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					mains water coolers
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Stylish office water coolers
These stylish slim line water coolers provide staff, visitors,
patients and clients with a healthy supply of high quality
filtered mains water. Firmly established as a market favourite,
the sleek and pleasing designed water cooler offers reliable
technology that’s both cost-effective and delivers a healthy
supply of naturally refreshing filtered mains water.
All our coolers are installed by WRAS trained and CRB
registered directly employed engineers who ensure a
professional service that meets the current BWCA drinking
water regulations.

 Reservoir capacity hot        1.7 litres
 Reservoir capacity cold       2.5 litres
 Cooling capacity              4°C-10°C
 Heating capacity              85°C-94°C
 Power requirement             220V-230V/50Hz
 Power consumption hot         300W
 Power consumption cold        85W
 Dimensions - W x D x H        255 x 485 x 1150 and 225 x 485 x 505
 Weight hot - FS TT            20kg / 16kg
 Installation kit              See filters and fittings
 Drip tray                     Easy clean with drainage option
 Refrigerant                   Environmentaly friendly R134a

Range features:
• Available as free standing or table top water coolers in a hygienic easy
  clean metal and plastic.
• With cold, ambient and hot water dispense this makes for a low cost
  beverage service for the smaller office when used in conjunction with
  our In-cup branded coffees, teas, soups and hot chocolate.
• With ergonomic no touch taps for good hygiene practice.
• Our installation includes advanced water block protection that
  switches off the water supply if on the rare occasion a continuous leak
  is detected.
• Auto temperature controller acts as a thermostat to ensure cold water
  is kept at a refreshing temperature and the hot maintains a warming
  supply for traditional beverages.
• These water coolers need a 13 amp supply and mains potable
  drinking water.
• Easy to remove drip tray for easy cleaning with mains drainage option.

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                           Unit 5 Rivermead I Dean Road I Yate I Bristol I BS37 5NH
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