Know the Enemy Identify the Stain Perpetrators by andangprasetyo111


									Know the Enemy – Identify the Stain Perpetrators

Have you ever wondered where those ugly stains come from on your teeth? You’re always
so good -- you brush like your dentist recommends and you floss, too, and you do it each and
every day without fail. So, why do you have stains? What are can you do about it?

Have you ever wondered what causes those stains?

When you research the question of why we get staining, you’ll start with the causes of it. If
you think about it, probably the first cause that occurs to you is the consumption of coffee, tea
and cola drinks…that is always my first thought, While it is true, these items can cause
discoloration of your teeth, other food and drink can also contribute to the staining. Did you
know that wine and some fruits and vegetables, like apples and potatoes for example, can
also cause staining?

Let’s look at some other stain perpetrators

Tobacco use, as in smoking or chewing tobacco, can create staining. You knew we had to
go there, right? You smokers and tobacco users out there probably won’t be very happy to
admit that the nicotine in the cigarettes and cigars even discolors the skin of the fingers in
which you hold the cigarettes and accordingly, also stain your teeth! Poor dental hygiene,
disease, medications, some of the materials used in dental restorations, getting older,
environmental and trauma are just a few other “stain perpetrators” that we face in this world
in which we live. These only contribute to the reasons to consider teeth whitening products.

How do you like the use of the word “perpetrator”? It seems to fit since the definition of the
word is: to bring about, to carry out, to produce, perform or execute. The use of this word is
usually associated with the tagging of a person or persons who have committed a crime as a
perpetrator (or “perp” for short). This description certainly fits the staining action that is
produced by each of these culprits…and if it’s not a crime, it certainly ought to be!

Let’s talk a little about control versus no control

With all levity cast aside, it is important to note that some of these causative factors can be
controlled if you desire to do so and others cannot. The foods that you eat and drink can be
modified or changed completely so as not to introduce the staining agents to your beautiful
smile. The dental hygiene is definitely within your control, requiring discipline and regular
dental cleaning and maintenance. Teeth whitening products are available to help you
reverse the effects of the “perps” that you can control as well as those you cannot.

Rest assured, it is not necessary to bury your face and vow never to go out in public again; or
vow never to smile again. There is hope for those who desire to reverse the effects of those
stain “perps”. Teeth whitening products are available in pastes, powders and pens to help
find your lost and beautiful smile.

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