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                                                                                                     ISSUE 36          TERM 1         2010-2011

                                                                           all activities. With a representation of 45 over nations, this is sheer
  “Life is not a bed roses. It has its up and downs and only one           necessity as we successfully bind together all communities.
  who meets these challenges is a winner.”                                 The MYP expeditions served to strengthen this community spirit as all
                                                                           campuses embarked on field trips to various places in Malaysia to
We greeted the new academic year with an unprecedented                     truly appreciate and put into practice what they have leant in class.
increase in the student population in all our campuses. With a new         Apart from the obvious knowledge gained, students forged bonds
batch of teachers to complement this explosion, the academic year          among schools in the Fairview Group.
2010/2011 started on a high note.                                          A bold move to embrace the International Baccalaureate Diploma
A new campus in Subang started operations this academic year with          successfully resulted in the take off this year. With our highly qualified
88 students. The campus, an 8 storey building has a student capacity       staff comprising of examiners, we believe that this will add a feather
of over 1500 students. Yet to be fully completed, Fairview Subang          to our cap!
will showcase more than just a massive physical structure. Similar to      The Year 11 students cleared the English, Business Studies and
our other campuses, it will deliver best practices in teaching and         Statistics papers in November making way for focus on other subjects
learning while catering to locals and expatriates.                         which will be examined in June 2011.
This term has been particularly busy, what with the festive                Fairview Penang Held its annual sports Day this term while Fairview
celebrations to add to the activities. Hari Raya Puasa, the Moon           Johor spent a Sunday afternoon treating children from an orphanage
cake festival, Deepavali and Christmas were the major Malaysian            to a shopping spree for Christmas.
festivals for the term celebrated by all campuses. In the midst of this,   Teachers from all the centres descended upon Wangsa Maju for the
we paid homage to the United Nations on her birthday and created           term end Continuous Professional Development training. Workshops
awareness for Breast Cancer.                                               focusing on best practices and learning styles were some of the
The tripartite community spirit was alive as parents, staff and students   areas revisited and shared among colleagues.
joined hands in one common goal - instilling values in our children -      This led to the term end Christmas Break. School reopens on the 3rd
understanding of each other, tolerance, forgiveness, caring among          of January 2011.
a host of others. Bonding and establishing a rapport was evident in        Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

T +603-4142 0888       E enquiries@fairview.edu.my W www.fairview.edu.my

         Keeping with tradition
                                                                                     students across the world to become active, compassionate and
         Fairview International School in keeping with its traditional track         lifelong learners but also endows them with a positive attitude to
         record of excellent results stood tall as yet again the Cambridge           learning by provoking students to ask challenging questions, to
         IGCSE O level examination results surpassed expectations. With              critically reflect, to develop research skills, to learn how to learn and
         about 45% of the students scoring A and A *, it was indeed an               to participate in community service.
         occasion that called for celebration. An added feather on the cap           Last year, about 50 Fairview IB students descended upon the
         was the outstanding achievements by individual students.                    villages of Siem Reap, Cambodia for a week. It was an eye opening
         Shin Ho Min, from South Korea, the Head Prefect of Fairview                 experience as the IB students shed tears when they visited the
         International School, was a picture of the calm unfazed self that           Children’s Hospital where children maimed or decapitated by war
         he usually is as he received his results for the Cambridge IGCSE O          were being treated.
         level examinations. Scoring 14 distinctions with 7A* was a breeze as        The distinct feature of the IB programmes rests in its continuous
         his 11 years in Fairview had prepared him thoroughly for this feat.         assessment that is progressive and based on tasks assigned and
         Ho Min when asked of his success, “The solid foundation in Fairview         rubrics agreed upon by teachers and students. This takes away the
         balancing study and activities helped me.” Ho Min proved that               ordeals of traditional examinations while maintaining world class
         nothing was insurmountable as he took up the challenge to offer             standards and benchmarked. This is, perhaps, in line with the efforts
         Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin too.                                           of the Ministry of Education in bringing about a holistic education
         A close second was Kim Jin Wook, also from South Korea, who                 with the possible removal of the UPSR and PMR Examinations.
         scored 13 A. Jin Wook said, “Nothing comes without hard work.               Highly recognised by top universities globally, IB education is more
         Teachers’ guidance and parents’ support played an important part            than just a certificate. Mr McRae, author of “The World of 2020”
         in my success.”                                                             commented this: "Schools all over the world are turning to the IB as a
         Shobana Anpalakhan, Yap Juan Lin, Priyanka Kambli, Toby Mea                 way not just to give their students a global academic credential, but
         Hing Jii and Michelle Goh were beaming with delight as they                 much more to equip them to be good citizens of the world in their
         captured 10 A each. Shobana, a thoroughbred of Fairview, said               own individual way,”
         that,” I always believe in a balance between studies and games. I           While Fairview Kuala Lumpur is the first IB World School in Malaysia
         played hard and studied hard.”                                              to offer the Middle Years Programme MYP for students aged 11 to
          Some special achievers deserve mention as they went against odds           16, two other sister Fairview Schools in Penang and Johor Bahru are
         to prove their mettle. Leong Keng Hoong, hearing impaired, came             also offering the IB MYP and the Primary Years Programme PYP for
         away with an A in Art and Design. Yap Ming Hui who was rolled into          students aged 4 to 10.
         the exam hall in a wheel chair straight from hospital, was all smiles       “IB is an incredible system as it promotes education of the whole
         with 5A added to her credit.                                                person as a lifelong process,” said the Principal Ms Nava. This
         With a 100% pass in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ICT, History,              progressive outlook on education is also reflected in the school motto,
         Geography, Art, Business, Statistics and Additional Mathematics,            “Aflame for Learning”, which represents the school’s dedication
         Fairview has proven once again that the Cambridge O level                   towards learning and excellence.
         Examination is no herculean task for our students. The case is              “Today, more than 2000 students from 55 nations are presently
         definitely clearly in want of a more challenging programme.                 studying across the five Fairview campuses. We are leading the
         The introduction of the International Baccalaureate Diploma will not        way with three IB World schools in Malaysia by this September” she
         be just another Pre University Programme but one that will stretch          added, “and Fairview Subang, our 6th campus and will be another
         students’ capabilities to their uttermost limit. After 3 years of careful   IB School by early next year”.
         preparation and implementing the PYP and MYP, Fairview KL is now            Guided by a group of eminent educators who are Emeritus Professors
         ready to launch the IB Diploma for this coming September intake             and former Vice Chancellors, Fairview builds on solid educational
         primarily for our existing students. However, there is a small allocation   values and best IB practices that transformed Fairview which
         for the outsiders to join our crème d le crème! We expect our Diploma       operated on rented premises and cabin classrooms to a visionary
         students to excel above IB benchmark with the guidance of our               global network of 15 campuses in Asia, Australia and UK.
         Diploma lecturers who are not just highly qualified and experienced;        Ensuring a sustainable and continuous success, Fairview provides
         they are also IB Diploma examiners!                                         mandatory teaching trainings and offers scholarships for both
         The IB education encompasses all facets of learning and it equips           Bachelor and postgraduate courses in Education to its 250 academic
         students with skills and competencies necessary to excel in today’s         staff members. Since last September, two batches of teaching
         ever-changing globalised world with enormous uncertainties. It is a         assistants with SPM/STPM were enrolled with Fairview scholarships for
         far cry from the rat race of getting a paper qualification and merely       the London Roehampton University undergraduate programme.
         a transmission of knowledge. On the contrary, it is a journey of self-      This is our founding philosophy and the way forward to achieve
         discovery that learning is both inside and outside the classroom.           the dreams of many aspiring teachers and there is nothing more
         As the long-term vision of Fairview education in embracing IB, the          valuable in life than a good education.
         10 learner profiles espoused by IB are a set of ideals that can inspire,    Fairview leads the way in education for the 21st Century – education
         motivate and focus the work of schools and teachers, uniting them           that constantly seeks challenges allowing students to realise their
         in a common purpose. The IB Programmes not only encourage                   own individual potential through the best practices in education.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

    A New School Year   Hari Raya Open House

                        A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         Mooncake Festival
         Fairview honored a Chinese tradition by holding a pleasant
         mooncake festival on its Wangsa Maju Campus. The hall
         was vividly decorated with brightly coloured lanterns and all
         attention was transfixed on the lovely painting of Chang Er
         at the centre stage.

         The first performance was executed by PYP 5A, 5F, 6 and
         the little toddlers from Reception. It was a beautiful Chinese
         song. After that Mr. Bernard took the stage, giving an
         introduction of the Mooncake Eating Competition before                     Deepavali Night at
         he gave the signal for the Junior School to start. The faces of
         many students were alight with anticipation and delight as
                                                                                    Fairview International School
         they cheered for their classmates and friends.
                                                                                    Deepavali, the festival of lights, is arguably the most well-
         Before the results were announced, the teachers sung a
                                                                                    known Indian festival, celebrating the mythical return of
         melodious Shui Diao Ge Tou, Ming Yue Ji Shi You,by Su Shi,
                                                                                    the revered Lord Rama and his wife Sita to Ayodhya after
         an ancient poet. While the teachers and trainee teachers
                                                                                    a difficult 14 years of exile in a forest. Fairview International
         gave backing vocals, Ms Jennifer, and Brenda and Celine
                                                                                    School celebrated this event with grandeur and pomposity.
         of Year 5B grabbed everyone's eyes as they transformed the
         legend of Chang Er to a ballet.
                                                                                    One of the highlights of the event was the Saree Queen
                                                                                    competition. Mothers of students were encouraged to walk
         The delight of experiencing such a festival was clearly
                                                                                    the ramp in their most beautiful saree and answer a few
         written on each and every student's faces. “We enjoyed
                                                                                    witty questions. Added to this was a display of Indian snacks
         it so much. The Mooncake Eating Competition was our
                                                                                    and sweets.
         favourite because it's so fun!" said the sisters Lavinya and
         Nikita from PYP 3.
                                                                                    A grand buffet with a scrumptious spread of Indian food,
                                                                                    snacks and sweets ended the evening.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

    Co-Curricular Activities
                                               push away my fear of speaking in
                                               public. It's going to be a very good
                                               asset in future, I believe." proclaims
                                               Naqiya Juzer, from Year 9F. Headed
                                               by Ms Rhiannon, this club, with its
                                               eight    members,   teaches      one    to
                                               swallow fear and enunciate each
                                               word clearly, as a crowd stares at

    "I love basketball since last year, when                                                     The Ping Pong Club, which is lead by
    my friend from MYP10 taught me how                                                           Mr. Ashish, is formed because of the
    to shoot a few hoops. You see I wasn't                                                       sheer interest of the students in the
    really a fit person back then, but                                                           game. The reason for this is because
    basketball has encouraged me to                                                              the students find it interesting as the
    be one. We're practicing to shoot a                                                          level of gameplay gets higher. The
    few hoops right now, and I'm loving it.                                                      Ping Pong Club is conducted every
    Really enjoyable!" exclaimed Coralie                                                         Thursday and Friday, and held in the
    Francoise Tyler from MYP8. And of                                                            School Hall. The objective of the club
    course, without a doubt, one of the                                                          is to improve the student’s skill in table
    most popular CCA'S was Basketball,                                                           tennis and learn how to actually play
    run by the keen                            The     Science   and     Environmental           it properly. Mr. Ashish also stated that
                                               Club, which is lead by Ms. Aai, is                the some of the students are really
                                               aimed to build the student’s interest             good at playing table tennis and
                                               in the subject of science and to                  made up a really good challenge
                                               raise   the   student’s   consciousness           even for him.
                                               about how pollution can effect the
                                               environment around us. The Science
                                               and Environmental club is conducted
                                               every Thursday and Friday, and held
                                               in the Chemistry Lab. The various
                                               activities they do is lessons on “how to
                                               recycle”,” how to build a green roof”,”
                                               how does a science fair conducted”
                                               and many more. The students were
                                               stating that even though some of the

    Every other Thursday, a group of           students were a bit uncooperative

    students meet to discuss ways to           the club was still fun and interesting.

    improve their linguistics and to speak
    without falter in the face of a crowd.
    "I'm in this club because I want to

                                                                     A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         Humanities Week                                                            CPD At Fairview
         Humanities week was held in conjunction with Breast Cancer                 Continuous Professional Development is a must for practicing
         awareness month and United Nations Day.                                    teachers and in Fairview it is emphasized even more. Teachers
         A series of events were held including fund raising projects               from all centres congregate in Wangsa Maju to learn,
         during the week.                                                           share and collaborate on the best and latest in teaching
         Assembly presentations on child abuse, human rights and                    techniques that would enhance the learning process.
         environment issues enlightened the students. Lollipop
         day was more than what meets the eye. It isn’t about the
         colourful wrappers, and taste. Students were asked to be
         open-minded, and imagine the happiness a child feels
         from getting a simple lollipop. Thousands of children over
         the world are deprived of even the simple pleasures of life -
         having to engage in child labor, abuse, illegal trade, slavery
         and what not.
         That Wednesday the school assemblies were an array of
         vivid pink. The much anticipated football match between
         teachers and students was witnessed by a huge crowd.
         Banana cakes were shared among all the students
         commemorating the founding of the United Nations.
         RM 3000 was collected over the week and this will be
         presented to the Breast Cancer Association.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

    Visit from Roehampton!
    At 6pm in the evening on the 8th of November 2010, the
    trainees of Fairview International School and some other
    teachers were eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Deputy
    Vice Chancellor of Roehampton University, Professor Jane,
    in the newly built school auditorium. The purpose of her
    visit was to have a view and short discussion on how the
    Foundation Degree in Arts of Teaching and Learning are
    conducted over here in Fairview as this is the first time they
    collaborated with an organization in carrying out courses
    outside their University compound. In the discussion, both
    batches of trainees did presentations on what we have been
    through in the course. All in all, she was very impress with
    both the presentations done. She was also shocked to find
    the difference of the teaching methods in our local school.
    She also mentioned about opportunity that would be given
    to us – the trainees to visit Roehampton University in United
    Kingdom. The night ended with a token of appreciation
    presented to Professor Jane by our dearest school Principal,
                                                                     Report on Preparatory School
    Ms Nava.
                                                                     Field Trip to High 5 Bread Factory
                                                                     We visited the High 5 Bread Factory in Shah Alam to show
                                                                     the children how bread is made. The aim of this particular
                                                                     field trip was to get the children to learn about healthy food.

                                                                     The children were taken to the bread museum where they
                                                                     were shown how bread was made in ancient times when
                                                                     people didn’t have machinery and used their hands to
                                                                     knead the dough and shape it into rolls, baking the bread
                                                                     under fire. The children were then shown how bread making
                                                                     techniques improved over the ages to the stage where we
                                                                     use machinery to make bread today.

                                                                     Everyone enjoyed a tour of the factory by walking on a sky
                                                                     bridge. The children saw how flour was kneaded into dough
                                                                     by machines and cut into different shapes by different types
                                                                     of machines. They also saw how the cut dough was put into
                                                                     the big ovens. Next they were taken to a hall where they
                                                                     saw all the packed bread.

                                                                     The children enjoyed themselves during this visit and
                                                                     were excited when they saw how bread was made with
                                                                     machines. This trip made a positive impact on the children
                                                                     in terms of appreciating healthy food.

                                                                     A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

        Year 4 Aquaria KLCC                                                         Fairview International School Year
                                                                                    7 Students had a trip to Petrosains
        The Year 4 students from 4B and 4C had a wonderful
        experience this term in the form of a field trip to Aquaria
                                                                                    On 18 November 2010
        at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. All of the students
        were very excited and thus, the trip was rife with noise
                                                                                    Petrosains is a science discovery centre where you will be
        and chaos as the 4 teachers tried in vain to contain their
                                                                                    brought back to the age of the dinosaurs, discover about
                                                                                    earthquakes and how human life has changed with the
                                                                                    discovery of petroleum. As the centre is interactive in nature,
        They were greeted by a tank full of the mighty piranhas as
                                                                                    the students were able to use all their senses in exploring
        soon as they walked past the gates. The excursion only went
        uphill from there when they were greeted by all manner
        of fascinating sea creatures, from the electrifying electric
        eel to the enormous piraruccu to the aggressive sand tiger

        The trip ended with a 15-minute feeding show where 2 divers
        jumped into the aquatic enclosure to feed the fish of course.
        After a brief stop at the gift shop after the show, the students
        were back on the bus, heading back to campus. All were
        satisfied, some were tired, and others were hungry from the
        feeding show, but all in all, a good and educational trip

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                     PYP 1
                                                                     For this unit on the transdiciplinary theme: How We Express
                                                                     Ourselves, the central idea that guide our inquiry was “We
                                                                     express ourselves through different celebrations”.
                                                                     Ms Win, our teacher from Myanmar, shared about the
                                                                     Thingyan Festival with us. She explained about the festival
                                                                     and showed us what happens during the festival in her
                                                                     country. She also told us about the Myanmarese’s beliefs
                                                                     about this festival.
                                                                     Ms Natalya who hails from Kazakhstan came to our class to
                                                                     talk about how New Year is celebrated in her country. Mr
                                                                     Johan who comes from Netherlands presented about how
                                                                     Christmas is celebrated in his country.
                                                                     Besides the guest speakers, the students also found out the
                                                                     way to greet each other “Happy Birthday” in their mother
                                                                     tongue. They also gathered information about their own
                                                                     and other’s celebrations. They learned to make crafts that
                                                                     can be used in different celebrations. They also learned to
                                                                     improve their presentation skills.
                                                                     At the end of this unit, the students have definitely become
     An excursion to Bandar Seri                                     knowledgeable and open-minded.

     Cahaya Alam, Selangor
     Year 9 students visited the agricultural park in Shah Alam.
     We visited a paddy plantation where we observed the
     processes of the planting and harvesting of the paddy.
     Next, we visited the Cultural Village with a wooden Malay
     house showcasing the main culture in Malaysia. From there,
     we visited the Spice and Herbs Garden, where we observed
     how mint leaves, tamarind, chilies and long beans are
      After a quick ascend up the slope, we stopped at the
     observatory found in the depths of the Mushroom Garden.
     Though we could not see any real mushrooms, we caught a
     glimpse of the beautiful scenery around us. We also played
     with the exercise gear available before we moved on.
      The highlight was the Four Seasons House, designed for
     autumn. The temperature had been heavily reduced to get
     the feel of autumn. Our final visit was to the animal farm,
     where we were welcomed with a talking parrot. It amazed
     us when it started talking and opened up its wings, ready to
     fly out of the cage. We definitely learnt a thing or two from
     this trip.

                                                                     A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

          PYP 2 Fish Soup
          PYP 2 was very thankful and honoured to have Ms. Fatimah,
          the mother of one of our PYP 2 students, to share a special
          Maldivian delicacy known as the “Maldivian Fish Soup.”
          with the class. Ms. Fatimah demonstrated in class the steps
          involved in cooking the special Maldivian dish.
          Besides the Maldivian Fish Soup, Ms. Fatimah also prepared
          a special fruit salad. She brought along vegetables and
          fruits in class to demonstrate the steps involved in preparing
          the fruit salad.
          During this session, Ms. Fatimah explained to the students
          about the difference between raw food and processed
          food used to prepare both these dishes. She shared in the
          class on the importance of eating the right food to gain the
          right nutrition for your body.
          Students were given opportunity to taste both these dishes
          and all of them really enjoyed the tasting and they wanted
          to try more. They continued talking about both these dishes
          even after Ms. Fatimah was long gone.

                                                                                    PYP 3
                                                                                    PYP3’s central idea of the term was “All places on Earth have
                                                                                    special features that distinguish them from other places”.
                                                                                    At   the   beginning   we   investigated    on   the    physical
                                                                                    characteristics of Malaysia and other countries. Students
                                                                                    learned    that   each    country   has     different   physical
                                                                                    characteristics which make them special and unique in
                                                                                    their own way. They also got to read and play riddles about
                                                                                    volcanoes, mountains, valleys, hills and many more.
                                                                                    Apart from that, we have also inquired on how people have
                                                                                    changed the landscapes on earth and its consequences.
                                                                                    Students were shown videos about the irresponsible acts of
                                                                                    humans on the Mother Nature and also the consequences
                                                                                    that come with it. They were also actively involved in the
                                                                                    “Through the Window” project, where they were given roles
                                                                                    as an ‘artist” to draw a landscape that they could see from
                                                                                    the window of the class and to imagine on what it would be
                                                                                    like 40 years from now.
                                                                                    And last but not least, we have also had two wonderful guest
                                                                                    speakers to speak on two different countries. We are really
                                                                                    grateful to have Nelson from PYP 4 to talk about Malaysia
                                                                                    and Mrs Parker to introduce on her motherland New Zealand
                                                                                    and its culture to the students of PYP 3.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     PYP4’S Visit To                                                     PYP 5 Unite For Children!
     The National Art Gallery                                            PYP 5 students recently hosted a guest speaker from UNICEF

     PYP 4 went to the National Art Gallery. We left the school          Malaysia, Ms. Dina Ramli, who whole-heartedly came to

     at about 9.45am and 7 MYP students came along with us.              Fairview International School to give an inspirational talk on

     When we got there we put our bags at the lobby and went             issues that surround children from all around the world.

     inside to the galleries.                                            For their first unit, the children were learning specifically

     Mr.Azrul, our guide for the day, explained about some of            about children’s rights and this was an opportunity for the

     the Art pieces that were exhibited there. There was a wide          children to know more about their rights as a child. Apart

     range of Arts from international and local artists. The first one   from that UNICEF also wanted to create awareness to stop

     we saw was a collage which had flags from different states          child abuse by launching the “Raise Your Hand. Stop Child

     in Malaysia. The gallery had exhibits of plants, sculptures and     Abuse Now!” campaign. Ms. Dina encouraged the students

     various types of media.                                             to raise their hands to lend their support by creating their

     Our task was to select an Art piece and sketch it so that we        custom made hand design on the campaign’s official

     could draw a similar art piece. After that Ms. Kavisha sent us      website or they directly pay a visit to UNICEF’s booth at

     to explore Gallery B. This gallery had many paintings that are      1Utama Shopping Mall. And indeed it was a massive hit with

     associated with Islamic culture and heritage.                       the students and the response they gave was enormous!
     When we were done, we got our bags and when we arrived
     at school at 1.00pm we immediately packed our things and
     got ready to go home.

                                                                         A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         PYP 5 Energy Makes Things Happen!                                          PYP 6 Who We ARE
         A great way to make this unit interesting and exciting for
         students of PYP 5 was to have them learn many new things                   Students in PYP 6 prepared materials to show their
         about ENERGY. Some of which they never even knew                           understanding that “Decisions and choices leaders make
         played an important role in their daily lives.                             can have an impact on others”. The students were to
         In order to prepare them for their mini science project                    construct meaning through improved critical thinking and
         the students visited Petrosains KLCC. They embarked on                     the transfer of knowledge and understanding across and
         a journey of discovery to experience the showcase of                       beyond all subject areas (language, art, math).They were
         exhibits featuring the wonders of science and technology.                  encouraged to take more responsibility over their learning
         Every student gained from this rich source of information,                 and were more exposed to independent studies and
         presented      in   an    innovative     and     hands-on      learning    actions.
         environment.                                                               Through the different activities PYP students finally clarified
         As young Einsteins, students inquired about the responsibility             the Model of a positive and Effective leader. During Art
         to conserve energy which exists in various forms and can be                lessons we made a statue of current world leaders, during
         converted and stored in many ways. The students definitely                 Music we were singing songs about caring and taking
         had their enjoyment and learning experience maximized!                     personal responsibility for global problems.
                                                                                    We would like to say warm thanks to our parents for their
                                                                                    support, helping us to find information, supplying with
                                                                                    necessary materials. As future leaders, we all now understand
                                                                                    about great responsibility and open-minded thinking as
                                                                                    main characteristics of Effective and Positive leader.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     Power Week                                                      Fascinating Excursion of the Year 1,
                                                                     Reception and Playschool Students
     Power Week (which stands for Preservation of World
     Environment and Resources) started with a bang. It was an
                                                                     at Fairview International School -
     effort to create awareness among the students to take the       Ampang Campus
     initiative to save our planet. It was in conjunction with the
     Breast Cancer Awareness Programme. Our students joined          The most awaited educational trip for year 1, reception and

     hands to bear this responsibility.                              playschool students was held at the High 5 Bread Factory

     A kaleidoscope of activities was organized for the students.    in Shah Alam. This activity was organized by the school to

     The reception students were the show stoppers by singing a      enhance the students’ knowledge about healthy food.

     lilting environmental song. Yr 2 and 3 students left no stone   We learned about the history of bread making right from the

     unturned to exude the artistic skills by means of a Poster      Egyptians, to the Iron Age, to the Viking era to modern time,

     Making competition. Yr 4 students participated in a quiz, Yr    and even a bit of speculations into the future. We were also

     5 students revamped the whole premises by their thoughtful      able to see some interesting toasters and different types of

     banners and Yr 6 students not only created awareness, but       breads that they manufactured.

     brought smiles on everyone’s faces by their informative and     Most students were amazed and fascinated by what they

     comic role play.                                                saw. They enjoyed the sights in the factory. When we were

     By sheer dint of student’s and teacher’s hardwork, it           about to finish the tour, the students were allowed to touch

     concluded with an overwhelming response and great               some of their displays like the dough.

     participation. Our purpose was not defeated at the end of          The most enjoyable part was when we were about to

     the day. Students and parents exchanged information and         leave, two of their staff members gave each of us a big

     spread awareness to a great extent.                             goodie bag with plenty of High 5 products

                                                                     A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         Under water with Year 2                                                    Excursion 2010, Aquaria
                                                                                    Underwater World, KLCC
         The year 2 students visited the Aquaria KLCC. The purpose
         of the trip was to expose the students to land habitats and                Year 3 went on a field trip to Aquaria KLCC at the Kuala
         mainly underwater habitats.                                                Lumpur Convention Center. About 72 students participated
         The students had a lot of fun exploring the underwater                     in the excursion together with 5 teachers.
         habitats. The aquaria had an amazing display of fish, from                 At the entrance of the aquarium, we were greeted by
         sand tiger sharks to blue rays and giant arapaimas to gar                  a stunning blue water exhibit and colourful gallery that
         fish. The students enjoyed the special section to pick up and              enabled us to travel back in time to discover the evolution
         feel the texture of live corals and star fish very much.                   of fish. After that we experienced ‘face-to-face’ encounters
                                                                                    with some of the most unusual, unique and enchanting
         The tunnel underneath the shark tank was impressive. The                   marine animals such as sea horse, frog fish, eels and other
         students mada a visit to Jewels of the jungle section where                strange life forms from the depths of the oceans. At the
         they experienced various displays of animals found in the                  ‘touch pool’ the students could even touch baby sharks
         tropical region. They discovered what it is like to drift through          and stingrays.
         the tropical rainforests. With over 5,000 different creatures              The highlight of the programme was the UnderwaterTunnel.
         and the latest in advanced interactive technology, Aquaria                 Moving on an automated walkway we were exposed to
         KLCC stimulated students’ senses and opened their mind to                  the most beautiful underwater scenes. We were impressed
         the fascinating world under the sea.                                       by the trained divers and aquarists’ hand-feeding the fish,
                                                                                    including rays and large sharks.
                                                                                    The last stopover was a spectacular ocean reef in the Aqua
                                                                                    Theatre. We witnessed the fish feedings as well as death-
                                                                                    defying diving sessions with the sharks!

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     Mooncake Festival
     The Mooncake festival is also known as the Lantern festival
     in Chinese culture. The Chinese celebrate this auspicious
     day by eating mooncakes and lighting up the lanterns at
     night on the 15th, of the eighth month in the lunar calendar.
     We celebrated this festival by conducting a lantern making
     contest and a few performances by students from year 2 to
     year 6.

     The lantern making contest was opened to students from
     year 3 to year 6. Participants had to design their own lantern
     by using the materials provided such as paper plate, wire,
     stick and colour paper.
                                                                      Aunty Chinnamma’s Birthday
     After the contest, there was a mini concert performed by
     the students. There were Chinese songs, Chinese dance            On the 9th September 2010, Aunty Chinnamma, who has
     and piano performances. It was a sweet and memorable             been with us for the past 30 years, celebrated her 70th
     moment for everyone in the school due to those fantastic         birthday in school. As she is always with the reception and
     performances, especially the Chinese song which was sung         crèche students, the staff organised a surprise cake cutting
     by year 2, 3 and 4 students. The song was “Yue liang dai biao    ceremony with them for her. She was extremely surprised
     wo de xin”, which means the moon represents my heart             and glad to have cut and share the cake with the little ones.

                                                                      A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

        Year 5 Excursion- Report
        The hilarious students… the excited teachers……the tensed                    objects and utensils right from kitchenware, traditional
        head teacher and anxious parents……Yes, it was the day                       ornaments and weapons to conventional instruments of
        of excursion for year 5 students. The students were curiously               Malaysian music which were displayed at the Metalwork
        anticipating their first outdoor education activity at the                  and Musical Instruments Gallery. They tried their best to
        National Museum. It was very surprising for the teachers, that              cover everything with their cameras.
        the students who were singing, dancing and yelling in the                   Since the museum has a fine collection of historical artifacts
        bus became silent and engrossed into the atmosphere the                     and thousands of rare items, everyone felt that they were
        moment they entered the Museum.                                             in a storehouse. Of course, the Fairviewans from different
        The children obtained profound information on different                     countries realized it is an educational institution of Malaysia's
        periods in the history of Peninsular Malaysia in the Historical             rich cultural heritage.
        Gallery. They were flabbergasted at the sight of several

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     MYP 7                                                          MYP 9
     New school, new friends and new subjects, it seemed            MYP 9 researched in depth the countries of China, Cambodia,
     appropriate that our first Unit Question asked would be        Philippines and the United States to try and understand what
     “Where Are We?”. Students researched various maps,             life would be like for those living in the countries and what
     learned how to read and the use of coordinates, which          similarities and differences they had.
     culminated in an activity where they explained their route     MYP 9 moved onto Local Action Global Effect, and
     home from school.                                              investigated the activities on rivers, and how that impacted
     MYP 7 then moved on to Restless Earth and with products        the environment, created their own river using tables and
     you can find at home like soil, tins, baking soda, water and   chairs, and their own museum where they explained the
     food colouring they made their own volcanic eruptions. To      pollution concerns in rivers and came up with solutions to
     demonstrate the sections of the earth, students, coupled       resolve the problem. They worked in groups to display their
     with their own imagination and knowledge, formed their         knowledge and demonstrated their open mindedness when
     own miniature earth in class! They demonstrated in pairs the   considering solutions.
     types of tectonic movement and had fun imitating active,
     dormant and extinct volcanoes, all to answer “How Do We

     MYP 8
     MYP 8 considered the question “Why are we Shopaholics?”.
     They traveled the silk route, understanding about Marco
     Polo, and led lessons in explaining their knowledge to other
     classmates. They sold school uniforms and planned their
     own drinks while learning about the 7P’s of marketing.
     MYP 8 then analyzed whether images conveyed messages
     through looking at a variety of real world scenarios and
     playing strategy games, which enabled them to be
     reflective and demonstrate their communication skills.

                                                                    A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                                    between the different celebrations when being a Thinker.
                                                                                    Upon reflection, the students connected that celebrations
                                                                                    tend to evolve as people travelled from place to place.

                                                                                    We were honoured to have Ms. Visa, homeroom teacher
                                                                                    of PYP 3 and 4, and Ms Wei Wei, mandarin teacher, as our
                                                                                    guest speakers who shared valuable information on their
                                                                                    respective festivals. This facilitated students to not only
                                                                                    progress as Knowledgeable when listening to the new
                                                                                    information , but also Reflective to their own experiences
                                                                                    and practices of celebrations they themselves celebrated.
                                                                                    In addition, it was apparent that the children were Open-
                                                                                    minded to practices different from their own. Lastly for their
                                                                                    summative assessment, from the activities leading up to the
                                                                                    production of the scrapbook the children encompassed
                                                                                    many of the iB learner profiles developed during the 5-week
                                                                                    inquiry as they understood the differences in the belief of
                                                                                    others, and respected those differences.

                                                                                    PYP 2 – Just imagine
         PYP 1 – Ms Victoria                                                        PYP 2 had their first exposure to the Unit of Inquiry with a
                                                                                    Central Idea on how stories spark our imagination and
         The second Central idea students inquired into was “When                   conveys information about people, culture and their feelings.
         We Play, We Learn About Ourselves And Others”.                             Students became immediate Thinkers and brainstormed
         Through this unit of inquiry the children were Open-minded                 and shared the different ways stories are told enhancing
         to the introduction of more traditional forms of play such                 themselves as Communicators. Among the ideas that were
         as the congkak, and were Reflective on ones they were                      gathered were stories told through songs, mime, poems,
         already familiar with like musical chair. Developing them                  television programmes and cartoons. Personal experiences
         as Balanced individuals, they experienced the discovery of                 were drawn from students as they also shared their favourite
         music through the toys they were familiar with in class. These             stories with the class.
         activities improved their social skills as Communicators and               One of the interesting activities that year 2 students
         their behaviour as Caring children i.e. cooperation, group                 participated was, in pairs, discuss how they would like to
         decision making thus enhancing their gross motor skills.                   rewrite a fairy tale that they already know. Some had real
         Furthermore children learned to be Principled by abiding                   creative endings to their stories, with one pair writing about
         to the rules of play, and were Reflective on the outcome                   Pinocchio being caught by the police for running naked in
         with their friends when playing. This promoted a better
         relationship with their friends.
         With the start of the new term, the children were taken
         through a journey of an inquiry into how we express ourselves
         through different celebrations ie. birthdays, weddings,
         religious traditions and anniversaries.

         For this unit, the children were encouraged to be Reflective
         with photos, pictures, artefacts of different celebrations.
         They then developed skills as a Communicator to verbally
         relate the similarities and differences that they observed

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     the streets! This really encouraged the students to be Open-
     Connections were made with the roles of stories in their lives
     when students were asked to be Reflective. At the same
     time they had also started working on their summative
     assessment by designing their cover pages for their “Big
     Story” book project where students were to create their
     own stories.    They were also encouraged to improve as
     Knowledgeable students by reading a storybook each day
     in front of their classmates so as to sharpen the presentation
     skills as Communicators.
                                                                              A food tasting session on dairy products brought from home
                                                                              allowed for students to be Thinkers and connections were made
                                                                              when being Reflective, where the raw food was the milk from
                                                                              cows and processed food were the dairy products just sampled

     Student’s ‘Big Storybook’ on display

                                                                              Kneading dough in the classroom was another fun activity the
                                                                              students enjoyed. But more importantly, the students become
                                                                              more Knowledgeable as they became Inquirers and learned
                                                                              that flour comes from wheat and when mixed with water, it
                                                                              forms dough which is used in many forms.

     Food pyramid made from packages and packaging

                                                                              As their summative assessment, sequence charts were developed
     PYP2 – From field to table                                               by students engaging them as Thinkers and Knowledgeable on how
     The Central Idea for the next unit inquired into how ‘many foods need    raw food comes from farms, transported to the factory and sent to
     to be transported and/or processed before they reach our tables          supermarkets before being bought by consumers for consumption.

                                                                             A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                                    PYP 3 and 4 – Ms Visa
                                                                                    Their first unit of inquiry was on ‘Sharing the planet’, with the
                                                                                    Central Idea of ‘the place in which living things are found
                                                                                    provides them with what they need to survive’.

                                                                                    Students researched into the common types of animals
                                                                                    found in the various habitats, and became Thinkers as they
                                                                                    delved into how animals learn to adapt themselves to their
                                                                                    surroundings. Creating a scrapbook on adaptations of
                                                                                    animals rounded up the unit
                                                                                    ‘Where we are in place and time’, the second unit based
                                                                                    the Central Idea on how ‘all places on Earth have special
                                                                                    features that distinguish them from other places’. Then to
                                                                                    further stretch them as Thinkers, they had to differentiate
                                                                                    between man-made and natural landscapes. They had
                                                                                    to wear the inquirer caps as they wondered why so many
                                                                                    buildings were built. Was it created out of a need? Or just as
                                                                                    another tourist attraction?

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                                 The lessons that followed engaged students as Thinkers
     PYP 5
                                                                                 of the negative impacts on the world, including global
                                                                                 warming and disasters, when humans burn too much non-
     Our first inquiry was into how human rights and responsibilities
                                                                                 renewable energy. Videos on the environment, newspaper
     are defined to enable us to live with dignity and respect.
                                                                                 cuttings on the recent flood, tsunami, earthquakes and
                                                                                 volcanic eruption were used to develop the students as
     The activity started with students as Thinkers to identify the
                                                                                 Knowledgeable. Then, students interviewed several people
     differences between needs and wants. From this, students
                                                                                 around the school about the electrical items they could
     then reflected that needs such as food, protection, love
                                                                                 not live without and with the data, the students reflected
     and education are rights. Therefore, towards the end of the
                                                                                 on the concept of being Principled through a personal
     Unit of Inquiry, the students reflected on the Central Idea to
                                                                                 responsibility to conserve energy.
     be in connection with current news involving crimes, war,
     child abuse and such. Finally, with that, they exhibited that
                                                                                 For their summative assessment for this unit, students were
     of a Knowledgeable student through their reports about
                                                                                 grouped to design and present mini-experiments involving
     Human Rights and their skills as a Communicator by means
                                                                                 energy and how they worked.                They were also assessed
     of individually presented presentations to their class
                                                                                 based on the iB learner profiles, especially under the
                                                                                 attribute of being Knowledgeable and a Communicator.

     The next unit was an inquiry into the responsibility to conserve energy
     which exist in various forms and can be converted and stored in
     many ways.                                                                  One group presented on chemical energy from batteries One group
                                                                                 presented on chemical energy from batteries.

     The inquiry started by getting the students to dance to the music played
     to engage the understanding of the iB learner profile as a Balanced         Another group presented on solar energy from the sun and chemical
     person, not only to be balanced intellectually but also physically. More    energy that can be derived from salt water.
     importantly, by being Reflective the students observed how long their
     energy lasted and understood that to replenish the energy they’ve lost,
     they need to either drink or eat something. This was connected with
     Earth and its non-renewable energy sources.

                                                                                A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                                    PYP 6 – Ms Carina
                                                                                    Students became instant inquirers as they worked on
                                                                                    ‘Persuasion as a method for altering perspectives and
                                                                                    initiating change in the world.’
                                                                                    The highlight of the inquiry was their summative assessment
                                                                                    involving the student’s exhibition of their products.. As Risk-
                                                                                    takers, students had no fear inviting teachers and peers from
                                                                                    other classes to visit their exhibition. Techniques used ranged
                                                                                    from everyday marketing practices such as free samples to
                                                                                    peers who manage to answer their quiz correctly after their
                                                                                    presentation, to, making creative posters with red carpet to
                                                                                    present their handmade paper dress fashion show.
                                                                                    Students moved on to inquire into how decisions and choices
                                                                                    that leaders make can have an impact on others. It was
                                                                                    a privilege to have Mr Daniel Chian, Chairman of Fairview
                                                                                    International School, to share with the students about his
                                                                                    personal experience and view about leadership. Students
                                                                                    got firsthand knowledge about the journey of being a
                                                                                    leader. Then as keen Inquirers, they researched on various
                                                                                    leaders around the world, and had to be Communicators to
                                                                                    share their research with classmates.
                                                                                    Students made connections with taking up responsibilities
                                                                                    as leaders and needing to make sacrifices for example,
                                                                                    their playtime with friends. Their plans showed their caring
                                                                                    nature with hopes to provide education and necessities for
                                                                                    the poor. One of the student’s visions to this plan was that
                                                                                    with this:
                                                                                    ‘The whole world will be united as one country to create a
                                                                                    peaceful world.”

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     Humanities Week                                                   Subang Parent Forum.
     Fairview International School’s Humanities Department             On the 1st December 2010, Fairview International School,
     launched the Humanities week from the 25th October – 29th         Subang held its first parent forum for the Primary Years
     October. Coupled with United Nations and Breast Cancer            Program (PYP) The evening event was well attended as
     Awareness Month, the week began with students wishing             parents were eager to find out how their children were
     Happy Birthday to the United Nations.                             settling into Fairview.
     Students also celebrated Lollipop Day, which enabled them                    Ms Chan, the PYP coordinator and Fairview
     to be open minded and appreciate that the joy they had            International School Academic Director Mr Gopi facilitated
     comparing it to the joy a child may have when they get            the meeting.
     their first pair of shoes or a roof over their heads. The week               Parents wer taken through the PYP journey and
     culminated in a Teacher v Student football game, which was        worked in groups to learn the inquiry method of acquiring
     to raise awareness of 1Goal.org where the United Nations          not just knowledge but life skills.
     aims to get 71 million children worldwide into education.                    An exhibition of work done over the term adorned
              Alongside the United Nations we had Breast               the rooms telling the story of journeys through various themes.
     Cancer Awareness week. Subang was decorated with pink                        This will be the first of many Parent Forums, and it is
     ribbons made by our very own PYP with help from the Art           certainly true that with Fairview International School, parents
     Department.                                                       and children walk together in their new journey of discovery.
              The significance of Humanities Week is that students
     gain knowledge and understanding of the community,
     locally, nationally and globally. This enables all students to
     be open minded and to inquire how people’s lives can be
     different and to reflect on what they as students can do.

                                                                      A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                                    Mooncake Festival
                                                                                    On the 15th day of every 8th lunar month, the Chinese Mid-
                                                                                    Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival is celebrated.
                                                                                    In Fairview International School Subang, this was celebrated
                                                                                    through works of the PYP and MYP students. A song titled
                                                                                    Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu, whose lyrics where derived from
                                                                                    one of the most famous poem about the Mid-Autumn
                                                                                    Festival by the Northern Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo,
                                                                                    were sung by MYP students. PYP students then challenged
                                                                                    this performance with a story about the moon and the
                                                                                    customs of the festival through sign language. But ultimately,
                                                                                    the height of the celebration was the Dragon Dance where
                                                                                    the actual dragon used and the dragon’s dancers were
                                                                                    MYP students. To depict the most traditional custom of the
                                                                                    festival, PYP students carried their self-made lanterns from
                                                                                    the lantern making competition that took place prior to the

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     MYP 7 Fire flies, paddy fields and fish                            The MYP 8 trip to Taman Negara
                                                                        in soundbites
     MYP 7 students from all campuses went on an interesting
     journey of discovery to Kuala Selangor. The first visit was to     On Friday we tried to whisper during the night walk and
     Bukit Melawati, a historical place where you can see the           failed miserably, especially when the rain started pouring
     remains of the old Melawati fort and a spectacular light           down.
     house which was used to monitor the trafficking of ships in        During the 4,5 hours jungle trek on Saturday there were
     the straits of Melacca.       After a careful observation of       echoes of the Red Indians team bellowing a battle cry
     the light house and enjoying spectacular view of straits of        through the jungle, there were screams of children finding
     Melacca we headed for the fishing village in Kuala Selangor.       leeches inside their socks (or even on their bellies) and there
     Students carefully observed the functioning of the market          was the roar of the boat engine taking us back on a relaxing
     by exploring the use of technology.                                ride to our hotel.
     After enjoying some delicious sea food, it was time to witness     The warming up on Sunday started with “One, two, three,
     one of the wonders in nature. A Kuala Selangor visit would         four, five, six, eight!” On the canopy walk we could hear
     be incomplete if anyone did not watch the fire flies in the        everything: birds, children, insects buzzing and the creaking
     dark. The moment we boarded the silent motor boats, there          of the walk itself. We were respectfully silent during the
     was complete silence by the students. It was amazing to            interviews with members of the Orang Asli tribe and we were
     see hundreds of fire flies making a tree look like a Christmas     cheering on both students and teachers when they tried to
     tree lighted by fire flies.                                        hit the target using a 4 feet long blow pipe.
     After a heavy breakfast the next day it was time for a trek        There were the sounds of paddles in the water while singing
     through the Kuala Selangor Mangrove park. Everyone                 "Row, row, row your boat" on our self-built rafts and there
     was hoping to be lucky enough to get a glimpse of a big            were the screams of pleasure at becoming soaking wet
     monitor lizard. While Searching closely for monitor lizards, we    from the big water fights.
     came across some mudskippers, gold and blue crabs and              There was the sound of laughter, especially during free time,
     monkeys, but no lizard was spotted.                                but there also was the sound of concentrated silence when
     The next step was a visit to the farmers from the Homestay         we were working on our assessments after dinner. There was
     program, where we visited paddy fields and all students            the holler of Mr. Michael asking for attention and laughter
     were given the opportunity to fish. This resulted in a happy,      after his voice broke just when he said "do you want me to
     competitive atmosphere among teachers and students.                lose my voice?".
     Everybody was jumping and screaming the moment fish                On Monday we heard the cheers and goodbyes of newly
     was caught.                                                        found friends and (sometimes very loud) singing on the bus
     All the different experiences culminated in a very interesting     on the way home. I think the Taman Negara trip sounds like
     journey of discovery and at the end students were already          a great success.
     speculating about the next trip.

                                                                       A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         MYP 9 & 10 Gopeng Excursion                                                MYP 11
         he MYP 9&10 students were brought out of the classroom to                  On Friday the 19th of November the MYP 11 class of
         Gopeng for their Term 1 excursion. The eventful trip was a 4               Fairview International School embarked on an unexpected
         day, 3 night experience for both the teachers and students                 expedition. Destination? The island paradise named Phuket,
         involved.                                                                  Thailand. For 4 days the class frolicked on the white sands
         Gopeng was chosen for this term’s excursion because of the                 surrounded by pristine blue waters. Exhausted at the end of
         adventurous nature of the activities that were offered.                    each day, they returned to the resort, where a suite room
         The students were divided into four main groups - Alpha,                   awaited each one.
         Bravo, Charlie and Delta – that did four main activities at                We visited the islands around Phang Nga Bay, visiting the
         different times - white water rafting, waterfall abseiling,                amazing James bond Island (featured in The Man with the
         obstacle course and caving. The students truly enjoyed the                 Golden Gun), an island school and went canoeing around
         adventurous activities. Especially the white water rafting was             the many island formations unique to the area.
         a challenge, because they had to raft through a difficult                  Nature aside, we then toured Phuket island, admiring
         and speedy 7km course. And while abseiling the students                    and reflecting on the many temples and statues present.
         were pushed to the limit when they had to overcome a 15                    Finishing on a high note, we were treated to the cultural
         m hike down the waterfall.                                                 show Fantasea, watching performances by high rope artists,
         Besides the mentioned activities, students from various                    elephants and even chickens who ran in a straight line!
         campuses bonded through the dinner sessions. On the
         second night, we had steamboat. It was heart warming to
         see students of different nationalities and campuses trying to
         communicate to each other to ‘solve’ the intricate cooking
         methods of steamboat.
         Overall, it was a really enjoyable tip for the students and that
         made it pleasurable for the teachers who followed as well

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     Central idea: Students exposure towards different
                    culture and tradition
     Date: 3rd November 2010
     Time: 12.00 pm to 1.20pm

     Deeparaya was celebrated on the 3rd of November,
     by our students, teachers and parents. The school jointly
     celebrated the double festivals of Hari Raya and Deepavali,
     which was coined as Deeparaya. The double festival mood
     was reflected in the decorated school canteen, corridors,
     administration and stage.
     Teachers blended Malay and Indian cultures in the
     decorations to have a cross-cultural effect for the double
     celebration. The festive activities included modern and
     traditional Indian and Malay dance performances by our
     MYP and PYP students. The highlights were the fashion shows
     and potluck brought by parents. Malaysia is a multi-racial
     country with many different ethnic groups and religions. This
     was perfectly conceptualized through this special event.
     We live in harmony because of mutual respect and tolerance
     for each other, the beliefs, culture, tradition and all those
     little things that make us different. In Fairview, we teach and
     remind students to respect each other’s individuality and
     celebrate others’ culture in oneness

                                                                       Our theme for this unit is “How We Organize Ourselves”. We
                                                                       focused on the central idea of how rules make our school a
                                                                       safe place to learn. The line of inquiry was to identify people
                                                                       who keep us safe in school. Among the people identified
                                                                       include teachers, firemen, librarian, student council, general
                                                                       cleaner and security guard. They were invited to share
                                                                       their job scope and mention the kits they are using while
                                                                       performing their duties.
                                                                       Students shared their knowledge about the work of each
                                                                       helper and classified the symbols representing each person,
                                                                       example security guard = walkie talkie. After the sharing
                                                                       session, they were given a chance to experience how it felt
                                                                       like to be a helper of their choice. They made props and
                                                                       headgears of the particular helper. The final part was a role
                                                                       play where some of them introduced themselves and acted
                                                                       out as firemen, teachers, librarians and security guards.

                                                                       A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                                    PYP 2
                                                                                    Shake the butter away!
                                                                                    One of the many exciting ways to learn is through dancing.
                                                                                    On October 26, 2010, the PYP2 students made butter in
                                                                                    relation to the theme: “Food needs to be transported and/
                                                                                    or processed before it reaches our table.”

                                                                                    In the gym the students were divided into small groups.
                                                                                    Using whipped cream placed inside a tightly closed glass
                                                                                    jar the teachers demonstrated to the kids how to shake the
                                                                                    jar. Each student got a chance to shake the jar and they
                                                                                    danced to the tune of “I Like To Move It” until the whipped
                                                                                    cream solidified.

                                                                                    As soon as they were finished with the shaking and dancing,
         PYP 1                                                                      Ms. Su Ling demonstrated to them how to make a sandwich.
         Happy Deepavali!                                                           She also discussed the importance of eating healthy

         Meaningful Rangoli!                                                        snacks. With the butter they had just made, bread, cheese,
                                                                                    tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and a pinch of salt and
                                                                                    pepper a healthy sandwich was made.
         Central Idea : We Express Ourselves through
                             Different Celebrations
                                                                                    The kids definitely had fun shaking and dancing while
         Date: 27 October 2010, Wednesday
                                                                                    making their butter and eating their healthy sandwiches!
         Time: 11.20 a.m-1.00 p.m.

         PYP 1 students had a meaningful inquiry session when a
         guest speaker came in to share what Deepavali celebration
         is and the meaning of Rangoli as an integral part of this
         We had the honour of having Madam Suganthi Karuppiah,
         mother of A.R. Jineesh from PYP 1 to be the primary resource
         for this inquiry.
         PYP 1 students were shown video clips of the origins and
         ways of celebration of Deepavali. Madam Suganthi was
         very kind to bring along all the decorative items to be
         shared with our students.
         Our young students fielded many questions to Madam
         Suganthi, who patiently answered every question. Among
         the questions asked were: “Why do people celebrate
         Deepavali?”, “Why must we have Rangoli for Deepavali?”
         and “Why can’t we use water to light up the lamp?”
         The highlight of the session was the Rangoli making. Each
         of them had the experience of making the Rangoli and
         needless to say, all of them had a meaningful inquiry and
         loads of fun in the session that day

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     PYP 3 - Title: A Sense of Place
     All places on Earth have special features that distinguish
     them from other places. PYP3 explored Habitats in Sharing
     the Planet by investigating living things around the school
     compound and making their very own Habitat Fact File.
     They also explored the reptiles, amphibians and arachnids
     classes at the Penang Butterfly Farm. Activities were
     designed to arouse curiosity in students to enrich their
     learning experiences.
     The students were also encouraged to share their theme-
     related questions on the Wonder Wall in class and research
     on these inquiries by referring to books, interviewing experts
     such as guest speakers, exploring during excursions,
     searching on the web, and many more.

                                                                      PYP 4 Lifestyle Check
                                                                      My experience learning about our previous theme was the
                                                                      best learning experience I ever had. It was my favourite
                                                                      theme, “Who We Are.”              Our central idea was, “It is our
                                                                      responsibility to maintain a balanced daily routine that leads
                                                                      to a healthier lifestyle.” At first, I had no idea what it meant.
                                                                      Then, I started to pick up more and more information not
                                                                      only from discussions, but also from the group activities,
                                                                      interviews and researches conducted throughout the unit. I
                                                                      went for an excursion to Rumah Hospis, where I learnt more
                                                                      about health and cancer. I learnt about the digestive system
                                                                      and its functions by drawing each part of it individually then
                                                                      pasting them together. I also enjoyed the activity of making
                                                                      healthy snacks, which taught me the value of confidence.
                                                                      There was another individual poster making assessment that
                                                                      informed me of the areas that I can improve on. I felt great
                                                                      after learning these things.” - Hannah Rose Lee (PYP4)

                                                                      A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                                    PYP 6
                                                                                    The first theme for PYP6 was “How we express ourselves”
                                                                                    under the view of persuasion. Through this theme the
                                                                                    students were engaged into advertising, and trying this out
                                                                                    for themselves. Live impromptu advertisement was one of
                                                                                    the popular activities in class, giving them the opportunity
                                                                                    to express their creativity in the field of communication and
                                                                                    broadcasting. Having given daily items to promote, they are
                                                                                    always eager to come up with the best way to portray and
                                                                                    sell their items to their peers.

                                                                                    The students did an awesome job making a movie, when
                                                                                    given a few topics to choose from, such as “1 Malaysia”,
                                                                                    “Stop pollution” and “Don’t drink and drive”. Students got to
                                                                                    bring their laptops to school and share resources with their
                                                                                    friends on ideas, methods, and fancy editing skill. The final
                                                                                    result was astonishing!
                                                                                    The next theme, “Who we are” with the central idea being
                                                                                    “The decisions and choices that leaders make can have an
                                                                                    impact on others” is the next challenge

         Human Rights PYP 5
         The students of PYP 5 were inquiring into the transdisciplinary
         theme of Who We Are. The central idea was ‘Human rights
         and responsibilities are defined to enable us to live with
         dignity and respect’.
         The children were blessed to have Ms. Jerlin as their guest
         speaker, sharing with them her personal experience and
         participation in the field of humanitarian and voluntary work.
         Through some first-hand information about the difficult lives
         and depressing situations of the Karenni (stateless people)
         along the border of Thailand and Myanmar the children
         came to understand more of the importance of human
         The PYP 5 students felt sorry for the children in Mae Sot, who
         are deprived from basic education and are constantly
         struggling with various life circumstances. They compared
         the differences between the freedom enjoyed due to the
         existence of human rights and the turmoil faced due to the
         absence of it. The students actually suggested a few actions
         as give-backs to the society, such as building orphanages,
         setting up organizations to fight for the minorities and to
         speak up for the unheard voices.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     3rd Annual Sports Day 2010
     The 3rd FISP Annual Sports’ Day started with the march-
     passes of the houses of Neptune, Mars, Venus and Jupiter.
     The formation and cheers by each sports house were very
     entertaining and highly creative. The crowd gathered and
     cheered on showing their support and awe.
                After reciting the Sports’ Day pledge and singing
     the Malaysian national anthem and the school song.
     Professor R. Gopinathan, FISP’s principal officially officiated
     the Sports’ Day.
     Students    competed     fanatically.   On   the   scoreboard,
     Mars was leading; Neptune was second, Jupiter was third
     followed by Venus. Newcomers like Tan Hsien Yee from Mars
     amazed everyone, winning 7 medals; 5 golds and 2 silvers.
     Even when the storm clouds gathered we did not give up.
     The tug-of-war competition went on as usual and the drizzles
     were ignored. The sporting spirit was embraced by students,
     teachers and parents alike. For the Girls Category, the gold
     went to Jupiter and the silver to Mars. However for the Boys’,
     Mars came champion contending Jupiter.

                                                                        In the Pink of Health:
                                                                        The FISP Breast Cancer Day
                                                                        FISP’s very first Breast Cancer Day was proudly celebrated
                                                                        on 27 October 2010 to raise awareness about the impact of
                                                                        Breast Cancer on individuals and families.

                                                                        A large pink ribbon in the midst of pink balloons decorated
                                                                        the stage that morning while adorable little ones were found
                                                                        throughout the school even on toilet doors to knock down
                                                                        the significance of this awareness into everyone.

                                                                        Students were made aware of the factors contributing to
                                                                        breast cancer by a cancer survivor, Ms Pauline. Ms Pauline
                                                                        effectively walked us through the path of education on
                                                                        lifestyle and food that causes this ailment.

                                                                        Eventually, it did turn out to be a pinkly event, a symbol
                                                                        of aspiring hope itself, when all staff came dressed or
                                                                        accessorized in pink to show their unyielding support. There
                                                                        was also a little sum of money collected for a donation to
                                                                        Cancerlink Penang, which will go a long way to help those
                                                                        in need.

                                                                       A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

      Reception News                                                   PYP 1 News
      The first theme for reception was “How we express ourselves.”    This term PYP1 students inquired into the nature of self; beliefs
      We inquired on how rules make the school a safe place to         and values where the students learnt about themselves and
      learn.                                                           others during play. They had to make their own toy or game
      During the first few weeks, we concentrated on classroom         from any used materials and share this with others.
      rules; listening to the teacher, raising up one’s hand to        A variety of toys and games were displayed in class and
      speak, playing safely and keeping safe. Then, we moved           the students were allowed to play for some time. They were
      onto the rules in the canteen, the rules in the library and in   excited as they were beginning to understand the different
      the playground.                                                  ways to play. Some games are without toys. Students were
      Students were also given a tour around the school. They          then shown video clips in which playing at a playground was
      were made aware of the different places in the school.           shown, where there was a need for rules and regulations.
      They were also introduced to the key people in the school        Students had to then write out simple reflections on their
      who help to keep the school organized.                           experience, identifying their feelings and what they had
      On 15 October 2010, the reception students gave a                earned.
      performance during the PYP assembly. They had lots of fun        Through the different activities in class, students were able
      performing the play depicting Humpty Dumpty’s fall. They         to learn about the IB learner profiles. Students also learned
      made it known to the rest of the students that if they were      how to create mind maps and were able to create their own
      to disobey their teachers and parents, there would then be       scrap book. During the PYP Assembly, students presented a
      consequences to bear.                                            clapping game to the rest of the school.

Good Teachers Teach. Great Teachers Inspir

     PYP 2 News                                                          PYP 3 News
     This term PYP 2 students were inquiring into: How we Express
     Ourselves.   It was an inquiry into the stories that sparked        The theme of our first unit was Sharing the Planet. We had fun
     our imagination and conveyed information about people,              inquiring into the diversity and common features of habitats,
     culture and their feelings. The students learned about the          how plants and animals adapt to particular habitats and
     ways in which they discover and express ideas, feelings,            what happens when those change.
     nature, culture, beliefs, values, the ways in which they reflect    One of the most exciting tasks was making a cave diorama.
     on, extend and enjoy creativity.                                    Cutting, pasting, colouring and decorating the cave was a
     At the end of the unit, the students had a storytelling             real challenge for us.
     presentation to show their hard work. PYP 2 invited three           On 8 October 2010, we became Risk–Takers when we boldly
     guest speakers for “Expression through story telling”.      The     gave a performance during our PYP assembly. We made our
     presentation was very well organized and interesting. The           own animal masks and put them on during the performance.
     children had lots of fun as they had so much to see and             We realized how important Mother Earth is and that each
     talk about. They observed the dancing, singing and various          and everyone of us has an important role to play in making
     movements of the dance.                                             this planet a better place to live for everyone.

                                                                        A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         PYP 4 News                                                                 PYP 5 News
         This term, the Year 4 children have been learning what it is               The students of PYP 5 embarked on a journey early this term
         to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We have looked                   on the theme “Who We Are” which is an exploration of
         into the benefits of eating healthy and the impact of food                 the nature of the self; our beliefs and values; of personal,
         on one’s health. I initially got the children to give me a                 physical, mental, social and spiritual health; of our rights and
         list of very healthy and very unhealthy foods. We made                     responsibilities; what it means to be human. They took a
         posters that promoted either healthy eating or showed the                  rather serious look at human rights and responsibilities. They
         unhealthy foods one shouldn’t eat. Videos were also shown                  have come to understand that they have rights and so do
         to the children to enforce the message. The children looked                other people.
         into exercise and sports and how it is detrimental in keeping              On 8 October 2010, the PYP 5 students         shared some of
         a healthy lifestyle. They examined the respiratory system and              the articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
         the impact that exercise has on our health. Furthermore, the               during the PYP Assembly. They also presented the song “We
         children explored into hygiene and learnt what they must                   are the World” by Michael Jackson. The message from this
         do to sustain good personal hygiene. On 15 October 2010,                   song is closely related to their inquiry.
         the children participated in the PYP assembly. It was used
         as a vehicle for promoting good health to the rest of the
         PYP years.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                        Art class
                                                                        Art nurtures inventiveness as it engages children in a process
                                                                        that aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline,
                                                                        cooperation, and self-motivation.                 Students explored
                                                                        different subjects using a variety of materials. Grading of
                                                                        work is related to an individual students’ performance and
                                                                        progression.      Throughout the first six weeks, the students
                                                                        from PYP 1 to PYP6 were engaged into various activities
                                                                        and art work. PYP 1 students made an animal train, a toy
                                                                        drum, basic sketching on the floor, self-portrait, lantern
                                                                        and decorated a pocket. PYP2 made puppets. They also
                                                                        made face masks which they used to tell stories. Caves and
                                                                        animal masks were done by PYP 3. A food pyramid poster,
                                                                        an abstract art and self-portrait was done by PYP 4. PYP 5
                                                                        students made their own human rights logo and poster and
                                                                        PYP 6 students made a poster to promote a product that
                                                                        they created in relation to their theme. We believe that the
                                                                        inclusion of visual arts in every students’ education is essential
                                                                        for success in today’s environment of fast paced imagery,

     PYP 6 News                                                         interconnected cultures and sophisticated technology.

     An exciting term for all PYP 6 students. We were inquiring into
     “How We Express Ourselves” and Persuasion as a method for
     altering perspectives and initiating change in the world. We
     had a debate aimed to improve students’ fluency in the
     English language. Students were pragmatically focused on
     correct presentation skills in conversation rather than striving
     to ‘win’ the argument.      For their summative assessment,
     students created their own Public Service Announcement.
     They have created an effective power point service
     announcement and campaign to communicate their
     On 15 October 2010, the students delivered a melodious
     choral speaking during our PYP Assembly. They have also
     presented about “A Better Tomorrow” and have successfully
     provided a clear message about Malaysia with relevant

                                                                        A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         Culinary Club
         Culinary club is one of the fun clubs that students enjoy,
         especially for those who enjoy cooking.
         We started this term with an introduction and reminders
         on the importance of safety, especially when it comes
         to dealing with fire and electrical appliances. We also
         reminded the students to be careful when dealing with
         sharp tools such as knives.
         We also discussed the types of food that they are interested
         in learning to cook. We came out with a list of cooking
         lessons that we would like to have and I finalized the
         recipes for this term based on the facilities available. As we
         are an international school, I decided to include recipes
         from various origins such as: Japanese, Hawaiian, Italian,
         American, Malaysian, Chinese and Indian food. After
         cooking, students are given chance to sample their own
         food, and bring a sample home for their parents to taste.
         On the whole, students are enjoying the process of cooking
         and have been very cooperative with the teachers. We are
         looking forward to future cooking lessons.                                 Dance Club
                                                                                    Put on your dancing shoes and come dance away your
                                                                                    Month to month, we’re kept active with planned themes
                                                                                    during our dance sessions which provides an emotional
                                                                                    outlet where we can truly reflect our feelings through
                                                                                    movement. Our dance club tells you that you’re in for
                                                                                    something completely different.
                                                                                    With the rising popularity of shows with elaborate impromptu
                                                                                    dance numbers, it’s not surprising that more and more
                                                                                    students are developing the interest in dance. Apart
                                                                                    from improving flexibility, balancing coordination and
                                                                                    cardiovascular fitness, it’s actually about learning new
                                                                                    dance styles in a fun environment!
                                                                                    Our dancers are always excited about learning a new
                                                                                    routine because it simply means that there’s an upcoming
                                                                                    event in school and they are sure to be part of it. Performing
                                                                                    in front of spectators at a public event is a definite boost to
                                                                                    their confidence and self-esteem.
                                                                                    It’s nearly impossible to watch a room filled with enthusiastic
                                                                                    dancers performing their routine to upbeat songs as a
                                                                                    You’d love to join us!

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                        to assimilate in the early stages as it has a very simple sound
     Drama Club
                                                                        system with just five vowel sounds. With the experiences of
                                                                        this club, it shouldn’t be too difficult to master the language
     The drama club’s aim is to provide students an opportunity
                                                                        in the future.
     to act, to learn more about the art and to be able to exploit
     and portray the their talents. One of our initial challenges
     was to be able to present a short skit for Deepavali. Students
     from all levels were very participative in the planning and in
     the acting out of their parts. At the Deepavali celebration
     the club delivered a stunning short play on the origins of
     Deepavali. Students were very excited and had a lot of fun
     during their rehearsals every Friday. With the addition of all
     their own props it turned out to be a fantastic show.

     Spanish Class
     Hola! This has been the first term that Spanish has been           The Basic First Aid Talk
     taught in CCA and I was really excited to introduce a
     European language to the children. Particularly Spanish as it      On Friday, 22nd October 2010, students and teachers
     is spoken in more than 23 countries. Spanish is becoming an        of Fairview International School, JB, were treated to an
     increasingly global language and by 2010, 420 million of the       educational, enriching and engaging talk on                     First Aid
     world population will be speaking Spanish, which will make it      conducted by our Guest Speaker, Mr Saravana Kumar
     the world’s largest language after Mandarin. Spanish opens         Ramasamy from Global Dynamics.
     up new dimensions for children.                                    Mr Saravana opened his talk with a magic trick which
     For this first term I really just wanted to provide the children   impressed all in the audience. Students were then taught
     with an overview of Spanish. It is more of an introduction into    the procedures that should be undertaken immediately
     the language and we have focused on conversation. I felt           when faced with an emergency or a life-threatening
     that it would be more useful to be able to speak some basic        situation. Mr Saravanan then called upon a volunteer from
     Spanish then attempt to cover all of the Spanish grammar.          the audience to demonstrate the “Heimlich Manoeuvre” – a
     Spanish as a language has features which make it very easy         technique used to render aid to a choking victim.

                                                                        A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         In the final part of the talk, students learnt several methods
                                                                                       Fairview JB Soccer Club
         of “Ergonomics” – proper postures that should be adopted
         when working at a desk or computer in order to minimize
                                                                                    FISJB’s Soccer Club comprises of nearly fifty students from
         strain and injury when working for prolonged periods.
                                                                                    PYP2 to Year 11. The young, aspiring Wayne Rooneys and
         Truly an enriching morning for students and teachers,
                                                                                    Cristiano Ronaldos gather on Fridays to play the beautiful
         learning basic First Aid was enjoyable and enriching for all!
                                                                                    Donning their soccer jerseys and boots, the formidable
                                                                                    teams, under the charge of Mr Faizal and Mr Chau, march
                                                                                    out onto the fields of Johor Land Bhd for their weekly training.
                                                                                    Training sessions commence with a warm-up run around
                                                                                    the field, led by the team captains, followed by a routine
                                                                                    of stretches to limber up the body in preparation for the
                                                                                    training game at hand. The Senior and Junior Teams are
                                                                                    then assigned to their designated play areas to practice
                                                                                    their game.
                                                                                    Despite having to go through gruelling training sessions,
                                                                                    students enjoy the game tremendously and know that when
                                                                                    it comes to Soccer practice, FUN is the buzzword of the day!

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     Mandarin class
     Mandarin classes are currently offered to non-Malaysian
     students. The students learned how to introduce themselves
     in Mandarin, address their family members and some basic
     conversation skills.
     Also new vocabulary is being introduced every lesson using
     the Hieroglyphs system. Students are then taught the proper
     pronunciation of each word and at the end of each lesson
     they have to     say the words and match them with the
     corresponding pictures.

                                                                   Hari Raya Aidilfitri cum Malaysia
                                                                   Day Celebrations
                                                                   At a combined celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Malaysia
                                                                   Day students and parents were ushered by teachers into the
                                                                   Multi-Purpose Hall after the morning break. There they were
                                                                   greeted by a very enthusiastic and energetic Mr Suresh,
                                                                   who welcomed everyone to the celebration.
                                                                   Mr Faizal gave a very informative and insightful talk about
                                                                   the significance of Hari Raya Aidilfitri to the international
                                                                   audience. Mr Suresh then followed with a similar insight into
                                                                   the significance of Malaysia Day.
                                                                   After that Ms Liza from the administration office presented
                                                                   a mini “ketupat-making” workshop, where the participants
                                                                   were challenged to weave the Malay traditional rice-dish,
                                                                   the ketupat, which is served only during Hari Raya.
                                                                   Students and parents were then treated to the sultry vocals
                                                                   of our highly-talented singer-teacher, Ms Melissa, who
                                                                   rendered her own version of the popular Hari Raya song,
                                                                   “Selamat Hari Raya” on the keyboard.
                                                                   And after the concert all headed to the myriad of Hari Raya
                                                                   cookies and dishes contributed by parents and teachers.
                                                                   It was truly a party, where teachers, students and parents
                                                                   sat together, enjoying the food and catching up with one

                                                                   A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         Inquiry through Mathematics
         On board the IB programme, all of Fairview teachers are
         thrilled every time they are called to attend conferences
         and trainings.       On the 4th and 5th of September a two-
         day workshop on Inquiry Through Mathematics by Mr. Alain
         Bruneau offered some new insights.
         Day one of the workshop was focused on Inquiry-based
         learning. Teachers were taken on the journey of discovering
         what inquiry is and how to take students into it throughout
         any lesson.         Mr Bruneau, repeatedly used an ancient
         Chinese proverb which says: “Tell me, I forget...Show me, I
         remember...Involve me, I understand.”
         On the second day,            the focus was on Inquiry Through
         Mathematics.         Teachers were taken through a different
         approach in teaching Mathematics and if only my previous
         teachers used this same method in teaching, I would have
         enjoyed Maths lessons more when I was a student. It’s a
         great challenge for the teachers to apply what we have
         learned into the classroom. We were guided by Mr Bruneau
                                                                                    Continuous Professional
         in taking a look at the present Maths planner and improving                Development
         it significantly.
                                                                                    Fairview teachers are accustomed to having in-house
                                                                                    continuous professional development training sessions. Just
                                                                                    for the month of September and October, FISJB teachers
                                                                                    had a series of CPDs.
                                                                                    Mr Suresh, the PYP ICT teacher, had one session with the
                                                                                    teachers on how to search and download videos, files and
                                                                                    other interesting stuff from the internet. On another week,
                                                                                    teachers were taken onto the journey which Ms Anne and
                                                                                    Ms Odaia went through during on Mr Bruneau’s workshop
                                                                                    bringing the whole PYP in FISJB into a new level.
                                                                                    Ms Angeline and Ms Shaggy also shared with all the teachers
                                                                                    Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats-evaluating innovative
                                                                                    On yet another week, teachers were guided by Mr Suresh on
                                                                                    how to create effective Power Point Presentations. Most of
                                                                                    the teachers protested when he said that in every PPT page,
                                                                                    a maximum of 6 words is recommended and it is crucial that
                                                                                    clipart isn’t to be used, but rather realistic pictures would
                                                                                    draw more attention from students.
                                                                                    Another session of CPD was done on the 30th of October
                                                                                    which was conducted by our PYP coordinator in Wangsa
                                                                                    Maju, Ms Natalya. So many more workshops and trainings
                                                                                    are in line for our dear teachers for the next weeks to come.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                    UNITED NATIONS Day 1 and 2:
                                                                    Awareness and Fish Feeding Activity
                                                                    The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International
                                                                    Year of Biodiversity. It is a celebration of life on earth and of
                                                                    the value of biodiversity for our lives.

                                                                    With this, Fairview International School – Thaksin University
                                                                    launched its celebration on the 26th of October 2010
                                                                    as the day of awareness and orientation to our Fairview
                                                                    students. The objective to take action in 2010 to safeguard
                                                                    the variety of life on earth was met. In the orientation, the
                                                                    students also learnt the important role biodiversity plays in
                                                                    our lives and what is happening to it around the world.After
                                                                    the environmental awareness in the MPH, it was fish-feeding
                                                                    time at the TSU pond. Everyone was glad to feed the fish
                                                                    and was thrilled about how creatures survive in their natural

                                                                    Day 2, the 27th of October was set for the TSU students to be
     FIST Welcome Party                                             involved in the celebration. Thirteen (13) TSU students came
                                                                    to our Year 3 classroom to share their precious time with our
     Another academic year has begun. Fairview International        selected students as they presented what they learnt from
     School-Thailand opened the school with a “Welcome              the UN Biodiversity awareness. Through the help of Mrs. Aum
     Party” on the 1st of September 2010.                           who was translating in Thai, each delegate learnt something
                                                                    important about appreciating and preserving our natural
     The party consisted of games in which the students got         resources.
     the chance to get acquainted with each other. One was
     “Animal Jumping” where most of the students enjoyed
     riding on the rubber animals in a relay race. After the race
     the master of the program called all the new students to
     stand at the front, to make sure that the other students
     knew their name.

     The second game was a “Guessing Game”. The students
     were divided into two groups. A long piece of cloth was
     used as a barrier between the groups. One student from
     each group would stand in front of the cloth. The goal was
     to guess the name of the other student as soon as the cloth
     was lowered by the teachers. The student who named the
     opposite team’s player was given a point.

     The party ended with different coloured Fairview balloons
     and goodies being distributed to all the students before
     they went home

                                                                    A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

                                                                                    UN Day 3 and 4: Tree Planting and
                                                                                    Fashion Show
                                                                                    The 28th October, the third day of our UN celebration, saw
                                                                                    the FIST students eagerly embarking on their tree-planting
                                                                                    project at the Songkhla Zoo. After arriving at the scenic
                                                                                    destination of the newly-opened camp grounds, the FIST
                                                                                    students and teachers, assisted by the zoo staff, planted our
                                                                                    precious cargo of the sweet-smelling Sampaguita saplings
                                                                                    with our Fairview School sign. Holding the lovely green
                                                                                    trees in our hands and delving into the soft, warm earth
                                                                                    surrounded by the lively birds and animals in the zoo, we
                                                                                    felt like we’d finally arrived at the heart of the UN’s 2010
                                                                                    Biodiversity theme of safeguarding and propagating the
                                                                                    immense variety of life on earth. To top off the captivating
                                                                                    morning, the students were treated to a delightful seal show
                                                                                    and a lightning tour of the zoo.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

     The 29th October, the final day of our UN celebration
     culminated in the UN Fashion Show. The festivities were
     kicked off with the Parade of Nations, where the students
     marched around the courtyard dressed in their exquisite
     national costumes, accompanied by their national anthems.
     The outdoor stage as tastefully decorated with vines, flowers,
     marine and land animals and birds made from recycled
     materials blending into the tranquil setting of the Thaksin
     Library fountains and carp ponds, surrounded by the gardens
     of palm trees and orchids. Colourful national flags fluttered
     above the huge backdrop of the UN 2010 Biodiversity Logo.
     The Fashion Show where the students proudly did the cat-
     walk with their mothers, boldly introducing their national
     costumes in their national language, which was briefly
     translated into English by their mothers.

     The teachers and staff were overwhelmed by the active
     support and participation of the parents who sacrificed their
     time to share their culture with us and poured their energy
     and creativity into the exotic costumes with recycled-
     materials designs. It was a touching moment when the
     students awarded their parents with a rose as a token of
     appreciation for supporting them throughout the UN week.
     As for us teachers, we were exhausted, but the tremendous
     success of the event was reward enough to see us through
     it all.

                                                                      A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

         World Literacy Day
         September 30, 2010

         English is considered as the Universal Language. It helps                  The spelling was followed by a Sight Reading Contest. All the
         us communicate with different nationalities all around the                 participants had to do was point out the correct word on
         world and also helps us to be updated and connected to                     the board given by the facilitator. After that it was Storytime.
         the world. That is why, September 30th is considered to be                 Parents were asked to read a story to the students. The
         the day to celebrate World Literacy Day. During this day,                  students had a good time listening to these wonderful stories.
         people all around the world celebrate and have fun while
         learning English.                                                          The last part of the program was giving off the awards
                                                                                    to the winners. A day before the event, a Poster making
         That is why, in FIST, we prepared and provided different                   Contest and Poem Writing Contest had been conducted.
         activities for the kids to enjoy and have fun and at the same              The theme of the Poster making Contest was “English as a
         time LEARN. In a ‘Quiz Bee’, Geo from Year 4 got the first                 Universal Language”. Awards and gifts were given to the
         prize for garnering the most number of correct answers.                    winners of each respective game. Everyone went home not
         The second activity was a Spelling Bee. Each year level                    just carrying goodies, but also knowledge imparted on that
         was given a set of words for them to spell out on their white              wonderful day.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

      FIST Co-curicular activity classes                                   T-shirt Printing
                                                                           To prepare for the FIST United Nations celebration from some
                                                                           “T-shirt Printing” was done. The students could print any living
                                                                           or non-living thing on the back of the shirt while the front of the
                                                                           shirt would contain the Fairview and UN 2010 logo.
                                                                           Everybody brought their own plain white shirt and chose their
                                                                           favourite thing. Some chose animals, flowers, insects while
                                                                           others chose rain, stars, hearts and clouds. After printing the
                                                                           back they were given a chance at the logos.
                                                                           The resulting T-shirts were unique because the students were
                                                                           not using the silkscreen, the usual material in printing shirts.
                                                                           Instead they used stickers and papers covered with clear
     Play dough                                                            tape. The shirts turned out great and looked attractive and
                                                                           neat. Everybody used it during the tree planting activity in
     At first the students thought they would be baking because
                                                                           Songkhla Zoo on 28 October 2010.
     some were assigned to bring flour, oil and food colouring,
     while others needed to bring salt and cream of tartar. They
     enjoyed mixing the ingredients to make dough and some
     very artistic and colourful designs were the fantastic result.

                                                                           Yummy Doughnut
                                                                           FIST was filled with tasty aroma when we had our “Yummy
                                                                           Doughnut” cooking lesson. We had invited Mrs. Nathawan Chua
                                                                           (Mrs. Nini), owner of Diamond Bakery Songkhla and mother of
     Volcano Eruption                                                      Angel in our Crèche level, to conduct a mini-cooking lesson to FIST
                                                                           students (Year 2 – Year 4). Mrs. Nini taught the kids how to make
     A week after it was time for the “Volcano Eruption”. A short
                                                                           doughnuts, how to decorate them and how to make nice boxes.
     video was shown in order to give them an idea about the
                                                                           Everybody enjoyed the activity and some of the students couldn’t
     volcano and the cause of its eruption. The students were
                                                                           wait until they’d be given the time to eat their doughnuts.
     astonished to see and hear the big “BOOM” made by an
     active volcano. After that the students were very eager to
     make their own volcano.
     They constructed their own volcano, which was made from
     soil with a glass container in the middle to serve as the crater.
     After that was completed, they prepared the solution for the
     eruption: a mixture of water, dish soap, food colouring and
     baking soda. This was placed inside the crater, vinegar was
     poured slowly over it and there was a soft eruption. The kids
     were amazed and thrilled for the success of their project.

                                                                         A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.
The auditorium was a hive of activity with the MYP 11 kids scuttling in and
out of the room getting it ready for the first function to be held there. The
entrance was decked with flowers and streamers – a scene befitting the
Vincent Chian, looking regal in the black and white suit, marched in to the
auditorium amidst cheers and claps from the huge crowd gathered outside
comprising of family, close friends, staff and students. He was joined within
minutes by Janice Chan, whom he had known since his medical studies years
in the United Kingdom.
The official signing ceremony was to say the least hilarious. The Registrar was
a bundle of wits and humour as he conducted the ceremony. A power point
presentation done by the MYP 11 showed the antics of both Vincent and
Janice in their younger years.
A photography session followed and soon everyone adjourned to Fairwalk for
refreshments. Champagne flowed freely and all present had a good time.
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