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									         BEST OF
                          by clara e. martin

   What to eat, see, and do in the Magnolia State, all voted for by
discerning readers with a taste for what makes Mississippi the BEST.

                                                          J U LY | AU GU S T 2 012   105
                            DINING OUT
Best new restaurant                                     Best steak                                                 Best Pizza
Table 100                                               Shapley’s                                                  Pizza Shack
Flowood | 601.420.4202 |                                Ridgeland | 601.957.3753 |                 Jackson | 601.352.2001 | www.thepizzashack-                                                                                  
                                                        Shapley’s owners Julie and Scott Koestler take
Restaurateurs Bill Latham and Al Roberts have           pride in serving the finest cuts of meat and the           These are knife-and-fork pizzas, laden with a
done it again. Table 100 hit the scene and had          freshest seafood with unparalleled service. The            wide expanse of offerings from smoked Gouda
metro Jackson residents heading down Lake-              longevity of this superior steakhouse, estab-              to gyro meat. Try one of their one-of-a-kind
land Drive for its delicious dishes prepared by         lished in 1985, is attributed to its loyal staff, chefs,   creations such as Chicken Curry Delight or the
a German chef. “Chef Mike,” as he is known at           and patrons. It’s no surprise they walk away with          Cajun Joe for a delicious escape from pep-
the restaurant, infuses his menu with his inter-        the “Best of Mississippi” title year after year.           peroni.
national culinary experiences and Southern fla-
vors, giving Mississippi a new spot to rave about.                   Tico’s, Ridgeland                                        Soulshine Pizza Factory, Jackson,
                                                                     Char, Jackson                                   M
                                                                                                                                Flowood, and Oxford
            Sombra Mexican Kitchen, Ridgeland                        The Caboose, McComb                                      Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza &
            The Market Café, Louisville                              Doe’s Eat Place, Greenville                                Ice Cream Joint, Jackson
            Krilakis, Ridgeland                                                                                               Stromboli’s Italian Eatery, Starkville
            Half Shell Oyster House, Biloxi                                                                                   Old Venice Pizza Co., Oxford

                                                        Best Burger

Best aPPetizer
                                                        Mugshots                                                   Best Fried ChiCken
Guacamole made                                          Biloxi, Flowood, Hattiesburg, Starkville, and              Julep Restaurant & Bar
tableside, Babalu Tacos                                 Meridian |
                                                                                                                   Jackson | 601.362.1411 |
& Tapas                                                 There isn’t a larger or more diverse selection
                                                        of gourmet burgers to be found in the Mag-                 Julep’s crispy fried breasts of chicken are bathed
Jackson | 601.366.5757 |               nolia State. Yep, there’s a burger on the menu             in a honey-rosemary glaze for a unique dish that
                                                        called “Anthony’s Peanut Butter Burger,” and               has honored them with many titles—even top 10
Located in Jackson’s hip and funky Fondren              along with many other unique creations, there              in the nation by USA Today. You will never look
Arts District, visitors flock to Babalu for its tasty   is something to please everyone. Each burger               at a piece of fried chicken the same way again.
and eclectic tapas-style menu, but it’s the fresh       offers a half-pound of beef served on a toasted
Guacamole made tableside that they just can’t           sourdough bun and a side of house-made beer                           Two Sisters’ Kitchen, Jackson
get enough of. Rumor has it they make more
than 700 batches every single week.
                                                        batter fries.                                                M
                                                                                                                              Mama Hamil’s, Madison
                                                                                                                              Peggy’s, Philadelphia
                                                                     Majestic Burger, Jackson and                             Old Country Store, Lorman
            Crescent City Grill, Hattiesburg:             M            Ridgeland
              Crabmeat Wontons                            list
                                                                     Burgers & Blues, Ridgeland
            The Market Café, Louisville: Fried                       Rooster’s, Jackson
              Pimiento Cheese Balls                                  Brian Michael’s Meat Market &
            Harvey’s, Tupelo: Broccoli Bites                           Deli, Starkville
            Ely’s, Ridgeland: Eggplant Ely

106                J U LY | A U GUST 201 2
                              Best BreakFast - Big Bad Breakfast
                              Oxford | 662.236.2666 |
                              A huge hit with both the college crowd from Ole Miss and visitors to the Grove, the wait for “BBB” can be
                              more than an hour on Sunday mornings. From Tabasco/Brown Sugar Bacon to “The Awesome” omelet,
                              experience breakfast in a way that only James Beard award-winning chef John Currence can conjure up.
photo by: brandall adkinson

                                                                                    Primos Café & Bake Shop, Flowood and Ridgeland
                                                                                    Broad Street Baking Company, Jackson
                                                                                    Starkville Café, Starkville
                                                                                    City Bagel, Starkville

                                                                                                      J U LY | AU GU S T 2 012            107
                           DINING OUT
Best deli                                              Best tamales                                          Best sweet tea
Newk’s                                                 Doe’s Eat Place                                       McAlister’s
statewide |                          Greenville | 662.334.3315 | www.doeseatplace.         statewide |
Newk’s has quickly grown in popularity and in                                                                Not only has Mississippi fallen in love with this
location, with new locations out of state. De-         Doe’s Eat Place has come a long way since its         nectar of the South, but a good portion of the
scribed as an express casual dining experience,        bootlegging days. Opened as a honky-tonk in           country has, too. McAlister’s perfectly sweet-
their array of salads, sandwiches, soups, and piz-     the 1940s, the original restaurant is in the back,    ened concoction is a welcome treat on hot
zas are equally tasty.                                 where word spread about Mamie Signa’s tama-           summer days, with or without the large slice of
                                                       les. Today, the only thing criminal about Doe’s       lemon.
            Bulldog Deli, Starkville                   Eat Place is how good those Hot Tamales are.
  M         Broad Street Baking Company,                                                                                Newk’s, statewide
  list        Jackson                                           Tony’s Tamales, Jackson and                     M       Broma’s Deli, McComb
            Beagle Bagel, Jackson, Ridgeland, and
                                                           M      Ridgeland
                                                           list Fat Mama’s, Natchez
                                                                                                                list    Bon Ami, Jackson
                                                                                                                        Bulldog Deli, Starkville
            The Depot Bistro, Hattiesburg                       Shapley’s, Ridgeland
                                                                Buddy’s, McComb
                                                                                                             Best sushi
Best BarBeCue
                                                       Best CornBread                                        Little Tokyo & Sakura
The Little Dooey                                                                                             Bana
                                                       Cock of the Walk
Starkville, Columbus East and North
                                                                                                             Little Tokyo—Ridgeland, 601.991.3800
662.323.6094 |                     Natchez, 601.446.8920 | Pocahontas,
                                                                                                             Sakura Bana—Jackson, 601.982.3035
                                                       601.362.0438 | Ridgeland, 601.856.5500
Mississippi’s favorite barbecue joint is still serv-
ing the homemade sauce that made Margaret
                                                                                                             Little Tokyo brought the finest sushi to Missis-
Ann and Barry Wood’s spot famous. Their                Some come for fresh fried catfish, others for
                                                                                                             sippi before sushi was hip. Once known as Little
humble beginning in a Starkville gas station has       the fresh cast-iron skillet of cornbread. Hot, but-
                                                                                                             Tokyo I and II, the Jackson location is identified
evolved into three bustling locations, but their       tery, and decadent, it satisfies with every bite.
                                                                                                             as Sakura Bana, but you can still find their cre-
sauce is just as good as ever.                         Top it off with a pot-o-greens or a side of fried
                                                                                                             ative rolls and superior sushi at both spots.
                                                       dill pickles and all will be right with the world.
            Hickory Pit, Jackson /The Haute Pig,
  M           Madison                                             Mama Hamil’s, Madison
                                                                                                                        Umi Japanese Steak House & Sushi
  list      The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint,             M
                                                                  Primo’s, Flowood and Ridgeland               M          Bar, Starkville
                                                                                                                        Nagoya, Jackson and Madison
            Ocean Springs and Gulfport                            Ajax, Oxford                                 list
                                                                                                                        Fatsumo, Jackson /Chef Scott’s
            Petty’s BBQ , Starkville                              The Veranda, Starkville
                                                                                                                          Restaurant, Ocean Springs
            Lumpkin’s BBQ , Jackson
                                                                                                                        Two Stick, Oxford

Best sweet shoP/Bakery - Campbell’s Bakery Inc.

Jackson | 601.362.4628 |

What can’t Campbell’s make? From birthday cakes to cookies, give the bakers a theme and let them run with it. Even though their Iced Teacake Cookies
look more like artwork than sugar and flour, they are a customer favorite and found in the display case every day.

            Broad Street Baking Company, Jackson                            Crazy Cat Bakers, Jackson
            Primos Café & Bake Shop, Flowood, and Ridgeland                 Jody’s Bakery, Hattiesburg

108               J U LY | A U GUST 201 2
Best seaFood                                        Best other ethniC Food                             Best kid-Friendly
Mayflower Café                                      Keifer’s                                           Sal & Mookie’s New
Jackson | 601.355.4122
                                                                                                       York Pizza and Ice
                                                    Jackson | 601.353.4976 |
                                                                                                       Cream Joint
The Mayflower Café in downtown Jackson has          Keifer’s is now sporting a new location (don’t
been serving fine seafood since the early 1930s,    worry, it’s just across the street from where it   Jackson | 601.368.1919 |
but it was its recent foray into films (spotted     anchored for more than 30 years) that looks
in a scene in the recent Oscar-nominated film       uncannily like the old place. The best part—the    Pizzas flying, red and white checked tablecloths,
The Help) that has thrown it into the spotlight.    delicious wraps they are known for haven’t         and an ice cream flavor known as “Superman”
However, the regulars who frequent here on a        changed a single bit. For years, people have at-   make this New York pizza joint in the heart of
predictable schedule can say that the Mayflow-      tempted to unearth the secrets to their zazeeki    Jackson kid-and family- friendly. Any night of
er offers the best and freshest seafood around.     sauce and famous feta dressing, now made in        the week, the place is teeming with kids play-
Order anything broiled, and you won’t be disap-     60-gallon batches three times a week instead of    ing with Wikki Stix, attempting to win the next
pointed.                                            the food processor Paula Coe and Rick Olson        “Mookie’s Wikki Wall Award,” and it’s okay if
                                                    started out with. Upgrading is necessary when      your little cousin spills his milk—twice. Friendly
           Walker’s, Jackson                        seating 225 hungry medical personnel, Millsaps     service, a bustling atmosphere, and delicious
           Mary Mahoney’s, Biloxi                   kids, and then some.                               pizza means that kids give Sal & Mookie’s a
           Half Shell Oyster House, Biloxi                                                             double thumbs up.
           AJ’s, Flowood                                       Aladdin, Jackson and Flowood
                                                      M        Zorba’s Greek Tavern, Starkville                   Rocket City Diner, Hattiesburg
                                                               Thai House, Jackson                       M
                                                                                                                  Burgers and Blues, Ridgeland
Best Fine dining                                               Krilakis, Ridgeland                                Newk’s, statewide
                                                                                                                  Cock of the Walk, Ridgeland and
Nick’s                                                                                                             Natchez

Jackson | 601.981.8017 |

The longstanding winner of the best fine dining
award does it again. Settling into their Fondren    Best BrunCh sPot
location, the menu boasts eclectic dining to
match the heart of the Arts District. Chefs Ste-
                                                    Restaurant Tyler
ven D’Angelo and Frank Szymanski infuse their
                                                    Starkville | 662.324.1014
dishes with the freshness and quality of the Gulf
Coast and New Orleans.

           Walker’s, Jackson
                                                    Why have a plain breakfast when
           Restaurant Tyler, Starkville
                                                    you can order unique creations from
                                                    Starkville’s Chef Ty Thames? Branch
           Purple Parrot, Hattiesburg
                                                    out with an Eggs Benedict Po’ Boy or
           Parlor Market, Jackson
                                                    a crawfish etouffee omelet known as
                                                    the “Crawditty,” or indulge in one of
                                                    his famous Belgian waffles like “The
Best BuFFet                                         Cherry Garcia,” featuring vanilla bean
Mama Hamil’s                                        ice cream, cherry whipped cream, and
                                                    candied pecans. Of course you can al-
Madison | 601.856.4407 |             ways order the Classic Breakfast if you
                                                    are feeling less adventuresome.
Mama Hamil’s Southern Cookin’ is just $9.50 for
lunch and $12.50 for dinner—and that’s all you                  Julep Restaurant and Bar,
can eat. This buffet is full of Southern foods,       M
from barbecue ribs to black-eyed peas, maca-                    Mint, Ridgeland
roni and cheese, and pecan pie.                                 Char, Jackson
                                                                                                                                                      photo by: matt dorroh

                                                                Que Sera Sera, Jackson
           Two Sisters’ Kitchen, Jackson
           Movie Star, Hattiesburg

                                                                                                                J U LY | AU GU S T 2 012            109
                          DINING OUT
                                                               La Terraza, Starkville
                                                               Mexican Kitchen, Hattiesburg

Best italian                                        Best Blue Plate                                       Best CatFish
Bravo! Italian                                      Primos Café &                                         Jerry’s
Restaurant and Bar                                  Bake Shop                                             Florence | 601.845.8860 | www.jerryscatfish-
Jackson | 601.982.8111 |          Flowood, 601.936.3398 | Ridgeland,
                                                    601.898.3600 |
                                                                                                          When you see the giant igloo (surrounded by
Bravo’s incredible offering of wood-fired pizzas,
                                                                                                          cars from around the country) and a line out
pastas, and seafood will make you think you’ve      For nearly a century, Primos has been a Jackson
                                                                                                          the door, you know that you have found Jerry’s.
landed in Tuscany. Part of the triumvirate of       staple, providing an array of baked goods and
                                                                                                          Famous for its delicious catfish, Jerry’s is fried-
restaurants owned by Jeff Good and Dan Blu-         fresh, made-from-scratch dishes. From meatloaf
                                                                                                          food heaven (think of everything from frog legs
menthal, this neighborhood favorite in Highland     to fried green tomatoes, Primos holds the tra-
                                                                                                          to fried dill pickles) on Highway 49 South.
Village is good for date night, lunch, or any oc-   dition of a sit-down lunch sacred. Come early,
casion. You won’t be saying anything other than     because finding a parking spot or a seat can be         list     Cock of the Walk, Natchez,
“Molto Bene” as you leave.                          difficult during the lunchtime rush.
  M                                                   M
                                                                                                                       Pocahontas, and Ridgeland
                                                                                                                     Penn’s, statewide
  list     Amerigo, Ridgeland                                  The Veranda, Starkville
                                                                                                                     The Little Dooey’s, Starkville
           Old Venice, Oxford                                  Ajax, Oxford
                                                                                                                     Old Taylor Grocery, Taylor
           Stromboli’s Italian Eatery, Starkville              Restaurant Tyler, Starkville
           Fratesi’s, Ridgeland                                Trace Grill, Ridgeland

                                                                                                          Best CoFFee shoP
Best mexiCan Food                                   Best outdoor dining                                   Cups: An Espresso Cafe
Sombra Mexican                                      Walker’s Drive-In
Kitchen                                             Jackson | 601.982.2633 |
                                                                                                          Jackson, Madison, Flowood, Magee, Brandon,
                                                                                                          and Ridgeland |
Ridgeland | 601.707.7950 | www.sombramexican-
                                                    Located on North State Street in the heart of         Cups has been roasting its own coffee here in
                                                    Fondren, Walker’s is hard to miss with its retro,     Mississippi since 1995, and the unparalleled fla-
                                                    neon-pink sign. While not a “drive-in” in the         vor can be smelled when walking into one of its
Sombra is locally owned and a creation from
                                                    usual sense of the word (you won’t be eating in       many locations. The “Blondie” is for those with
the masterminds behind Amerigo and Char. It
                                                    your car), the outside patio offers a great spot to   a sweet tooth, while the “Shot in the Dark” is
offers the freshest ingredients in a rustic and
                                                    people watch while enjoying some of Walker’s          not for the faint of heart. Not just for the artsy
chic setting. Items such as the Black Bean and
                                                    famous tamales.                                       crowd, Cups will satisfy coffee addicts all over
Goat Cheese Tamale or Mexican Kitchen Na-
                                                      M                                                   the state.
chos set it apart from the ordinary Mexican           list
                                                               Keifer’s, Jackson
restaurant around the corner.                                                                               list
                                                               Babalu Tacos & Tapas, Jackson
                                                               Burgers and Blues, Ridgeland
                                                                                                                     Strange Brew, Starkville
                                                                                                                     Fusion, Ridgeland
           Papito’s, Jackson, Flowood, Madison,
                                                               Que Sera Sera, Jackson                                Sneaky Beans, Jackson
             and Oxford
                                                                                                                     Cuppa, Louisville
           El Potrillo, Madison

110              J U LY | A U GUST 201 2
                                    Mint, Ridgeland: Cheesecake
                                    Restaurant Tyler, Starkville: Stuffed Pancakes
                                    Char, Jackson: Pecan Caramel Butter Crunch Cake
                                    Ely’s, Ridgeland: Chocolate Cashew Pie
photo by: michael strong

                           Best dessert - Tiramisu, Amerigo
                           Ridgeland | 601.977.0563 |
                           This light, creamy confection could possibly be the best tiramisu ever made. In fact, customers
                           are known to order it by the panful to take home. You might find some better…say, in Italy.

                                                                                                                             J U LY | AU GU S T 2 0 12   111
                                                                                                                                                 photo courtesy of ms museum of art and kevin burford, artist - byron burford, “beauty celebrates new year” 1987, magna on canvas

             BEST MUSEUM - Mississippi Museum of Art
             Jackson | 601.960.1515 |
             In the heart of downtown Jackson, the Mississippi Museum of Art features a beautiful space with high ceilings and light wooden
             floors—and the best of Mississippi artists. While art visitors can enjoy a lunch at The Palette café in the large entryway of the
             museum, the openness of the architecture reflects their mission statement “to engage Mississippians in the visual arts.” In the
             spirit of this statement, the new Art Garden opened last fall, a public green space in the middle of downtown, with outdoor art
             installations and a performance stage.

                                                                                             Mississippi Children’s Museum, Jackson
                                                                                             Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Jackson
                                                                                             Ohr O’Keefe Museum, Biloxi
                                                                                             B.B. King Museum, Indianola

112   J U LY | A U GUST 201 2
                         GETTING OUT
BEST Golf CoUrSE                                    BEST ATTrACTion                                        BEST flEA MArKET
Dancing Rabbit                                      for KidS                                               Canton Flea Market
                                                    Mississippi Children’s
Philadelphia | 866.44.PEARL | www.dancingrab-
                                                    Museum                                                 Canton | 601.859.8055 | www.cantonmsflea-
                                                    Jackson | 601.981.5469 | www.mississippichild-
Dancing Rabbit Golf Club’s two courses provide                                                             Started in 1965 as a local art show with art hung
700 acres of lush, idyllic, natural beauty. De-                                                            on the iron fence around the Madison County
signed by Tom Fazio and Jerry Pate, the courses                                                            courthouse, The Canton Flea Market now at-
                                                    Boasting more than 40,000 square feet dedi-
seamlessly blend nature and professionalism.                                                               tracts 1,000 artists and craftsmen from around
                                                    cated to having fun, children can explore Mis-
                                                                                                           the country. The Flea Market is one of the larg-
           Old Waverly Golf Club, West Point        sissippi’s heritage, literacy, health, the arts, and
           Annandale Golf Club, Madison             industry. This spacious and exciting museum will
                                                                                                           est outdoor crafts markets in the South.

           Fallen Oak Golf Club, Saucier            make anyone wish they were a kid again.
                                                                                                                      Tupelo Gigantic Flea Market, Tupelo
           Country Club of Jackson, Jackson
                                                                Geyser Falls, Choctaw
                                                                                                                      Flowood Flea Market, Flowood

                                                      M         Lynn Meadows Discovery Center,
                                                                                                                      Flea Market at Menge, Pass
BEST PErforMinG                                       list
                                                                                                                      First Monday Trade Days, Ripley
ArTS VEnUE                                                      Jackson Zoo, Jackson
Thalia Mara                                                     Mississippi Museum of Natural
                                                                  Science, Jackson                         BEST fArMErS MArKET
Jackson | 601.960.1537 |                                                                 Mississippi Farmers
                                                    BEST fAir or fESTiVAl                                  Market
Thanks to Thalia Mara, the prestigious Interna-     Neshoba County Fair                                    Jackson | 601.354.6573 | www.mdac.state.
tional Ballet Competition (IBC) makes its way to
Jackson every four years, and the hall that bears   Philadelphia | 601.656.8480 | www.neshoba-
her name hosts many other worthy events.  
                                                                                                           From peaches to potatoes, the Mississippi Farm-
            MSU Riley Center, Meridian                                                                     ers Market is about as fresh and locally grown
           New Stage Theatre, Jackson
                                                    “Mississippi’s Giant House Party” takes place
                                                    in the form of the Neshoba County Fair. It’s
                                                                                                           as it gets. Located off High Street near the State
           Gertrude C. Ford Center, Oxford                                                                 Fairgrounds, there is an assembly of craftsmen
                                                    been around since 1889, and fairgoers can enjoy
           Saenger Theatre, Hattiesburg                                                                    and artisans as well. Enjoy live entertainment
                                                    music, horse races, a pageant, livestock shows,
                                                                                                           and activities every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat-
                                                    political speaking, amusement rides, and flea
                                                                                                           urday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
                                                    market/crafts show.
Natchez                                                         Mississippi State Fair, Jackson
                                                                                                                      Starkville Community Market,
                                                                Cotton District Arts Festival,
                                                                  Starkville                                          Livingston Farmers Market, Madison
800.647.6724 |
                                                                Double Decker Arts Festival, Oxford                   Old Fannin Road Farmers Market,
                                                                Peter Anderson Festival, Ocean                          Brandon
Natchez boasts antebellum homes, biking and
                                                                 Springs                                              Downtown Tupelo Farmers Market,
walking trails, along with camping, hunting,
boating, and fishing. Antiques stores and art
galleries are also fun, and when the sun goes
down, the music starts to play. One weekend
might not be long enough.

           Mississippi Gulf Coast
           Holly Springs
                                                                                                                     J U LY | AU GU S T 2 0 12           113
                          GETTING OUT
BEST HiKinG ArEA/                                  BEST PArK                                             BEST HoTEl or rESorT
dESTinATion                                        LeFleur’s Bluff State                                 The Alluvian
Natchez Trace National                             Park
Scenic Trail                                                                                             Greenwood | 662.453.2113 |
                                                   Jackson | 601.987.3923 |
                                                                                                         What makes a hotel in the middle of the Delta
800.305.7417 |
                                                                                                         so special? Maybe it’s the Viking Cooking School
                                                   Before it was Jackson, the state’s capital was
                                                                                                         or Giardina’s Restaurant, the Spa, or the 45 luxu-
Once the route of highwaymen, the 450-mile         known as LeFleur’s Bluff, after French-Canadian
                                                                                                         rious rooms and five spacious suites. Regardless,
foot trail that became the Natchez Trace can       explorer Louis LeFleur formed a trading post on
                                                                                                         the seclusion, Southern charm, and finest qual-
still be driven from Natchez to Nashville. Five    the banks of the Pearl River in the late 1700s.
                                                                                                         ity and attention to detail make The Alluvian a
separate trails forged by Native Americans and     The 305-acre park features a golf course, camp-
totaling over 60 miles can also be explored on     ing, fishing, and picnicking spots, and nature
foot.                                              trails. There is also a large and beautiful jungle
                                                                                                                    Hotel Chester, Starkville

           Ridgeland/Ross Barnett Reservoir
                                                   gym for children.
                                                                                                                    Fairview Inn, Jackson

                                                                                                                    Old Capitol Inn, Jackson
             Trails, Brandon, Ridgeland, and                  Strawberry Patch Park, Madison
                                                                                                                    The Eola Hotel, Natchez
             Flowood                                          Winner’s Circle Park, Flowood
           Tishomingo State Park, Tishomingo         list     Roosevelt State Park, Morton
           LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, Jackson                Percy Quin State Park, McComb              BEST BEd And BrEAKfAST
           Noxubee Refuge, Brooksville
                                                                                                         Fairview Inn
                                                   BEST HiSToriC SiTE
BEST PlACE for A                                   Vicksburg National
                                                                                                         Jackson | 601.948.3429 |
WEddinG rECEPTion
The South Warehouse                                Military Park                                         Found on the National Register of Historic Plac-
                                                                                                         es, the Fairview is minutes away from Jackson’s
                                                   Vicksburg | 601.636.0583 |           downtown, museums, theaters, and Fondren’s
Jackson | 601.939.4518 | www.thesouthware-                                                               Art District. It’s the perfect retreat for a week-                                                                                                end getaway.
                                                   Even if you aren’t a history buff, the National
                                                   Military Park located on the banks of the Mis-
Wide and spacious with plenty of room for                                                                           Old Capitol Inn, Jackson
                                                   sissippi River is a fascinating place—not just of
dancing, throwing the garter, and tables for
guests, “The South” exudes charm and history.
                                                   Mississippi’s history, but our nation’s past. While     M
                                                                                                                    Monmouth Plantation, Natchez
                                                   the North and South didn’t agree during the                      Cedar Grove Inn, Vicksburg
The building once housed a McRae’s depart-                                                                          The Cole House, Philadelphia
                                                   War, Presidents Lincoln and Davis did agree that
ment store in 1950. A high ceiling with exposed
                                                   “Vicksburg is the nail head that holds the South’s
beams and brick walls contrasts with soft floral
                                                   two halves together…Vicksburg is the key.”
arrangements to create a space that is welcom-                                                           BEST doWnToWn ArEA
ing and graceful.
                                                              The city of Natchez                        Oxford
           Old Capitol Inn, Jackson                  M        Old Capitol Museum, Jackson
           Old Waverly, West Point                   list     Rowan Oak, Oxford
                                                              Beauvoir, Biloxi
                                                                                                         662.948.3429 |
           Dunleith, Natchez
           Fairview Inn, Jackson                                                                         Most commonly known as the Square, a visit
                                                                                                         downtown reveals the inspiration behind Wil-
                                                                                                         liam Faulkner’s fictional Yoknapatawpha County.
                                                                                                         Even today, Faulkner surveys the scene from his
                                                                                                         bench in a corner of the Square.

                                                                                                                    Ocean Springs
                                                                                                                    Historic Fondren in Jackson
114              J U LY | A U GUST 201 2
Ridgeland | 601.853.4445 |
Owned by interior designer Lisa Palmer, Summerhouse is like a breath of fresh air. The freshest names in contemporary design,
bright colors, and artwork by Southern artists Paul Edelstein, Carol Cox Peaster, Connie Chapman, and Dayann Gunter give this hot
spot a reputation that is well deserved.

               Hearron Fine Gifts,
               Nancy Price Interiors,
               Annelle Primos and
                 Associates, Jackson
               Persnickety, Madison

                                                                                                                    J U LY | AU GU S T 2 0 12   115
                          SEEKING OUT
BEST PLACE TO FIND                                    BEST PLACE TO FIND                                  BEST GIFT SHOP
GREAT ANTIquES                                        GREAT ART                                           Persnickety
Interior Spaces                                       Southern Breeze
Jackson | 601.956.4199 | www.interiorspaces-
                                                      Gallery                                             Madison | 601.853.9595                                                                                                    Gift giving has never been so easy! Two full
                                                      Ridgeland | 601.607.4147 | www.southern-
                                                                                                          floors of exquisite offerings, a china depart-
Located in Deville Plaza, Interior Spaces con-                                                            ment, and accessories that will suit any occasion
tinues to find (and sell) the best antiques! With                                                         make Persnickety simply the best place to find
                                                      With more than 60 artists, there is a plethora
more than 40 dealers and a wide selection to                                                              the perfect gift for the special person on your list.
                                                      of art to choose from at Southern Breeze. With
choose from, Interior Spaces sells furniture, art,
                                                      clear influences from Cubists to Impression-
and accessories to enhance any home.                                                                                  Apple Annie’s, Brandon
                                                      ists, and Southern landscapes—sensibility shines
                                                      through each piece. Southern Breeze not only          M
                                                                                                                      The Purple Elephant, Starkville and
           Interiors Market, Jackson                                                                                    Columbus
                                                      offers assistance in selecting the right art for
           Antique Shops of Jackson                                                                                   Giggleswick, Starkville
  list                                                you, but its experts will also visit your home to
           St. Martin’s Gallery, Jackson                                                                              Kademi, Philadelphia
                                                      assess your needs. If you don’t find what you are
           M. Nicholas Collection, Jackson
                                                      looking for, commissions are accepted through
                                                      the store.
                                                                                                          BEST YARD AND
BEST PLACE TO FIND                                               Brown’s Fine Art & Framing,
                                                                                                          GARDEN SHOP
GREAT FuRNITuRE                                         M          Jackson                                Callaway’s Yard &
Batte Furniture &                                       list     View Gallery, Ridgeland
                                                                                                          Garden Center
Interiors                                                        Japonica Gallery, McComb
                                                                 Fondren Art Gallery, Jackson
                                                                                                          Ridgeland | 601.957.1731 |
Jackson | 601.366.0335 |
                                                                                                          Serving the Jackson community for more than
In operation since 1883, Batte Furniture & Inte-
                                                      BEST PLACE TO FIND A                                50 years, Callaway’s offers a garden center and
riors has ample experience selling high-quality
                                                      FLORAL ARRANGEMENT                                  nursery with everything from perennials to
furniture. Customer service is unparalleled, and      A Daisy a Day                                       tropical plants, complete with pottery, foun-
it is clear their aim is to provide items of “heir-                                                       tains, and one of the largest outdoor furniture
loom quality,” creating beautiful and understat-      Jackson | 601.982.4438 | www.adaisyaday-            selections in the state—all to make a garden
ed home spaces.                                                                      space flourish. Their services extend to land-
                                                                                                          scaping and irrigation, and around Christmas
           Miskelly’s, Pearl                          A Daisy a Day provides the widest selection         time, you’ll find more than just poinsettias to
           Summerhouse, Ridgeland                     of flowers for any occasion. The prefect pres-      decorate your home.
           Ross, Pearl                                ents for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s
           Malouf Furniture and Design,               Day, prom, and anniversaries are a quick stop                   Lakeland Yard and Garden Center,
             Greenwood                                or phone call away. Creative designs and stellar      M
                                                      service make A Daisy a Day a cut above the rest.                Martinson’s Gardenworks,
                                                                 Alford’s Flowers, McComb                             Madison Fireplace & Patio, Madison
                                                                 Oxford Floral Company, Oxford                        Sprout, Starkville
                                                                 Drake’s Designs Florist & Gifts, Inc.,
                                                                 The University Florist, Starkville

116               J U LY | A U GUST 201 2
BEST PLACE TO FIND                                   BEST KITCHEN SHOP                                  BEST PLACE TO FIND
TRENDY FASHIONS                                      Everyday Gourmet                                   CHILDREN’S APPAREL
Deep South Pout                                                                                         Popfizz
                                                     Jackson and Ridgeland | 800.898.0122 |
Starkville | 662.324.6055 | www.deepsouth-                          Jackson | 601.977.1000 |
                                                     Whether for a seasoned cook or beginning           From fashion forward and fun to traditional
This new haven for all Southern fashionistas sells   chef, Everyday Gourmet has every gadget and        and time-honored, Popfizz has it all for infants
an incredible array of women’s apparel, shoes,       gizmo to help do it right. Carrying everything     through junior sizes for girls and boys. Find the
jewelry, and accessories. Fun colors and funky       from Viking and Le Creuset cookware to Gail        perfect shower gift, birthday happy, or fun
designs await those who enter and leave a little     Pittman Pottery and Annieglass, you are sure to    accessory for your tot or teen at one of the
trendier.                                            find the perfect wedding gift or piece for your    state’s largest children’s clothing stores. Offer-
                                                     collection; their wide range of products sets      ing everything from shoes to accessories and
           Material Girls, Jackson                   them apart, and their helpful staff is eager to    more, Popfizz is your little one’s one-stop cloth-
           CoatTails, Ridgeland                      assist with all of your cooking needs.             ing store.
           Libby Story, Ridgeland
           Friend Girl Things, McComb                          Thyme, Starkville                                   Polka Tots, Starkville
                                                               The Kitchen Table, Hattiesburg              M
                                                                                                                   Lemon Meringue, Ridgeland
                                                               On the Menu, Ocean Springs                          Sweet Dreams Children’s Boutique,
BEST SOuRCE FOR THE                                            Viking Cooking Store, Greenwood                       Madison
WELL-DRESSED WOMAN                                                                                                 Polka Dot Pony, Jackson
Ridgeland | 601.853.1313 |

Even the window displays exude elegance, pre-
paring you for Mississippi’s finest upscale shop-
ping experience. At CoatTails, the service is ex-
cellent, and there are two floors and countless
designer lines to browse. Whether it’s a casual
night out or a black-tie wedding, CoatTails will
have you turning heads.

           Maison Weiss, Jackson
           Deep South Pout, Starkville
           High Cotton, Jackson
           McB’s, Hattiesburg

Bridal Path
Jackson | 601.982.8267 |       BEST SOuRCE FOR THE WELL-DRESSED MAN
For the sixth year running, Bridal Path has taken    The Rogue & Good Co.
the cake, and it’s no surprise after being se-
lected as one of the 50 best independent wed-        Jackson | 601.362.6383 |
ding salons in the nation by Brides magazine. A
comprehensive selection of designer gowns,           Ladies—do you like your Southern men well dressed and freshly pressed? Gentlemen—want to mini-
bridesmaids’ dresses, and attire for the mothers     mize shopping time but maximize the experience? The Rogue takes care of all sartorial needs, from
of the bride and flower girls makes Bridal Path      the golf course to the office, with brands such as Southern Tide and Robert Talbott, among others.
Mississippi’s source for wedding fashions.           Specialty “The Rogue Brand” neckwear and khaki trousers can also be found here.

           Imaginations, Brookhaven                            Kinkade’s, Ridgeland                        Great Scott, Jackson
  M        Kay’s Creations, Tupelo                     M
                                                               George Sherman Clothiers, Starkville        Reed’s, Tupelo
  list     A Southern Affair, Jackson
           Christine’s Couture, Starkville
                                                                                                                  J U LY | AU GU S T 2 0 12           117
                          SEEKING OUT
BEST MOTHER OF THE                                   BEST PLACE TO FIND                                  BEST SALON
BRIDE SHOP                                           ANTIquE JEWELRY                                     Barnette’s Salon
Fashion Post                                         Juniker Jewelry
Jackson | 601.982.8267 |
                                                     Company                                             Jackson and Ridgeland | 601.362.9550
                                                     Jackson | 601.366.3754 |
Fashion Post will have mothers dressed up and                                                            According to Elle magazine, Barnette’s ranks in
ready to go on the big day. Carrying products by                                                         the top 100 salons in the country. The expert
                                                     A fourth-generation family business, Juniker
Jade and Mon Cheri, even the brand names sug-                                                            staff will give you the cut, coloring, and style you
                                                     Jewelry provides a level of care and attention
gest a certain elegance. Fashion Post also carries                                                       need to let down your hair and show off the
                                                     to detail that is unrivaled. Antique, one-of-a-
shoes and Spanx products to have mom poised                                                              new you.
                                                     kind jewelry from the Elizabethan, Victorian,
and ready for pictures.
                                                     Edwardian, art nouveau, art deco, and retro
                                                                                                                     Watercolor Salon, Ridgeland
                                                     periods is available for style-savvy shoppers.
           CoatTails, Ridgeland                                                                                      Salon 11, Ridgeland
                                                     The exclusive Mississippi Heritage Collection
           Imaginations, Brookhaven
                                                     features jewelry settings designed and crafted
                                                                                                           list      La Rousse, Oxford
           Barbara’s Boutique, Ridgeland                                                                             Highlights Hair Salon, Starkville
                                                     to honor antique styling.
           Kay’s Creations, Tupelo
                                                                Van Atkins Jewelers, New Albany
                                                       M        Albriton’s Jewelers, Jackson
                                                                                                         BEST DAY SPA
BEST PLACE TO FIND                                     list
                                                                Russell’s, Greenwood                     Aqua the Day Spa
Sweet Dreams                                                                                             Jackson and Ridgeland | 601.362.9550
Children’s Boutique                                  BEST PLACE TO FIND NEW                    
Madison | 601.856.2080                               Turkoyz                                             With two locations—at Banner Hall in Jackson
                                                                                                         and Renaissance in Ridgeland—there’s no excuse
                                                                                                         to avoid being pampered. Aqua offers a wide
Stop in for the perfect gift for the new arrival     Jackson, Hattiesburg, and Oxford | 601.264.3335
                                                                                                         range of services, including massages, facials,
or find just what you need to outfit your little
                                                                                                         body treatments, manicures, pedicures, and
one in style. With a vast selection of nursery       Turkoyz shimmers when you walk in—shelves
décor, custom-designed bedding, elegant cribs,       upon shelves of jewelry organized by type, color,
clothing, and accessories, your bundle of joy will   and material. Have your pick from high-fashion
                                                                                                                     Brickerton Day Spa, Columbus
have only Sweet Dreams after shopping at Mis-
sissippi’s finest baby boutique.
                                                     metal to semi-precious stones, as well as an as-
                                                     sortment of frames, handbags, and other festive
                                                                                                                     The Alluvian Spa, Greenwood
                                                                                                                     Drench Day Spa, Ridgeland
                                                                                                                     Vitality Skin & Spa, Starkville
           Polka Tots, Starkville
  M        Smitten, Ridgeland                                   Juniker Jewelry Company, Jackson
  list     Nursery Rhymes LLC, Jackson                 M
                                                                Albriton’s Jewelers, Jackson
           Expectations Maternity Shop,                         B. Fine Art Jewelry, Ridgeland
             Brookhaven and Hattiesburg                         Stein Jewelry Company, Madison

118              J U LY | A U GUST 201 2
ACCESSORIES - Maison Weiss
Jackson | 601.981.4621 |
Shoes and accessories can make or break an outfit, and at Maison Weiss you will always find
the perfect touch. Names like Tory Burch, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Prada, and even those beautiful
red-soled Louboutins will have you in designer heaven.

                                                           Deep South Pout, Starkville
                                                           CoatTails, Ridgeland
                                                           My Favorite Shoes, Oxford
                                                           Material Girls, Flowood, Ridgeland,
                                                            Oxford, and Hattiesburg

                                                            J U LY | AU GU S T 2 0 12            119
                           SEEKING OUT
BEST PLACE TO PAMPER                                  BEST PLACE TO FIND A                                 BEST PLACE TO FIND
YOuR PET                                              GREAT BOOK                                           GREAT STATIONERY
Diva Dog                                              Lemuria                                              Fresh Ink
Ridgeland | 601.856.1616                              Jackson, 601.366.7619           Jackson | 601.982.0235 |

Hair dye, teeth brushing, and custom-made             The Lemurians were said to be able to commu-         Fresh Ink in Highland Village supplies wedding
birthday cakes…oh wait, this is for your dog?         nicate through mental telepathy until the gods       invitations, thank-you cards, and other statio-
Now it’s time for man’s best friend to sit back       grew displeased, took away this highly useful        nery that will have Emily Post applauding good
and relax (or run around to their heart’s delight)    skill, and left them with books. However, the        manners. From engraved wedding invitations
while being groomed at the pet spa. Whether           literary crowd isn’t complaining, since it left us   to letterpress announcements, Fresh Ink can
its rhinestone collars, the perfect pet bed, or       with Lemuria. This is everything a bookstore         customize to suit everyone’s needs. There is
special treats, look no further as Diva Dog has       should be—somewhere to browse for hours on           no excuse to forgo thanking your great-aunt
all your puppy needs covered.                         end without really knowing what you’re looking       for the lovely garden gnome she sent you last
                                                      for and stumbling across a great read.               Christmas.
           The Dog Wash, Jackson
  M        Chateau La Pooch, Madison                              Square Books, Oxford                               The Paper Place, Jackson
           The Shaggy Hound, Greenville and              M
                                                                  Turn Row Book Company,                     M
                                                                                                                     Holmes Stationers & Gifts, Summit
             Starkville                                             Greenwood                                        Sincerely Yours, Madison
           Pampered Pooch Pet Grooming of                         Pentimento Books, Clinton                          Ann’s Stationery Inc., Starkville
             Pontotoc, Pontotoc                                   Main Street Books, Hattiesburg

Repeat Street
Ridgeland | 601.605.9393 |

For the third year running, Repeat Street provides an ever-changing collection of resale
items. Men’s and women’s clothing and home decor are waiting to be discovered in this
mecca filled with approximately 3,000 new items each week!

           Repeat Street Revolution, Starkville
           Bargain Boutique, Jackson
           Leap Frog, Madison
           Twice Is Nice, McComb
                                                                                                                                                        photo courtesy of repeat street

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