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             ECONO MIC
           CONF ERENCE 2012
            “Inclusive and Sustainable Development in
                  an Age of Economic Uncertainty”
                     October 30th - November 2nd 2012

Participants should plan to arrive in Kigali by the evening of Monday, October 29th and depart either on Friday, November
2nd in the evening after the end of the conference or on Saturday, November 3rd.

All participants are required to register online on: NOT LATER than the 20th October
2012. Only if the online registration is received by that time will it be possible for us to prepare for delegates hotel
bookings and ground logistics at the conference. Completing the online registration form, with a passport size picture
uploaded, is a prerequisite.

Registered participants will receive a conference package, including a conference badge, upon arrival, either at the airport
or at their designated hotel. Participants who have not registered can do so at the Information Desk at the conference
venue, from 9:00 am, on 29th October, and throughout the conference. For identification and security reasons, all
participants are requested to wear their badges during the meeting and at social functions. The loss of a meeting badge
should be reported to the Information Desk, so that a new one can be issued immediately.


The 2012 African Economic Conference will take place at:
Kigali Serena Hotel
Boulevard de la Révolution,
PO Box 7469
Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: +250 252 59 71 00

The working languages of the meeting are English and French and simultaneous translation will be available in all

Participants will be lodged at the following Hotels in Kigali: Serena, Mille Collines, Lemigo, Gorilla Golf, and Golden Hills.
The cost of accommodation for all sponsored participants will be covered by the organisers. Non-sponsored participants
will be requested to guarantee their payment by credit card or cash upon check-in at their hotel.

Please note that the following room rates are on a single occupancy basis:

  Kigali Serena Hotel (www,                         Lemigo Hotel(
  Standard Room: US$ 238                                             Standard Room: US$ 130
  Deluxe Room: US$ 250
  Superior Room: US$ 270                                             Gorillas Golf Hotel (
  Junior Suite: US$ 287                                              Standard Room: US$ 175
  Executive Suite: US$ 360.
                                                                     Golden Hills Hotel (
  Mille Collines Hotel (                       Standard Room: US$ 140
  Standard Room: US$ 186

                                   Check-In                           Check-Out
Kigali Serena                      2 p.m.                             11.30 a.m.
Mille Collines Hotel               1 p.m.                             11 a.m.
Lemigo Hotel                       11 a.m.                            11 a.m.
Gorillas Golf Hotel                12 a.m.                            10 a.m.
Golden Hills Hotel                 11 a.m.                            11 a.m.

Kigali Serena                US$ € _      £_     RWF    Visa Card    MasterCard (Credit) American
Mille Collines Hotel         US$ € _             RWF    Visa Card    MasterCard (Credit)

Lemigo Hotel                 US$ € _             RWF    Visa Card    MasterCard (Credit)

Gorillas Golf Hotel          US$ € _      £_     RWF    Visa Card    MasterCard (Credit)

Golden Hills Hotel           US$ € _             RWF    Visa Card    MasterCard (Credit)

The cost of all the rooms in the selected hotels includes breakfast. Throughout the duration of the conference, lunch will
be provided at Serena to all participants. The cost of dinner will be covered by individual participants. All participants will
be invited to a conference dinner.

Please note that hotel reservations are subject to room availability so early registration is encouraged. Those who are not
interested to stay at any of the above hotels and wish to make alternative arrangements should inform the organisers in
advance by sending an email to Celestin Makuza (, with copy to Chrys Birasa, UNDP
Protocol Assistant ( and Eugene Ruhinguka, UNDP Procurement Analyst (eugene.ruhinguka@

The suggested date of arrival is Monday, October 29th, 2012, one day before the beginning of the conference.

Most conference participants proceeding to Rwanda must obtain an entry visa prior to arrival. You can apply for your visa
at your local Rwandan Embassy or by submitting an online Entry Visa Facilitation Form (
singleform.php). We strongly recommend that the online visa application option, which is very easy and straightforward,
be used. Your visa response is usually emailed to you within 1-3 working days.

In filling in the application form, please specify that:

    • The purpose of the visit is the 2012 African Economic Conference;
    • The contact person is Mr. Makuza Celestin, Event Manager, P.O.Box 3397 Kigali, Tel:+ 250 788322335;
    • Your address is: Kigali Serena Hotel, P.O.Box 7469 Kigali, Rwanda.
      Tel: +250 252597100.

There is a space in the application form provided for uploading an invitation letter as a supporting document. You are
encouraged to use the letter of invitation sent to you by UNDP. However this is not a requirement for your visa.

Please make sure you print out the response to your application and present it to the airline you are
travelling with, if requested to do so. You will need the same document to obtain your visa upon arrival in
Kigali. There is a USD 30.00 fee for visas to be paid in cash upon arrival in Kigali.

Nationals of the following countries do not need an entry visa for Rwanda: USA, Germany, Tanzania,
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Uganda, Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Great Britain, Sweden, Hong Kong, and

Visas are also not required for visitors travelling on a United Nations Laissez-Passer (UNLP) however holders
of diplomatic passports and all other passports will need to have a visa.

In case you have any issues with your application, please contact the Event Manager.

Please confirm your arrival time with the EVENT MANAGER (, with a copy to Chrys Birasa,
UNDP Protocol Assistant ( for them to organise for airport pick-up upon your arrival.

Daily shuttles will be in place to transport participants to and from the conference venue. Please check the notice boards
in your hotel lobby for arrival and departure times of the shuttles.

• Security and health

The security situation in Rwanda is stable. However, participants are encouraged to always remain vigilant, aware of their
surroundings and report security incidents to the Event Manager or any of the security contact persons listed below. It is
advisable to avoid crowded and/or isolated areas beyond 6:00 pm.
In case of emergency, the toll free number is 112 for National Police in Rwanda.

For general health and precautions for Rwanda, please visit

In case you need medical consultation, there will be a clinic at the conference site, and an ambulance on standby, 24/7.
You are advised to first contact the United Nations physician, Dr. Alpha Diallo, who will be available on call at +250(0) 78
222 00 70.

Contacts of hospitals and clinics in Kigali

King Faycal Hospital is open 24/7 in Kacyiru behind Umubano Hotel.
Phone: +250 252 588 888
        +250 252 582 421
        +250 252 582 469

Polyclinique du Plateau is in the town center at close proximity from Serena Hotel. It is also open 24/7.
Phone: +250 252 578767

Hopital la Croix du Sud is located in Remera, near Kigali International Airport road.
Phone: +250 252 571590
         +250 (0) 785246882

Other Recommended Specialists

Dr Vincent BANYANGIRIKI - Dentist
Phone: +250 252 574009

Dr. Claude - Gynecologist
Phone: +250(0)78 8453932

Dr. Francoise RWAKUNDA - Ophthalmologist
Phone: +250 (0)78 857 0838

Dr. Vincent NSENGIMANA - Cardiologist
Phone: +250 (0) 788505314;
Secretariat: +250 (0) 785002829

•	 Telecommunication facilities
The conference package that will be made available to all participants will include a SIM card from telecommunications
provider MTN. Participants will be responsible for buying their own airtime vouchers.

• Currency Exchange
The local currency is the Rwandan franc (RWF). The National Bank of Rwanda’s rate of exchange as of October 12th , 2012
is 1US$= 621.39 RWF. You can access for updated currency exchanges from the National Bank of Rwanda’s
website. Some foreign currencies are exchangeable at authorized banks located in Kigali City and at Kigali International
Airport. Please note that there are only a few ATMs in Kigali and most places outside the hotels will only accept cash for

• Electricity

The electricity voltage in Rwanda is 220 volts AC, 50Hz.

• Climate

The Conference will be held during the short rainy season. Temperature might average between 20°C (68°F) and 30°C
(86°F), while temperatures at night might be cooler. Although Rwanda still gets much sun during the short rains season,
please ensure to bring along with you the appropriate attire and an umbrella.

•	 Time
Rwanda is in the GMT +2hour time zone.

Lemigo Hotel

The hotel offers wireless internet, the Health Club
(Steambath, Gym, Spa, and Swimming Pool) and
the hotel’s Night Club which opens every week
from Thursday to Saturday. Every Wednesday, Friday,
and Saturday the hotel organizes live music by the
poolside from 7-10 p.m. Other services offered
at the hotel include massage therapy, a poolside
restaurant, and a barbecue. The hotel is also at
close proximity from Select Restaurant, Shokola
Light, Sole Luna, and Meze Fresh Restaurant.

                                                           Gorillas Golf Hotel

                                                           Gorillas Golf Hotel is located at close proximity from Kigali Golf
                                                           Club and Kigali Tennis Club. The hotel also offers wireless internet,
                                                           the swimming pool and the hotel’s gym. There is also a restaurant
                                                           and a bar, and the hotel is also located at close proximity from
                                                           different restaurants and cafes, such as Bourbon Coffee, Sakae
                                                           Restaurant, Zen Restaurant, Select Restaurant, and Sole Luna.

Mille Collines Hotel

Mille Collines Hotel is located in the city center at close proximity from
a number of souvenir shops, cafés, and restaurants such as Kigali
city bourbon Coffee, Chez John Restaurant, Chez Robert Restaurant,
Republika Restaurant, The Whitehorse, Heaven Restaurant, and New
Cactus Restaurant. It is also located at close proximity from Serena Hotel
and Golden Hills Hotel. The hotel offers wireless internet, swimming
pool, tennis, Happy Hour everyday from 17.30 to 19.30, and live music
every day from 18.00 to 21.00 except on Sundays. There is also a poolside
bar, a poolside restaurant, a panorama restaurant, and a Lounge bar

Golden Hills

                                                                Golden Hills Hotel rooms have wireless internet, there is
                                                                also a restaurant and a bar which opens until 23.00, Other
                                                                services include massage therapy and hairdressing. The hotel
                                                                is located in the city center next to Chez Robert Restaurant,
                                                                and at close proximity from souvenir shops, restaurants and

Kigali Serena Hotel

The Serena Hotel-Kigali has a Gym the Spirit Spa, and swimming pool.
The hotel has wireless internet in all massage therapies and other
body treatments. The Hotel rooms. The hotel offers various relaxation
services such as organizes “Jazz, Blues, and Soul” nights every Tuesday
and Thursdays from 6.30pm; Mongolian Food Night on Wednesdays
and Saturdays and African Food and Music Night on Fridays. Serena
Hotel is also at close proximity from the town center and from the
vibrant neighborhood of Nyamirambo.

For further information regarding other recreational activities around
Kigali, please visit www., and for any information
regarding worship sites near the selected hotels, please contact the EVENT MANAGER.

For general enquiries in advance or during the workshop, please contact:

Ms. Amata Sangho Diabaté                                For health matters
Senior Economist
Office Phone: +250 (0)252 590 431                       Dr. Alpha Ousmane Diallo
Cell Phone: +250 (0)78 222 00 30                        UN Physician
E-mail:                          Office Phone: +250 (0)252 57 57 08
                                                        Cell Phone: +250 (0)78 222 00 70 or (0)78 830 13 93
Mr. Edward B. Sennoga
Country Economist African Development Bank              Ms. Astride Muhikira
Office phone: +250-252-504250                           UN Dispensary Nurse
Cell phone: +250-(0)78 418 5833                         Office Phone: +250 (0)252 57 57 04
Email:                               Cell Phone: +250 (0)78 222 00 71

Mr. Janvier Wussinu
UNDP Deputy Country Director/Operations
Office Phone: +250 (0)252 590 401                       For safety and security matters
Cell Phone: +250 (0)78 222 00 40
                                                        For Security matters
                                                        Mr. Edouard Tossou
                                                        UNDSS Security Advisor
                                                        Office Phone: +250 (0)252 501 947
For Protocol matters                                    Cell Phone: +250 (0)78 222 00 10
Mr. Celestin MAKUZA
AEC Event Manager                                       Ms. Anym Ngu-muthi
Cell Phone: +250 (0) 78 832 2335                        UNDSS Deputy Security Advisor
E-mail:                 Office Phone: +250 (0)252 501 947
                                                        Cell Phone: +250 (0)78 222 00 11/ + 250 72 222 3164
Mr. Chrys Birasa                                        E-mail:
Protocol Assistant
Office Phone: +250 (0)252 590 441
Cell Phone: +250 (0)78 222 00 53


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