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									Knowing the Value of Teeth Whitening Products

I don’t know about you but I have noticed the latest and greatest craze in “hot” looks these
days. The craze to which I am referring is the dazzling white smiles that you see all over the
television tube and the magazine pages. While it is true that the celebrities are all sporting
brilliant toothy smiles…I think we all agree … that is not so unusual. But what about all of the
regular people that you run into on a daily basis? Have you noticed a huge difference in the
brightness of the teeth of almost everyone you see? I have and it is simply amazing!

WOW! What a difference!

I find it hard to believe what a difference a teeth whitening product can make in the brilliance
of someone’s smile! Have you even noticed a change in the demeanor of some of those
same people? Those same friends, family and co-workers who are sporting those dazzling
smiles are also sporting an improved level of self-esteem and it shows in almost everything
they do. Isn’t it amazing how they walk with a bit more bounce in their step; how they stand a
bit straighter and appear considerably more confident as compared to when their teeth
looked “normal”? I mean, really what a difference I see!

It is very important to note here that I’m not saying that using these whitening products will
cure inferiority complexes…absolutely not! But, what I am saying is that these beautiful,
shining white teeth improve their looks and that helps them feel better about themselves.
This “feeling better about me” attitude exudes everywhere and permeates into everything
they do. They smile wider and more often, which causes others to do the same. It becomes
infectious to all with whom they come into contact. I know you have seen the aura that
seems to glow around them.

OK, so just exactly what is a teeth whitening product?

Quite simply, these are products that contain a whitening agent, usually carbamide peroxide
or hydrogen peroxide, that can be used daily to lighten your teeth. My research reveals that
the peroxide works to remove surface and deeper staining that is caused by eating, drinking
and smoking. Some of the contributing foods that can cause the staining to occur are coffee,
tea, red wine, some fruits and veggies and tobacco use. Over the years of our lives as we
eat to live, the foods and drinks we consume form a film over the hard exterior surface of our

Normal daily brushing with toothpaste that contains a mild abrasive can remove some of
those surface stains. But because the enamel surface of our teeth is porous, the staining can
go deeper and even the whitening toothpastes don’t stay on the teeth long enough to
effectively remove the deeper staining. The use of a teeth whitening product can go deeper
to get those stains.

Do you think your self-esteem could use a boost from the use of a teeth whitening product?

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