t that we already
about my subscription. It will run          one that seems to be turning into         Basically, if you don’t happen      By the way, the really bad         have the problem of Fetal Alcohol
out in April but, in typical Time           an only slightly more intelligent      to be one of the people for whom    news in Time’s recent edition had     Syndrome to worry about, that
fashion, they’ve been sending               version of its sister magazine,        this drug works properly, it will   to do with a new science called       news might be enough to drive
me renewal notices since last               People.                                either make your symptoms           epigenetics, which postulates,        some people to drink, never mind
fall. There just doesn’t seem to                It’s not just that, though. Even   worse, or create some tangential,   among other things, that if you       the pills.
be any way to tell them to give             without the reduction in Canadian      possibly fatal, medical condition   started smoking before puberty
up. I’ve already decided not to             content and a worldview that only      that will certainly take your       you have automatically shortened      Nemo’s Notions:
renew again.                                deals with those parts of the world    mind off your original
   I’ve had a Time magazine                 where America has an interest,         depression.
subscription since 1969, so this is         leafing through Time is just              Sixteen pages in there’s
certainly a break with household            getting to be too depressing. This     an ad for people who might
tradition, but the world is                 is largely because the advertising     be having trouble breathing,
changing, and the magazine has              people seem to have taken over         followed by another page of
certainly changed, and it just              the magazine in recent months.         mouse-print about all the
doesn’t seem to be a requirement                Page after page is now devoted     potential adverse side effects
any longer.                                 to promoting pills and drugs           of this drug - which include
   They’ve offered me two sets              to make your life better or, at        not breathing at all.
of reduced rates, a tote bag, an            least, less depressing. Some of           Then, just in case you’re
electronic address book (how                these are marked as advertising        super -depressed after reading
absolutely 1980s is that?), a clock/        supplements and run on for             the rest of the magazine, the
thermometer (got it last time) and          several pages. Others simply           final two pages of this issue
a travel alarm clock, as well as            ambush you without warning.            are taken up by an ad for
access to their digital archives.               Take the most recent issue.        a drug that appears to be a
They’re not quite desperate                 Once past the cover the first          booster for the drug at the
enough to start giving away                 thing you encounter is not a           front of the magazine. It
cellphones or web-dedicated                 table of contents but six pages of     runs with the slogan “if an
notebook computers, but that day            advertising for a drug to counter      antidepressant isn’t enough”.
will probably come.                         bipolar depression. There’s a two-     This time the mouse-print
   I made the decision not to renew         page section of normal-looking         with all the warnings comes
last year when they announced               advertising copy followed by four      first and is followed by the
that they were phasing out their            pages of mouse-print about all         back cover which looks like
Canadian content section. While             the bad things that could happen       fairly normal advertising

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  Wednesday, January 27, 2010                                                                                        THE KLONDIKE SUN   page 5

LetteR                                    It is also distressing to me that     But to call everyone in the

to the Sun
                                       this writer uses off-the-record and    “Colourful Five Per Cent” an
                                       confidential information offered to    eccentric or misfit is just not ac-
                                       her for background information,        curate.
                                       not publication.
                                          Also, there are some statements       The writer who interviewed me
Current “Up Here”                      she makes that need to be cor-         said she was going to let me check
                                       rected.                                this article before it came out, but
Magazine Did Us                           For instance, I have received       that did not happen.
Yukoners Wrong                         $10,000 for some extra-large
                                       paintings, but I more typically get    P.S. The writer also mentioned in
   The story by Katharine Sandiford    $5,000 for a painting.                 the front of the magazine that I
in the January-February edition of        Furthermore, the disposition of     am “the Klondike’s most popular
Up Here magazine is wrong in the       my artifacts is well taken care of.    artist.” I think that title should
way it describes the people I call        And, finally, my good friend        go to my good friend Halin de
the “Colourful Five Per Cent.”         Larry (Cowboy) Smith is very           Repentigny, of Dawson City, who
   I have always respected the in-     much alive, and out there trapping.    has done more work there, through
teresting personalities I photograph   This writer makes it sound like he     the years.
and paint. It really upsets me when    is a goner.
this writer describes them as all         Personally, I really don’t mind     Jim Robb
being eccentrics and misfits. Those    being called a misfit or an eccen-     Whitehorse, Yukon and
are not my words.                      tric, though I think the personal      formerly of Dawson City
   I regard most of the people         details about me could have been
mentioned and shown in the story       left out.
as just interesting and colourful
personalities. To put a single label
on them, as this writer does, is not                                                    Just a
justified.                                                                              reminder:
   Certainly, in any group of people                                                    The highway
of any size, there are bound to be
some eccentrics. But to call the
                                                                                        can be tricky.
people who make up the “Colour-                                                         Be careful
ful Five Per Cent” eccentrics,                                                          when
misfits, etc., is uncalled for, and                                                     travelling!
definitely not accurate.

 This free public service helps our readers find their way through the many activities all over town.
 Any small happening may need preparation and planning, so let us know in good time!
 Dӓnojà Zho Cultural Centre - Mondays thru Feb. 15, doors 6:30, films start at 7:00 - Beyond the
 Ice Cube Film Series - see story on p. 19.
 Dawson Curling Club: 111th International Bonspiel on Feb. 5-7, $160/team, register by Feb. 3 -
 Banquet, dancing and casino! To register, Connie 993-6066, Akio 993-5398, or Club at 993-6262.
 Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC) - Odd Gallery: Colin Lyons, Fitzgerald Rig thru
 Feb. 26, gallery open Mon-Fri 11 am-5 pm, Sat noon-5. Artist in Residence to Jan. 30 is Ken Gregory
 (Winnipeg) and Feb. 1 - Mar. 1 is Colin Skrapek (Saskatoon). 48-Hour Film Competition on Jan.
 29-31, screenings on the 31st at 7:30 pm. The Silicone Diaries (a play) Feb. 2. Act Up! Tues. 7-9 pm
 in Ballroom; Confluence Gallery Art Blog, submit your art! Monthly theme (Feb.) QUIET (Mar.)
 LOUD - go to Darkroom Club on Jan 28, $5 bi-weekly. Call 993-
 5005 for info, or go to Event tickets available at Maximilian’s.
 Constellation Franco-Dawson - Wine & Cheese/Dégustation de vins et fromages chez Maxime, le
 28 janvier, 17 h 30 (5:30 pm) end of Prospector Rd, Dredge Pond Subd., Info: 993-4420. Watch for
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 Bantam Hockey Tournament - Feb. 19-21 at the Arena. Info: 993-2353.
 Klondike Active Trails & Transportation Sty - Gear Swap on Jan. 30, noon-2 pm at St. Mary’s
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 Yukon Quest Dawson Layover - Feb. 9-13, volunteers needed for food concession (Percy de Wolfe
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 Dawson City Museum - Classic Movie Night on Wednesdays at 7 pm, Jan. 13: The Thin Man
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 Dawson City Community Library - Berton House Writer-in-Residence Mylène Gilbert-Dumas’
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 St. Paul’s Anglican Church - Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, Feb. 16. Donations to Haiti Relief.
                                         in OUR community
page 6     THE KLONDIKE SUN                                                                                                                                 Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fulda Follies in Dawson
                                         work out. It was -49.5° C when
Story & Photos
                                         they passed Ogilvie Camp on
by Dan Davidson
Day 1: Fulda Contestants                    The day was not, however, a
Brave Dawson’s Chill                        “As you can imagine the land-
    After the -40° C drive to            scape and the views are just in-
Dawson City on Monday, January           credible up here. It was just gor-
11, the mere -30° C of Tuesday           geous. Everybody enjoyed it.”
must have seemed a relief for the           In terms of advertising, it’s just
participants in the 2010 Fulda           what the tire manufacturer and
Challenge.                               the makers of the VW and Chev
    The first event of the day was       SUVs might have asked for.
held out front of the Jack London           “It’s a real test for people and of
Cabin on 8th Avenue where a              course for materials, for the cars
parked VW SUV waited to have             and for the tires. To drive up in
its tire changed by 10 of the            that temperature is real tough for
contestants.                             the material.”
    While they were assisted by the         On Wednesday night the group’s
fact that the tire had already been      camping gear was also due for a
removed from the wheel, and the          workout. While they stayed in
SUV had already been jacked up,          hotel rooms in Dawson, the con-
there were other complications.          testants spent the night at Eagle
The spare was on a sledge at the         Plains in what Bergold said were
corner of Firth St. and 6th Avenue       first rate winter tents and sleeping
along with three other tires. The        bags.
whole load had to be hauled by              “We have good gear - and we’re
one person up the slight hill to the     hoping for Northern Lights.”
corner of Firth and 8th to where the        Back in Dawson on Thursday,
SUV was parked.                          the group will have a meal in the
    The hill was either somewhat         Lounge at the Westminster Ho-
slippery footing, in areas that hadn’t   tel and then head out to the ice
been sanded, or hard hauling, in         bridge, where some sort of skat-
areas that had been sanded.              ing event will take place around
    The afternoon events included        8:30 that night. Bergold isn’t sure
a skidoo race with the media at          just what that will be yet as it will
Dredge #4, a visit to the Dawson         depend on the weather.
City Museum and a reception at              This was the event that was
Klondike Nugget and Ivory, which         actually supposed to have taken
is always a popular stop with our        place on Tuesday, but they had
European visitors.                       forgotten the knee and elbow
                                         pad safety equipment in White-
Day 2: Fulda Teams Pull                  horse, and so they substituted the
                                         tire hauling and changing event,
Cars Instead of Run-                     which was originally scheduled
ning                                     for Thursday.
   Things didn’t go quite as planned
for the Fulda Challenge group on         Day 3: Fulda Logs Off in
Wednesday, Jan. 13. Early in the         Dawson City
morning they left Dawson for
Eagle Plains, at kilometre 371 on           The Fulda Challenge teams
the Dempster Highway, planning           travelled from Eagle Plains Lodge
to have the teams run a half mara-       to Dawson on Thursday, Jan. 14,
thon after they arrived.                 making some of the journey in            Photo captions (clockwise from the top)   * Fulda folk gather at Jack London Square
                                                                                                                            * Mounting and fastening the ferocious spare tire.
   It didn’t work out quite that         blizzard conditions according to
                                                                                                                            * Westminster celebration - There’s probably no substitute for the
way, as event organizer Holger           Environment Canada’s forecast                                                      allure of the Westminster Lounge as far as many visiting Europeans
Bergold explained from the bar at        for the day.                                                                       are concerned.
the lodge late that night.                  Arriving in Dawson they found                                                   * Yukon Contestant Sierra van der Meer hauls a sledge load of
   “The weather was -40 and our          that it had been snowing lightly                                                   tires up Firth St. to the Jack London Cabin to change a tire on a
                                                                                                                            VW SUV.
race doctors didn’t allow us to          most of the day. Between that and
                                                                                                                            * Log sawing - Organizers for the Fulda Challenge always have
start the event that cold. They said     the roughness of the surface on the                                                to be ready with a “Plan B” in case the planned events can’t be
the lungs would ice up and you           ice bridge there was just no way to                                                held.
would pull muscles and whatnot           hold any sort of skating event in                                                  * Tough sledding - Some found the hill harder than others.
with that cold.”                         the evening, as had been planned.                                                  * Shopping at Klondike Nugget & Ivory - Shopping is a favourite
                                                                                                                            extreme sport amongst the Fulda Challenge folks. Uta Reilly’s
   So instead they substituted a less       After a dinner at the Westmin-
                                                                                                                            Klondike Nugget and Ivory Shop is one of their venues of choice
strenuous event involving pulling        ster Hotel the teams faced the                                                     in which to drop a few euros.
an SUV a short distance.                 challenge of sawing sections from
   “With this you don’t need such        a hefty log just outside the Pink
an endurance.”                           Palace, the scene lit by headlights
   They’re hoping for higher tem-        with breath steaming in the air at       Note: At the end of the competition,
peratures on the drive back to           -21°C.                                   which finished in Whitehorse, the
Dawson Thursday so that they                There followed an evening of          Canadian team of Sierra van der
can find a place somewhere along         celebration at the Westminster and       Meer (at right here) and Land
the route to do some other kind of       the various other bars in town.          Pearson took second place.
challenge.                                  On Friday the convoy returned
   Bergold isn’t sure how that will      to Whitehorse.
                                      in OUR community
  Wednesday, January 27, 2010                            THE KLONDIKE SUN   page 7

Double the Fun at this Year’s
Double Bob
Story & Photos
by Dan Davidson

    This year the Dawson
Community Library Board’s
annual Double Bob celebration was
combined with the Coffee House
group’s monthly event to make an
evening of food, poetry and music.
Between the two events about 36
people turned out in total.
    Held in honour of the two Bobs
whose birthdays fall in January
(Robert Burns - January 25, 1759;
and Robert Service - January 16,
1874), the evening began with Ian
MacDonald’s reading of Burns’
“Address to a Haggis”, which he
then sliced ready for serving.
    It was perhaps the only actual
traditional Scottish dish on the
potluck menu.
    Following the meal there were
three planned readings of poems
by the two Roberts and impromptu
recitations by several other lovers
of verse.
    At the conclusion of the Double
Bob feast of food and verse, the
hall was rearranged slightly to
usher in the January edition of the
monthly coffee house, featuring an
evening of music (about half of it
with a Celtic theme) and verse by
local talent Jesse Cook, Florian
Boulais, Simon Crelli, Christopher
Tom Tom, Dan Davidson, Peter
Menzies, Ian Nyland and Betty
    Admission and the concession
for this part of the evening went
to support the high school band’s
planned trip to California.

Photo captions - clockwise from
top left:

* Cutting the Haggis - Ian
MacDonald cuts the Haggis after
the Address.
* The Scottish look - Ian and Ellen
MacDonald and Chris Collin show
off their Scottish heritage.
* Recitation 1 – Pierre Weber,
Simon Crelli, Karen MacKay,
Molly MacDonald
* Recitation 2 – Joann Vriend,
Ellen MacDonald, Barb Hanulik
and Dan Davidson (photo by Betty
* Jesse Cooke and Christopher
Tom Tom show off how much
Christopher has learned.
* Parading the Haggis.
* Florian Boulais and Simon Crelli
improvise a set of tunes during the
coffee house.
* Celtic tunes - A set of Celtic
fiddle tunes by Ian Nyland, Simon
Crelli and Peter Menzies formed
a musical bridge between the two
page 8    THE KLONDIKE SUN                                                                                                Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chamber Awards finally Presented
Story & Photos               handed out at that time.    Klondike Visitors’ As-
by Dan Davidson              The December meeting        sociation, picked up the
  Chamber of Commerce        of the organization saw     KVA’s award for Cham-
Awards were announced        two award winners pick      ber Member of the Year.
last fall at the group’s     up their plaques, which       The incredibly busy
AGM, but the plaques         were presented by new       Mark Wickham (right),
hadn’t arrived to be         Chamber manager Ev-         of Across the River Con-
                             elyn Pollock.               sulting, was on hand to
                               Gary Parker (below),      receive his award for New
                             executive Director of the   Business of the Year.

                                                                                     Foul Play Not Suspected in
         Afternoons &
                                                                                     Sudden Death in Dawson
                                                                                     Based on a Whitehorse Star article by Justine Davidson
      VOLUNTEERS                                                                     and RCMP Press Releases
       993-5152                                                                        Police have responded to rumours of murder in Dawson City
     Fax: 993-6834                                                                   by assuring residents a recent death in the former territorial                                                              capital was likely accidental.
    STATION ON QUEEN ST.                                                               “While a definitive cause of death has not yet been deter-
     BETWEEN FRONT ST.                                                               mined, preliminary results suggest foul play is not believed to
       & 2ND AVENUE                                                                  be cause of death,” RCMP spokesman Sgt. Don Rogers said on
    Office hours Tuesdays                                                            Jan 7.
       Noon till 2:00 pm
                                                                                       “There has been a number of rumours in regards to this death
            Tune in!
                                                                                     that we would like to put to rest ... and it’s important for the
                                                                                     community to know that they are safe.”
                                                                                       Jeannie King was found dead outside an unoccupied house at
                                                                                     Fifth Avenue and York Street last Saturday.
                                                                                       Since then, the town has been swirling with speculation over
                                                                                     what or who killed the 56-year-old woman.
                                                                                       Her death was reported by another Dawson resident who was
                                                                                     out walking when he spotted King’s body on the empty prop-
                                                                                     erty at 1135 Fifth Ave.
                                                                                       According to Klondike Sun staff member Josée Bonhomme,
                                                                                     the man who found King reported seeing a significant amount
                                                                                     of blood on her body.
                                                                                       “It looks like there was a laceration on the back of the head,
                                                                                     so it looks like it could have been the result of falling,” Yukon
                                                                                     coroner Sharon Hanley told the Whitehorse Star Thursday,
                                                                                     reading from a preliminary autopsy report. The actual cause of
                                                                                     death will have to await the complete autopsy results, including
                                                                                     toxicology results.
                                                                                       Hanley noted it was extremely cold in the hours before King
                                                                                     was found, with temperatures dropping to -35 degrees C.
                                                                                       “For a town this size to be confronted with a person dying
                                                                                     under any circumstance is difficult,” former mayor John Steins
                                                                                     said, “but in this case, where a person appears to have suc-
                                                                                     cumbed to the natural elements is particularly disturbing.
                                                                                       “If you are incapacitated in some sort of a fall, may the gods
                                                                                     be with you.”
                                                                                       Police believe King left a party in the early-morning hours
                                                                                     of Jan 2, but never made it home, according to an RCMP press
                                                                                     release issued Monday.
                                                                                       Alcohol consumption and frigid temperatures were identified
                                                                                     as possible factors in the woman’s death, the release stated.
                                                                                       The Yukon Coroner Service and the M Division RCMP Major
                                                                                     Crimes Unit continue to investigate this sudden death. Anyone
                                                                                     with any information on this incident is asked to contact the
                                                                                     Dawson City RCMP detachment at (867) 993-5555.
                                                                                       See our obituary page for a notice from the family.
  Wednesday, January 27, 2010                                                                                                             THE KLONDIKE SUN      page 9

The New Gold Rush Continues at “White Gold” Project
Press Release                           mineralization was split into four
                                        distinct zones for Golden Saddle.
  UnderWorld’s Initial Resource         The primary mineralized zone is
Estimate at Golden Saddle:              coded as the 110 zone. The 120,
indicated resources of 1,004,570        130 and 140 zones have less con-
oz. at 3.2 grams per tonne gold         tinuity along strike and are slightly
(AU) and inferred resources of          shallower in dip. The 120 zone is
407,413 oz. at 2.5 g/t AU.              modeled intersecting the 110 zone
                                        down-dip, while the other zones
  Underworld Resources Inc. has         are presumed to intersect the 110
released the initial resource esti-     zone at some depth below the cur-
mation for the Golden Saddle and        rent model extents. An overall de-
Arc deposits at the White gold          posit 580 m in strike length and up
property, Yukon. The resource at        to 560 m in down-dip length has
Golden Saddle includes 1,004,570        been defined.
ounces at a grade of 3.2 g/t Au in
an indicated category, with an ad-         The Golden Saddle Deposit
ditional 407,413 ounces of inferred     remains open to expansion along                                  Troubled by a
resources at an average grade of        strike to the northeast, and down
2.5 g/t Au. At the Arc Zone, the
initial resource includes 170,470
                                        dip to the northwest. Strength of
                                        alteration and mineralization in-
ounces at an average grade of 1.2
g/t Au in the inferred category.
                                        creases in intensity to the north-
                                        east. The most northeasterly and
                                                                                                        dependency on
                                        deepest holes completed to-date
  The resource estimates were           include holes WD09-101, which                                  alcohol or drugs?
undertaken by SRK Consulting            intersected 4.86 g/t Au over 23.38
(Canada) Inc and are reported in
accordance with the guidelines
                                        meters and WD09-103 which in-
                                        tersected 5.07 g/t Au over 25.38
                                                                                                       Concerned about
                                        meters. For a complete list of drill
of the Canadian Securities Ad-
ministration National Instrument        hole intercepts and location maps,                              alcohol or drug
43-101. SRK carried out database        please visit www.underworl-
verification, grade shell geometry,                                               abuse by someone
variography, and ordinary krig-
ing exercises. A database with             At Golden Saddle, gold miner-                                   you love?
a total of 13,260 samples from          alization is preferentially hosted
96 drill holes was used for the         within metamorphosed felsic in-
Golden Saddle and Arc areas. The
indicated and inferred mineral re-
                                        trusive units, as well as felsic and
                                        mafic metavolcanic rocks, and
                                                                                        Alcohol and Drug Services offers
sources were classified according
to the CIM definition Standards
                                        is associated with quartz veins,
                                        stockworks, and breccia zones, as
                                                                                       a range of services for youth and adults
for Mineral Resources and Min-          well as pyrite disseminations that                 trying to live a healthy lifestyle.
eral Reserves (December 2005)           form NE striking and moderately
by Marek Nowak, P. Eng, of SRK          NW dipping (+/-50 degrees) tabu-
Consulting a “qualified person” as
defined by NI 43-101.
                                        lar bodies of gold mineralization.
                                        Comprehensive metallurgical test-
                                                                                Services for Adults — Inpatient Treatment Services
                                        ing indicates that a 92% or better
                                                                                We offer nine 28-day inpatient treatment programs a year. These programs deal
   Indicated and inferred resourc-      gold recovery can be expected
                                                                                with the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual effects of addiction and
es were categorized as open pit or      with a conventional plant at Gold-
                                        en Saddle, with 6% to 9% of con-        are tailored to each individual. The 2010 inpatient treatment program
underground utilizing 10 m by 10
                                        tained gold reporting to a gravity      dates are:
m by 10 m blocks at 0.5 g/t Au and
2.0 g/t Au cut-off grades, respec-      concentrator prior to cyanidation               WOMEN                                          MEN
tively, and utilizing a Whittle shell   (previously reported in UW NR #
                                        1, Jan. 5, 2010).
                                                                                    March 21 – April 16                        February 7 – March 5
model. Resources were estimated                                                      May 30 – June 25                            April 25 – May 21
from a total mineral inventory of
                                                                                 September 12 – October 8                      August 1 – August 27
1,480,870 ounces averaging 2.71            At Arc, a total of 15 holes at
g/t Au at the Golden Saddle De-         approximately 100 m by 100 m
                                                                                November 21 – December 17                    October 17 – November 12
posit, and 170,470 ounces aver-         collar spacing and a single wire-       If you think you’d like to attend our treatment program, call us as soon as
aging 1.21 g/t Au at the Arc De-        frame were used to establish the        possible to set up an assessment. Due to limited bed capacity, the sooner you
posit. It should be cautioned that      resource. Gold mineralization is        submit your application for treatment, the better.
the mineral inventory estimates         preferentially hosted within meta-
                                        morphosed sedimentary rocks in
should not be misconstrued as
mineral resources.                      a broad zone ranging from to 10                             Call us at 667-5777
  At Golden Saddle, drill holes
                                        to 30 m in thickness and dipping
                                        34 degrees to the north-northeast.
                                                                                               or 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5777
completed on approximately 50           Mineralization is associated with
m by 50 m collar spacing were
used to establish the resource.
                                        pyrite and arsenopyrite within si-
                                        licified breccia and shear zones.
                                                                                                        We can help.
Wireframes were constructed to          The zone extends from the sur-
enclose mineralized zones with          face, has a strike length of 600 m
composited assays greater than          and extends 230 m down dip, and
0.5 g/t Au. The wireframes are          is still open along strike and down
therefore grade shells guided by        dip.
the geology and modeled on verti-
cal sections with closed polygons.        Underworld is currently plan-
Composited lengths of 3 m and 10        ning an aggressive drill program                                  Alcohol and Drug Services:          We are located at:
m were used to further guide the        for 2010 to further expand the                                    Prevention Services                 6118 Sixth Avenue
width of the wireframe mineral-         Golden Saddle and Arc deposits,                                   Detoxification Services             Sarah Steele Building
ized zones, with the understanding      and to drill test several new re-                                 Outpatient Treatment Services       Whitehorse, YT
that parts of the resource would be     gional targets at the Company’s                                   Inpatient Treatment Services        Y1A 1M9
considered for open pit mining as       extensive land position in the                                    Youth Treatment Services            (867) 667-5777
well as underground mining. The         White Gold District.                                              Community Development     
page 10   THE KLONDIKE SUN                                                                                                                                       Wednesday, January 27, 2010

                     Parvovirus and our false alarm                                                                                                           Where will the Ravens
                                                                                                                                                              all Gather?
                                    was disinfected with a bleach                The damage to the lining of the      sionally, a false negative result can   by Dan Davidson
                                    solution, antibiotics administered        intestine is usually temporary but      occur if the virus has not yet begun
                                    to the sick puppies followed by a         some dogs never seem to fully           to shed in the feces. Sometimes if      Where will the ravens all
                                    quarantine of the Shelter. We also        recover. In addition, because par-      the veterinarian truly suspects that    gather
By Aedes Scheer                     ordered a parvovirus test kit to see      vovirus also affects the immune         it is parvo, these animals need to be   now that the tree tops are
For Humane Society Dawson           if parvo could be isolated from the       system, specifically the production     retested a few days later.              gone?
                                    puppies.                                  of white blood cells that protect           The use of dilute bleach will       Where will they hatch their
   Everyone with a new puppy           The tension eased a bit when           against infection, dogs with the        kill the virus and is an effective      nefarious schemes
soon learns to dread the word       the three puppies fully recovered         virus may develop other diseases.       cleaning agent. Keep all infected or    and plot from midnight to
“parvo”. And over the Christmas     after being sick for only four days.      Secondary bacterial infections          possibly infected animals in strict     dawn?
break that word was on our minds    That’s when we started to doubt           cause further complications and         isolation and prevent transmission
out at the Animal Shelter. Three    that it really had been parvovirus.       often kill the puppy in the end.        of fecal material from one area to
                                                                                                                                                              Where will they watch for the
two month old puppies began to      After running the kit test the result        The parvovirus is shed in the        another. Contact your veterinar-
                                                                                                                                                              dog food bowls
show signs of lethargy, vomiting    showed negative and we breathed           feces typically for two weeks fol-      ian if you have an animal who is
                                                                                                                                                              that are left to feed pooches
and diarrhea.                       a sigh of relief. What might have         lowing infection. However, once         unwell.
   Two of them had been adopted     really happened is unsure but it          the virus is within the environment,
                                                                                                                        For more information on parvo-        How will they plan their
a few days before and one new       appears that the illness experienced      it can remain infective for months.
                                                                              Highly contagious, parvovirus can       virus, contact your veterinarian.       strategic assaults,
owner contacted the staff at the    by the three pups shows that it
                                                                              infect any unvaccinated dog that        You may also refer to the following     distracting the dogs as they’re
Shelter with concerns regarding     wasn’t anything serious.
her new puppy. The puppy had                                                  enters a contaminated area. Owners      websites:                               tied?
been vomiting the previous night    So what is parvo and what can             can track the contaminated feces        - Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.
and in the morning, even water      you do about it?                          on their boots and clothing, putting    org/Canine_parvovirus                   Where will they gather to
wouldn’t stay down.                   Parvovirus in dogs is a highly          unvaccinated dogs at risk. Some         - Merck Veterinary Manual: http://      share their warmth
   The Shelter employee had no-     contagious viral illness that usually     dogs, usually unvaccinated adults,             when the wind blows in from
ticed that the remaining puppy      affects young puppies. It is trans-       do not develop symptoms of parvo-       index.jsp?cfile=htm/bc23301htm.         the north?
at the Shelter didn’t seem right    mitted from one dog to another via        virus; instead, they become carriers                                            Where will they fluff up their
either (she had diarrhea the day    the infected animal’s feces. The          of the disease, shedding infective                                              feathers
before and wasn’t her usual play-   virus destroys the lining of the          feces for a year or more.                   Calling all                         and proclaim their clackering
ful self).                          intestinal tract so that very little or      Fortunately there is a vaccine
                                                                              against parvovirus that should be
                                                                                                                       Soccer Players!                        worth?
   The immediate fear was that      no food or liquid can be absorbed.
these puppies had parvovirus        As a result, the infected dogs may        given to puppies as a series early       (Adults, Kids &                        ‘Twas a memorable sight to see
and appropriate measures were       experience bloody diarrhea, severe        in their lives, and repeated every        their Parents)                        them all there
quickly taken. The entire shelter   vomiting, weight loss, and fever.         year after this. In addition, keeping      Gwen Franks is                       up to their ravenish games.
                                                                              the environment free of feces can
                                                                              deter the spread of parvovirus, as
                                                                                                                         organizing fun                       When I look down that way as
                                                                                                                          tournaments!                        the winter advances
                                           Worried that                       feces can remain infective within                                               the street just won’t seem the
                                            your teen is
                                                                              grounds for several months.                For info, contact:                   same.
                                                                                 A parvovirus test, performed us-         dcminorsoccer                                      Nov. 15-22, 2009
                                         experimenting                        ing a fecal sample, shows the pres-
                                                                              ence of the virus in the feces. Occa-
                                            with drugs?
                                      Concerned about
                                        alcohol or drug
                                     abuse by someone
                                              you love?

        Alcohol and Drug Services offers
       a range of services for youth and adults
           trying to live a healthy lifestyle.                                Quebec Writer In Dawson City
                   Prevention Services                                           Mylène Gilbert-Dumas, current writer-in-residence at the Pierre Berton House, extends a hearty
                                                                              invitation to all Dawsonites to a literary presentation Monday, February 8, 7:00 p.m. at the Dawson
                                                                              Public Library. The topic: Travel Through Time with a Historical Novel.
   Want tips on how to talk to your kids about alcohol
   and drugs? Want to know more about the drugs your teen                        Mylène is no stranger to this genre. She has pub-
   might be exposed to? At Prevention Services, we offer                      lished seven historical novels that have all become
   information and practical ideas for parents and caregivers                 best-sellers in Quebec. Her latest series, Lili Klon-
   on how to keep youth drug free.                                            dike, is set during the Gold Rush.
   While we focus on prevention, we can also help families
                                                                                 She will share her secret recipes that make history
   and friends of those who may have a substance abuse                        come alive. Historical fiction is not only entertaining,
   problem. As well, we have resources on the prevention of                   it also puts flesh on the dates and events that are the
   Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). We work with                       dry bones of history. The meat of historical fiction
   community groups and organizations to help them develop                    consists of sounds and smells, of joys and sorrows, of
   FASD prevention initiatives.                                               conflicts and friendships, of temptations and forbid-
                                                                              den pleasures.
                   Call us at 667-5890 or                                        Using examples from different historical events
                 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5890                                    - the French and Indian wars, the (failed) American
                                                                              invasion of Canada, the adoption of white women by
                      We can help.                                            Indian tribes, and, of course, the Klondike Gold Rush
                                                                              - Mylène will explain how the reader can get a taste
                                                                              of what it was really like by sharing her characters’
                                                                              perceptions of everyday life.
                                                                                 In keeping with the author’s personality and the
                 Alcohol and Drug Services:       We are located at:          audience’s questions, this non-traditional “reading”
                 Prevention Services              Suite 101, 204 Black St.
                 Detoxification Services          Silver Building             will undoubtedly be lively and entertaining.
                 Outpatient Treatment Services    Whitehorse, YT                 Please note that although the author’s books (now
                 Inpatient Treatment Services     Y1A 2M9                     available at the Public Library) are written in French,
                 Youth Treatment Services         (867) 667-5890
                 Community Development  
                                                                              this presentation will be in English.
 Wednesday, January 27, 2010                                                                                                                           THE KLONDIKE SUN       page 11

Five ways to avoid injury                                                      Tips to an ache-free work day
when shoveling snow                                                            (NC)—“Desk jockeys” often pains hap-
                                                                               find aches and pains become pen. Over-
(NC)—Shoveling snow can be a           arm muscles to do the pushing and       more noticeable after long the-counter
pain in more ways than one. These      lifting, while keeping your back
                                                                               days in the office. Whether pain reliev-
tips will help keep your back in       straight.
top shape:                                 • Take a break: If you feel tired
                                                                               it’s a result of sitting for long ers, patches
    • Don’t let the snow pile up: If   or short of breath, stop and take a     periods of time or a tough a n d r u b s
the weather report calls for several   rest. Shake out your arms and legs.     workout last night, dealing can quickly
days of snow, frequent shovelling      Stop shovelling immediately if you      with pain in the workplace help allevi-
will allow you to move smaller         feel chest pain or back pain. If you    can be tough, but there are a t e a c h e s .
amounts of snow at once. It’s far      have back pain that is severe or that   ways to effectively manage With a range
less strenuous in the long run.        persists for more than a day after      it:                                     of prod-
    • Pick the right shovel: Use a     shovelling, see a chiropractor. If
                                                                                   • Move it! Instead of call- ucts avail-
lightweight pusher-type shovel. If     you have chest pain that is severe,
you are using a metal shovel, spray    see a doctor immediately.
                                                                               ing or emailing a colleague, able, prod-
it with Teflon first, so snow won’t    From:                take a walk or simply stand ucts such as
stick to it.                                                                   up for a few shoulder rolls Motrin can
    • P u s h , d o n ’t                                                       and neck tilts.                         target pain at the source for   keyboard that is ergonomi-
throw: Always push                                                                 • Proper posture. Your quick relief.                                cally friendly.
the snow to the side                                                           mom always told you to                      • Hold the phone! Cra-         • Say hello to H2O. Drink-
rather than throw it.                                                          sit up straight, and she was dling the phone with your                  ing water also is a great natu-
That way you avoid
                                                                               right! Posture can make a big shoulders increases the risk              ral detoxifier for the body; it
lifting heavy shov-
elfuls of snow, and
                                                                               difference. Try scooting back for neck prob-lems. Use a                 keeps joints lubricated and
sudden twisting or                                                             in your chair to support your headset or speaker phone to               helps employees in avoid
turning movements.                                                             lower back and even adjust maintain good posture.                       headaches and fatigue.
    • Bend your                                                                your chair or use a foot rest,              • Relax your wrists. En-       For more information and
knees: As with any                                                             so that your feet rest flat.            sure your wrists are in a       tips for wellness at the office,
heavy object, you                                                                  • Manage aches and pains. neutral position to avoid                 visit
need to use your                                                               Whether it’s a headache strain on your muscles and                      From:
                                                                                         Y-HSC09137=ad_WH_ppcrn_KS_prnt.pdf  1  23/12/09 10:54 AM
knees, and leg and
                                                                               or a stiff neck, aches and joints. Try using a mouse or

     You’ve had a successful hunt!
       You’ve told your friends…
              Now tell us!
    Caribou and Moose
    February 10 is the deadline for kill reports for all licenced
    hunters who harvested caribou or moose during the 2009-2010
    hunting season.
    Porcupine Caribou
    All hunters are reminded that this year’s mandatory reporting
    deadline for all Porcupine Caribou harvested in Yukon is
    February 15.
    Wood Bison and Elk
    All hunters need a permit and a seal prior to hunting wood
    bison or elk.
    Report your bison kill within 72 hours of the kill and submit the
    incisor bar within 15 days after the end of the month that you
    killed your bison.
    Report your elk kill and submit the head and hide within 72
    hours of the kill.
    Wolves and Wolverine
    Submit your wolf or wolverine pelts for sealing within 15 days of
    the end of the month in which you killed the animal, or before
    the pelt is sold or transferred.
    Detailed information about compulsory submissions, biological
    samples and kill reports is available in the 2009 – 2010 Yukon
    Hunting Regulations Summary available where hunting
    licences are sold and on the Environment Yukon website.
        Your harvest information is important and helps
            future wildlife management decisions.
page 12   THE KLONDIKE SUN                                                                                                 Wednesday, January 27, 2010

                               Twenty Years Ago in the Sun                                                                                               S







          The Sun celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2009 and we are re-printing some of our front pages as a souvenir of our lively history.
   Back issues will soon be archived on our new website from 1989 to the present. Visit for research.
          This is a great resource for students, writers and historians, and also for prospective tourists with an interest in Dawson City’s life.
        The Sun has obtained funding in late 2009 from the City of Dawson, YTG’s Heritage Branch and the Community Development Fund
                            to conserve and archive the early issues and make them available once again in the public domain.
  Wednesday, January 27, 2010                                                                                                          THE KLONDIKE SUN      page 13

Ogilvie was much respected for his common sense
Story by Josée Bonhomme           Geological Survey as part                  Ogilvie
                                  of their charting work of the      and his crew
This is the second article in     Alaskan coast.                         around the
a four-part series on William        It had been located on Pyra-          hearth in
Ogilvie, OLS, DLS, FRGS*          mid Island, although Ogilvie     Boundary. We
who was called upon to hold       could not find any sign of it.         don’t know
various offices in the Yukon      He adopted the summit of the     how they built
before, during and after the      island as his starting point in     the masonry
Gold Rush.                        1887.                                 stove. They
                                     When the position of the             may have
   Ogilvie developed a repu-      boundary line was tested at            found clay
tation amongst enterprising       the Boundary on the Yukon                 near the
miners as a fair, bright, ami-    in 1889 by the U.S. govern-             camp. We
cable and reliable representa-    ment, the line was accepted. It        don’t think
tive of the far-removed central   remained in force for 20 years.      they packed
government in Ottawa.             In 1908, when more accurate         cement over
   They especially trusted his    instruments were used by            the Chilkoot
use of common sense, and his      members of the official survey               Pass.
creative approach to problem-     commission for both coun-
solving. He had made surveys      tries, the line “was found to be
of mining claims near the         only a few score yards from               On long
Alaska-Yukon border in 1895       where it ought to be,” accord-      expeditions,
(Fortymile camp), and was         ing to Ogilvie.                    they lived off
familiar with the laws.              The return route to civiliza-      the country
   Ogilvie enjoyed the respect    tion by canoe in the summer      like the locals
he was due because his 1887       of 1888 was via the Tatonduk          would have
and 1895 surveys were ac-         River, Lapierre House (an              done. This
complished with rudimentary       old Hudson Bay post/relay),            was half of
instruments and proved rela-      McDougall Pass east of Old       one day’s har-
tively accurate in establishing   Crow, down the Rat River              vest during
the Yukon-Alaska boundary,        to Fort MacPherson and the            the caribou
agreed to in a treaty between     Mackenzie River.                       migration.
the Russians and the British as      The crew then paddled             They would
the 141st Meridian.               upstream to Lake Athabasca,      not starve that
   The total distance traveled,   the trailhead to Edmonton, a     winter (1895).
while surveying to locate the     distance of over 2,000 miles or
international boundary at the     3,200 km. Even in those days, ary’s location as accurately as      ity, and sovereignty.                “They are migratory, travel-
Yukon River, 25 miles past        this was considered a respect-   possible.                            In his book, Early Days on     ing in vast herds, in numbers
Fortymile, from the starting      able feat.                          The small crew of seven,       the Yukon and the Story of its    uncountable. In fall they travel
point at Pyramid Harbor near         During the winters of 1887- including his sons Morley and       Gold Finds (Ottawa, 1912,         south, and in spring north.
todayès Haines, Alaska, was       88 and 1895-96, Ogilvie made Paul, worked at clearing the          now reprinted by Wolf Creek          “The range they travel over
1,100 kilometres or 687 miles.    several astronomical obser-      boundary line north and south     Classics), Ogilvie relates this   is wide, and when they hap-
   The nearest accurately         vations in a small, unheated     of the river in 1895, through     story about the Fortymile cari-   pen to strike near an Indian
positioned and coordinated        observatory near the Yukon       the new gold fields, installing   bou herd crossing the river at    encampment, there is plenty
monument was set by the U.S.      River, to determine the bound- several monuments for poster-       his Boundary observatory:         and contentment for a man and
                                                                                                        “They are magnificent          dog, but when, as is often the
                                                                                                     swimmers, and could breast        case, they are scores of miles
                                                                                                     current against which two men     away, there is starvation and
                                                                                                     in one of our light canoes,       misery for all.”
                                                                                                     empty, could not make head-          Part of Ogilvie’s work was
                                                                                                     way.                              to photograph the landscape
                                                                                                        “They were migrating           from high points included
                                                                                                     southwards at the time, and       in his survey (triangulation
                                                                                                     remained in thousands around      points).
                                                                                                     our camp for more than a             The photographic glass
                                                                                                     week.                             plates, along with Ogilvie’s
                                                                                                        “Our houses were objects       and others’ measured or calcu-
                                                                                                     of great curiosity to them, and   lated distances and plans, were
                                                                                                     numbers of them would swim        later used by mappers and
                                                                                                     over, approach the buildings      geographers in Ottawa. That
                                                                                                     cautiously, whistling and         field work would be used to
                                                                                                     snorting as they did so.          produce the first detailed and
                                                                                                        “They often came so close      accurate topographic maps of
                                                                                                     and were so noisy that they       the country.
                                                                                                     became a nuisance, and we            Ogilvie’s mapping work was
                                                                                                     would go out and chase them       used for 50 years as a guide for
                                                                                                     away.                             thousands of stampeders, pros-
                                                                                                        “At any time one looked out    pectors, succeeding surveyors
                                                                                                     they were to be seen swim-        and many riverboat pilots.
                                                                                                     ming across the river, and as     To be continued next issue…
 Dawson street scene photographed by Ogilvie. This contact print of a rare glass plate, part         they were crossing for about      * OLS: Ontario Land Sur-
of the Ogilvie family treasures, was made by A. MacLeod, OLS, CLS, former assistant to the           ten days, tens of thousands of    veyor, DLS: Dominion Land
      Surveyor General for Canada, as part of the work done to preserve history of the               them must have passed this        Surveyor, FRGS: Fellow,
Department. Surveyors are not known for self-promotion, making the job more demanding.               place.                            Royal Geographic Society
page 14   THE KLONDIKE SUN                                                                                                           Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yukon Literacy                         Roache’s Corner Bonus by Mike Roache                 Social Justice Films on Monday Nights
Recognized with                                                                                Beyond the Ice Cube is a film
                                                                                            series that began Monday, Janu-
                                                                                                                                  Hugo Latulippe that follows a
                                                                                                                                  young woman — Kalsang Dolma
Reading                                                                                     ary 18 and runs each Monday till
                                                                                            mid-February. In the depths of
                                                                                                                                  — as she journeys to her ances-
                                                                                                                                  tral homeland to bring a message
Recovery Award                                                                              winter, it is sometimes difficult
                                                                                            to appreciate what we have and
                                                                                                                                  of hope from the Dalai Lama to
                                                                                                                                  his people. Filmed at extreme
                                                                                            realize just how fortunate we         risk without the knowledge of
   WHITEHORSE (December                                                                     are. ‘Beyond the Ice Cube’ hopes      the Chinese authorities, What Re-
10, 2009) – Yukon Department of                                                             to encourage thinking beyond          mains of Us shows Tibetans from
Education has received an award                                                             the comforts of our home and          all strata of society gathering
for outstanding support for Read-                                                           move us to engage in meaningful       covertly, transfixed and moved
ing Recovery, Education Minister                                                            activity in an otherwise quiet and    by images of their religious and
Patrick Rouble announced today.                                                             isolating time of year.               political leader speaking to them
   “The Yukon Department of                                                                    Films start at 7 p.m. at the       on a portable video monitor. The
Education is committed to improv-                                                           Dӓnojà Zho Cultural Centre.           five-minute message is a joyous
                                                                                            Doors open at 6:30 for tea and        experience and a powerful inspi-
ing literacy skills for Yukoners,”
                                                                                            snacks particular to the part of      ration for the many Tibetans who
Rouble said. “We are pleased to be                                                          the world the film is about. Free     continue their peaceful resistance
recognized for our implementation                                                           rides to the event can be arranged    to the occupying Chinese.
of the Reading Recovery program                                                             by calling 993-5355. There is  
to help first- and second-grade                                                             no admission fee. Before the          ofus
students who need support with                                                              screening of every film, there will   For more information contact
their reading skills.”
   Reading recovery is offered in
                                       Ice Build-Up Suspected                               be a short presentation by a guest
                                                                                            speaker with personal experience
                                                                                                                                  Anne Asher 993-5154.

most Yukon schools. The goal is
to identify students in Grade 1
                                       as Cause of Blackout                                 on the topic and people are
                                                                                            welcome to discuss the film after
                                                                                                                                  The fifth and final film in the
                                                                                                                                  series on Monday February 15 is
                                       by Dan Davidson                                      the screening.                        Doing Time, Doing Vipassana.
who may have reading difficulties
                                                                                              This award-winning documentary
and help them achieve average
literacy within approximately 12          Dawson City went dark for 13 minutes on           For more information contact          by Aylet Menahemi and Eilona
                                                                                            Cathie Findlay-Brook.                 Ariel takes viewers into India’s
to 20 weeks of daily one-on-one        Thursday, January 21, from 4:00 to 4:13 p.m.            February 1 – “The Fair Trade:      largest prison - known as one of
instruction.                              According to Yukon Energy’s Janet Patterson,      What is Your Life Worth?” - a         the toughest in the world - and
   At Robert Service School the                                                             ‘Burning Heart ‘documentary by        shows the dramatic changes
program is offered by Ms. Johnson
                                       there was no obvious smoking gun for this            Lauralee Farrer. This is the story    brought about by the introduc-
and Ms. Dewarle.                       outage.                                              of a woman who, devastated by         tion of Vipassana meditation.
   “Yukon is a flagship for the rest      “We suspect it was ice build-up on the Mayo-      the tragic death of her fiancé,       This is the story of a courageous
of Canada, demonstrating what can                                                           makes a bargain with God in           visionary, Kiran Bedi, the former
                                       Dawson line but can’t be 100 percent positive        exchange for a meaningful life.       Inspector General of Prisons in
be achieved when all children who
need this form of intervention have
                                       about that,” she said on Friday morning.             She and her sister join forces to     New Delhi, who believed that
access to it,” Canadian Institute         Power was restored by using the Dawson            start one of the first fair-trade     prisoner reform can happen if it
                                                                                            skin care companies – Anti-Body.      is self-reform. It tells how she
of Reading Recovery president          diesel generators by 4:13, and the transmission      Even as Tamara becomes a suc-         strove to transform the notori-
Dianne Stuart said. “Most of the       line itself was reenergized at 4:34. It took until   cessful activist, despair over her    ous Tihar Jail, once a hellhole of
Reading Recovery children get
back to the average of the class
                                       5:00 p.m. to restore power to the Hunker Creek       loss remains. As she nears the        crime, into an oasis of peace. It
                                                                                            deadline of her bargain, a trip to    is a story of an ancient meditation
and can learn from classroom           area.                                                Africa allows her to visit the fair   technique, which helps people
instruction, and a smaller group                                                            trade co-op and there she finds       to take control of their lives and
of children are identified early as                                                         a surprising answer to what is        channel them towards their own
needing longer-term one-to-one                                                              required of her in exchange for a     good and the good of others. But
support.                                                                                    sustainable life.                     most of all it is the story of prison
   This year, approximately 200                                                             http://www.thefairtrademovie.         inmates who underwent profound
                                                                                            com/media/                            change, and who realized that
students will participate in Read-
                                                                                            For more information contact          incarceration is not the end but
ing Recovery in 19 Yukon schools.                                                           Cathie Findlay-Brook at 993-          possibly a fresh start toward an
Training for the 25 Reading Re-                                                             2773.                                 improved and more positive life.
covery teachers is facilitated by                                                              The fourth film in the series
two teacher leaders. Together with                                                          on February 8, is What Remains
the efforts of classroom teachers,                                                          of Us - a multiple award win-         Dtdv.htm
Reading Recovery is having a                                                                ning documentary by Canadian          For more information contact
positive impact on Yukon literacy,                                                          filmmakers François Prévost and       Anne Asher 993-5154.
as well as acting as a model for
other jurisdictions.
   “Because Yukon has full imple-
mentation, all children who need
Reading Recovery have access to
it and children needing additional
support get the appropriate help
early,” Stuart added.
   “I would like to commend Jea-
nette McCrie, the Coordinator of
Primary Programs for her leader-
ship,” Rouble said. “I would also
like to commend our Reading
Recovery teachers and teacher
leaders for their work to improve
the success of Yukon students. This
award highlights the Department
of Education’s work to support
literacy, which is a fundamental
building block of education.”
   The award was presented on Oc-
tober 22 at the Canadian Institute
of Reading Recovery conference
in Toronto.
  Wednesday, January 27, 2010                                                                                                                                     THE KLONDIKE SUN          page 15

Authors on Eighth: “The Law of the Tooth” a Short Story
This established writing competi-      these fields if you used your irriga-      “Why don’t you send Morse               the century,” Craven said.                 That night Craven woke with a
tion was held once again this year     tion system,” Bob, the farmer from      code greetings to the folks in                 “How’s that?” Buford asked.         great weight on his chest. There
during the lead-up to Discovery        across the way told them.               town while you are at it?” Craven              “You know how the tripod on         was Buford, perched on him like
Days. The theme was “Break-up”.           “The pumps broke. We like            yelled.                                    the river ice is wired to a clock so    a gargoyle on a cathedral’s fly-
The five winning entries have been                                                                                        when the ice breaks up the time is      ing buttress, with a pair of pliers
                                       things as they are, thank you very         Buford stood with his arms piled
published in the Sun.
                                       much,” Buford told him curtly.          high with wood, his nose running           tripped? Well, we also attach your      clamped firmly onto his front
Our final winner is David Thomp-
son who tied for first in the Short       Buford was lying on the couch,       and a hurt look on his face. He            tooth to the tripod with fishing line   tooth. Craven was pinned by Bu-
Story/Local category.                  barely able to peer over his ample      threw the pile of wood at Craven’s         and when the river goes out so          ford’s mass. Buford leaned closer
                                       stomach, watching Saturday night        feet and stomped off to the house          does your tooth. It’ll be marvel-       and said quietly, “I too had a vi-
The Law of the Tooth                   hockey on satellite TV and polish-      yelling over his shoulder, “Go to          ous; we’ll have the video all set       sion, Craven, and it said, “An eye
                                       ing his tooth. The images from the      hell! Pack the wood yourself.”             up. You’ll win the prize and be on      for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”
by David Thompson                      screen reflected off his shiny bald        In the next few days the drive-         CNN. You’ll be famous overnight.        With that he gave a solid tug and
August 05, 2009                        head and bespectacled face.             way piled high with snow and the           It’s a sure thing. Remember, I          the tooth came out like a sink plug
                                            “Its too bad CBC lost that         battery froze solid in the truck.          had a vision. You have to do this,      on a chain.
   Buford had only one front           hockey song,” he yelled to Craven       Buford and Craven wanted re-               Buford,” Craven said, pointing his         Craven went white, his eyes
tooth in his upper jaw. He hadn’t      who was standing six feet away by       lief from each other but didn’t            finger in Buford’s face.                bulged, he screamed in pain and
taken care of his teeth and now,       the sink scooping the last bits of a    dare chance the cold and hike to              Buford wanted to grab it and         ran from his bed; hand over mouth,
at fifty years of age, was paying      can of spaghetti with a knife into      the highway to hitch a ride into           break the end of it off. “Vision        to find water and a towel. The pli-
for it, “Maybe it would have been      his mouth. Craven could eat as          town.                                      schmishion,” he thought. Then he        ers had axel grease on them and
wise to have worn a mouth guard        much as he wanted but his Adam’s           In the depth of night Craven            said, “I’ll think about it.”            tasted terrible.
playing hockey and prowling the        apple stuck out almost as far as        woke from a restless sleep. He                Life around the cabin deterio-           “You idiot,” Craven screamed
bars.”                                 his chin. He was so skinny people       thought he heard someone calling           rated after that. Buford was extra      spitting blood. “You crazy out of
   But how could he drink beer and     said, “Who’s he? Icabod Crane?”         his name. He looked across the             protective of his tooth and wore        your mind idiot.”
chat up someone’s girl friend with     There was a bright orange ring          room. Buford lay on his back, his          a baseball catcher’s mask to bed.          The men now turned their backs
a mouth guard?                         around his lips and sauce dripped       mouth wide open and snoring like           Craven didn’t help matters by car-      and maintained a monastery si-
   He loved that tooth. He took        onto his beard. He found a cloth        a freight train. The oil lamp light        rying the pliers around and snap-       lence for months; which they both
care of it by brushing three times     buried in one of the pockets of his     flickered off the gold cap like a          ping them open and closed.              later agreed was awkward in the
a day and flossing it like a rope      overalls, which hung off him like       one ounce nugget. Craven knew                 The sound sent chills up Bu-         tiny house. Craven didn’t try
around a hitching post. He used        a flag in the doldrums and wiped        the tooth had called him.                  ford’s spine. “My Mabeleine,” he        to explain anything because he
an old shoe lace instead of dental     his face and hands clean.                   “I’m coming,” he whispered             thought.                                knew Buford believed with all his
floss.                                      “Mighty delicious, that spa-       and reached under his bed to where            A month later, the weather lifted    heart that he had somehow stolen
    “Works just fine and if I need a   ghetti,” he shouted.                    he kept a tool box.                        and the brothers jump started their     Mabeleine.
shoe lace, well I know just where           “CBC.” “Those damn fools              Silently, he rummaged until he          battered truck and drove into              One morning Craven dropped a
to find one,” he said.                 spent thousands of dollars finding      found an ancient pair of pliers.           town. They stayed at the Down           bundle of tax return forms in front
   In 2007 he had the tooth capped     a new theme when it would have          Walking across the room, on his            Town Hotel and partied separately       of Buford while he ate breakfast.
with gold; admired it every morn-      cost a fraction of that to pay the      toes, he poised over Buford and            with their friends. Buford headed           “We have to discuss this Bu-
ing while shaving and quit the         composer of the first song,” Bu-        brought the pliers closer to the           straight for the Occidental Ho-         ford. Tax time again, forms to fill
hockey team to protect it.             ford shouted back.                      tooth. Just as the metal jaws were         tel, got blind drunk with a girl’s      out. Time to talk.”
    “Let me pull that damn thing          They had no reason to shout they     about to snap shut Buford opened           hockey team who polished his               Buford looked up, “I lost twenty
out,” his brother Craven would         could hear each other clearly but it    his eyes and screamed horrifically.        tooth with their skate laces.           pounds from the stress of not talk-
demand. “It’s the ugliest thing I      was a bad habit.                        Craven jumped up and ran around                “Buford is absolutely the best      ing,” he said.
have ever seen. Just let me just           “Tax payers’ money- why should      the room.                                  dancer in the world to party with,”         “I gained twenty pounds from
get the pliers.”                       they care?” Craven yelled.                   “ Yo u m o n s t e r, ” B u f o r d   the team captain said.                  having nothing to do but eat,”
   Craven would run out to the              “You’re right on that one,”        screamed at him, “if Ma was here              Craven didn’t drink but joined       Craven said.
barn and rummage through piles         Buford shouted again.                   she would kick your ass, you               the RCMP curling team and played           Craven went to Whitehorse for a
of rusty tools in beaten army sur-        Craven took a step forward, “I’ll    idiot.”                                    a few ends with them.                   front tooth bridge and encouraged
plus boxes.                            give you one thousand bucks if              “If Ma was here she would                  “We are always glad to have         Buford to get a full set of dentures.
   The good folks of Dawson City       you let me pull that tooth.”            smack you until that tooth dropped         Craven join us; there is no better      Buford complied but refused to
didn’t concern themselves with the         “Where in hell are you going to     out,” Craven yelled back.                  sharp shooter of a lead than Cra-       smile.
tooth. There was plenty of room in     get that kind of money?” Buford             “Don’t ever try to murder Ma-          ven,” Sargent Preston said.                “Makes me look like an idiot,”
the hearts and minds of Yukoners       asked.                                  beleine again,” Buford cried. He              Come Monday morning, they            he complained.
to accept one odd looking tooth.          Craven didn’t answer; he had         pulled the pillow tightly over his         packed the Chevy’s cab full of             Soon Craven noticed that more
    “My God, you have the most         never seen that much money, never       head, turned over and went back            fresh groceries and headed home.        and more teeth were disappearing
interesting tooth,” an English tour-   mind offering to give it away.          to sleep.                                     At the dinner table that night       from Buford’s head until months
ist was heard exclaiming. He then         Craven had other methods of             Craven was puzzled. “Mabe-              Craven and Buford were peeling          later there was only one tooth left.
took multiple pictures of Buford’s     getting at that tooth. While work-      leine,” he thought, “must be an            fruit for desert.                       Buford looked like his old self and
grinning face for the family back      ing in the yard on a chain saw he       old girl friend.”                              “Did you have a vision, Cra-        his happy celebrity status returned.
home.                                  pulled the cord and let his hand           At breakfast the next morn-             ven?” Buford asked quietly as he        He went to Vancouver and had
    “You should be on a post card,”    fly backwards hoping to smack           ing, Craven lied and said, “I did          reached for an apple.                   the tooth capped with gold he had
the tourist’s wife said as she stood   Buford in the mouth and dislodge        that because I had a vision in my              “Yep,” Craven said.                 panned from Bonanza Creek and
on her toes and peered into Bu-        it. Buford would step aside and         dreams.”                                       “And do you think CNN will          faced with a polar bear diamond
ford’s mouth to get a better look.     grin.                                      Buford was skeptical, “A vi-            show my tooth being pulled by the       from the Northwest Territories. He
   The brother’s parents had passed       An early winter howled across        sion? You tried to rip a tooth out of      ice break up?”                          called the new tooth, Gertie, after
away and left them the hay farm        the land that year bringing deep        my head. Make no excuses.”                     “Yep,” Craven said again.           a gold rush Dance Hall girl.
twenty miles out on the east side      snow and metal snapping cold.              Buford’s complaining gave                  “Do you really think me and my          Town people called him, “Dia-
of Dawson City. They irked out a       The drafty cabin log held little heat   Craven time to think.                      tooth will be famous?”                  mond Toothed Buford”.
living as best they could, but they    and, not having brought in winter           “I did have a vision and it told           “Are you thinking of doing             “I love my name,” he said. “And
weren’t good farmers nor were          wood, the brothers tore down the        me that this year’s Yukon River ice        this?” Craven asked.                    I love my tooth. And I love my
they business men or house keep-       new barn their father had built         breakup was going to be exactly                “I’m thinking,” Buford said.        brother who got me Gertie.”
ers. If their mother could return      five years ago to feed the hungry       as it was one hundred years ago               Craven watched as Buford bit            Craven left Buford’s tooth alone
she would be horrified. Buford         stove.                                  which was May 11, 1909 at 9:46             into an apple. Buford had always        and never found fault with him for
and Craven had never washed a             As they crowbarred boards from       in the evening. I looked it up.”           wolfed his food and in one gulp         anything again. He now realized
cup, picked anything up or cleaned     the walls their teeth chattered         Craven said.                               he swallowed. Craven looked in          that a person’s happiness is much
the place since the day of her         and they hunched their shoulders           Buford looked at him, “This is          amazement; where the tooth had          more important than a person’s
funeral. The barns and the fields      drawing their arms close to their       all too crazy,” he said. “You’re           once stood, there was nothing but       appearance.
were overgrown and neglected.          bodies. Craven couldn’t look at         crazy.”                                    an empty field.                            “And that’s a law of the Yukon,”
If the neighbors hadn’t leased the     Buford. The tooth was moving up             “Furthermore, with this infor-            Buford hadn’t notice Mabeleine       he said smiling and looking out at
fields everything would have gone      and down like a needle on a sewing      mation we’re not only going to win         had left him, painlessly, and got up    the dust devils marching across the
to seed.                               machine and beating out a staccato      the prize but you, my brother, are         from the table and went to watch        neglected hay fields.
    “You could get more hay off        on the bottom gum.                      going to pull off Dawson’s stunt of        television.
page 16   THE KLONDIKE SUN                                                                                           Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bookends: Another Sort of Cabin Fever
by Dan Davidson                 explanation of how things       that seems to turn up in       generations, sib-
                                work at the Leighton Art-       magazines like Walrus,         lings and cultures,
Cabin Fever: The Best           ist’s Colony in Banff. The      Geist, Harpers and At-         and explorations
New Canadian                    13 writers collected here       lantic, writing that is both   in the worlds of
Non-Fiction                     have all spent time wres-       informed and personal,         blue frogs and
edited by Moira Farr            tling with their prose in one   sometimes bordering on         whales.
                                of the eight studio cabins      the too personal.                 I won’t pretend
and Ian Pearson
                                that are the working homes         For all that, however,      that I enjoyed
Thomas Allen                    of writers in the Literary      it is interesting creative     them all equally,
Publishers                      Journalism program.             non-fiction with a dash of     but I gave the book
336 pages - $24.95                 To judge from these con-     both reality and invention     an hour a day for
                                tents, the program encour-      in the mix. Here, we read      about two weeks
  I might take exception        ages writers to explore         of the search for the per-     and it’s a keeper.
to the notion that this title   aspects of their lives and      fect absinthe or oysters,      I wonder how you
could be given to any book      perhaps their obsessions        driving lessons in Rome,       get to stay in one
not set in the North ex-        in a very personal way.         tree planting, attempts to     of those cabins.
cept for Marni Jackson’s        This is the kind of writing     bridge the gap between

                                                                Roache’s Corner by Mike Roache

                                                                Tundra by Chad Carpenter

                                                                    We dopn’t haver permission to use Tundra online.
 Wednesday, January 27, 2010                                                                                                       THE KLONDIKE SUN       page 17

        OBItUARIeS                                      They got it out after all
     King, Jeannie Elizabeth
  (March 15, 1953 - January 2, 2010)
  It is with saddened hearts the family announces
the unexpected passing of Jeannie (Jean) Elizabeth
King (née Donovel), late of Dawson City, Yukon,
formerly of Regina, Saskatchewan on Saturday,
January 2, 2010 at the age of 56 years. Arrange-
ments are pending and will be announced at a
later date.
  Jeannie leaves behind her Saskatchewan and Yu-
kon families, and many friends across Canada.
  In memory of my sister I am creating a memory
book of her life for her daughters (Bonnie and
Tracey) and her grandchildren (she currently has
five 1/2 as one is due to be born in April). It
would be a great honour to my sister if her Yukon
family and friends would submit pictures and         No, the truck didn’t sink down into the river. They actually got it out recently.
stories for the memory book. Submissions can be We’re looking for photographs of that operation and hope to be able to tell you more
                                                                  about it in our next issue. (Photo by Dan Davidson)
sent to myself Louise Bird via email mandlbird@ Thank you in advance for your con-
                                                   Governments to students:
                                                        Don’t worry about the real world
                                                        By Michael Zwaagstra                   wrong. In many school divi-         actually implemented, how-
                                                        Policy Analyst                         sions, the reality is teachers      ever, this approach falls apart
                                                        Frontier Centre                        are no longer permitted to          quickly.
     Haldenby, (Elsie) Grace                            for Public Policy
                                                            Try and imagine what might
                                                                                               deduct any marks for late as-
                                                                                                                                      The fact is that teachers work
                                                                                                                                   in the real world where abstract
                                                        happen to a newspaper reporter            Those who do not work in         theories don’t always mesh with
  At the Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, on Friday     who consistently fails to hand in      the school system are probably      reality. The natural inclina-
                                                        stories before press time. Or a        more than a little surprised        tion of many students, and of
January 15, 2010. Grace (Hearne) Haldenby of            lawyer who hasn’t bothered to                                              many adults for that matter, is
                                                                                               by this revelation. How can
Barrie in her 90th year. Beloved wife of the late       draft an opening statement for         officials justify a policy that     to procrastinate for as long as
Rev. Allan Haldenby. Loved mother of Charlotte          her trial that is set to begin in a    forbids teachers to deduct marks    possible. To remove one of the
                                                        few minutes. Or a cleric who           from students who hand work         most effective tools teachers
Grace Haldenby of Sault Ste. Marie, Esther Mary         doesn’t have his sermons ready         in late?                            have for dealing with tardiness
(Mrs. Alexander Ross) of Barrie, and the late Ruth      by Sunday morning.                        They do so by pointing out       makes it harder for teachers to
                                                            The answer is obvious. Each        that modern course curricula        enforce deadlines.
Elaine Fadel and her surviving husband, Michel.         individual could expect to start       are organized according to             When students realize there is
Loving grandmother of Alain Fadel (Estelle), David      looking for new employment in          something called “learning          no academic penalty for handing
Ross (Crystal Lee), and Stephen Ross (Carole).          short order. In the workplace,         outcomes.” These outcomes           in late assignments, increasing
                                                        punctuality matters and it is ex-      are lists of skills that students   numbers of them do not submit
Delighted great grandmother of Isabella Lee Ross.       pected that work be completed          are expected to demonstrate by      their work on time. If they know
Dear sister of the Rev. Walter Franklin-Hearne of       on time. Most employers t have         the end of the course. Since the    there is no academic penalty,
                                                        little sympathy for employees          outcomes do not directly men-       students rationalize there is
Gravenhurst.                                            who consistently fail to meet          tion punctuality (so the argu-      no need for them to hurry and
  Service of remembrance will be held at St. George’s   deadlines.                             ment goes),the grades students      complete their assignments in a
Anglican Church, Barrie, on Thursday January 21,            Now consider the same sce-         receive should not be skewed by     timely fashion.
                                                        nario with a high school student       deductions for tardiness.              Without enforceable dead-
2010. Visitation one hour prior to service at 3:00      who chooses not to hand in an             Rather, they argue, teachers     lines, many teachers find them-
pm. Interment of cremated remains at Sylvan Valley      assignment by the scheduled            should use specific instruc-        selves forced to beg their stu-
                                                        due date.                              tional procedures to encourage      dents to submit overdue as-
Cemetery, Echo Bay, Ontario in the spring. In lieu          Most people probably as-           students to hand in their assign-   signments before the school
of flowers, memorial donations to Primate’s World       sume the teacher deducts a             ments on time, such as having       year ends. Some administrators
Relief & Development Fund, the church or charity        certain number of marks from           better structured assignments       try to address this problem
                                                        this student’s grade. Since the        and negotiating deadlines with      by requiring students who are
of your choice, would be appreciated. Service           deadline wasn’t met, students          the students. In this way, the      chronically delinquent to spend
entrusted to Steckley-Gooderham Funeral Homes           need to learn consequences ex-         assessment of student work          time in study rooms or lunch-
                                                        ist for tardiness. After all, that’s   focuses more specifically on        hour detentions. But these are
30 Worsley Street, Barrie, Ontario. Condolences         how it works in the real world.        the students’ academic achieve-     band-aid solutions for a problem
for the family may be forwarded by visiting www.            This is a straightforward          ment, rather than on their ad-      caused mostly by a misguided                                  answer based on common as-             herence to artificially created     assessment policy.
                                                        sumptions. It reflects the reality     deadlines.                             Considering the large num-
                                                        of most parents when they were            At first glance, this explana-
                                                        in school. And it’s completely         tion sounds plausible. When                        Cont’d next page
page 18   THE KLONDIKE SUN                                                                                                                          Wednesday, January 27, 2010

            Klondike Sun Classifieds
                                                                                                                         Klondike Outreach
                                            MANY RIvERS
          Churches                    Counselling and Support                          Real Estate
         ST. MARY’S                  Individual, couple, family, or                 FOR SALE BY OWNER
   Corner of 5th and King
Services: Sunday mornings at
                                     group counselling. A highly
                                     confidential service located in
                                     the Waterfront Building.
                                     Office hours: Monday-Friday
                                                                                  1 1/2 COMMERCIAL LOTS
                                                                           On 3rd Ave next to the Westminster Hotel.
                                                                           Call 993-5346
                                                                                                                             Job Board
10:30 am, Sat. & Tues. 7 pm,
    Wed. to Fri. 9:30 am             9 am-5 pm. Call to make                             For Sale                        Current as of January 22, 2010.
                                     an appointment. Evening
  All are welcome. Contact           appointments can be arranged          FIREWOOD FOR SALE                             Open Positions:
Father Ernest Emeka Emeodi           if necessary. Tel. 993-6455                                                         Automotive Mechanic
                                                                           Fire-killed, dry $250 a cord, cut to stove
  for assistance: 993-5361                   length & split. Custom milling, salvage       Custodial Supervisor
  DAWSON COMMUNITY                                                         op., special cuts, any size order. Call       Early Childhood Educators
                                     ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS                  993-6433 (messages).
          CHAPEL                                                                                                         Fire Crewmember
                                     New Beginnings Group meets
  Located on 5th Ave across                                                WASHER & DRYER pair for sale, good            Front Desk Clerk
                                     Thursdays 8 pm, St. Paul’s R.
from Gold Rush Campground.                                                 running condition, clean, HD $250 for         Guards/Matrons
                                     Martin Chapel kitchen, Church St.
   Sunday worship at 11 am.                                                both; 993-6433 mornings or evenings.          Housekeepers
                                     North Star Group meets Saturdays
    Everyone is welcome.
                                     8 pm at the Community Support         LOADER: 1985- 963 Caterpillar Track           Outreach Family Support Worker
 Pastor Ian Nyland 993-5507
                                     Centre, 1233-2nd Ave, 2nd floor       in great shape. Only 11,567 hours on it       Receptionist
      ST. PAUL’S                     (use outside stairs). Call 993-3734   and comes with a 2.5-yd bucket & teeth,       Recycling Depot Attendant
   ANGLICAN CHURCH                   or 5095 for info.                     10’ tilt dozer blade, and bush guards,
       Sunday Services                                                     $37,000.00 firm. For info call 456-4112,      Postings with Closing Dates:
                                     Environmentally friendly
     1st and 3rd Sundays:                                                  or cell: 333-0236.                            Home Care Attendant: Feb 1
                                     electronic waste to give
  10:30 am - Morning Prayer                                                                                              Night Care Attendant: Feb 1
                                     away. Old Macs, old print-
2nd and 4th Sundays - 10:30 am
                                     ers, they all still work. Call
                                                                                         For Rent                        Visitor Services Team Leader: Feb 5
        - Holy Eucharist                                                                                                 Various Student Positions: Feb 19
                                     us at 993-6318. Good for              Dancing Moose is moving to Front
   5th Sundays - 10:30 am -
                                     kids or slow people.                  Street next spring so the 2nd Ave store-                We are the Klondike’s year-round
        Special service.
                                                                           front is for lease. Year-round tenant is                   employment support service;
                                                                           required. Call 993 6644 or drop by the           drop by or give us a call. Postings change daily.
Don’t worry...                            Cont’d from previous page        store. Here’s your chance to try your
                                                                                                                         For more information on these and other
                                                                           business idea.
ber of students who choose to        unreality and shelter them from          Allowing teachers to use their discre-     positions, come into the Klondike Outreach
procrastinate, the last thing they   the natural consequences of           tion when giving academic penalties for       office next to the Territorial Agent/Liquor
need is to hear is their assign-     their actions.                        late assignments makes sense. This may        Store (853-Third Street).
ments can be submitted when-             While it may be true that an      not fit neatly into the assessment theories   Klondike Outreach hours:
ever they want. Instead, schools     employee’s quality of work is         promoted by the education gurus, but it
                                     not directly affected by when         would inject a little common sense into
                                                                                                                         Monday-Friday 9-noon and 1-5 pm
should prepare students for
life in the actual world where       it is completed, deadlines mat-       our school system.                            Closed weekends and Stat. Holidays
missed deadlines means missed        ter. After all, the best-written                                                    Phone: 993-5176 ~ Fax: 993-6947
opportunities, including missed      news story is of little use when         Michael Zwaagstra, M.Ed.,is a research     Website:
pay raises, foregone promotions      a reporter hands it in one week       associate with the Frontier Centre for Pub-   E-mail:
or even dismissals. Schools          after the story breaks in the         lic Policy ( and a high
shouldn’t incubate students in       competing news outlets.               school social studies teacher.
                                                                                                                              We are crawling out of the
                                                                                                                         darkness, the mushers are coming,

                    Business Directory                                                                                      we have plays happening, and
                                                                                                                         gosh we’re busy. The Fulda crowd
                                                                                                                          got us out of our slumber, and we
              Advertise your business and services with The Klondike Sun!                                                 are looking forward to welcoming
                Submit your business card at a normal size of 2” x 3.5”                                                     the Quest Dog Sled Race from
              Cost is $20.00 per issue and yearly billings can be arranged.                                               February 9-13th! If you have time
                                                                                                                            to help out, the Percy de Wolfe
                                                                                                                          Memorial Mail Race volunteers are
                                                                                                                         running the food concession at the
                                                                                                                           Visitor Info Centre, or the Quest
                                                                                                                          Stop-Over folks might need help...
                                                                                                                                             Mush on!

                                                                                                                         The Klondike Sun ...
                                                                                                                         deadline is 12 noon, Friday,
                                                                                                                         February 5, 2010 for the Wed.
                                                                                                                         February 10/2010 edition. Leave a
                                                                                                                         message at (867) 993-6318 or
                                                                                                                         Fax us at 993-6625.
                                                                                                                         Classified ads are $6
                                                                                                                         for 50 words per issue.
 Wednesday, January 27, 2010                                                                                                                                     THE KLONDIKE SUN      page 19

                                                        P.O. Box 308 (1336 Front Street), Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0
                                                                  Tel: (867) 993-7400 ~ Fax: (867) 993-7434
                                                           NEW WEBSITE: (updated regularly)

                                  Tender Call                                                                       Solid Waste Management Committee
                                                                                                                    There is an opening available for a member of the community-at-large to
    Dawson City Chlorination Room Building Expansion                                                           sit on the
                and Scrubber Installation                                                                      City of Dawson’s Solid Waste Management Committee.
                                                                                                                    The purpose of this committee is to research options regarding waste
     Sealed tenders plainly marked on the envelope “Tender for Dawson City Chlorination                        diversion and cost recovery with respect to the Quigley landfill and waste col-
 Room Building Expansion and Scrubber Installation”, will be received by the Town of                           lection.
 the City of Dawson, P.O. Box 308, Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0, or AECOM, 2251
                                                                                                               Committee members are required to attend regular meetings Monday evenings
 Second Avenue Whitehorse, YT or AECOM, 17203 - 103rd Ave., Edmonton, AB until
 4:00 p.m. PST, Friday, February 26, 2010.
                                                                                                               7-9 pm (held 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, more often when required)
     The project is located in the Town of the City of Dawson, Yukon Territory. This                           and read e-mail correspondence. Term ends May 31, 2010.
 project is associated with a 46-square-metre Chlorination Room Building Expansion and                              If you are interested please put your name forward to Committee Chair,
 Scrubber Installation. The scope of the work involves constructing a single-storey building                   Suzanne Crocker via 993-7400 by Feb 3, 2010.
 addition at the existing Reservoir Pumphouse c/w associated electrical, and plumbing,
 heating and ventilation work. There will also be a new chlorine scrubber installed and
 commissioned and some related instrumentation and control work.                                               A Reminder to Shovel Carefully from our
     Project Documents may be obtained from the Town of the City of Dawson, or                                 Bylaw Office:
 AECOM (Whitehorse or Edmonton) after January 20, 2010, on payment of a non-
 refundable fee of $50.00, payable to the Town of the City of Dawson.                                          1. Bylaw 07-03, Part III, Section 7.1 requires that: Every owner/occupier
     Each Tender must be accompanied by the specified bid security made payable to the                         of any real property shall remove snow, ice or rubbish from:
 Town of the City of Dawson.
     The right is reserved to reject any or all Tenders or to accept any Tender that may                          (a) from all sidewalk which abuts any side of their property;
 be considered in the best interest of the Town of the City of Dawson.                                            (b) from any path leading from a sidewalk abutting their property to
     Further inquiries may be addressed to Pertti Laitinen, P.Eng. at AECOM at                                        the roadway; and
 204.928.8394 (Fax: 204.284.2040; E-mail                                              (c) between any sidewalk abutting their property and a crosswalk.

                                                                                                  We are currently upgrading our system to accommodate the addition of
 Residential Water and Sewer                                                                      Dawson City TV Cable News!
                                                                                                  digital and high-definition television programming. Subscribers will have
                                                                                                  the option of adding a variety of digital or ‘high-def’ packages, including:
 Payment due dates for 2009:

                                                                                                  Basic Digital
 February 28

                                                                                                  Movie Packages
 May 30
 September 30

                                                                                                  Kids’/Youth Packages
 November 30

                                                                                                  Sports Packages
 Billing amount of $425.00 x 4 per residence.

                                                                                                  Educational/Business Packages
 If your payment is made before the due date, you will receive an

                                                                                                  Prime-Time Packages
 incentive subsidy of $143.75 per billing.

                                                                                                  as well as many Hi-Def packages and much more!
 The payment required by each due date is $281.25 per residence.
 Seniors’ (60 yrs+) payments required by each due date is $175.00

                                                                                                  Or, you can simply keep your current TV service as it is now.
 as long as you reside at the property.
 Any outstanding amount at December 31st of each year is added to

                                                                                                  Our expected launch date for digital TV is March 15, 2010. Pricing for the
 the property tax account for that property and accrues daily interest.

           Regular meetings:                                                                      various packages and enhanced service will be available by February, 2010.
 Town Council:
 Regular Council Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th
 Wednesdays of each month in Council Chambers, be-
                                                                          Photo: Josée Bonhomme

 ginning at 7:00 p.m. Council Meetings are open to the
 public and we encourage you to attend.
 Heritage Management Committee:
 Regular meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th
 Mondays of each month in Council Chambers, begin-
 ning at 7:00 p.m. This committee was formerly the
 Planning Board.
 Recreation Board:
 This board meets the first and third Monday of each
 month, at 5:30 p.m. in the Recreation offices at the Art
 & Margaret Fry arena.

     Budding hockey players show the safe approach of
    leaning on your stick and looking spiffy in helmets.
     In their first year, they can even pose artistically.
 The Sticks and Skates program for under 8-year olds
                 runs Saturday afternoons at the arena.
Warning: Parents may be seen skating and playing with their tykes!                          Don’t miss the Gear Swap on Jan. 30...

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