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									                   PLYMOUTH PARK VIEWS
                    an edition of The United Methodist Reporter
                          Two Sections               Section A               072585              Vol 159            No. 32             December 7, 2012
Plymouth Park
United Methodist
                                                                                                        PPUMC Music and                                                                       Christmas Eve
     Church                                                                                             Worship Advent and                                                                      Services
  1615 Airport Fwy
  Irving, TX 75062                                                                                      Christmas Events                                                               PPUMC is offering five Candlelight
                                                                                                                                                                                    Communion services in celebration of
                                                                                                         • Sunday, December 9th at 8:30 and                                         Christmas Eve on Monday, December
                                                                                                           11:00 a.m. Service of Lessons and                                        24, 2012. A “Christmas Service of
Sunday Worship                                                                                             Carols The Plymouth Park United                                          Hope and Remembrance” will be
Traditional Worship
8:30 am & 11:00 am in
                                                                                                           Methodist Church Chancel Choir                                           held in the sanctuary at 2:30 p.m.
the Sanctuary                                                                                              and will present a special service                                       The Reverend Dana Norton, associate
Plymouth Park                                                                                              of lessons and carols, featuring                                         pastor, will lead this special service
Praise 9:15 am in                                                                                          anthems and beloved carols of the                                        designed to minister especially to those
Fellowship Hall                                                                                            season. Come and hear the story                                          who have experienced grief or loss
The Sacrament of Holy                                                                                      of Christmas as told through the                                         this past year. This “Blue Christmas”
                               The youth participated in a
Communion is observed                                                                                      scriptures and enhanced with music                                       service will seek to offer a word of hope
each Sunday in the 8:30     fundraiser for the homeless. They spent
                                                                                                           and song.                                                                and encouragement, and will include
service and the first        the night in cardboard boxes on Friday,
Sunday of the month in                                                                                   • Sunday, December 9th at 6:00 p.m.                                        communion and special prayers of
                            November 30 on the church grounds.
the 9:15 and 11:00
                                                                                                           Family Advent Concert featuring                                          healing for all those present.
Upcoming Events             It was an eye opening experience to see
                                                                                                           the PPUMC Children’s Choirs and                                             At 5:00 p.m., a Children’s
Parent’s Night Out          how a homeless person might feel.
                                                                                                           our own Kevin and Krista Bailey, who                                     Celebration of Christmas will be led
Dec. 7, 6:00 pm                                                                                                                                                                     by the children of PPUMC. This family-
                                                                                                           will lead a church sing-along of all
UMW Brunch                                                                                                 your Christmas favorites. See Advent                                     friendly worship service will include
December 8                                                                                                 Concert article for more information.                                    readings of scripture, communion,
Lessons and
                                                                                                                                                                                    familiar Christmas carols, and a
                                                                                                         • Sunday, December 16th at 6:00                                            reenactment of the Christmas story as
Carols                                                                                                     p.m. Plymouth Park UMC Family-
Dec. 9, 8:30 &                                                                                                                                                                      performed by the children of our church.
                                                                                                           Friendly Celebration of Christmas                                           A traditional Candlelight
11:00 am
                                                                                                           PPUMC is proud to present A                                              Communion service will be offered
Family Advent                                                                                              Christmas Celebration. See article                                       at 7:00 p.m., officiated by Dr. Bill La
Concert                                                                                                    below for more information.
Dec. 9, 6:00 pm
                                                                                                                                                                                    Barr, senior pastor. The Chancel Choir
                                                                                                         • Sunday, December 23rd at 9:15 a.m.                                       and organist Ken Surley will present the
SPR Meeting                                                                                                Plymouth Park Praise All-Music                                           music for this service.
Dec. 10, 6:00 pm
                           Christmas mission                                                               Worship Service. Our outstanding                                            We will also be offering a non-
Trustee Meeting                                                                                            praise group will be presenting the                                      traditional Christmas Communion
Dec. 10, 7:00 pm           opportunities abound                                                            annual P3 Christmas Music Concert,                                       Service at 9:00 p.m. with music led
                                                                                                           featuring music ranging from                                             by Plymouth Park Praise. This service
A Christmas                    You still have time to help others have
                                                                                                           contemporary Christian songs to                                          will include old and new carols in a
Celebration                a better Christmas.
Dec. 16, 6:00 pm                                                                                           long-time Christmas favorites. This                                      contemporary style, as well as a message
                               Gifts are being collected for Irving
                                                                                                           annual service is a favorite of the                                      from Dr. La Barr. Communion by
Young at Heart             nursing home residents, Irving students
                                                                                                           congregation, and one you will not                                       intinction will be served at the close of
Dec. 20, 10:30 am          in need and area children, seniors and
                                                                                                           want to miss!                                                            the service.
                           families served by Irving Cares.
Alzheimer’s                                                                                                                                                                         See Christmas Eve Services page 8a
                               Body and hand lotions, soap,
                           shampoo, conditioner, other hair and
Dec. 20, 7:00 pm
                           nail grooming supplies and toiletry items                                    Christmas Bread
P3 Christmas               for men and women are on the wish                                                PPUMC offers a free loaf of homemade bread to each
Concert                    lists for residents at Irving Nursing &                                      one of our first time visitors. While this is provided
Dec. 23, 9:15 am           Rehabilitation. Other needs including                                        almost entirely by our generous Bill La Barr, YOU have the
Pastoral Staff             socks, slippers, pajamas, caps will be                                       opportunity to participate twice each year…and one of
Senior Pastor
Dr. Bill La Barr           delivered next week.                                                         those times is for Christmas Eve.
Associate Pastor
                               Board games, cards, magazines, art/                                          We welcome all of your offerings in the hopes of giving
Rev. Dana Norton           craft supplies, 100-500 piece jig-saw                                        bread to ALL of our visitors. Variety is encouraged with
Music Ministry             puzzles, large-print books, word-find                                         everything from white, wheat or sour dough to pumpkin,
Jason Chavarria            and cross-word puzzles books, CD’s,                                          apple, cranberry, or eggnog breads.
Youth Ministry             movies, greeting cards and stamps can                                            Bags will be provided in the ministry center. Please take just a moment to mark
Peg Hartung                also be good gifts for senior citizens.                                      ingredients so that we are friendly to those with assorted food allergies.
Children’s Ministry        See Mission opportunities page 8a
Cori Cossaboom Bell
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                                                                                                               PLYMOUTH PARK NEWS |4A

                                         oodness gracious, where has the             PRAYER CONCERNS
                                         year gone?! As I write there is a bit       Larry Alexander (Kate Alexander’s father); Lynn Beahm; Samantha
                                         of chill in the air. It’s cloudy outside    Branseum (Jo Gilmore’s daughter; M.O. Bridges; Buzz Burkhalter; Bill
                             and only 49 degrees. What happened to the               Chrisman; Dorothy Darby; Bill and Nelda Davis; Janet DeWeerd (Jeff Davis’
                             lovely days of the mid-seventies?! Oh, well, tis’       mother); Francis Graham; Karlton Graves (Joan La Barr’s nephew); Gloria
                             the season, isn’t it?

                                                                                     Gray; Mildred Holman; Leslie Jones; Don Killian; David Klemer; Jerry
                                If you have been reading these columns for           Labhart; Peggy Mahoney; Anita McGraw; Karen McKenzie; Dr. Pete McKoy
a while, you will remember that this is the time of year when Joan and I             (Bill Wood’s friend); Joyce Pittman; Ruby Ray (Emeritus friend); Joy Riley
reenact our annual play “Bah, Humbug!” It goes something like this:                  (Tiffany Riley’s mother); Nancy Robinson; Charles Simpson; Cynthia Svajda
   Joan: “I need you to get the Christmas decorations out of the storage             (Randy’s wife); Frances Thompson; Karen Thurston; friends at Emeritus,
      building.”                                                                     and Leta Gorham with our prayer partner church in South Korea, Sabkyo
   Me: “Bah, humbug! No one is coming up this year for Christmas!                    Methodist Church, and our homebound members, Shirley Asbury; Bill
      We are buying everything online and shipping it to the grandkids.              Connell; Vera and John Eitson; Bill Greer; Lee Loftus; Elmyra McNutt; Mae
      There is nothing as depressing as a tree with no presents! Let’s               Moulton and Barbara Strubhar.
      not put one up this year.”                                                     A complete list of those requesting prayers in on the web site and on each communion bulletin.
   Joan: “Don’t give me that nonsense! Go get the decorations.”                      Note to Congregation
   Me, grumbling as I drive to the storage shed: “I don’t know why we                Please notify the church office when your loved ones health issues stabilize and your loved
      have to go through all this foolishness for an empty house. No one             ones are home from hazardous assignments.
      is going to see the decorations. . Mumble, mumble, mumble . . .”
   Obviously, I never win this argument, but just like the Nutcracker at
the Fort Worth Ballet, it is our drama of the season – a play we rehearse
over and over again. This year, with our new reality, however, I thought I
                                                                                    darkness will not overcome it.
                                                                                       A friend who is “downsizing”                  Family Advent
had it won!
   Me (extra argument, smugly said): “You are going to be in Sulphur
                                                                                    has given me their old Christmas
                                                                                    tree. I have it at home, set up in               Concert is Dec. 9th
      Springs most of the season, anyway! Put a tree up there.”                     the living room; lights shining.                    The PPUMC Children’s
   Joan: “Don’t talk to me about Sulphur Springs! YOU AGREED that I                 When Joan returns home from                      Ministry and Music Ministry
      should take the assignment! Don’t use that to wiggle out of your              Sulphur Springs later in the                     are hosting a Children’s Advent
      obligations at home!”                                                         week she will find the new tree                   Concert Sunday, December 9th at
   Me: “Mumble, mumble, mumble.”                                                    already up and the boxes of her                  6:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Come
   My extra argument didn’t work.                                                   decorations stacked and ready for                join us in the Fellowship Hall
   Our Jesus in the Gospels lesson today spoke to “Jesus exposing                   her enjoyment. I have not shared                 for this annual, fun-filled event
the heart’s motivations;” whether our faith is turned Godward or is a               with Joan the news of the gift of the            designed to put you and your
vehicle for self-enhancement and public honor. It is a slippery slope. As           new tree. It is to be a new act in our           family in the Christmas spirit!
Christians living through the season of Advent, we look forward to God’s            old drama, and it will be fun to see             All of our children’s choirs will
Incarnation; God Almighty’s ultimate self-revelation in the baby Jesus.             how she reacts to it.                            be presenting special Christmas
That is a solemn and holy experience. Unfortunately, that solemn and                   My heart is filled with hope, and              music. In addition, our own Kevin
holy moment is a minor drama in the great, mad dash to find the perfect              joy. It has been a wonderful year                and Krista Bailey will be leading
present at the perfect price.                                                       among you, and I look forward                    an all-church sing along, which
   How in the world did the wise men’s gifts to the parents of Jesus turn           with great anticipation to all the               will include many of our favorite
into a shopping season beginning with “Black Friday” on the day after               activities before us as we anticipate            Christmas carols, as well as other
Thanksgiving? How did expressions of honor and reverence become                     the child who has been given us.                 fun songs of the season. You will
quests for the latest and newest and most high-tech gadget? How did a                  May your heart’s motivation be                not want to miss this informal, fun
deep expression of the longing of faith become measured by the amount               of hope and joy through this holy                event. Come and join us, and bring
we are willing to spend? I’m sure there is a history there, a causal chain of       season.                         Bill             a dessert to share if you wish!
events that can be retraced that would be interesting to review. However,
we would still be left with the question, “What is our heart’s motivation?”
   As I struggle with the “bah, humbugs!” during this time of year, I find
myself falling more and more on the words of the prophet Isaiah. These              PPUMC Presents A Christmas
give me comfort.
        The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;                  Celebration
                those who lived in a land of deep darkness –
                                                                                       The PPUMC Music Ministry will be presenting A Christmas
                        on them light has shined. . . .
                                                                                    Celebration on Sunday, December 16th at 6:00 p.m. This family-
            For a child has been born for us, a son given to us;
                                                                                    friendly event will feature many of our church’s music groups,
            authority rests upon his shoulders and he is named
                                                                                    including the PPUMC Chancel Choir and a special performance by
 Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
                     His authority will grow continually,                           Plymouth Park Praise. The Chancel Choir will perform Benjamin
                       and there shall be endless peace                             Harlan’s beautiful Christmas cantata “A Candlelight Christmas,”
                  for the throne of David and his kingdom.                          accompanied by full chamber orchestra, including strings, winds,
                       He will establish it and uphold it                           piano, organ, and percussion. It is beautifully orchestrated, and will
                        with justice and righteousness                              include new Christmas songs as well as familiar favorites. We will have
                   from this time onward and forevermore.                           something for everyone, including a Christmas carol sing-along and a
   The light of Jesus Christ will shine into the darkness, even if the              special time for the kids. Mark your calendars for this annual, church-
darkness is as bright as the interior of WalMart at Christmas, and the              wide event!
        Finish your                                       New Pastoral Counseling                                                                                          December
        Christmas                                         Councelor comes to PPUMC                                                                                         Young
         shopping!                     My Plymouth Park friends,                                                                                                           at Heart
                                               I was asked to write a brief column to introduce myself to the
    Your Christmas shopping
is almost done but you’re still        congregation, so read up (grab a coffee if you need it)! My name is Allen                                                           Luncheon
struggling to decide what to do for    DeSalme (pronounced like de-“Psalm”), and I have recently returned                                                                     Begin with either Craft
those hard to folks on your list.      to Dallas from the high desert in New Mexico to work at the Pastoral                                                                Corner to make gifts for our
Stop in the Ministry Center on         Counseling Center. I was born and raised in Dallas. I was ordained as a                                                             homebound or with a game
Sunday morning or see Rev. Dana        Presbyterian minister in 1984 and subsequently also earned a Master’s                                                               of cards or dominos. Then
Norton in the church office to          degree from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education. I later                                                                 join us for a special Christmas
purchase the PPUMC Family Table completed a Master’s in Counselor Education at University of North Texas                                                                   Luncheon
Cookbook for just $30 or $25 if        and am “ABD” (All But Dissertation completed) for a doctorate. I am a
you buy 4 or more. The new church Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and am also a National Certified                                                                   Date: December 20
cookbook is so complete that it        Counselor.                                                                                                                            Place: Fellowship Hall
will be your new ‘go to’ cookbook.             I have worked at community counseling centers, clinics for                                                                    Cost: Suggested $5 love
So don’t fret over your Christmas      the severely mentally ill, a pain management clinic, and in therapeutic                                                                   offering. But don’t let that
lists this year. Everyone on your list foster care. I focus in work with anxiety, stress, depression, anger                                                                      keep you away. All are
will want the PPUMC Family Table management, mental illness, geriatric counseling, and play therapy. I also                                                                      welcome regardless of your
Cookbook.                              use biofeedback to treat anything that stress makes worse, though I will                                                                  ability to contribute.
                                       probably not be able to do that here.                                                                                                 10:30-12:00: For games, craft
                                               We are pastoral counselors, but I am certainly open to considering
                                                                                                                                                                                 corner and fellowship
                                       anyone’s particular spirituality as an important path to her or him, and am
                                                                                                                                                                             12:00: Christmas lunch
                                       interested in any client’s well-being. I will be here every Tuesday from late
                                       morning or early afternoon into the evening. Given our policy, I can see                                                                  of turkey and all the
                                       anyone from 12 years old up, so if you want to talk to someone, work on                                                                   trimmings!
                                       a problem, have a spiritual issue, or are under stress come see me! I hope                                                             RSVP: Rev. Dana Norton
                                       to be here for the foreseeable future!                                                                                              at or in the
                                                                                                                                                                           church office at 972-255-4185.

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                                                                                                     PLYMOUTH PARK NEWS |8A
                                                                                    Christmas Eve
Music                    Christmas Preparations
                                Last Sunday, the church was a flurry of
                           activity—even more so than usual. After a full             Services
                                                                                                                       New Members

Notes                      morning of worship, many in the church began
                           working on decorating our worship spaces for
                           Christmas. It is not work for the faint-of-heart,
                           let me tell you! For the Fellowship Hall, which
                                                                                     Our 11:00 p.m. service will
                                                                                  be a Meditative and Reflective
                                                                                  Service of Communion with Dr.
                                                                                  La Barr preaching. This service
is the worship space for our contemporary worship service, decorating             will be prayerful in nature, as
involves placing garland around the perimeter of the room, hanging about          together we await the arrival of
eight beautiful Christmas wreaths in various locations, and putting up and        Christmas Day.
decorating an absolutely beautiful 8-foot Christmas tree. There is also a            PPUMC offers a wide range
nativity set to put out as well as some poinsettias.                              of worship opportunities to help
    The other decorating occurs in the main sanctuary, and since the space        you and your family prepare to        Please welcome Michael Aleman
is much bigger, so are the decorations! In addition to garland being placed       welcome again the Christ child        and Virginia Stern. They joined
around the chancel, there are three very large wreaths to hang up under           into our world. We hope to see you    on November 25 at the 11:00
the organ pipes, and a monstrosity of a Christmas tree to assemble over to        Christmas Eve!                        worship service.
the right of the chancel. To be fair, the tree is only a monstrosity during its
actual assembly, after which it becomes stunning and beautiful. Our very-
impressive tree is an artificial, pre-lit balsam fir which stands 14 feet tall.     Mission                              Paul Benson
Fourteen feet!! It is, shall we say, rather difficult to assemble, and takes
several strong people to get it into presentable fashion even before any of       opportunities                        Speaking on Early
the decorating is begun. This tree still looks good for its age, but seeing
as it’s over 10 years old, it’s becoming a bit worn. There was some serious
                                                                                     Non-perishable food,
                                                                                  especially peanut butter and
discussion about the need to replace it, but the price tag on large trees                                                  Have you ever wondered how
                                                                                  canned meats, are needed by
such as this ranges from $2,500-$3,500. Yikes! We may need to have a                                                   the “church” got started? Dr. Paul
                                                                                  Irving Cares and PPUMC’s food
Christmas tree fundraiser in the near future!                                                                          Benson, member at PPUMC, will
                                                                                  ministry. Canned and packaged
    By 3:00 p.m., all the decorating was complete, and the church was now                                              be speaking on “The Sunrise of
                                                                                  goods can be brought to the
ready for the first Sunday in Advent.                                                                                   Christianity” the first three Sundays
                                                                                  church throughout December.
    Honestly (and a bit embarrassingly), I didn’t think much more of it. We                                            in December.
                                                                                     Christmas is also a great time
were done preparing for Christmas, and all is well, right? I had completely                                                All presentations will start at
                                                                                  to make a special donation to
moved on in my mind until that next Tuesday morning when Associate                                                     9:45 am in the Activity Room.
                                                                                  your church or your favorite
Pastor Rev. Dana Norton burst into my office, excited about a piece of                                                      o December 9, Birth of the
                                                                                  United Methodist Church ministry
liturgy she had just come across in a newly-published resource from the                                                        State Church: Constantine
                                                                                  through UMC Advance specials.
United Methodist Publishing House. “I’ve found and Advent Prayer of                                                            and the Roman Way
                                                                                     PPUMC Missions Committee
Confession! What do you think?” she asked. “Do you think we should do                                                      o December 16, St. Augustine’s
                                                                                  thanks you for sharing with our
this one for worship in place of our traditional one?”                                                                         Church: A Template for
                                                                                  neighbors in need.
    Many of you know that the Prayer of Confession is part of our                                                              Western Civilization
communion liturgy. As we prepare to receive the elements of bread in                                                       Dr. Benson’s talks are always
wine, we first prepare ourselves by confessing our sins, humbly asking                                                  informative, challenging, and
God for absolution. We acknowledge that we have all sinned, and are                                                    quite often humorous. As a long
therefore all in need of God’s grace.                                                                                  time Professor of Humanities at
    Just as we prepare for communion, the season of Advent is also a time                                              Mt. View College he has spent his
of preparation—preparation to receive the Christ-child once again in our                                               illustrious career enriching the lives
hearts. The idea is that in order to be able to fully accept the gift of God’s                                         of others in Texas and throughout
son, we must prepare ourselves, opening our hearts and making room so                                                  the United States.
that we are truly ready to receive this gift.                                                                              Among his award winning
    The prayer Dana found combines the two things beautifully.                                                         pursuits, he has a special interest
       Merciful God, always with us, always coming: We confess that we                                                 in Egyptian, Greek-Roman, and
       do not know how to prepare for your Advent. We have forgotten                                                   Asian religions. He has chaired
       how to hope in miracles. We have ignored the promise of your                                                    numerous National Endowment for
       kingdom. We get distracted by all the busyness of the season.                                                   the Humanities workshops.
       Forgive us, God. Grant us the simple wonder of the shepherds,
       the intelligent courage of the Magi, and the patient faith of Mary              At the Norton’s
       and Joseph, that we may journey with them to Bethlehem and                     3006 Hillcrest Dr.               Pecan Sales
       find the good news of a child born for us. Now, in the quiet of our
                                                                                        Irving, Texas                    Members of the youth group
       hearts, we ask you to make us ready for his coming. Amen.                                                       will be selling Schermer Pecans
    Reading this the first time, the words took my breath away. They                      Saturday                      once again this year to raise
reflected as a worship leader what I felt and prayed for in my heart, but             December 15, 2012                 money for their Spring Break
had never seen expressed in a way that matched so closely with my                    3 p.m. until 7 p.m.               Ski Trip.
personal prayer for me and for our congregation. As we embark on this
4-week journey to Christmas, my prayer is that we each find the time to                     Come & Go                     Stop by the table in the
                                                                                                                       ministry center and get yours
prepare our hearts, to open them to God’s grace, and make room to fully                  Food Galore!!!!
receive God’s greatest gift.                                   Jason                                                   while they last.

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